Crossdresser Gets Found Out Ch. 02


This story is fiction and is written for my pleasure and any comments or suggestions that anyone would like to make. Any suggestions email through the link below.

I adore the feel of leather, rubber, pvc and anything silky so it was no surprise to me that at an early age I liked the feel of certain female clothing. I am a perfectly straight male but my fantasies are very kinky.


I sit at home for hours before I hear my wife’s car drive into the driveway. I rush out to meet her but she pushes past me and walks into the living room. She shouts back that we have some talking to do.

I meekly sit down and wait for a tirade of abuse to come from her. Instead I am surprised when she asks me quietly how long have I been dressing. I explain that it has been in my mind since I was very young but that I have been actively dressing since an adult and obviously when she has been out of the house. I go on to explain that I have been trying to pluck up the courage to tell her about it and have her join in with me and create a few role-playing scenarios.

She ponders for a moment then stands up and tells me to show her all my clothes. I go upstairs and into my locked cupboard and bring out my bag. She tells me to show her the items one by one and to tell her where I bought them. I feel slightly apprehensive about this as she appears to be very calm but I imagine that she is confused under her cool exterior.

She says nothing but just sits and stares at all the underwear and pvc and leather clothing. I ask her how she’s feeling but she ignores me. After what seems like ages she asks me if I’m gay. I stutter out that I am not gay but just enjoy the feel of the silky material against my skin and that the feeling of the pvc and leather make me feel empowered and extremely sexy and horny.

She asks me that if she plays along with my fetish then what is in it for her. I tell her that I love her very much and will do whatever she wishes. At this she jumps up and goes to a drawer beside her bed. She withdraws a sheet of paper and a pen and starts writing. sex hikayeleri She then hands me the piece of paper and tells me to read it and sign it. I read it slowly, ‘I promise to do everything and anything that my wife desires without any Questions.’ I am in a state of shock but slowly sign my name at the bottom of the paper. I hand her the sheet of paper and she reads my signature.

She laughs. “That’s not a girls name. What shall we call you that is appropriate” I bow my head and say that I like the name Tanya.

“Right then, from now on when you are dressed your name will be Tanya and that is the only name you will answer to.” I nod slowly and then sign the name Tanya at the bottom of the sheet.

“Ok then. I’m going back out and I want you to be clean when I get back. You will meet me at the front door with a glass of my favourite wine.”

“Of course I will” I reply and off she goes again. After she left I sat down in shock and thought that she took the news better then I could have imagined.

She arrived back 3 hours later and I rushed to the door to greet her with her glass of wine. I saw that she was laden down with several shopping bags, which she told me to take up to the bedroom but not to look inside them. I wondered what they could contain and thought that I would probably find out soon enough.

She slowly drank her wine and I tried to imagine what she was thinking. As she finished her wine she said, “I think its time I met Tanya. Go up to the bedroom and strip off those male clothes. Lie on the bed and wait for me to arrive.” After I took my clothes off I lay on the bed shaking with both fear and excitement.

She arrived into the room and proceeded to open one of the shopping bags. She smiled at me and then said, “If you’re going to dress as a girl then you will wear girlie underwear that I choose for you.” She pulled out a shocking pink pair of frilly panties, matching bra and suspender belt. “Put those on for me now Tanya!” she said with a slight smile on her face. I immediately obeyed and clipped the suspender belt porno hikayeleri around my waist. I then pulled on the frilly panties and as they brushed against my cock, it began slowly to harden. “We’ll have to do something about that later,” she said. I struggled with the bra but eventually got it fastened. “Stand up Tanya and turn around for me.” I turned slowly and must admit I felt turned on in my new pink undies. She of course had been able to get the correct size and fit. “Now put on these white stockings and sit down.”

My cock was now straining against the pink silky panties and when I sat down the tip peeked over the waistband. “If that happens again Tanya then you will not be dressed for a whole week.” This was a new side to my wife but when she said it my cock slowly shrank. “That’s better Tanya, it doesn’t do for a girl to show off her clitty too much.” She went to another bag and brought out a pair of deep red 4 inch stillettoes with an ankle band that seemed to lock at the front with a padlock. When I pulled them on she reached down and proceeded to padlock them closed. She placed the key in her pocket. “Now Tanya, lie on the bed.” I did as I was told and she reached down to my bag of goodies and buckled my leather wristbands to my wrists and used the clips to secure me to the wrought iron headboard. Next she buckled the leather choker around my neck and pulled it tight. “Not too tight for you Tanya. Good” she smirked. “Now what have I forgotten. Oh yes, I don’t want to hear your pathetic screams.” With that she forced the blue ballgag into my mouth and securely fastened it behind my head. She stood back and admired her handiwork.

“Mmmmmm” she mused. “I know I’ve forgotten something but what is it.” I didn’t know where this was going and a shiver of fear went down my spine. “Oh yes, that’s it. The window cleaner is due to call. What will he make of my little girlie slut shackled to the bed. Let’s open the blinds and let him have a good look.” I tried to say no but all that came out was a muffled cry. “Before I go Tanya, let’s get that clitty hard seks hikayeleri again.” She rubbed my cock under the pink silk and it took no time at all to spring back into life.

She left the bedroom and I lay there not able to move or shout for her to come back and release me. I was nervous but at the same time excited at the thought of being discovered being dressed in my new shocking pink underwear, gagged and shackled to the bed. After about 30 minutes I heard the window cleaner’s ladder slam against the outside of the bedroom window. This is it I thought and closed my eyes. How am I going to react to someone seeing me dressed especially a man. My cock was now fit to burst through the thin pink silk material and my head was spinning. I could hear him climbing the ladder approaching the window. He would have a clear view of me lying helpless on the bed. I was filled with dread.

At that moment my wife reentered the bedroom and walked to the window. She waved out at the cleaner and closed the blinds. Relief overwhelmed me. “Oh no Tanya, you’re not ready to be seen by others yet. Till then you will only be seen by me and I will tell you when you’re ready to go out into the big bad world.” I sighed or would have had, had my mouth not been filled with the ballgag.

“Would Tanya like me to rub her hard clitty and make it cum.” she asked. I nodded yes. “Mmmmm I don’t think so. If you want to cum then you will have to do it yourself. Come on then, wank for me.” At this she released my hands and told me to wank in front of her. This was something that I had never down in front of her before. I slowly started to rub my cock through the silk and knew that it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. She stared at my cock and said encouraging things like, “that’s it Tanya, stroke that clitty” and “rub your clitty harder you bitch” This made me ready to blow my load and after several more strokes I exploded into my new pink panties. My head was spinning and I must admit I hadn’t had an orgasm like it for ages. Before I could recover, she had me shackled to the bed again and my cum was soaking through my panties. “You’ll have to lie in your cum soaked panties for being such a bad girl. I’ll see you later.” With that she left me alone on the bed.

Part 3 maybe follow depending on the response to part 2 and if anyone enjoys it.

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