Forced Awakening


I majored in “Visual Arts” in university and took my mandatory drawing class, in the first semester. The class was taught by a guest Prof. from France, Elena Mannon. She was unlike our other instructors in that she would yank the pen or conte crayon from your hand and demonstrate an idea all over your work or scribble out your attempts and demand you start again. “That is shit. Merde. Again!”

She would tell students, “Go out. Leave. Come back when you are ready to concentrate.” She reduced many to tears and when she had gone too far she would tell us that if we had no talent she would not bother with us; or, she would relate stories of her own drawing masters hitting the students.

She was, however, sophisticated and stunning to look at with dark hair, a pouting mouth and grayish eyes. She was in the habit of wearing tights and a loose top or sweatshirt as she flitted between the easels. She wore no bra and her ample but not overly large tits often hardened from the rubbing of the material. It drove me to distraction imagining that all I had to do as she leaned over my work was to slide my hand up and under in order to fondle those proud breasts.

Her ass was a sculpted masterpiece, high and gloriously curvaceous. She also had one of those protruding cunts, which always cause a reaction from my cock. I was nineteen at the time and getting a reaction from my cock was absolute “fish in a barrel”. I was doing well at the time with the girls on campus but Prof. Mannon was my masturbatory passion.

My musings heightened one day during a ‘life drawing’ session. The model was one of the dance students. She was naked and posing in a classic ballet positions. I was already turned on by the model when Prof. Mannon came up from behind me. “No, no, Thomas, the breasts have heft, weight. These, these are floating like balloons. Like empty sausages.” She took my charcoal and scribbled over my efforts. Then she took my hand and cupped it under her own hanging right breast. “Weight! Heft! Body! Real! Start again. You are better than that.” Off she went. My cock was raging and the feel of her breast in my hand lingered for the rest of class. I stayed behind after the rest of the students had filed out. She was so real, so earthy so unlike any of the girls that I found the nerve to speak to her honestly.

“You know Professor Mannon. I was really turned on when you put my hand on your breast.” She levelled a piercing look directly into my eyes.

“Go on.” She stared unwaveringly.

I looked down, suddenly embarrassed and in far above my depth. “Does a student have a chance… I mean would you…”

“Do you want to fuck me Thomas?” she asked in a matter of fact tone. She playfully lit one of those pungent French cigarettes as she asked this.

“Yes.” I continued avoiding her eyes.

“Do you know that little Debbie girl that sits behind you? She would love to fuck you. You could have a nice little soda shop fuck. I on the other hand would be very dangerous for you Thomas. I am what you ,over here, would call “Kinky”. For example, I liked how embarrassed you were when I made you touch me. I am wet now because I am making you sexually uncomfortable. Do you understand? I don’t think so.” She was smoking, tonguing the wisps seductively and all the while smiling sardonically at my discomfiture.

“I have had sexual experiences… And with older women… I am not a baby.”

I stammered at the floor and window.

“See, you do not understand. I would enjoy forcing you to do what you don’t want to do. That is what turns me on. I suggest you go out and have a coffee with Debbie.” Her talk was replete with a smirk and a kind of breathy chuckle.

“I would enjoy anything sexual with you. You are underestimating me.” I looked straight into her eyes this time. I was asserting my manhood.

“Alright.” She stood and walked straight at me stopping inches from my chest. She intimidated and forced me, through her will, to return my glance to the floor.” I am married. My husband and I take lovers, often in front of each other. I want you to come to our flat and amuse me by sucking his cock then allowing him to suck your cock. I will direct the both of you through a passionate homosexual bout of love making.”

I was shocked and outraged. “I don’t do that. I am not like that. I have never… would never…” I was now staring fire at her.

She stared me down forcefully. “That is precisely why I want to see you do it. I want you to do what you refuse to contemplate. I want to force you for my amusement… to arouse me. Then you may have your way with me.”

I continued to look down. “But I couldn’t…” She covered my mouth with her hand.

“I know, that is why you should go and find Debbie and have a beautiful vanilla fuck. She is a very attractive girl. She will spread for you Thomas. Enjoy her.”

She picked up her satchel and breezed out of the room. I stood dumbfounded.

For a week, I could think of nothing but her. I replayed her every word. In class she was both as off-handed and demanding as vbet ever with me. It was as if nothing had happened. I, however, was tortured by sordid and dark dreams, desires, fears, images, and longings,. At the end of the week I found myself standing before her after class, starring at the floor again and shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

I began to speak several times but she harshly interjected, “No… Shh!”

I got more and more uncomfortable as minutes passed. Finally, she picked up her satchel and handed it to me. “Come along,” she ordered.

She set off across campus. The university had supplied her and her husband with a flat in the graduates’ residence. She began talking as soon as we left the classroom. “Henri and I are bisexual. He is a handsome man, and was a professional soccer player in France for three years. He still exercises and has a nice hard body.” It was as if she were discussing the weather. She made no attempt to whisper or conceal her conversation whatsoever. This made me terribly uncomfortable and I kept sweeping my head around to see who was walking behind us.

“Professor Mannon, I’m still not sure…” She stopped dead in her tracks. Placed a hand over my mouth and scolded me. She still spoke openly and paid no heed to the passing students.

“You are to remain silent, unless I ask you to speak. Of course you have decided. I see it in your face. But, the bigger question is. Do you just want to fuck me, or do you secretly long to suck another man’s cock? To touch and caress another man’s cock? To have a man make love to your cock? To fuck another man? To be fucked in return? You will get an erection of course and you will love the sensations on your cock and you will wonder if you are gay. It is the internal struggle that excites me. I want to watch you wrestle with yourself as you suck Henri’s cock. I love to watch men together. It always excites me. But even more, I love the angst, the psychological struggle. I am wet now because you are already fighting. You are also ashamed and anxious over who might hear us. That too excites me. I am going to put you through an emotional wringer and I will enjoy every second of it. I will not stop torturing your soul for as long as we play together. You can come along or not.” She took off again at our former pace. I stood transfixed then broke into a trot till I caught up with her.

“I knew you would come. I think you want to suck Henri’s cock very badly but you want me to assume the responsibility of the decision. Think about that for a minute.” I began to answer her but she reprimanded me with a look.

“Henri has a very nice cock. It is uncircumcised, as are most European men’s. I imagine that you are circumcised.” She entered the campus convenience store and bought coffee and a number of similar items. My head was swimming with her constant stream of private and intimate revelations all given regardless of who was about. I was mortified and, I must confess, tremendously excited. I told myself that a gorgeous woman talking of cock and fucking would excite anyone. But I was indeed waging the war which she predicted and orchestrated so deftly.

“He is six feet tall. I gauge that you are about the same. You are T-shirt and blue jeans while he is sunglasses and sweater tied around the neck. I shave his cock as he shaves my cunt.” We were at the counter as she made these comments and an older woman behind us threw her chosen items on the counter, mouthed some disparaging remark and stormed out of the store. Professor Mannon acted as if she didn’t notice and continued her banter. “He will enjoy you, Thomas. He will love that he is your first cock. I can’t wait to get you home.” She handed me the bag of groceries and with her satchel in my other hand I marched after her and into the first building.

In the elevator she went on about, not being averse to inflicting physical pain but that she found that too easy. Mental anguish calls for creativity. I heard her and did not hear her. I stared rather at the elevator panel and was in a terrible state. My heart was racing. I was sweating. I wanted to run, to follow, to stop time, to hurry it up. She smiled up at me in obvious satisfaction…

Professor Mannon turned to give me a seductive wink as she slipped her key into the apartment door. She silently gave me the “Shhh” sound and took the satchel and the grocery bag out of my hands, then placed both of them quietly on the floor. Next, she stood directly behind me with her magnificent body pressed against the length of my back. She ground her protruding mound into my ass. I was enflamed with her open display of lust. She reached down and took my hands and placed them behind me, between herself and I. She whispered, “I will work your hands for a while Thomas. I will tell you when you may have control of them again. Nod if you understand.” I nodded and tried hard to swallow. She turned my hands to face her body then nestled them one on top of the other over her cunt. For a moment she just squeezed her thighs together and rocked back vbet giriş and forth against my hands. I felt that her cunt was wet even through her leotards.

“It is like your hands are tied behind you. Is it not Thomas?” She whispered in my ear. “I want you to look like that when I present you to Henri. Are you hard, Thomas? Does all this excite you?” She took her own hands off mine and felt my cock appraisingly. “Oh it is very nice Thomas. I love a strong, responsive cock. Let me just trace it… Very nice… And your balls…Mmmm they are lovely…Just lovely… What a delightful present you will make.”

She removed her hands and my cock, which stood straight up and at full attention in my blue jeans. She undid my belt and the top button of my pants. She gave my rampant cock one last stroke and called out. Her call sounded like an order, a command – It contained a, ‘you had better hurry’, undertone. “Henri, come here! Now!”

There was a scurrying within the small apartment and Henri appeared immediately around the corner. He stopped… looking both stunned yet relieved that he was not in trouble. She chuckled and cooed at him. “Look what I have brought home for you to play with. A little present. What do you say? She placed her hands under my nuts and was offering my cock and balls to Henri. He stared down at my rampant prick and proffered balls.

“Oh thank you. Mistress.” He croaked out.

“Elena for tonight. Just Elena.” She corrected Henri. “We have this other little toy for the weekend. He belongs to the pair of us not just to me.” I was in both full arousal and shame. My head raced through the information it was receiving. The weekend…Mistress… toy… belongs to… What was I into? Who were these two? Henri who was exactly as she had described him walked closer to me. He reached out his hand and felt the length of my cock through the denim. No man had ever touched my cock sexually and I was amazed that as he continued to squeeze and explore it, my hips began to thrust forward.

“He likes it Henri. See him push into you. He likes to have a man fondle his cock. Does that surprise you little one?” She was sliding her cunt back and forth into my hands and tightening and releasing her thighs. She reached in front of me and undid my fly. Then she snaked her hand into my underwear and fished out my cock and my balls. She flipped the elastic of my briefs under my sack and my dick and nuts bounced wantonly, obscenely before Henri. He took my cock gently in one hand and cupped my balls in the other. He was inspecting and memorizing my dick. He traced the veins on the top of it with his index finger. He squeezed the head of my prick so that the eye of it opened and he stared into it. His other hand was rolling and evaluating my testes. “It is beautiful, he finally announced.”

He looked deeply into my eyes and he began to slowly wank my cock. I could do nothing but pump my hips in response. He had a wry smile at this. “You like this, no? You like my hand fucking your lovely cock?”

“Tell him that his hand feels wonderful, Thomas. Tell him you want more.” Her hand had now slipped into the back of my underwear and she was tracing and tickling my asshole with her finger and thrusting her pussy powerfully into me.

“Your hand feels wonderful. And, I want more.” I managed to say through a dry throat. Did I mean it? I asked myself. The battle she had predicted was raging within me, through a fog of lust and desire. Next she whooshed down both my pants and my briefs and I stood completely exposed to the pair of them. “Henri, take of his shoes and socks.” She gave this as a matter of fact order. At the same time she was pulling my t-shirt off. In no time I was stripped naked. They were both dressed and I was tremendously excited, tremendously ashamed, tremendously conflicted. Henri, down on his knees, from removing my sneakers and socks, took my cock and pressed it lovingly to his cheek. Then he kissed my cock head. Not like a peck or a greeting kiss but a long loving, soul-felt kiss. He was moaning almost purring as he did this.

“Stand up Henri.” She told him. “I will work your hands Thomas, remember.” When Henri stood, he was inches from me and she took both my hands and slid them down his belly and into his underwear. For the first time I felt a man’s rampant cock. It was both familiar and strange to my touch. She left my hands in there, covering his prick, as she opened his fly then unbuttoned the pants. After that she once again took control of my hands covering them and guiding them. She had me explore the length of his shaft, his shaved balls and thighs. He sighed heavily as she placed my hands on either side of his shaft and moved them lazily back and forth. “Look at his cock, Henri. See how excited he is as he feels your prick. He loves the feel of another man’s cock. He likes to stroke cock. He must ache to see it. Do you little one? Hum?”

She flopped his underwear under his cock and balls as she had done to mine and took both of our cocks in her hands. She pressed the swollen vbettr heads together and simultaneously wanked the pair of cocks. “I love to see this.” She moaned, “Two cocks pressed together, is one of my favorite images. I can feel Thomas how you are enjoying this. Pump! both of you! Now tongue kiss each other,” She commanded. She increased the tempo and the length of the strokes on our cock’s pulling us closer together such that the back side of each was pressed completely against the other. She wrapped both hands around them and was jerking us both off. “Thomas, kiss him now!” she repeated. I was frozen at this.

“It is much harder for you to kiss a man, than to feel his cock. Is it not Thomas? It is even harder for you to kiss Henri than to suck on his cock. Ah, mon petit, you are a romantic.” Elena whispered and was licking the base of my neck. Henri resolved the situation by placing a hand on either side of my face and pasting his lips to mine. He was a strong man and held my head in place while his tongue worked it’s way into my mouth. She was busy all the while unbuttoning his shirt and stripping him naked. Henri held the kiss and she placed her hands on his backside pulling our naked bodies together. One of Henri’s hands was soon on the base of my neck while the other clasped and kneaded my ass. I felt Elena release contact with me for the first time and heard and sensed that she was slipping out of her clothes.

Directly, she was up against me once more. This time her splendid tits and swollen cunt were naked and rubbing sensually into my back and thighs. “Give in to the kiss, my Thomas.” She moaned. I felt her finger penetrate my ass and she found an incredibly sensitive spot in my colon and began crooking her finger back and forth, arousing me incredibly. Meanwhile her other hand was plying some seductive pressure to my dick. With one finger she was pressing and circling a spot where the head of my cock blended into the shaft. My knees were nearly buckling with her ministrations. And her sultry, breathy voice conducted me. I was clay in her skilled hands.

“Return the kiss, Thomas, explore his warm mouth with your tongue. Moan for him mon petit. Surrender. Surrender Thomas. No thinking little one. Move your body against his… his flat stomach… his raging cock. Yes Thomas. Yes.” She redoubled her efforts. Her hands were magical probes, taking me where I had never been. She slid herself around so that she was now at my side. Continuing to work my ass and cock with her deft hands. She straddled my thigh and started to rub her clit and mash her soaking pussy into my leg. “I want to see all of this Thomas. Henri is going to suck your cock now. I always cum when I see that. Henri’s kiss had lasted minutes and then I felt his tongue withdraw and begin to slither down my chin, throat, chest, abdomen, to my patch of pubic hair where he planted deep kisses and nuzzled his face into me. She removed her hand from my cock and it stood straight out… tight and red and throbbing.

“Yes, Thomas, you want it. Now. See how you pump and wriggle to get his lips closer to your cock. Don’t fret. Henri is going to suck your cock for you, mon petit.” Henri took my cock deep into his mouth and immediately began sucking and thrusting his head back and forth. “You can use your hands now, Thomas. Put them on each side of his head. Set the rhythm you want. Guide him in sucking your prick. Yes, yes like that. And fuck his mouth Thomas. Fuck him.” Her own hand slipped between my legs and she held my balls in her exploring fingers. “Fuck Henri’s throat Thomas.” I was pumping my hips and pulling Henri on and off my cock. The sensations were shattering and I felt my balls tightening, ready to explode. It was then that she squeezed my nuts hard within her hand. I almost collapsed to the floor. “Not yet, Thomas, soon you will cum. Not yet.”

Maintaining the grip on my balls, she lowered me to my knees, and Henri arose. “Yes, mon petit, you will suck his cock first… before you cum.” She had knelt down with me. Henri’s prick was rampant and huge before me. She took the foreskin and peeled it back exposing an egorged purple head. “It is lovely, no? Look how ready it is for you, Thomas.”

She brought it to my lips and Henri took my head in his hands. He thrust himself forward and quickly, Henri’s cock was in my mouth and he was pumping. The taste… the sensations… the idea, had me both rebelling and sucking hungrily at the same time. My tongue worked the underside of his swollen cock and I fought the urge to gag and cough. I sputtered and Elena was urging me to “swallow, swallow Thomas. It is the only way. Elena was pumping her splendid pussy into my thigh. I felt her legs clamping and unclamping on me. “I am going to cum Thomas.” She breathed. “Oh fuck Thomas. Suck his cock. Make me cum. I want to cum Thomas.” I began sucking in earnest and Henri increased the tempo. His hands were each grasping handfuls of my hair. Then I felt his cock erupt in my mouth. I tried to pull away, but he was too strong. He held me fast. Cum ran out of my lips and down my cheeks. Then Elena pulled my head off his cock and clamped her own mouth over mine. Her tongue penetrated my mouth and stirred Henri’s cum. She kissed and tasted me and shared Henri’s cum such that I had no recourse but to swallow and swallow again.

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