Karolin’s First Time With A Vacuum


Karolin was a middle-aged woman in her forties. Karolin had a long, red hair, brown eyes and warm, yet somewhat shy smile. She had curves, thanks to her large breasts, wide hips, very big butt and rather thick thighs.

She had a day off and decided that her house could use some cleaning. She began with the living room. She cleaned the furniture first. Then she began vacuuming. After she cleaned some of the floor, she also cleaned the couch. Bent over the white couch, her breasts were dangling in her red bra.

She was always horny and this day was no exception. She had plenty of toys and she kept them all around her home, in case she needed them. One of the vibrator was kept near the couch. She found it while vacuuming and her fantasy began to work.

After she finished cleaning the couch, she continued vacuuming the floor. There was dust in the corners and crumbs in front of the couch from chips she ate yesterday while watching TV.

The hose was swaying against her legs and lap. That aroused her and she got an idea. She put the hose in between her legs and began grinding it. The hose rubbing against her panties felt good. Humping things was one of her favourite ways things when she was horny. Her kolej escort bayan favourite way to cum, however, was oral sex. Sadly, there was no one who could give her a mouth.

Except… She got another idea. If the vacuum could suck the floor and the couch, why not her? Her friend once told her that it made her cum like crazy several times.

She quickly finished cleaning the living room and sat on the couch. She sucked her palm with the hose. Nothing special, she thought. The most important thing was that it didn’t hurt. She continued on her forearm and elbow. Tempted to try it on other parts of her body, she sucked her hips, then her belly. It sucked rather strong there, so she lowered the speed and put the sucking ose on her butt. That felt good.

Sitting on the couch, she took of her high heels. Another thing which she liked was when someone massaged her feet and sucked on her toes. The vacuum could not massage her, although the hose vibrated sligtly, but it did a great job sucking her toes. While it was sucking them, she caressed her breasts. A first, soft moan.

She was aroused. She felt her wetness between her thighs. She tried the hose on her crotch through Escort sihhiye the dress. A slight sensation she felt, but it was not enough. She rolled up her dress. Then she sucked her thighs. Great feeling. As if someone kissed them. She was sure that she had a wet spot on her panties by that point.

Karolin, although nervous, decided that it was time to try the vacuum on the part where it counted the most. She put the hose on her wet panties, then quickly put it away. She feared that it would hurt a lot. She tried it a few more times and to her surprise, it did not. Quite the contrary, it felt sensational. Her mind went to a memory of a young toy boy she used to have. He could make her cum in her underwear with just his mouth. What she felt was similar. The vacuum sucked on her like the boy. It didn’t had a tongue, but the suction was more intense and the vacuum didn’t need to take a break for breathing.

Just like the boy, the vacuum made her cum in her panties. She moaned, her rocking up and down. Her pussy released more juices.

After a brake, she took of her dress and panties. They were soaked and it was not a good feeling. She wanted a second round, just like with sincan escort the boy. She tried the sucking machine on her breasts. She felt it sucking on her breasts even through her bra! Aroused even more, she took it off and let the vacuum suck her bare nipples. That fell really good and she moaned. She rubbed herself.

She wasn’t finished with the machine yet. She wanted to know how good would the suction feel on her bare pussy. Her clit was sensitive, so she had to be careful. Nevertheless, it was such a great feeling. She moaned with pleasure.

She grabbed the golden vibrator which she had found previously. She gave it a breast job. Her breasts were so big that the toy was almost lost in between them.

Then she vacuumed the vibrator as if it was a penis. After that, she gave it a sloppy blowjob. Finally, she put the toy inside her pussy. While she was toying herself, she put the hose on her nipples. She was moaning softly. She was not the loud type.

She felt another orgasm was coming. She continued to pleasure herself with the vibrator furiously and sucked her clitoris with the vacuum cleaner. The combination felt so good that she could not hold it any longer. With a soft cry, she came hard.

The vacuum sucked her clit dry. She pulled out the vibrator. There were stains on it from her juices. She vacuumed the toy. Then she vacuumed her breasts.

Satisfied and tired, she turned off the vacuum and laid down on the couch. She took a nap with the vibrator in between her breasts.

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