First Meeting


It was a bit chilly in the cab, the driver insisted on keeping the window open even though it was brisk outside. Perhaps if the young woman in the back seat was wearing more than just stockings and heels under her thin coat she would have been more comfortable, but Ms. Toni had decreed that she arrive at the hotel almost naked. Her only adornments beside the silky deep black stockings and shiny 5″ patent leather heels were small gold studs in her ears and the four clothes pins attached to her nipples and her labia.

The cab stopped in front of the hotel and Karen looked at her watch. She was late, she had only a few minutes left to retrieve the message that Ms. Toni had left for her at the front desk. She had been warned by her Mistress that the front desk clerk was instructed not to give her the message if she got there later than 6pm. Traffic had been bad and the cab was delayed and now it was 5:55 pm. She paid the driver and exited the cab as the rear door was opened by a uniform doorman. Karen was embarrassed as in her haste to save precious moments the doorman got an excellent view of her nudity. She blushed as he grinned and hurried through the revolving door.

Breathing hard and clutching the coat close to her body she hardly noticed the sign welcoming marketing analyst from all over the country as she caught the eye of the clerk and asked if there was a message for Karen. The clerk looked at the clock and smiled. “You just made it,” and handed her an envelope simply marked “Pet.” Karen moved from the reception desk and tore open the note, inside was a room card and written instructions. No time to waste, Karen hurried to the elevators and took it to the 3rd floor, ran down the hall and opened the door to room 365. She had no time to lose, Ms. Toni’s note said she would arrive exactly at 6:30 to the room and Bahis Sitesi if all was not prepared she would leave without a word.

Karen moved into the darkened room, removed her coat and hung it up. Almost nude she moved to the dresser and lit the three candles sitting there, the fragrance of vanilla and peach began to fill the room as Karen hurried other next task. She opened the box Marked Ms. Toni and took the sheer white negligee from it and carefully placed it on the bed. Next, she opened the other box and removed its contents. Holding them she began to position herself as directed in the note from her Mistress. She chose a spot on the floor about three feet from the edge of the bed and made sure that when on her knees with her bottom up in the air her head would be on the floor flat without hitting the bedspread. Reading further, she made sure her legs were well spread so when in the proper position her labia were well open and exposed showing the wooden clothes pins attached. Finally, she placed the blindfold over her eyes, put the ring of the hand cuffs on one wrist placed her wrists behind her back and attached the other ring and leaned forward to expose her anus, pussy lips and her nudity to her Mistress when she walked in the door. She waited in silence as instructed. Waited for her Mistress to arrive and use her pet. The last words on the page echoed over and over again in Karen’s mind, “tonight is mine pet you have finally earned the privilege to pleasure me, however, there is a price you must pay.” “You may not see me, you may not touch me with your hands.” “Tonight, my pet only your lips and tongue will know my body.” “Do not fail me.”

It seemed like forever that Karen waited, open, spread and exposed. It seemed that there was a roar in the room as her heart pounded and her faced Bahis Siteleri flushed and she grew more and more aroused as she anticipated her Mistress’s entrance. She could feel herself, first moisten and now drip as she waited in the enforced darkness and absolute silence of the room.

Suddenly she heard the door open, felt the air rush in from the hallway as someone arrived. Was it Ms. Toni or the maid? If it was Ms. Toni was she alone? Karen couldn’t see. She couldn’t tell because all she heard was the rush of fabric as the mysterious stranger moved into the room and now stood directly behind her. She felt the tip of a finger brush against the wooden clips moving them back and forth, bring an instant response form Karen’s pussy. She moaned softly and felt a hard smack to her left ass cheek. “I told you silence, not another word or sound.” “Is that clear?” Karen nodded her head.

Ms. Toni moved around and sat on the bed. Her legs on either side of her pet’s head, “Are you ready to please me?” Again Karen nodded. This time when she lowered her head she felt the tip of Ms. Toni’s heel and shoe. “Lick, slut” Karen began to move her mouth and tongue across what felt like smooth leather. She felt a hand on her head pulling her upward by her hair. As she moved up her tongue trailed up her Mistress’s leg pulling her forward, the hand guided her head further and further up a nylon clad leg, thigh and finally under a skirt to bare skin. Mistress’s taste was so wonderful the sweet clean fragrance of her skin intoxicating. As she was moved further up she had the first real taste and smell of Ms. Toni’s Womanhood. Ms. Toni was wet, her labia were open and the cream that flowed from between her lips was as hot. Holding Karen at bay, Ms. Toni told her to work her tongue out farther and farther, making her strain Canlı Bahis Sitesi to make connect with center of her owner’s desires.

Karen struggled to keep her balance, push her tongue out far enough to make contact with MS. Toni’s labia and clit. As she struggled, Ms. Toni made small sounds in her throat. She moaned and sighed. She giggled and laughed as Karen struggled to keep working her tongue as Toni, moved her hips one way or another denying her full contact.

Finally, Toni grabbed Karen’s head and pulled her hard and tight against her belly. “Lick me, Pet, make me cum my sweet slave.” And Karen did and did and did. Probing deep into her slit, Karen Slide her tongue up and down from clit to anus and back. At times hardening her tongue and using it as a mini “cock” to penetrate her lover. Time had no meaning, pain and ache had no meaning. The only meaning was to please Toni, make her cum. There was no concept of time, no concept of personal need. Toni’s pleasure was Karen’s. Toni’s orgasms were all that mattered. The first one hit. Her Mistress bucked and moaned and cried out in joy. Instead of release from being held captive between her thighs, added pressure was applied to Karen’s face. “Again, slut'” was all Ms. Toni said. And Karen continued and continued and continued. Finally, satisfied Ms. Toni moved off the bed, pushed her slut to the floor. The next thing Karen felt was her collar around her throat and the chain attached to it. She heard the chain move around something and heard the click of what she knew was a padlock.

As Karen lay there naked and cum covered, smelling from her Mistress’s pleasure, she heard Ms. Toni take off her clothes and slide into the negligee. She felt the closeness of her Mistress and one sweet tender kiss was placed on her forehead. “Sleep well Pet.” “I am tired, we will continue tomorrow.” “You are so precious to me.”

As Karen lay there listening for the slow soft cadence of her Mistress’s breath, joy filled her heart. Mistress was happy and pleased. Karen sleep naked at the foot of her owner’s bed. She was a good girl.

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