Seeking a Greater Perfection


I was on personal display for him. He would have me walk sensually while emulating the grace of a pretty blonde haired runway model. In my role of girlish temptress, I wiggle my sexy bottom in my exotic, six inch pink, high heeled, platform sandals. My body is slim, lithe, feminine and smooth.At the far end of his large living room he has me turn around, smile, and pose like a show girl for him. My exaggerated wink brings a genuine and enthusiastic smile to my bright red, pouty lips. As I return back towards him in my performance, I reveal my sexiest walk enhanced by a subtle sway of my hips.As I approach his chair I then feign my sexiest blush for him all the time flaunting and displaying my cute round, bare derriere. I am completely naked and continue my exotic expose with an alluring manipulation of my hips extending from my narrow waist. I feel as good as he feels that I look, and high heels say so much about a girl!I am completely focused on making my enticing walk look as elegant and sensual as I can. Being as believably erotic looking as I can, while parading and posing for him, is my very sincere purpose. With each repetition and strut across the room, I hope that my feminine charm appears effortless. Pleasing him so pleases me. I want to make my sexy, nude, runway walk just perfect for his expert eyes.I so adore and enjoy this little game that we play. I am to be seductive so as to arouse him. I love to do whatever he tells me to do for him. My own delight surges and my enthusiasm and sensuality almost makes me feel dizzied.My slim, lithe body is completely exposed. I am fully shaven smoothly in totality for him. I have found a level of complete comfort in exposing all of my body for his want. I find so much excitement in the joy of our intensely naughty, yet delightfully enchanting little exercises like this.My strutting and posing show is a routine and an exhibition that is designed to please him. This exotically sexy little ritual and performance is designed by him to aide me in making me look perfect as a young lady. Even in my completely nude state, my soft, boyish body looks completely feline due to his guidance. He influences and directs me as he does because he knows that my ultimate goal is to be as flawless looking as I can be for him.Another objective of these rehearsals is to have me create the personal imagery within myself. I am thinking of and envisioning the soulfulness of a beautiful female model. I possess a bit more than seven inches of maleness which for both of us at times, appears quite incongruous to the body that it is attached to. I have always loved my uniqueness and distinctiveness!While proudly displaying myself in this very intimate, runway style exhibition, I always find myself getting very hard and stimulated. When I walk for him in such an outlandishly feminine fashion – my aroused boner bounces like a spring in the opposite direction of that of my derriere. During this time while I sachet and walk sensually for him, I feel so hot and sensual that I am thoroughly lathered just by knowing that I am a sexy, girly, seductive looking sexual object.When I was first expected to display myself in these fun little training sessions I would find myself shy and often blushing. I got past that quickly for him because he was definitely proud of my sexy, slim yet curvaceous, feminine looking body. I enjoy this so thoroughly now that it makes me smile almost too much. I will do virtually anything to please him and that brings us both phenomenal delight.In each alternating walk for him, he has me tuck my hardness between my legs to create the illusion that I am all female. As awkward as it is with a ragingly hard erection, walking this way only stimulates me more. In the mirror my soft body looks like that of a cute, slim, yet boyishly perfect, feminine girl. I certainly feel the wonder of believing and imagining that I am an almost purely female girl.He is my trusted, teacher and mentor. He encourages my walks with small critiques and suggestions. I am thrilled to hear that he says that I am quite convincingly female with – my maleness tucked and hidden between my smooth thighs. He tells me that I could be an undeniably captivating lady like stripper, if I could effectively hide my seven inches completely. I radiate in joy and glow in my heart because I am pleasing him. His words so please me.As I display myself unpretentiously to him, he tells me that I am delightfully feminine. He says that I am truly beautiful. His expressions make me flush with pride, yet I also feel honored that I please him so! My smooth, soft, youthful and supple, hairless body, makes me feel wonderfully sexual, ladylike and in such need.His reassuring, uplifting words make me feel unique and special. As a result, this pretty boy who is all undressed and pretty for him as a girl – has an even greater and surging desire to please him. My five inch platform high heeled sandals cause my lower back to arch, eroticizing my appearance. The sexy, love me style heels, feel one with my feet and body.As my confidence surges, I gently flick my long blonde hair – which is mostly mine except for hair extensions – in a manner like that of a classic model. I lust in the feel of my sleek body being so soft, femininely smooth and so trim. At five feet five Ankara escort Bayan inches tall and 128 pounds, I have the height, weight, shape and appearance of a young, blonde, albeit nude, all American cheerleader.I am always elegantly made up for him. My bright red perfectly lined lips, my red painted toe nails and my long red fingernails add to the detailed perfection I enthusiastically display for him. I find great joy in preparing myself so that I look as flawless as possible. I have learned my skills quite well for my young age.I have a close friend who asked me if I was gender dysphoric. I don’t ever want to be all girl, but right now my mentor teacher has me believing that I am! I am simply gender crazy when I dress like and make myself up like a woman!The lustfulness, breathlessness and wonder of being so completely feminine in my heart and soul is real magic and true joy for me! Daddy completely understands and supports his girl with both his words and his actions. His daily teaching sessions are among the greatest of my life’s delights.This man that I simply call Daddy, is in his early forties. He is quite handsome, very well endowed and is very manly and masculine. Right now Daddy is fully dressed and is sitting in a brown leather topped chair watching me very closely. As I begin my tenth suggestive repetition for him, I envision in my mind, what it would be like to be the most beautiful woman in the world.I stop and take a deep breath and I begin to believe I am that she. I feel and visualize my belief in my beauty. Even though I am male, my mind and his encouragement have helped to make me even more erotic looking and alluring. My sexy, suggestive, feminine strut feels natural and smooth. I gasp at how glamorous and captivating I am able to make myself feel in both my behavior and in my heart.He is very pleased with me. A quick stop in front of the full length mirror has me stunned in feline wonder. My envisioning is working for both of us. I am summoned by him to be at his side. He gives me a kiss on my lips. Even a brief and unpretentious kiss from this man – so rocks my world. I am made breathless by him with but a single, short, light kiss.His simple, soft kiss is my needed validation. He has made me so happy and so grateful that I am near tears. I so love pleasing him and feeling his lips gently pressed against mine has thrilled me beyond my ability to describe. Intensely passionate emotions are now welling up in my heart and my soul.He pulls me toward him. I fully understand that I am his girl and that I belong to him. I am suddenly placed face down and across his lap. With my soft nude bottom exposed, I feel my back being gently caressed and I swoon in delight. His fingers run gently toward my lower back and upper buttocks. I quiver and lust as his fingers explore down to my fully exposed derriere.I feel his fingers stop near my anus. I feel a gentle, teasing, yet slightly probing touch there. This delights me into a frenzy as a high pitched moan escape from my lips. I am stunned by the electricity of my arousal and the willingness that I feel.Already I am experiencing erotic delight that has me shivering. I am just so aroused by him. I am startled by the sting of a quick smack to my backside. I squeal in surprise and he laughs.He tells me that I am a very naughty girl. There are times that I am called much worse names – In fact – quite shameless words, but it is usually later when we are in the throes of passion. I accept his descriptions of me because I know that he is almost always right.A second hard sharp slap to my exposed derriere jolts me. I am now alert and stimulated by my vulnerable state. It seems almost crazy, but I also feel a sense of elation and even bliss. Now with more spanks, I find each mildly torturous slap to be exciting and stimulating. His powerful hand reinforces his power, strength and dominance over me. I am willingly melting without any resistance.I have succumbed so willingly while bent purposefully over his lap. There is a warmth and even magic in his control over me. The smarting, heat being now being brought to my bottom is as much a sign of affection to me as it is discomfort. He is in full control of my body and mind.Daddy’s informs me that he has a new surprise for me. He has me get up off his lap and tells me to stand and wait. I see my shapely, now much reddened bottom in the mirror and it makes me swoon. He leaves the room and when he returns he has a handful of quite interesting items. My eyes widen at the sight.The first item is a bright pink colored butt plug. It’s not huge but little do I know that it has a second purpose. I never know what surprises Daddy has in store for me, but I am almost always excited by the drama of what I may be expected to do for him. I have come to trust him implicitly anyway.I am told to bend over and Daddy’s words delight and excite me. Now I am enthused and enthralled. I am crazed and moved by the feel of his tongue licking and lubricating my anus. Daddy has me remain bent over and still. I am very obedient for him.Daddy then presses the butt plug firmly against my anal opening causing it to slide inside me as I squirm and gasp! The sensation is startling but only mildly uncomfortable. I am standing upright Escort Balgat now as I find out what is next. A long, fluffy, white cat’s tail is being twisted into the opening at the end of the butt plug by him! Matching white cat’s ears are next placed on my head attached by a tight, clear plastic headband.Lastly there is the very symbolic, thick, black leather collar. It has a very short, bright steel chain leash attached to the large center ring. Daddy attaches it to my neck and locks it in the back. I find myself suddenly very moved by what the collar represents, and by the reality of the collars purpose.Wearing Daddy’s collar is both symbol and the reality of my complete surrender. Having it locked around my neck is my proud acknowledgement that I believe in his ownership of my spirit, my body and of even my own self. I am quite aroused by my new outfit and more than ready to learn more about my Daddy’s expectations of me.Now Daddy asks me to walk the living room runway for him in my new outfit and condition. I think this is going to a whole new excitingly crazy level. I begin my walk in my high heels wiggling my bottom.I am strangely enjoying the odd discomfort of the butt plug in my anus. My fluffy, white cat’s tail is absurdly and outlandishly wagging from side to side. In my role as a sexy kitty, I instinctively meow for him. I then enthusiastically smile for him with a sexy and feigned modest blush. Daddy’s broad smile tells me how good a job I’m doing for him.This is quite a scene in my naked and uniquely adorned state. Walking in my six inch high platform pink heels with a butt plug cat tail and kitty ears is a rather symbolic yet very real exercise in obedience and my true willingness to please!My collar feels as natural as my new sexy walk and I am allowed to view myself in the full length mirror. I am stunned by the picture painted by the ridiculously suggestive, pretty blonde haired, girl-boy in cat ears with her fluffy white tail! The pretty kitty cat is so clearly reflected in the mirror! I find this whole crazy scene that he has created for me to be incredulously erotic!He then tells me not to forget that I am also his sissy boi. I have many roles ranging from being his French Maid and servant to being his personal nurse as well as many other sensual roles. In spite of my feminine mind set and appearance, he wants to remind me that I have very many roles for him. He then reminds me how much a good sissy loves to please.He has me return to my sexy cat walk. After three more suggestive circuits of the living room, I am feeling like I am in some kind of fantasia like heaven. I am now a sexy cat like feminine animal who is really simply a pretty, smooth skinned and very naked boi in six inch pink high heels!.I meow and I pretend to scratch the air. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself and then he tells me it’s time for his prissy, sissy girl boi cat, to go to her knees and to suck her Daddy’s huge cock.Daddy has now made himself naked in his chair and I obediently drop to my knees. His huge bulbously headed cock is already hard and dripping with pre-cum. With hands dutifully behind my back, I go down on him with eagerness and excitement. I zealously make his cock completely disappear into my mouth and throat with the skill of a sword swallower. I so love the taste of his cock.Sometimes Daddy records scenes like this for our viewing pleasure. I hope this one is captured for posterity sake. He says he’s never had a prettier kitty and never one who could suck every inch of his cock!I’ve have apparently already moved Daddy to the point where he says it’s time for the next lesson of the day. He removes my cat tail and butt plug with a pop! He also removes my fluffy white cat ears from my head. I am now asked to sit onto his very hard cock while facing him on the chair.This command is the best scenario that I could hope for. As I straddle him I am already beyond excited. As I am guided down onto his cock I growl in the wondrous initial discomfort and almost immediate delight of feeling his eight thick inches sliding all the way into my willing bottom.With help from his hard up thrusts I feel his balls meet my ass. He is almost impossibly deep inside me. My willing, already quivering body is overcome and I am astounded such a feat is even possible.Now Daddy takes me by the chin, looks me in the yes and tells me to remain motionless. In the other hand he shows me a crop! Daddy seems very serious. His tone makes me very aware. Daddy tells me that I am going to feel him. I am not quite sure what he means but I can’t help but feel his thick, pulsing cock skewering me like I’m sitting on a fire hydrant! I so feel that!I am expected to stay completely in the moment he explains. I am to look directly into his eyes. I am to focus in complete. I must do everything he asks. He kisses me softly and suddenly I get a sting that startles me like none other. He has taken the cane harshly to my bottom. I am shocked, stunned and wincing from the quick, stinging pain.I gasp and cry out. I apparently had unwittingly stirred and have failed to remain motionless as he had requested of me. Daddy repeats his orders and expectations. I stare almost fearfully into his eyes.I take a deep breath. I am so roused and enthused by feeling Batıkent escort his huge cock so deep in my ass that I am completely unaware that I have been writhing atop him like a needy, naughty slut!The cane strikes me again hard and fast onto my bottom. A few seconds later I’m unconsciously humping down onto his thick wondrous cock and huge balls and I cry out again. After but another second or two I’m squealing again and then again. The striking heat of his cane has a purpose and I’m feeling both helpless and very dumb. The fifth sting has me in tears. Daddy asks if I need to hear his explanation again.“No Daddy!” I wail in desperate tones. I realize the error of my ways and look him in the eye and hold on to his powerful shoulder blades with both hands. I am tortured by the powerful overwhelming reality that I am so overtly stimulated by his huge cock filling my anus. He tempts me again, as his lips are teasingly but an inch from mine.We are face to face and I am still so inflamed that I am still struggling to focus. I want to feel raw, lustful passion yet he gently brushes his nose against mine. Then I feel his lips gently touch mine. I swoon in delight. Suddenly another thwack! I’ve slipped up again! My ass is now searing and I’m whimpering like a child.“I’m sorry Daddy” I whine to him. “Stay Still” he simply says loudly. Somehow after six incredulously awakening stings I am still struggling to be much more focused. I so fear the cane yet it is hard to stare into his eyes when his magnificent cock is so deeply embedded inside me especially when my eyes want to roll back into my head!His brown eyes are stunning piercing, yet even sympathetic. He brushes his lips against mine again and I feel a sudden wonder that makes me feel breathless. I feel my entire body pause and concentrate while I stare at and into his wondrous eyes.  Suddenly the light bulb in my mind goes bright. I realize instantly that there is no other place I would rather be. This is my perfection. Holding him, staring into his eyes, feeling his lips gently meeting mine is the moment. I am stunned by my compromised circumstance. I realize that there is no other place or moment in time where I would rather be. I’m quietly embarrassed it took me so long to figure it out!My eyes are wide open as my consciousness expands. I realize that this is exactly where I belong! Right now I am not just his, but I am home. I belong to him and I am his. This is the ideal I have always sought. I may be his servant and lover, but looking into his eyes makes me realize the perfection of more and of my place. There is such wonder in my purpose. I so feel him!This moment is beyond magical. Unfortunately my hard cock, which is sandwiched between our bellies twitches involuntarily and I fear the worst. Expecting another harsh blow to my reeling buttocks, I find that now he is compassionate. I see the kindness and I even see love in his eyes. His gentleness and affection is making me melt.I feel his spirit. In holding him I feel his breathtaking charm and power. He kisses me deeply and I realize that I am crying in joy! This is transcendent, unequalled and other worldly. I’m so happy. I so do feel him! I am so alive, so content and so soothed by his presence and my place.Daddy knows now that I fully understand this incredulous and purposeful lesson. It was far more meaningful for me. Our bond is both a love and an attraction that is so well beyond the physical. It will be days before the six welts on my bottom disappear but what I learned was worth each and every one. I thank him, grateful for a moment that changed my life and touched my soul.His kisses now are electric. I so feel his lips and his inner strength! I am so moved that I’m an emotional mess. Still I remain dutifully still and now completely focused. Never could I have imagined that simply being still and looking into a man’s eyes could allow me to feel both my own and my lover’s spirits. He is magical and to me, the most captivating man in the world.Now I feel so completely skewered by his cock that I’m lost in a quite mystical and dream like state. I wonder whether his swirling searching tongue in my mouth and his own huge cock head will meet somewhere in my throat! I am in a state of madness and it is so beyond lust!Sitting atop him is pure bliss. I am his. I am crazed and charmed like a princess in a fairy tale like dream. Never have I felt more wanted or felt more alive. This moment makes the want or need for orgasm seem almost mundane! I am astonished and moved. I will never forget what has become our first real kiss.I am now implicitly aware of my purpose and role. Being his for his pleasure pleases me to no end. I am a good girl and I am going to be a very good girl always for him. I thank him with desperate sincerity for teaching me what true intimacy is. I am so moved that I am inexplicably thinking of that four letter word. Could I possibly be falling in love?As crazy as that thought seems to me, I know that I am truly his submissive gal. He is quite the opposite – a very dominant man. Opposites do most definitely attract in my mind. This is often how our intimate dance begins. He enjoys reminding me of my place and I confess that I do love all of the reminders!Having my bottom warmed and even the marks from the cane have had a spiritual and wondrously erotic effect on me. I accept completely how he controls me and I gratefully accept my place and fate. I am hard and stimulated in lustful delight yet I am however, compliant, enthusiastically willing to please, and dutifully willing to serve him at his pleasure.

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