This is Me!


His hands are huge. They make my tiny penis look baby-like in them. He looks up at me and smiles.

“Good boy.” He looks back down at my soft penis in his hand. He starts to slowly stroke me. He pulls down on me softly. He milks me in a ring of his thumb and index finger.

His left hand cups my butt. I feel his fingers up into the crack of my naked cheeks, his fingers held at my tight little hole. I whimper and moan. I always do when he does this to me. He’s seated on the edge of my couch and I stand in front of him, right in front of him. I can feel his breath on my stomach. I have goosebumps all over me.

“Oh, Daddy…oooooooooo…”

I gush for him as he teases my little thing. He knows just how to do it. I am addicted to his hand, his touch, and he knows it.

I feel just the tip of his middle finger at my tight little hole. He pushes it into me just slightly. It increases the tight grip he has on my right rear cheek as he holds me in place. He says nothing, just holds me tightly where he wants me, in the proper position for his amusement right in front of him.

I’m baby smooth top to bottom. I always am for him. If he ever felt any hair or stubble on me it would lead to an instant whipping with his belt. I am in a girly slip and just heels and nylon thigh high stockings. My cute little pink slip barely covers my butt and is not in his way as he drives me crazy. I don’t wear panties anymore. He forbids it. He told me two months ago to never wear panties again. He said he wants instant access to my rear end. He took all my beautiful and girly panties from my bedside drawer with him when he left that day. After that he paddled me until I cried, fucked me senseless, and left me dripping his cum down my leg at my front door, make up smeared from my tears. I remember him and inch from my face, kissed the end of my nose and said, ‘No more covering that butt of yours, baby. Ever.’

I am dripping him right now. He just had me pinned and face down over the arm of the living room couch before pulling me up by my arm and putting me in front of him.

“That wet little ass of yours, I like that. I own that ass and when you’re full of my cum I think of it as ‘marking’ you as mine. I do. That pleases me to no end, baby.”

I hear him start to breath heavier, hear his excitement rise in his voice. He’s inches away from my stomach, looking down at my little thing. He leans forward and kisses my belly lower stomach. He looks up at me. I wobble slightly on my 5″ heels, dizzy from his touch.

“Such a pretty boy, you really are.”

I feel him squeeze my left cheek tighter. I feel him take me right to edge.

“Daddy, Daddy, please…please…uhhhh, please…”

He laughs. He takes his hand off of my penis, pushes his finger up between my cheeks a little more into me.

“Don’t you cum, little boy. Not yet. sex hikayeleri Don’t you dare!”

He pulls his hand out from between my cheeks quickly and slaps my rear so hard I cry out, almost fall forward onto him.

He stands and ignores my begging. I feel his hands on my shoulders pushing me to my knees. His huge erection bounces in my face as he stands.

“I’ve changed my mind. Your reward can wait.”

As I go to my knees in front of him I smell my rear end all over his cock, smell where his fully erect and hard cock was fifteen minutes ago as he fucked me for over half an hour over the arm of the couch. He fucked me so deep it felt like he was up into my throat. It always does when he breeds me like that in that position. He knows that too. As I take him into my mouth I know what he wants. I hate the taste of my butt on his cock, after he’s finished and had me clean him like this. But I never complain. I never say anything to him about any of that. And this is not cleaning him. This is him getting excited again and wanting to cum in my mouth. I know the difference. He starts to fuck.

I feel his left hand on the back of my head holding it in place. I feel his right hand cup up under my chin and on my throat. He holds me in tightly and in position as he starts to fuck to cum. I could not move my head away even if I wanted to. My eyes quickly tear up as he slightly chokes me with his fully erect cock. He fucks quickly, ignoring my gagging sounds.

When he cums he pushes to the back of my mouth deeply and spurts right down my throat. Tears run down my cheeks and saliva mixed with some of his cum pours out of my mouth as I choke. He doesn’t care. He never does when he’s like this. He’s lost to my mouth.

When he finishes, after he wipes his semi hard cock all over hair and face, he sits back down on the couch. I stay kneeling in front of him, softly gagging and whimpering. I am a mess. Cum slightly dripping out of my butt, mascara dripping with tears down my cheeks, cum and saliva all over my chin, his cum in my hair, I look to the floor.

“Good boy.”

He laughs.

“I think I said that after I fucked your ass and pulled you up in front of me, didn’t I, ‘Good boy.’?”

He laughs again.

“Yes, Daddy, you did.”

I keep my eyes to the floor as I say that submissively to him.

“Well you are a good boy, and one that I’ve trained very well. You should see yourself right now. You look completely used. Do you know how much I like that? Do you know how much that amuses and pleases me? You know I love you like this.”

He leans forward on the couch, sits on the edge of it. As I answer in soft almost pathetic and whimpering voice, ‘Yes, Daddy.’, he pulls me up in front of him by my arm.

“Now where were we, baby?”

I feel myself taken again by his large hands, one on my porno hikayeleri cheek one on my penis. I feel slight tears run down my cheeks, very softly, soft submissive tears.

“Ooooo, good boy. Let it all out. Cry for me. You know I love that too. And you know I love you, right? I do. I love my little boy. Cry for me, baby.”

He teases the head of my soft and shrunken penis, no more than an inch long. I feel his middle finger go into my butt again, his hand holding my cheek in place. I stand in front of him and close my eyes as soft tears flowing. I openly start to cry for him. I taste his cum inside my mouth. I feel my little thing start to grow to semi erection, no more than two inches at most even when ‘hard’. I know he loves that about me too.

“Oh yes, Daddy. I love you and the way you make me feel. I love being yours. I love you…uhhh…oooooooooo, please…!”

I whimper and gush again for him. I feel myself lost to my submissive nature, lost to his ownership of me. I feel myself go to ‘mega hot’. I know he loves that too. I grind slightly with my butt against his hand. He starts to work me to cum. He knows just how to do that, how to tease me so that I’ll drip for him. He masturbates me quickly. He does not take his time to please me. He wants me to cum for him, cum on demand.

When I feel myself start to throb I feel him quickly pull his hand away from my rear end, feel his finger yanked out of my tight little sloppy with his cum hole. I feel him hold his cupped hand just under my penis, his other pumping me rapidly, and then slowly as I start to drip. He milks me into his hand.

The room is filled with my crying and moaning. He sits silent as he milks me completely to the last of it, as I quiver, tremble and shake slightly with the rhythm of it all. I feel his hand slip off of me as he squeezes the last bit of my cum out of me.

I open my eyes and look down at him. I feel the tears all over my face. I feel the utter reality of my situation, the reality of what I am at that moment. I always do. I feel the shame I always feel after I cum. I feel my deeply submissive mental state start to fade slightly. I always do that too after I cum. He knows this about me. He smiles up at me, my cum filling his cupped hand extended out to me. I don’t have to be told what to do next. I kneel quickly and suck my cum from his hand. I lick the last of it out of his palm as he sits and watches. I have been trained well by him to do this.

“Good boy. I never get tired of saying that. Good boy. Good little sissy bitch boy, right? Good boy.”

He laughs as I mumble ‘Yes, Daddy’ with a mouth full of my own cum. He stares at me as I work fast to completely clean his hand.

When I finish he pulls me up and sits me on his lap. I feel his hand cup my butt, feel his other hand take my soft penis in it. He angles seks hikayeleri me such that he takes my left nipple into his mouth. It all happens quickly, almost instantly, pulled up and positioned on his lap for this. I start to lose control again as he works me, gets me whimpering again, as he nibbles and sucks my nipple.

“You love the way I treat you, don’t you, baby.”

He talks softly as kisses and sucks.

“Ooooooo, yessss…yessssss…Daddy…yessssss”

I mumble, stammer as I lose myself to him once again, my eyes closed tight as he teases and drives me crazy with his hands and mouth. I feel him run his hand up my butt and up my back. I am covered in goose bumps. He pets me as he kisses and sucks my nipple. I feel myself never wanting to be anything other than what I am at this moment, feel my driving force.

He takes his mouth off of me.

“You know I love you, don’t you.”

“Oh, Daddy…yessssss…uhhhh, yessss…and you know I love you. I’ll be this for you whenever you want me to. You know that.”

I feel my little thing stand up again, no more than two inches semi erect. He kisses my cheek.

“I have to leave. I have things to do. You going to think about me when I’m gone, think about you being mine?”

He takes my nipple back into his mouth. His fingers probe up into my cheeks from behind. I lift my butt slightly to let him in. His thumb and middle finger hold the head of my penis in place as his index finger rubs around the wet head of it and into the hole. I moan, cry out. I am completely addicted to this man and he and I both know that deeply.

He takes his hand off of my penis and I feel him pet my butt and back as he starts to stand, hurrying me off of his lap. He snaps his fingers and points to the floor, says nothing. I quickly kneel on the floor as he ignores me and starts to dress. When he finishes dressing he walks to my front door, snaps his fingers twice. I hurry to him. I feel him take me in his arms, feel his hand on my chest, his other on the small of my back. He kisses me once on my lips.

“You know if I were not married I keep you full time. You know that. I’m going to try and get back to you day after tomorrow. You going to do your dirty little show, your masturbation we both know you are addicted to, thinking about me while I’m away? Are you?”

He pats my rear end.

“You know I am. I can’t think of anything else other than this, you, all of it. And you know I’m yours.”

He smiled at me, kissed my lips quickly and then was out the door.

I stood as I always do seeing myself in the full mirror of my hallway. Always as he leaves me, completely used, a total dripping and smeared makeup mess. I started to masturbate as I stared at the sissy looking back at me in the mirror. I thought as I always do. This is me. I never want this to end. This is me. I felt my submissive side take complete control and rise again. This is me. I love the sissy looking back at me in the mirror. I thought I’d fix my makeup later, thought I’d not cum yet, thought I want to keep this image alive. I thought, ‘This is me!’

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