The Rebirth of Andrew Bishop – chapter 21


Geoff brought his four wheel drive to a stop next to Drew’s machinery shed. He climbed out and pulled his overnight bag from the passenger seat. Closing the door he turned and spotted Drew and Dave coming across the yard. Drew was also carrying a bag. “Good morning boys,” he called to them. “Hi Geoff. All ready for your weekend?” Dave asked. “You bet, you never know your luck in a big city,” he replied with a smile on his face. He tossed his car keys to Dave. “Just in case you have to go to town or something. You would look silly driving your quad that far,” Geoff said. “Thanks, I shouldn’t need to,” Dave replied. “Okay we had better get going,” Drew said to Dave, “Are you sure you’ll be okay. You have my mobile number if you need anything.” “Get going, I’ll be fine,” responded Dave. He stepped forward and Drew placed his hands on Dave’s hips then kissed him on the lips. “See you on Sunday then, have fun,” Drew responded. Geoff was surprised. He knew that Drew and Dave were in a relationship but he had not witnessed them actually being physically intimate before. He could now see that they really did care for each other. “Come on Geoff let’s go,” Drew called. Drew climbed into the driver’s seat of his F250, Geoff put his bag in the backseat and then got in the passenger side. The ten sheep in the trailer lurched on their feet as Drew put the transmission into drive and started down the driveway. “So you and Dave are pretty serious then?” Geoff asked Drew. “Yes, I don’t believe it but I’m right into him. Who would have thought?” “You are so lucky. The first time you have thoughts about a guy and you land someone like him. I’ve been trying to find Mister Right for twenty years and still can’t manage more than one night stands,” Geoff said in a serious sort of way. “I’d be considered lucky if it was just Dave, but he comes with Tess, how lucky is that,” Drew replied, “And you will find someone one day Geoff, I’m sure of that.” They talked openly as they drove along the highway. Drew had never talked about sex with Geoff but now things were different. As the conversation developed Drew decided to be open and frank with his neighbor. He had been discreet and reserved all of his life and now he wanted to be honest. With Geoff and himself.Geoff wanted to know what he and Dave did in bed. He was amazed that Drew enjoyed receiving anal sex and that he had never tried it until he had been with Dave and Tess. He didn’t want to know too much about what Tess and Drew did, mainly out of respect for Tess. Drew told him that Tess did things that he would never have asked Dianne to do. Tess was into giving and receiving sexual pleasure and her boundaries were very broad. Nothing much was out of bounds with her, as long as all parties were consenting. Drew asked Geoff what he did sexually. He was surprised Geoff had only been fucked once, fifteen years ago and it was a bad experience so he hadn’t done it again. He was relieved that he always practiced safe sex with his casual partners. Geoff’s sexual practices were quite the opposite of what he’d always thought would be the case. He asked Geoff what he wanted in a partner and if he was prepared to share his life with someone. Geoff was lonely and wanted someone, but he wanted it to be love and not just convenient. He also found out that Geoff didn’t give a fuck what people in the district thought of him. If it turned out that he had a male partner living with him people would just have to accept it. The journey seemed to go quickly as the two old friends had the most honest talk that they had ever had. They had known each other all their lives and now Drew felt he knew Geoff better than he ever had. Geoff believed that the changes that had happened to Drew in the last four months were astounding. He envied the way that Drew had taken those changes in his stride. He thought that most people would be basket cases trying to cope with the swing in their sexuality that Drew had experienced. Before Escort izmir they knew it Drew was checking in with the security guard at the gate of the meat works. They drove down and backed the trailer in to the pens to unload. Drew signed a receipt for the livestock and then he parked his rig in the truck parking area and locked the trailer to the F250. They grabbed their bags and walked to the gate. Drew dialed a cab on his mobile phone. They sat on the kerb and waited for the taxi. “Well Geoff I’ve enjoyed our talk, I glad you came with me this weekend,” Drew said. “Yeh it’s been good. Here’s our ride,” he said as the yellow cab pulled up. Drew gave the driver the address of the apartment block and Geoff told him the name of the hotel he usually stayed at. “I’ll drop you first,” the driver said and nodded toward Drew. Fifteen minutes later Drew stepped out on to the sidewalk in front of the apartment. “Give me a ring Sunday morning, I’d like to be on the road by about two in the afternoon if we could,” he said to Geoff. “Okay, see you then. Have fun,” Geoff replied. Drew closed the door of the cab and it drove off into the traffic. Joe, the security guard, was on duty at the desk. “Hi Drew. Back in town for the weekend?” he said. “Yes, Joe. Tess isn’t home yet is she?” Drew asked him. “Not that I know of. She may have come through the garage but I wouldn’t think so,” the old guard said. “Oh well, I’ll just go up and wait for her. See you later on,” Drew said as he headed for the lift. Once in the apartment he made his way into the powder room and stripped off his jeans, work shirt and underwear then put them in to the washing machine. Next on his to do list was a shower and a shave, his face and his pubic area. He then went to his wardrobe and put on some of his nice underpants, his designer jeans, one of his nice t- shirts, socks, and a pair of Dave’s casual shoes. His aim was to wait for Tess to come home and then he wanted to go out somewhere with her. He was in town with Tess to himself and wanted to go out and be seen with her as his partner. It was four thirty, she would be home soon so he sat on the couch with a glass of white wine and waited for her. He was anxious and didn’t know why. He heard the door click and then as it swung open he started to rise to greet her. Tess opened the door and there he was, looking a million dollars. She raced across the polished floor to catch him before he could stand up, she wrapped her arms around his neck. She planted her lips firmly on his and sat down on his lap. “Drew I’ve missed you and Dave. I couldn’t wait to get home tonight,” she said. They kissed passionately. Tess let out a long sigh and relaxed herself onto his body. She just lay there for a minute content. “Why are you dressed so nicely?” she asked him. “I thought we might go out for a while, get a drink at some trendy bar or something. I just want to be seen out and about with the hottest woman in town,” he teased her. “Okay then, what do you want me to wear?” Tess asked. “Um, something subtle sexy, sort of I’m with him looking will do,” Drew replied. “Give me fifteen minutes,” she replied. She quickly showered and the pulled on a soft cotton summer dress over her head and buttoned it until she thought that she was showing just enough of her bra-less chest to be teasing just a little. She selected a white satin g string and stepped into it then adjusted it around her hairless pussy and in her ass crack. Her heeled sandals and a clutch purse and she was ready. “I think one of the nice bars down on the river bank would be nice in this weather,” she suggested as she entered the lounge room. “Perfect,” replied Drew. After another short taxi ride they were walking along the river promenade deciding which bar looked the nicest. They settled on a vodka bar in the middle of the strip. It had a high bench the width of it’s frontage and stools to sit on. You could sit and watch the passing parade izmir escort of office workers either hurrying home or looking for a watering hole. They claimed two of the stools and Drew asked what she would like to drink. “Vodka and cranberry juice please,” Tess answered. Drew went to the bar and ordered two of them and picked a plate of tapas items for them to share. He returned to Tess and they toasted themselves. “Cheers darling,” Tess said as they clinked their glasses together. “To us and a good weekend,” Drew said. “Oh it will be a good weekend. I have plans for you buster!” Tess replied, “But cool your heels and let’s just relax here for a while.” They sat at the bench and Tess told him all about the date she had with Fiona last evening. He was amazed at the news that Fee and Chuck were quickly becoming an item. She told him they had great lesbian sex together and that Fee had not stayed the whole night. Drew told her how Geoff and himself had been instructing Dave back at the farm. How he was competent at driving the trucks and small tractors. He couldn’t back a trailer behind the tractor to save his life but that would come to him in time. He told her of the lessons on gun safety and the target practice that they’d had with a few tin cans on the fence posts in the paddock behind the house. She laughed when he told her about how he’d tried to show Dave how to hold a sheep and he was kicked in the groin by it. “He will have fun up there by himself, trying to be a farmer. He is a such a good guy,” Drew said. After two drinks and an hour and a half Tess said, “Let’s go, I want to go and get my car. I have some special shopping to do for us.” Drew was intrigued but was told it was a surprise. He would have to wait a little while. They took a cab back to the apartment block, and then the lift down to the basement and collected Tess’s car. Tess punched an address into the GPS and a voice said it would take twenty minutes to their mystery destination. The synthetic female voice then commenced to give them directions as Tess wove in and out of the traffic. “Your destination is one hundred meters on the left,” said the GPS. Tess pulled in to a carpark out the front of the largest adult sex shop that Drew had ever seen. She rolled to a stop and turned the key to off in the ignition. “Remember the morning I used a butt plug on you?” Drew nodded in the affirmative. “I said I’d like to have sex with you, but be the one who did the penetration,” Tess said. Drew nodded again. “Well, I thought we could come here, ask a few questions, see what’s available for us to use. Maybe pick something out that we both like. Are you game?” Tess asked. “Ah, sure, I just don’t really know much about this sort of thing,” he replied. “Well I have been doing a bit of research on the internet and have seen a couple of dildos that look good. I also have read a lot of reviews on the models I like, so I think I know what will work for me. But we both have to be comfortable with any sex aids we use. So let’s go and browse. Don’t be shy,” she said They entered the brightly lit store and Tess scanned the aisles for the department she was looking for. She held Drew’s hand, partly to reassure him and partially because she was a little nervous herself. “Can I help you?” said a female voice. The shop assistant was a mid twenties girl. She was dressed a little bit on the punk side with Doc Martins, a short tartan skirt, white shirt and black braces. She had her lip pierced and a stud through the side of her nose. “Um yes,we are looking for ah,,,, a strap on or something like that,” Tess said a tad shyly. “Okay, this way. We have quite a few in stock. They are really getting popular with heterosexual couples as men shake off their fear of being called gay or submissive,” she replied candidly. Tess was relieved that the girl wasn’t going to judge them. She took them down to where there was an assortment of strap on harnesses and the dildos izmir escort bayan to go with them. “There is the basic dildo, the life like ones and the double ended ones for mutual use,” she said. “Then there are these,” she said pointing to a selection of devices that Drew had never seen. “One of these would be my choice. I’ll leave you to look and talk about it. If you have any questions call me over,” the punk assistant said. When she had left them alone Tess and Drew looked at the various strap ons. “I want a double ended one, so I am pleasured too,” Tess informed him, “And I’m sure you don’t want anything too big.” Drew picked up one of the unusually shaped dildos and studied it. When Tess had suggested she fuck him he thought of a twelve inch rubber dick with a head on each end. Nothing as exotic as these. The silicone form of the contraption in his hand was soft yet firm enough for penetration. It had an obvious penis shaped end, maybe equivalent to a seven inch cock and it was joined to a bulb, for want of a better term, that was designed to fit into a woman’s vagina and be held there by her muscles. Drew covered the handle with his hand, ‘Yes it would pass as a reasonable cock’ he thought. He now picked up a boxed one and examined the packaging. He read it was suitable for use by lesbian and heterosexual couples. After reading the instructions he said to Tess, ” Do you think you could use this one? It doesn’t have straps or a harness, it relies on your pussy muscles to hold it in you.” Tess looked at the dildo in his hand. It was the one of the exact same ones she had seen on the internet and the one she thought she would prefer after she had read the reviews. It did seem to her that it could be used a bit more spontaneously than having to get into a harness and it had a soft shape and was feminine looking. “Excuse me miss,” she called to the punk sex therapist.”When you said this was your choice, did you say that because you have experience with one of these?” Tess asked. Drew cringed a bit. “Yes, my girl friend and I have been using one of that model for ages. We love it,” she replied, “It takes no time at all to master, guaranteed.” “Okay thanks,” Tess said. Tess waited until she had gone. “A lesbian, punk, sex maniac recommends them. What could go wrong?” she said to Drew, “What do you think?” Drew looked at her, “I’m game,” he said. Tess picked up the boxed dildo as Drew returned the display one on to the shelf. They browsed the aisles for a few minutes. Tess stopped and felt the texture of some satin rope and smiled. They took the dildo to the counter and the assistant placed it in to a large brown paper carry bag along with a packet of complimentary sanitizing wipes. “Now if you have any trouble holding this there are several harnesses available that will solve the problem,” she advised them, “But you should manage okay.” Tess picked up the bag while the girl processed here credit card. “Thank you, you have a nice night,” the girl said sincerely. Tess and Drew walked out and got into the car. “Well that was easier than I thought it would be,” remarked Tess, “What now? Do you want to eat or go home and use our new toy?” Drew looked at the clock on the dash board, it was a little past nine. “Get some take away and go home for some fun appeals to me,” he said hardly containing the excitement that was building up in himself. Tess stopped close to home and ran into a Thai restaurant to pick up an assortment of rice paper rolls. In no time they were sitting at the bench in the kitchen eating and studying the instructions that came inside the box of their sex toy. Tess put her food down and filled the sink with warm soapy water. “Can’t be too careful,” she said as she immersed the dildo into the water and left it there to soak. Drew read everything that was written about the toy. Tess sat back next to him and asked, “You do know why I want to do this with you don’t you?” “You want to be in control,” Drew answered. “Yes that is part of it. But I also want to please you. I know how much you like anal and I want you to enjoy it with me, not just with Dave,” she explained, “Plus I want to feel I’m the dominant one. I don’t want you to be submissive, but I certainly want to be the one in control.

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