Brianna’s Fortunate Meeting #1


Friends: This is the first in a series, primarily to set the tone. Base it on such. If it pleases you I’ll continue.

* * * * *

The convention was as it always was: People parading around in their skimpies trying to garner the attention of everyone else dressed in their skimpies trying to be the center of attention. Dommes led their subs around on lengths of rope, in chains, with dog collars, tied up, trussed up, smacked, herded and led throughout the hotel, often to the surprised and sometimes terrified reactions of the mundane guests.

Mistress Brianna sat in a chair with her twentyish sub standing beside her silently. Geoffrey wasn’t even a favorite of hers, but he was adequate, and a delight being about half her age. He was eager to please and not so dim-witted as others she had had, but there wasn’t anything really spectacular at this convention. Sure, she could show off at one of the parties, but it usually degenerated into a pathetic display of oneupsmanship. Yawn. She admired a male sub that sauntered by on all fours, being walked by a girl who looked more like his daughter than her Domme. Whatever pays the bills and brings the thrills. Sigh. Here she was, just another forty-something Domme in a room with other hopeless wannabes and neverwases. She slapped her riding crop against her thigh absently. Maybe it was time to switch. Nah, a movie would have been better, she thought. Maybe something funny. She seriously considered dropping her con badge in the trash and strolling out, dumping Geoffrey at the door for some other power hungry freak to snatch up when they entered.

And it just about changed her life.

A hush fell over the room as the couple entered, the man, resplendent in a faux snakeskin match of vest and pants, the light arcing of the shiny surface, his arms rippling as he held the two leashes that ended in two men, one cut like Adonis, wearing a light cotton garment that alternatively hid and covered his beauty and another, more chubby and loutish, but firm in a barrel-chested European sort of way. Two female subs who escorted her lady were just as different to each other. One was almost majestic in her posture and bearing, long auburn hair trailing down her back and conservatively dressed in a velvet green gown slit up both sides to the hip. The other was shorter, more delicate, with a girl’s cropped blonde hair and porcelain skin, her small breasts lifted by a white corset, her legs caressed by matching stockings. Her eyes were downcast, and so Brianna could not gauge their color, but the other’s green eyes pierced the Anadolu Yakası escort room, daring Dommes to challenge her, or perhaps fiercely warding them from her Master and Mistress.

Despite the sight that their Master was with them linked to him, it was the Mistress who stopped traffic. Tall and slender, shining dark hair to match her black attire, with rising breasts straining at her thin black tank top, her raven skirts swaying as she strode, slit and open at the front displaying her firm pelvis and belly. She wore tiny boots with chrome stiletto heels, raising her above the gaping and staring crowd, and just level to her darling escort.

Brianna watched awestruck as the parade strolled through the ballroom, stopping to have drinks fetched for them and to chat with a tired pair of antediluvian Dommes who looked as if they survived on cigarettes, hairspray and bourbon. Eventually they peeled away and came towards her, the auburn-haired sub staring at her the whole way. How impudent, and such a lack of control on their young masters’ part! They couldn’t have been out of their mid-twenties and surely were not experienced in the art of control. Then it occurred to her. The fiery, albeit impudent, beauty was not staring at her, but rather past her, at, or through, Geoffrey. She heard his silent apprehension and then he spoke, perhaps reading her mind.

“What shall we do, Mistress?”

“Nothing, Geoffrey, be patient.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Then, remembering her own standards. “And you did not request permission to speak.”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am.”

“You will be dealt with later.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The six-some stopped before them. The greenclad Domme-wanna-be finally lowered her eyes and the Mistress spoke, her eyes fastening on hers as her sub’s has on Geoffrey, while the female subs stood postured, but hunched by their station, and the males stood at rigid attention. Brianna broke the stare long enough to catch a glimpse of Adonis’ muscled thigh. Yow.

“Greetings,” the Mistress said. Brianna nodded, trying to be regal. “I am Lady Alicia, this is Lord Aurus,” she waved her hand in introduction and the Master smiled. Brianna’s heart did a flip-flop in her chest and she smiled in return, unsure if it looked right. She tried to gain her composure. “This is our first time here and we want to make sure everyone knows who we are.

“Well, with an entrance like that, many will before long. I am Mistress Brianna,” she stood and offered her hand. Lord Aurus immediately strode forward and took it gingerly, Anadolu Yakası escort bayan and bending at the waist, planted a single dry kiss on her third knuckle. He released her hand and responded in a sonorous baritone.

“We are pleased to meet you, Mistress Brianna. Allow us to introduce our family.” He stepped back to allow his their subs to step forward, and they did simultaneously, in trained precision, from shortest to tallest, first the petite blonde, then the buxom brunette, then Adonis, then the lout. “This is Carina,” and the petite blonde stepped forward, curtsied prettily even without skirts and stepped back. “Bella,” The brunette stepped forward and curtsied with a flourish, her legs becoming clear as her skirts flew up, showing her fine long legs, full thighs and rounded buttocks. She quickly resumed her place in line. “Number 4,” Adonis stepped forward, bent to a knee and kissed her hand, then stepped back into line, as a delightful tingle crept up Brianna’s spine. “And Number 2.” The second male sub stepped forward, looking for all the world like a Turkish bathhouse extra, broad and full like a keg. He, too, bent his knee to her and offered his respect, then stepped back into line.

Brianna’s mouth was dry, a little overwhelmed by their display and discipline. She swallowed to clear her throat. “This is my ward, Geoffrey.” He stepped forward, bowed low and returned to his place behind his lady. Suddenly, Brianna, former glories behind her, felt rather inadequate. “Please, sit down and let’s talk awhile.” She turned for her chair, but Alicia stopped her.

“Please, allow me.” With a wave of her hand, she spoke again, her voice was quiet, hardly more than a whisper but her authority thundered through the hall. “Number 4, bench.” Brianna stepped back as the young Adonis stepped forward and set himself on his hands and knees. Brianna hesitated for a moment as Lady Alicia ordered the same from number two. He fell to his hands and knees, still tall at the shoulder and his Mistress flared out her skirts to set daintily upon his back, her legs fully exposed, soft shimmering beauty from ankle to hip. Brianna smiled and followed suit, setting herself on the firm back of the lovely sub beneath her.

“Thank you, Lady.”

“My pleasure.” Lord Aurus scooped up Brianna’s abandoned chair and set it near his Lady. The two women hovered beside him, until he spoke, his voice also low, but its regality echoing in the already noisy ballroom.

“Heel,” he said and the two women fell gracefully to their escort bayan knees, their hands in their laps, the soles of their feet pointed to the skies in their matching bow shoes. The only difference in their posture was that Carina had her head bowed down, whether in true submissiveness or shame Brianna couldn’t tell. The other, the green eyed Bella stared up at Lord Aurus and after a few moments he lowed his hand to caress under her chin. Her eyes closed in rapture and her body shuddered imperceptibly. Lord Aurus smiled with obvious pleasure and pride and raised his eyes to Brianna’s, pulling her in with his bottomless brown orbs.

Brianna pulled her gaze away, looking down at the beautiful wonder beneath her, hard as a rock and not giving an inch under her weight. She looked up to Alicia.

“May I,” she asked.

Alicia nodded, “Of course.”

Brianna rubbed her hand across the young man’s muscled back, down his firm arm and across the ridges of his chest beneath his gauzy top. My, oh my.

“So, Mistress Brianna, what pleasures you this evening.” Brianna snapped back to planet Earth.

“To be honest, very little. I’ve been to so many of these that they lose their interest. The parties are without imagination, and often times, order.” Lord Aurus perked up.

“Well, then you must attend ours. Number 2.” Without further request, the burly sub reached into his clothes, shifting without upsetting his Lady above him and produced a small but elegant card. He passed it to Mistress Brianna who eyed it hungrily. A greeting, the room number, surrounded by gold gilding. Nothing more. Simple, elegant. Perfect.

“We’d be pleased if you attended,” Lady Alicia said, her eyes sparkling. Brianna had always been a good judge of character and the look in the young Domme’s eyes were unmistakable: She had a distinct interest in Brianna. A hunger. Brianna’s eyes slipped to her exposed thighs, full and luscious and her trim ankles, then up to her softly heaving busom, framed by her midnight hair. Brianna smiled, staring back into Alicia’s asking eyes.

“I’d be delighted.”

“Splendid,” was the young Domme’s response and she revealed her perfect pearly teeth, sharp and gleaming in her smile, her full kissable lips alone bringing a warm tingle to Brianna’s chest. “We shall see you later then. Pardon us, we have other rounds to make. She stood up, followed by Lord Aurus and Brianna stood as well, if for no other reason than to free up their delicious sub. Without a word the two men stood and the entourage continued on, as if nothing had happened. Brianna was left with only the card and her shocked sub.


“Yes, Geoffrey.”

“Shall we attend, Ma’am?”

“We must attend.” Mistress Brianna slipped the card into a fold of her clothes and moved on, with Geoffrey in her wake. “Come, boy, in the meantime lets go see a flaying.”

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