The Forest Ch. 03


My friendship with William was growing rapidly. We ended up spending all our time together exploring the forest and him teaching me everything he knows. I gave back by tutoring him Maths. This proved more difficult than it seems. He was really slow with numbers and at times I felt like strangling him with his own belt. Though I have to give myself some credit, as he started doing better and got his grades up.

We were on our way out again one Saturday morning, when he asked me the most random question ever.

“Dude, have you ever had sex before?” He asked while holding the nearest branch on the big elm tree next to him so I can pass.

“What…?” I asked amused and could feel myself going three shades of pink darker.

“Sex man! Sex!” He jokingly nudged me again.

“Er… No, I haven’t. Why do you ask?” I shyly answered as I pushed past some thick growing ferns.

“Mmmmm. No reason in particular. You just seemed like the type of guy that must have gotten a lot of tail back in LA.” He replied as he pointed the way past some overgrown trees.

We were on our way to some new part of the forest today. He was going on the whole week about how I have to see this place. He never tells me straight forward. Everything is always a secret.

“Nah., I Guess I’m not that guy. There have been some close calls, but nothing past kissing and some feeling up.” I replied back as I tried to remove some dried up leaves from my pants.

The Forest was really getting cold lately. Winter was well on its way and according to William, it snows in these parts. Something I really want to see as I have never experienced snow before.

“Well I had The sex loads of times.” He jokingly said while, making his voice sound dumb.

We both stopped. We filled the forest with the sound of laughter as we both cracked up at our state of us being virgins. I haven’t had a good laugh in a while and was tearing up from his joke. His laugh was making it even harder to stop laughing. It was deep but at the same time funny. We finally settled down and composed ourselves. I sat down on the tree’s roots behind me. We were walking for about an hour already and I was getting tired.

“Yeah, lets rest for a while.” He said while staring at me sitting down, but walked towards the side of the tree I’m sitting against.

He pulled the front part of his track suit down and pulled out his dick. Even soft it looked about five inches long with a thick foreskin. I could see he didn’t like to trim his pubes as the bush it was showing was impressive. A thick stream of clear pee started streaming against the tree.

“What the hell man!? I’m sitting here!” I quickly exclaimed and got up away from him.

He started laughing while looking down at his pee running down the tree.

“Just marking our territory, you know. Besides, at least now we won’t get lost.” He laughed at his own joke.

It made me a bit uncomfortable looking at him doing his business against a tree, so I moved my gaze to the surrounding trees and bushes. The forest was really thick with a sense of gloom growing about. Some parts were very dark, while others lid up nicely from the sun. We were on our way to the left side of a large mountain facing the town. As we got closer to the side of the mountain, the forest really started getting thicker and thicker.

“What the hell man? Where are you taking me?” I asked as a second low hanging tree branch scratched me on the neck.

“Don’t worry. We are almost there. We just have to make it through this last section and it will start clearing up.” He replied as he struggled with his own braches attacking him.

I was getting really sweaty from the hard work the climbing was doing to my body. Even though I try to gym and stay healthy, this was another deal. William stopped all of a sudden over the large boulder he was climbing. I thought he was slipping as it was completely covered in moss.

“Finally!” He yelled out loud and turned around to pulled me up next to him.

The sight was amazing. The ground opened up to view an extremely old rail road leading towards a huge gaping hole in the side of the mountain. There was old machinery and wooden logs lying everywhere. This clearly was some old copper mine or something from over a hundred years ago.

“Oh geez!” I said loudly as I took everything in.

I couldn’t believe all of this was still here. Everything was covered in moss and there were ferns growing everywhere on the side of the cliff-like-mountain.

“Come. I need to show you where the hot spring’s water is aksaray escort coming from. It took me forever to find the place.” He said and half pulled me down to the ground level.

I landed on the ground with a small thud. The ground felt soft with all the moss growing everywhere. I looked up at the sky and could just barely see some sunlight shining through. The face of the mountain was creating a huge shadow over this part of this the forest. There was a small chill in the air, but as we got closer to the mouth of the cave, you could feel warmer moist air blowing out.

“Fuck!” I yelled out loud as I tripped over the wooden log on the floor.

I wasn’t looking where I was going and my gaze was fixed towards the sky and the impressive sight of the mountain. William grabbed my hand to help me balance as I fell, but he held on to my hand as he tried to help me up.

“Watch where you going bud!” He said as I got back to my feet by pulling myself up with his support.

He held my hand the whole time as I got up and when I was back to my feet our hands were still making contact. I immediately felt a weird flutter in my stomach. He slowly pulled his hand away from mine and looked back towards the entrance of the cave. I wiped my pants clean from the soft mud sticking to it. I didn’t know why, but him holding my hand was giving me an emotion I didn’t know I had.

“When we get inside the cave, you will have to make sure of your footing. You can get hurt pretty bad if you don’t watch where you go clumsy.” He jokingly nudged me again.

I went pink, but slightly pushed him back.

“Just worry about yourself. I can handle some uneven walk space.” I laughed as we got closer to the entrance.

I sudden wave of hot air blow over me. It was like a wave of steamy air with high humidity. I instantly felt my face get wet from the air.

“Whoah! That’s intense!” I called out over the echo of my voice bouncing off the high walls.

“Whooooooo!!!” William yelled out loud causing his voice to ring in my ears.

The ceiling of the cave reached over a hundred-foot-high and you could see stalactites hanging over. Each dripping with a soft drop to the ground. The rail road went in deeper into the cave and became complete immersed in pitch black darkness. Only the entrance to the cave was illuminated by the light from outside.

“Ok, come with me.” William said and moved to his left.

We were walking towards another small opening in the left side wall of the cave. I could hear the sound of water as we got closer. William crouched down to his knees and ducked under the small hole. I followed him and realized how wet the floor of the cave felt. The hole was more of a small little tunnel that leads between two chambers. As I got to the end of the tunnel, William was waiting for me and held his hand out again to help me up.

I couldn’t believe it! There was a huge cavern that opened up in a dome like shape ceiling. In the middle was a clear pool with steam rising from it. There was light coming from inside the water. It seemed like the pool opens up in two flowing currents down inside the mountain. There had to be some sort of volcanic activity inside the mountain to heat the water up.

William was busy taking his shirt off when I looked over at him. He tossed his shirt on the ledge of the pool and proceeded to remove his pants. He pushed both his hands underneath his pants and pulled both his underwear and punts down to his feet. I couldn’t help but stare at him. He had a muscular butt with no hair on it. Due to Cliffdell getting almost no sun, he was rather pale as compared to my golden tanned skin. He removed his shoes and pulled his pants off from his feet. He was completely naked and turned towards me. I snap out of the trance I was in and realized I was staring at him.

“Dude! You just going to stare at my naked ass the whole time or are you going to join in?” He asked while staring at me with a smirk on his face.

I quickly took the bottom part of my shirt and pulled it over me. My thoughts were racing. Was I going to follow him and get completely naked as well? Last time we swam I was walking back home with wet underwear and it didn’t do my thighs any favours. I decided I’d rather just bear with it and completely took all my clothes off.

We were both standing naked now next to this steaming clear pool. He bent down to feel the water and I saw his low hanging balls drop down between his legs. I don’t know why I kept staring at him. I felt a sudden stir at my groin and knew I was going to get escort erect, so I quickly arched myself forward and jumped into the water. I wasn’t too sure as to why I would get erect, as I have never had these feelings for a guy before.

The feeling was pure bliss over my body. Imagine getting into a warm bath water after a hard day. I could feel all my muscles relax in the water. I quickly came back up again to grab some needed air. William was staring at me with a shocked looked on his face.

“Shit man! Last time I was here the water was boiling hot! I just bend down now to feel the temperature and to make sure we can swim in it.” He exclaimed with a look of horror on his face.

“What the fuck?! Some warning in the future would be nice!” I yelled back at him while kicking my feet to stay afloat.

He reared his legs and jumped in next to me. I quickly swam to where his body just entered into the water and grabbed onto his upper torso to keep him under. He started kicking back and tried to remove my hands from him so he could get back up for air. A searing pain shot through my body as he grabbed onto my nuts. I quickly let go off him and he breached the water with a huge gulp for air.

“Aaah!” I yelled in pain as he didn’t let go.

“That’s for trying to drown me you bastard!” He replied and increased his grip.

“You could have killed me by letting me boil alive you bitch!” I spoke through clenched teeth in pain.

He released his grip a bit, but didn’t pull his hands away. He had a smirk on his face again.

“I’m sorry…Did I hurt them?” He asked in a mockingly sooth voice.

I splashed him with water in his face and we both started wrestling each other in the water, trying to subdue each other. He grabbed onto my arm and pulled me down as I tried to grab onto his shoulder. I didn’t close my eyes and I could see everything in the water. The rock face on the inside of the pool was unnaturally smooth. It goes down deep inside the mountain, but I could see two holes where the water flows in and out again in the pool. My eyes moved towards William and I could easily see every part of his body. His dick was flopping around in the water and for a second I was contemplating getting him back for sucker grabbing my balls.

I broke through the water again to grab a fistful of fresh air. He was smiling at me again.

“Race you to the other side!” He quickly said and fell into a breast stroke to reach the far left side of the pool.

I was quick on his heels and swam past him. I had been swimming for my old school for well over four years and I was good.

“No fair! You cheated!” He said while holding on to the side of the pool to catch his breath when he reached a few seconds behind me.

“Ha! You might know the waters here, but I know water in general.” I replied while wiping my face clean from droplets.

I couldn’t see, but when I finally opened my eyes again after wiping it, he was right in front of me. He was staring deeply at me with his crystal blue eyes. I must have had a confused look on my face as I wasn’t sure what he was doing. He came closer to me. I could feel my stomach making a turn inside me. I knew what he was going to do. I think deep down I wanted it as well. He was getting closer and closer. I kept my eyes on him the whole time and he didn’t blink once. I felt his breath on my lips as he leaned in to place his on mine. It was like an electric shock as or lips made contact. I felt it run through my entire body and made my back muscles tense up.

His lips were softer than I would have imagined. We didn’t kiss hard, but rather soft and passionate. I was just about to open my mouth to let his tongue inside me, when he slowly pulled away.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to kiss you.” He slowly apologised and began moving away.

I grabbed him by his arm and pulled him back towards me. He had a shocked expression on his face.

“Don’t be. I liked kissing you.” I replied back at him while looking him dead in the eyes.

It was like an explosion of fury. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me in for a deep kiss. I immediately opened so his tongue could find mine. I have never had this feeling before in my life. The lust and desire was burning inside me like a roaring fire. I placed my one hand on his hip and the other around his back to help support myself above the water level. I Felt him do the same, but his right hand was getting closer to my growing dick. He moved his hand closer and closer to my member and I could feel my heart beat faster.

He kağıthane escort slowly wrapped his hand around my dick and I let out an audible moan with him kissing me deeply. The feeling of someone else’s hand around my dick was a first for me. I could feel every beat my heart was beating as if it was just behind my ears. I moved my hand slowly towards his chest. He felt warm even in the water. I could feel his muscles tense at my touch. He grabbed my hand and pulled it down toward his hard dick.

My eyes opened as I felt it. I couldn’t believe it was so big. The first dick, other than mine, I ever touched was almost twice my size as the realization hit me. He kept on kissing me while guiding my hand to jerk him. I took complete control and moved my hand faster. It was another new feeling for me, jerking a dick with a foreskin. I really liked how easy it felt to just move the skin up and down. For a moment I envied him, but my thoughts quickly changed as he started pressing harder down on my dick. I could feel my seed building up for a huge release.

We stopped kissing each other as we both started really moaning and enjoying each other’s hands. He looked deeply into my eyes again and I felt my head spin. I was about to shoot.

“I’m close…Wai…” But I couldn’t get any more words out.

I shot one of the biggest loads I’ve ever had into the water. My entire body was tensed up and I could feel a tendon spasm in my leg, but I couldn’t stop. He pulled his head back and started shaking. I could feel his dick getting bigger and harder. The first shot came out of him like a bullet in the water and I felt it hit my stomach.

“Don’t stop…” He almost begged as I tried to increase my rhythm.

He blew the rest of his load into the water and I could see every drop being shot out.

As the last drops left him, he quickly grabbed onto my hand.

“Slow down, or it will come off completely.” He grinned at me with his cocky smile.

“I can’t believe I just jerked a guy off.” I said in disbelief and felt shame wash over me.

He looked at me with a strange expression on his face, but turned his head away from me. Did I say something wrong I thought to myself? He swam to the other side of the pool.

“I didn’t mean it like in a bad way or anything…” I tried to call after him and felt my voice drain away.

He just smiled at me again. What was wrong with me? I felt shame at what we’ve just done, but at the same time, it was one of the most exhilarating and intense moments of my life. I swam over to him to get closer. He just stared at me the whole time as if trying to decide what to do.

“Listen… I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I don’t consider myself gay, nor have I ever thought about a guy in that way before.” I said while making full eye contact with him, but trying to find the right words to say.

His eyes were piercing dark blue, but soft. He smiled and touched my hand in the water.

“You really are a cute guy. I didn’t mean for everything to happen like this. From the day I saw you, I had a feeling inside myself. Like a fire from a match that kept burning closer and closer to me.” He said while running his fingers over mine.

“I really hope this won’t change our friendship between us.” I said while taking his hand completely in mine.

“Only if we let it… Cheater!” He yelled the last part out and swam towards the other side of the pool again as fast as he could.

I smiled and gave chase, knowing he stood no chance.

By the time we were completely exhausted and ready to get out, a whole two hours must have gone past. I was sitting next to the pool and letting some of the air dry me before I put my clothes back on, when he spoke.

“I think there is about four hours of daylight left. We will have to get dry quick so we can get going. Don’t want our parents worrying.” He said and we both laughed.

We got dressed, but I could feel him stealing glances at me at times. I didn’t mind it, as I was doing exactly the same. He had a really nice body that was well defined with little body hair. Five minutes later we were out of the cavern and into the main cave system.

“I would love to come here again some time, but next time we have bring some torches and candles or something. I’d really like to go and explore the cave further deep down.” I said as I looked around the massive cave and high ceiling.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve actually never been deeper than the entrance.” He replied while looking around.

We reached the entrance and both of us stopped dead at the same time. We didn’t say anything, for we knew we were in deep shit. A very thick fog was hanging over the trees and creeping into the cave like a slow-moving liquid. We just turned to each other with looks of horror.

Part four to follow soon…

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