The Queen of Clubs Pt. 02


Hey everyone! Here’s a part 2 of a new story I have for you. It’s an idea I got while watching porn, haha. I hope you enjoy. All characters involved in sex are above the age of 18. It’s a little bit violent at the beginning. It’s about a drug cartel so you can imagine what’ll happen. My story is protected under copyright law so please don’t try to copy and paste it to some other site. Other than that, please let me know what you think.

It’s been hours since they tied me face down to Raquel’s bed completely naked. How could I be so clumsy? I covered my tracks. I did everything right. However, none of that matters. The look on Raquel’s face nearly tore me apart. I felt her pain. It was like a dagger in the heart. And when she heard the truth. When she realized Sarah was my sister. I felt her heart shatter.

“I’m not going to lie and say I don’t understand why you did it,” Raquel says as she walks in. “If I’m being honest, I would’ve done the same thing.”

I hear the clang of her heels as she walks in my line of sight. She’s changed her outfit. Thigh-high leather boots with fishnet stockings, a black thong, and a black jacket. “I loved Sarah. I loved her more than anything in this world. I didn’t even know what love was before she came along.”

She brings her nails down my back. “But you lied to me. I… I trusted you and you lied.”

She brings a flogger down hard on my back, creating a sharp pain that tingles the skin. I take it. Every bit of it. I deserve it. She does it again and again. She does it 7 more times. “That’s for lying. Never lie to me again.”

She takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry. My sister wanted you dead. After I saw the evidence, I wanted you dead too. But then I heard your reasons and my heart broke.”

She sits down on the bed next to me, tears fall like streams down a mountain. “You have no idea how many nights I spent thinking of what I was going to do to the people who murdered Sarah when I got my hands on them. I was ready to bring hell down upon this city. If my sisters didn’t stop me, I would have.”

She looks down at me and gently touches the spot on my back where she whipped me with the flogger. “Sarah was everything to me. She taught me how to love. I’d do anything to spend one more day with her.”

She swallows down the pain. “I want the truth. Everything. I want to know how both of you grew up. I want to know what was her favorite food. I want to know about her love life. The rest of your family. I want to know everything. Including your past and then you will tell me what you know about her murder.”

I take a deep breath and release it. “Most of what I told you was the truth. Sarah and I were twins. We had 3 brothers and two sisters. Joel was older, Brock and Eddy were younger. Christina was older and Kelsey was younger. Kelse was the baby of the family. She was also always getting into trouble. She got into drugs, like most kids her age, she tried a new drug. It killed her. Me and Sarah were out of college at the time. She was working for local law enforcement for a big city, the narcotics division. I was in the military at that time and had just finished my first tour. Then I tried out for the Navy Seals. I went black ops before I heard that Kelse died.”

“I took a leave from the military, while I was home the family got into a huge fight over it. Sarah and our parents didn’t talk after that.”

“What was the fight about?” she asks.

“Sarah and Kelse were really close. Christina was the older one. By the time Kelse was in high school, Christina already had a job and was off starting a family. So Sarah was all that Kelse had. She was Sarah’s shadow. Kelse looked up to Sarah. But as I said before, Kelse kind of slipped down the wrong xslot path. Of course, what 18-year-old doesn’t? She partied a little too much, experimented with drugs. She was just a senior in high school doing stupid shit with the rest of the kids those days,but she got one too many possession charges and my parents were ready to throw her out.”

“Luckily she managed to graduate and she left on her own. At the funeral, dad said something stupid about Kelsey’s less than perfect history and Sarah lost it. I can’t blame her. She was the closest to Kelse. Losing her changed Sarah. She became obsessed with getting the drug she overdosed off the streets.”

Raquel broke down, no longer able to take all the pain. “Everything she told me was the truth. After I found out she was DEA, I questioned everything. I didn’t know what was a lie and what was the truth. I remember the night she told me about the death of her sister. I found her crying. She had just gotten off the phone with her family. At that time she was living with us. I asked her what brought tears to her eyes. She said she was talking to her brother. That must’ve been you. You were the brother that fought in the military. She told me about you. That night she fell apart and told me everything. The death of her sister and the fight with her father. I held her through the tears. I wanted more than anything to take the pain away.”

A tear escapes my eye as I remember all the times we talked on the phone. What did we talk about? Was it the recent fight she had with dad? The investigation? Or was it about Raquel? “She told me about you.”

Raquel looks up after she wipes her eyes. “She… She did?”

“Yes. She’d talk about you all the time. About this woman who was trans. She told me about the way you made her feel. The surprise candlelit dinners. Skinny dipping in the middle of the night. How you both met at your club. You spent the entire night dancing after you had such an intimate conversation.”

“She told you about all of that?” she asks, surprised.

“Of course, we were twins, we talked about everything. We even had our own form of cryptic communication. She said you made her happy. And you know what?”

She looks up at me. “I told her that she was getting too close. I told her she was getting in too deep. I said that her heart will get her killed.”

Raquel buries her face in her hands. “If only she would’ve listened.”

“There’s no talking Sarah out of anything. She would’ve done whatever she wanted. Trust me, when she sets her mind to something, there’s no changing it.”

Raquel laughs. “Isn’t that the truth.”

“Tell me what you know of her murder,” she says.

“The one thing I know for sure is that it wasn’t you,” I say.

“I could’ve told you that. I would’ve never hurt her. I don’t care if she was DEA,” she says.

“That means, you’re the only person I can trust about this. By the way, she was DEA, but she left the DEA because they wouldn’t put her on the case. She went rogue, just like I have. Of course, I was honorably discharged from the military so it’s not exactly the same,” I explain.

“You mean she wasn’t working with the DEA while she was with us?” she asks.

“No, she was on her own,” I say.

“And you’re not working with any of the US agencies?” she asks.

“No, not right now. I’m out here on my own,” I say.

“Why should I believe you?” she asks.

“I haven’t lied to you yet. Besides, why should I burn the only bridge I have?” I ask.

“What about the photos of you with the US agent?” she asks.

“Just because I’m out here on my own doesn’t mean I don’t have connections,” I say.

“Fair enough,” she says. “So what makes xslot Giriş you so certain it wasn’t me?”

“I spoke with her just before she disappeared. She said you were in Punta Maroma. And I later confirmed that,” I say.

“You spoke with her before she disappeared? What else did she say?” Raquel asks, her eyes widen.

“She said she found a lead on the drug that our sister overdosed on. She was going to follow it. I told her to be careful. I told her she should really think this through. There was no stopping her,” I say.

“Drug? What was this Drug? Even though Sarah mentioned her sister overdosed, she never mentioned the drug,” Raquel says.

“It’s unlike anything else in the market. A hallucinogen that’s vastly different from acid or mushrooms. I’m not all that educated about the chemical composition of the drug or its specific effects on the body, but I know she found who was producing it down here. We figure that out, we know who killed her,” I say.

“Then we will stop at nothing to solve this problem and when I get my hands on the people who took Sarah away from me, they will wish they could die and go to hell,” she says.

“So that means… You’ll help me?” I ask.

“No, my dear. You will be the one helping me. You’re still my slave. I wish you would’ve just come clean to me from day one. We could’ve avoided all of this,” she says, resting her hand on my back.

“I couldn’t be sure if I could trust you until I got to know you,” I say.

“I understand. I just don’t trust you, Jonathan. Or Adam. Whatever your name is. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” she says.

“So I take it you won’t be untying me any time soon?” I ask.

“I’m afraid not. Besides, my sisters would be suspicious,” she says. “For now, let’s keep everything between the two of us and maintain the appearance of distrust.”

“Do you honestly think it could’ve been one of your sisters?” I ask.

“I hope not. I can safely count Rosa out of it. She adored Sarah and she couldn’t hurt a fly. But Nina will always do what’s best for the Cartel and Kamilla will always do what’s best for Kamilla,” she says. “Besides, it’d be a lie to say I don’t get all hot and bothered seeing you so helpless and vulnerable to my desires.”

“Uuhh, Raquel?” I look back at her as she licks her lips. A hungry thirst lingers in her eyes as a devilish grin curves upon her lips. Her hand slides down my back and on my bum. “I uhhh. Let’s talk about this.”

“I meant when I said you’re my slave. I’m going to enjoy this very much. I can honestly say I hope you do too. Our relationship is going to be a bit different from now on. But don’t worry, as long as you continue to be honest with me, I’ll make sure no real harm comes to you. But you’ll definitely have to earn my trust back.”

She stands up and pulls aside her thong to free her hardening cock. I take a big swallow. “Raquel? You’re going to use lube, right?”

“Hush, my love,” she says as she grabs a ball gag and shoves it in my mouth, strapping it tightly to the back of my head. “You’ll talk when I allow it. And of course. You earned it after telling me the truth. Was it so hard to be honest with me?”

I hear the squirt of a bottle as a cold liquid pools in the crack of my ass. A sense of relief lets out of my lungs. She straddles my thighs as her hands massage my buttocks. She gives me a hard spanking on each cheek before I feel the tip of her cock between them. When the head of her cock meets the entrance to my ass, she forces it inside me. “I can’t lie, I’ve had so many fantasies of having you all tied up like this and all the things I’d do to you. But I was just so afraid of losing you to ever try them xslot Güncel Giriş out. Now you’re all mine and I’m going to fulfill every single one of my fantasies with my new slave.”

She slowly starts to push deeper inside me as I dig my teeth into the ball gag. Her cock grows even harder as it spreads me wide open. Her hand drifts up my back and grips the back of my neck as she opens my ass up by rolling her hips. “Don’t worry, my love. I’m not going to torture you. It may come as a bit of a surprise, but I don’t actually enjoy inflicting pain on those I desire. Okay, maybe just a little. What really makes my cock hard is humiliation and degradation. I love the look on my slave’s face when I prance them around the club in a leash hooked to their collar all naked with their hands bound behind their back and a gag in their mouth. I love making them suck my cock in front of everyone. Or pounding their ass with an audience. I even enjoy having my slaves suck off others, but don’t fear, no one else will get your ass. That will always be mine.”

She takes slow long thrusts into my ass, really taking the time to spread my ass open. “Sarah was a total slut when it came to all of that. She loved every second being tied up and fucked. She was such a whore when it came to humiliation. We were so perfect for each other. She had no limits. Her submissiveness perfectly matched my dominance. She loved every second being my pet. She was always so eager to please me. Of course, I could never share her with anyone. I kept her all for myself. That doesn’t mean I didn’t show her off. She loved it when I made her suck me off in the club or had her bounce on my cock.”

I grit my teeth at the thought of Sarah being degraded like that. I strain against my bindings. “Oh don’t get mad. I never did anything she didn’t consent to. Sarah loved every second of it. Did she not tell you about her kinky side? She’d beg me to tie her up. She wanted it. Oh fuck, I miss her.’

She starts to pick up the pace, really thrusting into me. By now the initial pain is all but gone, but even so, as she starts to let loose, it’s more than a little uncomfortable. “I can help but obsess over the thought of what would’ve happened if she was still alive. What would’ve happened if she found what she was looking for? I can’t help but wonder if she would’ve stayed. Was I enough for her?”

Her thrusts become faster, harder, and more erratic as she digs her nails into my skin. “She loved me, didn’t she? We talked about leaving Mexico. We talked about exploring the world together, just the two of us. The last time we spoke, she talked about starting a family with me. Was that what she wanted? Or were those just words to keep me amused.”

Did she not know? “Even now the thoughts of what could’ve been will never stop haunting me.”

I can feel the tears drop upon my back as she loses all control, hammering that cock inside me. The pleasure is intense. Everything else fades away. Everything but the overwhelming pleasure of her cock inside me. Sweat drips from my brow as my cock strains against the bed. Every joint aches as the sound of the bed creaking mixed with the clapping of our skin echoes through the room. “Oh fuck!”

She hilts herself inside me just as heat pours through me like molten lava. Her cock erupts inside me just as mine paints the sheets with my sticky white jizz. I moan out as my ass gets filled with her sizzling hot milk. She collapses on top of me, wrapping her arms underneath me as she buries her face in the nape of my neck. “I loved her so much. I’d do anything to have her back. But she’s gone…”

She breaks down and sobs. I can’t help but feel the pain of her cries. I miss Sarah more than anything. She was the other half of my soul. “You’re all that I have left of her. I will never let you go.”

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it, please give it your honest rating. Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section below. Check out my profile for more stories.

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