The Intern Ch. 03

Big Tits

Average morning routine, Jay is simply sitting down at his kitchen table, having a cup of simple milk. He hears a horn outside of his apartment. He opens his front door, to see a gray car. Rolling the window down, he sees John.

“Get in!” he yells from the car. Jay quickly gathers his things, and locks up his apartment. He then jumps into the car.

“You didn’t have to do this!” Jay gaily says.

“I wanted to!” he says back, driving in the direction of the school.

“Well, thank you. So how was your morning?”

“It was pretty good. And yours?”

“Mine was great.” John replies. The rest of the ride is quiet.

“You just sit around for awhile; I don’t have much work for you today.” John says, fixing his collar as they enter the classroom. Jay nods, and fixes his hair a bit before he sits down at John’s desk. The day seems to go by slower, much slower than the day they kissed. Every single day after work that week, they went to each other’s houses, simply to hang out and kiss a little. ~

“Ah, Friday’s finally over!” John loudly sighs, plopping himself into the passenger’s seat of Jay’s car. “Tell me about it! I’m wiped.” Jay says, turning the car on and getting on the road.

“So, you want to hang out tonight?” John questions. Jay nods.

“What do you want to do?” Jay asks, “What do you have in mind?”

“I want to treat you…” John says, turning to Jay, “to dinner.”

“Are you sure we’re not going too fast?” Jay says, laughing.

“I’m sure. Drop me off at my house; I’ll eskişehir escort come get you at six.” John replies. Jay nods. A few hours pass, and they go to the restaurant.

“So…tell me more about you, John.” Jay says, sipping a glass of iced tea.

“Well, I like many things. Video games, reading, teaching, learning…but you already knew all that stuff, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did.” Jay nods.

“Well, we already know the basic lives of one another…what about your family life?” John asks, as a waitress brings over a small bowl of bread rolls.

“It’s not too bad. I live alone now, as you know. It’s comfy, but sometimes I do miss my family. It does get lonely.” John looks over to Jay and stares into his eyes with a concerned look.

“It happens. Trust me, I know. It’s hard living on your own, especially at your age. I went through it too. Jay nods, with a feeling of despair absorbing his mood.

“…Anyways! How about we order our meals? I completely forgot how hungry I was.” John says, opening a menu and looking into Jay’s deep blue eyes. Suddenly, Jay is hit by a wave of emotions, with the impact of a large truck. Shaking his head, he tells John he needs to use the bathroom. Going into a stall, he slides down the back of the door, and starts crying silently.

“I’m so confused…why me? Why has this happened so suddenly? Why did all of this come out of nowhere? What if he’s just leading me on? He acted similar in high school. What the escort eskişehir Hell is going on?” Jay wipes his nose, and hears the bathroom door creak open. Jay stumbles to his feet.

“Jay?” he hears John ask. John sees Jay’s feet at the bottom of the stall.

“You okay in there?” he asks as he goes up to the door. An indistinct “Mhm” is heard. Jay then emerges from the stall, his red eyes covered by his glasses.

“What happened?” John asks concerned.

“Just that. You never seemed to care about me this way before. And all of a sudden, you do? It makes no sense. And what’s so special about me anyway?” Jay says, facing the wall.

“It’s because it’s been so long, and I never realized how strong my feelings were for you…and I always knew you felt the same. So I couldn’t let you slip away, realizing this was my last chance. My ways are changing around you is because I care for you so much. And what’s so special about you IS you. I don’t have any other answer for you. You are who I want, and slowly becoming who I need in my life, Jay.” John then hugs Jay softly from behind.

“You always know your hugs cheer me up, John…” Jay says, with tears falling down his cheeks. He turns around and buries himself in John’s soft chest.

“These feelings…” Jay says, looking his dried tears on John’s shirt. “These six year feelings aren’t going to go away, for either of us…are they?” Jay looks into John’s emerald eyes.

“No…they aren’t.” John pauses. eskişehir escort bayan He then sticks his arm out, and offers Jay’s arm. He grabs his arm, and they go back to their table. A few hours later, they head back to John’s apartment. They simply sit in ambient silence for a few hours, with the occasional chuckle or comment. Cuddling with John more, he looks at the clock. It reads 12:30am.

“Woah, when’d it get so late?”

“I didn’t even notice.” John says, getting more comfortable.

“Maybe I should go.” Jay says, fidgeting. John holds his arm down on Jay.

“Nonsense…would you like to stay the night?”

“I don’t want to be a burden…would you be okay with it?”

“Heh, you and your shy, naïve ways…of course I would.” John gets up, and comes back with a pair of clothes for Jay to wear. He also changes himself. Turning off the lights, the couple then watches the television, cuddling in the darkness.

Another hour passes, and they both decide to go to bed. Gesturing Jay to the bedroom, they quickly get under the covers. John then pulls Jay over, and holds their bodies close. Jay feels John’s burning, bare chest on his white cotton shirt. Jay puts his hands over the others, brushing them side to side. He then pulls his hand back onto John’s leg, feeling the hairs as they stand up abruptly. John then pushes his leg under Jay’s, keeping Jay’s leg propped up. He then slips his hand under Jay’s shirt, feeling his lean muscles, his body burning hotter and hotter. John can hear Jay’s breathing get faster.

“Not tonight, my love. Sensuality is all you’re getting tonight.” John whispers playfully in Jay’s ear. He then slowly kisses his neck a few times, and fully rests his head on the pillow he’s on, quickly falling asleep. Jay simply smiles and enjoys the way John’s holding him. He then quickly falls asleep, similar to his partner.

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