The Snow Man Ch. 04


Standing naked in the middle of the motel room, Alex had never felt so awkward in his life. But he was beginning to realize that there were worse things than feeling embarrassed. And he was beginning to trust Rob. Rob was naked, too, and seemed very relaxed. Alex didn’t think the young man would intentionally embarrass or betray him.

Alex now saw that a door, which had been locked and bolted his entire life, was suddenly opening up for him. He had been afraid of the door all his life. He didn’t know what was on the other side, but he was gathering the courage to find out. And Rob was showing him the way.

Standing by the bed the two men embraced and Alex experienced for the first time the incredible sensation of being naked with another man, pressing his body against another man’s body and letting every nerve ending perform the function that nature had intended it to do. It felt so incredibly different! In place of protruding, pillow-like breasts were flat nipples and hard muscles. The hips were narrow, not wide, and the buttocks were small and powerful. Rob’s arms and legs were covered with very fine hair, as were the lower part of his buttocks, and his shoulders were strong and square.

Rob rubbed the lower part of his body against Alex’s and so that their penises rubbed together, and it was amazing! Alex was startled to feel how long and hard Rob’s erection was. He reminded him of two swordsmen crossing weapons.

“I can’t believe this,” whispered Alex. “I can’t believe how incredible this is.”

“I guess you like it, huh?” said Rob.

“Hell, yeah!” admitted Alex. “I can’t believe how good you feel.”

“I’m right here for you,” replied Rob, soothingly. “I’m glad to be your first guy. Tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

At that moment, Alex wanted nothing but to hold Rob in his arms and feel his nakedness. As they hugged, Rob turned so that his back was facing Alex and Alex, by reaching under his arms, could run his hands over the entire front of the young man’s body. He marveled at the smoothness of Rob’s muscles, the firmness of his ass. He toyed yalova escort with Rob’s nipples for a moment and felt them harden with arousal. Then he felt Rob’s navel, a tiny dimple in his belly just big enough to insert the tip of his finger in, and went down lower until he felt an edge of course pubic hair. He was still too shy to put hand down any farther, but he was anxious to explore that private zone between Rob’s legs.

“There’s a shower in the bathroom,” said Rob. “We could go in there and get lathered up if you want to.”


“Sure. It’s sexy, and it might help you relax.”

Alex wasn’t sure he wanted to relax, but the idea of a shower sounded great. It reminded him of the days when they went to gym class in high school. After calisthenics the boys would crowd into the communal shower room and it was no secret that some would get excited there. Alex had never seen it happen, but there were stories about unlucky boys who got an erection and never lived it down. They were tagged as queers and fags for as long as they stayed in school, and their lives were often made miserable. Alex knew it could happen to him, so he was always careful not to let his eyes stray.

“Okay, let’s do it,” said Alex, trying not to show his excitement. What did he have to fear now? He followed Rob into the bathroom with his erection bobbing in front of him.

The bathroom was small and dingy and the stains in the fixtures were no credit to the housekeeping staff, but the old-fashioned cast iron tub was big and roomy. There were towels and washcloths as well, and small bars of scented soap wrapped in paper. And the water spurting from the showerhead made plenty of steam.

“You first,” said Rob, laying out a towel. The shower was nice and warm. It felt natural to be naked in a shower. When Rob climbed in with him, Alex was grinning like a kid on Christmas morning.

Rob started by rubbing soap on a washcloth and working it gently over Alex’s back and shoulders, giving him a soothing massage. Alex followed suit and they edirne escort took turns lathering and rubbing each other, all the while admiring each other’s masculine bodies. Arms and legs were scrubbed. Hairy armpits were lathered. And hands began finding their way into private places that boys are taught to wash well with soap and water.

“Go ahead. Wash me down here,” said Rob.

Finding his nerve at last, Alex slid his hands between Rob’s legs and soaped his crotch. Shy at first, he touched Rob’s genitals very gently and cleaned them with plenty of soap and water. He took the penis in his curled fingers and lifted it up, letting it slide in his hand and noting with interest how it pulsed when he squeezed it. He cupped Rob’s scrotum to feel how his balls dangled between his legs. He caressed the velvety skin and the curly pubic hair, and though Alex had all these things, it was still amazing to touch another man’s body this way. It was like sharing delightful secrets with a favorite brother.

After soaping Rob’s genitals, Alex ran a washcloth over his buttocks and felt how firm they were. Alex couldn’t help noticing that Rob bent over slightly and shuddered.

“You like that?” asked Alex.

“Yeah,” Rob said. “I like it when someone plays with my ass.”

Putting more of his inhibitions aside, Alex slipped a soapy finger between the cheeks of Rob’s ass and pushed it between the two big muscles. Alex couldn’t believe he was touching a man in such a personal way but he saw that Rob enjoyed it. Rob’s ass was very smooth except for a small amount of fine, dark hair on each cheek down near his legs, which seemed to sprout out of his crack. Alex pushed a slippery finger there and felt a small depression which he realized was Rob’s anus. It seemed embarrassing to touch a person there, but Rob made it obvious that he enjoyed it. Alex put more soap on the washcloth and rubbed it firmly between the cheeks, and Rob moaned with pleasure.

Soon the two men embraced, sliding their bodies up and down, side to side, their skin erzurum escort shining and slippery with soap and water. Alex had never experienced such unbridled freedom before. Women, in their passive way, demanded that certain requirements of Romance always be met; sex was never without rules and limits. With Rob, however, everything felt free and easy – a simple celebration of their bodies. This is the way sex should always be, thought Alex.

Both men were getting very hard again and began stroking each other now with soapy fists. Alex squeezed his fingers tightly around Rob’s penis and felt it throb as he moved his hand. It was the most erotic thing Alex ever imagined.

“Do you want to try kissing?” asked Rob.

Alex hesitated. Maybe it won’t be so bad, he thought. With trepidation he nodded.

Rob leaned over and put his lips lightly on Alex’s. The sandpapery stubble on Rob’s face surprised him, but it didn’t turn him off. On the contrary, it seemed to heighten every sensation. As they rubbed cheeks, Alex had a sudden urge to kiss Rob harder on the lips and responded accordingly.

“Wow!” murmured Rob, surprised at Alex’s reaction.

The two men gazed at each other and it seemed at that moment that a dam burst. Alex pulled Rob tightly against his body, searching hungrily for his mouth, and the two men started to kiss passionately, open-mouthed and eager. Rob’s breath was warm and sweet. Alex felt Rob’s tongue flicker into his mouth and he could hardly breathe. He knew this was what had been missing in his life. He needed to make love to a man and he didn’t feel ashamed of it any more.

Alex pushed his tongue as far as he could into Rob’s mouth. Rob snorted and grunted in surprise. At the same time, Alex reached down and took Rob’s penis in his hand, pumping it with firm strokes. He wanted to make Rob tremble and groan.

Rob grasped Alex’s erection as well and began jacking it, squeezing and pulling at the same time as if he were milking a cow. He was snorting loudly through his nostrils until Alex pulled his tongue away and both men gulped for air. Hands moved faster. Their murmurs turned to loud animal-like grunts and then the contractions came. Along with soap suds, Rob and Alex felt jets of hot cum splashing on their bellies.

They kissed again. They pressed their bodies together and their climaxes seemed to go on forever.

* * *

(To be continued)

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