The Mirror Ch. 02: Amanda’s Fuck Toy

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Amanda was tired, it had been a long day at work, moving up and down, repositioning things on shelves and having to deal with annoying customers. She was in between jobs, frustrated at her boss and the only thought that kept her going was her boyfriend Eric back home.

Amanda smiled at his image and his voice calling her and ordering her and pleasing her… She glanced at the gigantic clock on the wall.

Once home, Amanda cursed at how much longer her boss kept her at work and now she didn’t have much time to enjoy her bath and get ready for Eric. It was a good sign he wasn’t back before her. She quickly undressed and walked into the shower. She let her brown, shoulder length hair loose and felt the hot water washing the day away.

She lathered a good amount of her favorite bath wash, which smelled of vanilla and cinnamon, all over her body and felt her senses awakened. She wished Eric was here now. She dripped some of her favorite sweet almond oil on her body and her hair and rubbed a little cocoa butter on her lips.

Amanda wrapped her towel around her and went into the bedroom, where Eric was already sitting on the bed, taking his shoes off.

“Hey, I didn’t hear you come in!” She smiled and went to sit on his lap and hug him.

Eric put his arms around her “You were indulging yourself in that shower Amanda” and took his t-shirt off.

She felt irresistible with that oiled skin and the glistening hair but that feeling didn’t reach Eric, who was as tired as he could get.

“I need a hot shower too, Amanda. And dinner afterwards; I’m beat.”

Amanda wrinkled her nose, remembering her fast walking back home in order to get deliciously ready for Eric.

“OK, go on. There’s hot water and we’re having tomato soup and homemade bread.”

Eric nodded and took off his jeans before he entered the bathroom.

Amanda wrinkled her nose again, felt a complete loss of appetite and begun searching her bottom drawer.

She exclaimed happily when she found her lilac scarf, a large washed off scarf of thin cotton. Eric had bought it for her on a day they went for a walk on the beach, saying it contrasted brilliantly with her soft brown eyes. Yeah, well they were so in love then. Now the mundane of life had taken over and she felt she had to shake things up because, damn it, she was still deeply in love with Eric.

She wrapped the scarf around her naked body and sat lazily on the bedroom’s armchair, looking in the mirror and playing Escort Bayan Esenyurt with her hair, twisting some curls and pulling it over her shoulder.

Eric showed up with his towel around his body and droplets of water on his chest.

“Hey, babe, I couldn’t find my shampoo, so I used yours. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Come over here, I wanna smell you!” Amanda teased him. Eric grinned and tilted his head towards her.

“Can’t reach you. Lower a bit…”

Eric was tall so lowering was awkward. He decided to kneel.

“That’s better…” Amanda murmured.

She opened her legs to reach the sides of the armchair and pushed herself forward. Part of the scarf moved away, half revealing her pussy to Eric’s eye level and along bringing her womanly scent mixed with her vanilla cinnamon shower gel.

Eric pressed her knees on the armchair and lowered his head between her legs.

“Mmm not before dinner!” She gently pulled his hair up.

“On second thought, get up Eric.”

He did. She gently pushed him on the sheets.

“Suppose…” She started and bit her lip “…you were my personal toy, my own obedient fuck toy? Just for the night?”

Eric was turned on immediately, but the idea of giving up control was new to him. Yet her eyes were looking blazingly into his and it had been a long time since he had felt true passion in their sex life, maybe he had forgotten how sexy Amanda could be and was when he had first met her.

He grinned and grabbed her scarf to unrobe her. “No, baby. You just follow orders, you’re here to please me.” Amanda drew closer to his ear, licked it and whispered, “That’s the definition of a fuck toy!”

She unwrapped the scarf slowly and folded his hands with it. “It’s only symbolic,” she whispered and tied the loose ends to the bed. Eric saw her desire and felt his cock twitching. He could make this sensual woman want him, crave him, stage him, fuck him.

As she crawled on his body, she pointed to the mirror and said in a hoarse voice, “Look at us.” This made Eric get harder. He let out a moan he wasn’t prepared to let out. It was a sign that Amanda had won the seduction game.

She crawled and parted his legs, pushing them with both her hands and looked at him, smiling at the gasp he didn’t show, but she felt deep down. Her tongue touched his balls, circling them, leaving wet traces but never overlapping the same spots. Eric moved his hips but her hands Escort Bayan Avcılar steadied him. She looked at him again, whispering, “Do you wanna see how wet you’ve made me?” and without waiting for his answer she got slightly up and straddled one of his strong thighs, rubbing her wet pussy on it, slowly, while pushing it on his hard muscles. Yes, he saw how wet she was.

She slid back on his legs and put her head between his legs. She took in her mouth as much of his rock hard cock as she could, her hands on his hips, pressing them as she tried to take him. Eric felt so good, he closed his eyes at the first contact with her warm mouth. It wasn’t something Amanda treated him with frequently. She moved her head up down a couple of times, having Eric moan louder.

The warm feeling suddenly left Eric’s cock since Amanda let him all alone, hard and swollen, dripping pre cum and moved towards him. Before he could protest, she put her finger on his mouth and whispered in her lowest voice, “Don’t talk my precious fuck toy” and licked his lips with the tip of her tongue. Eric felt her tight pussy pressing on him and instinctively thrust harder to enter her. She let a small cry from the sudden stretching and tilted her body on his, her full breasts touching his chest, as she went up and down slowly.

They both lost their words and they both lost their breaths. Amanda moved slowly on his cock and took a glimpse on the mirror “Look at us, baby.” Eric wanted to grab her ass and push her hard on his cock but restrained; he wanted to play her game. But he could talk. He paused the small movement and asked her in his manly voice, “What do you want now? Tell me.”

Amanda brushed her nipples on him, circling his own and answered, “I want to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before Eric. Do you hear me?”

She rode him slowly and painfully deep for some moments and then took him out of her. She turned her back to him and lowered herself on his cock but leaned forward and opened her ass a little. She turned her head to look at him and said, “Just take a small taste” while taking him in her ass. The oil she had used after her shower made it easier for Eric to slide in, not without difficulty.

He couldn’t believe his luck; he had been begging her to let him take her ass and had only succeeded once. Now he was thrusting inside her, opening her and hearing her cries that made his cock grow bigger, if that was ever possible.

She Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü grabbed his legs in pain but instead of asking him to stop she said, “Take my ass baby, Eric, take my ass, fuck it like you fuck my pussy…”

Eric didn’t need anything more to start taking her as she rocked her hips on him. God, he had to fight the feeling to come, it was too good, way too good.

Amanda felt him throbbing and let him slip out.

She got up, swaying her incredibly sexy ass and brought the wine bottle, Eric was about to open for dinner. She took a big sip in her mouth and lowering her face on him, on his cock, let the wine slowly drip on him. When it was covered with the red fluid, she opened her legs and took him inside her once more. They both let a cry, as the stiffness of the wine covered her walls, his shaft and added an unbearable warmth when they moved.

“Take me Eric, take me like only you can… Please, I need you to fuck me now…” and she pulled the ends of the scarf to untie his hands.

Eric turned her over, back down at once, with one move and entered her, all at once. “Big mistake to let your fuck toy free, baby” he managed to say between breaths and started fucking her steadily but hard and fast. Like a broken fuck toy, like non-caring and like not listening to her moans. But he could sense that was what she’s been wanting all along.

He had her underneath him and for once he didn’t control the depth or the time or even the hurting of their fucking. Eric was giving her the absolute abandoned fuck and he felt her orgasm building so fast, she had nothing to do with it, no control over it and no option to quit even if she wanted.

He heard his name among her cries and felt her before she would murmur what sounded like ‘I’m cumming’ and then he let go, not that he too, could have stopped or prolonged it even if he wanted. He came into her, the same time with her, just like she had asked him a thousand times in the past but had never really happened.

Eric was so lost that it took him some moments before his mind registered that it was Amanda lying there.

She was looking into his eyes, trying to connect the man that took her so wildly with the guy that had licked her or kissed her or held her. Her Eric. She glanced at the mirror to see him still over her body, his hands strong and still tense on either side and his head between his shoulder blades, down, eyes closed.

When he finally got off her and laid beside her, Amanda stated bluntly, “If that’s what a fuck toy does, then by all means, I wanna play with you every fucking day.”


This one goes out to the one who inspired Eric, but is way sexier! I’m not yet as good as a writer to describe him! Hi and Thanks!

An added thank you note to my valuable editor!

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