The Transformation


I opened my eyes and saw a ceiling. Not a ceiling I was familiar with either. I lay still for a few minutes trying to gather my thoughts. Even the sounds weren’t familiar.

I would usually wake to the faint sound of ‘the bypass traffic’.

There was none. It was quiet. Very very quiet.

I lifted my head and was instantly aware of my hair getting in my face. I brushed it aside and then stopped suddenly. Why would my hair be so long?? I sat upright and was surprised at the feeling on my chest. It was a feeling of ‘weight’. My hands flew up to my chest and discovered ‘tits’. Real tits. In a blind panic I threw my legs out of the bed so as to stand and remove the garment I was wearing. That too gave me a shock. It was a short satin night dress. Pink at that.

As I ripped it from me I looked down and could not believe what I was looking at.

I had tits. Me, Gerry. I had tits. This couldn’t be. I am a man. I’m married. I have kids. None the less, there they were. A very nice pair of tits. Any woman would be thrilled at having such tits. What I’d always considered a ‘nice handful’. Not too big and not too small, with pert nipples that stood out.

As I touched ‘my tits’ my hand brushed my pert nipples. It sent shockwaves through my body like never before. My groin ‘pulsed’ at the touch. That too had never happened before. I instinctively put my hand down to my cock.

It wasn’t there. Blind overwhelming panic had me shouting and screaming. My cock was gone. There was no doubt whatsoever at what was there instead. A pussy. A cunt.

A vagina. I had a pussy and tits. I collapsed to the floor.

When I woke again I could hear voices. I tried to sit up again but found I couldn’t.

I had been restrained. I was tied to the bed with big wide leather straps round my wrists and ankles and another across my middle.

When I made as to speak a voice that I knew spoke. She said “try to remain calm and quiet Lydia. I will explain all if you remain calm and quiet”.

I was about to scream and shout again when I felt a needle in my arm. My whole body relaxed. I laid there looking down toward the foot of the bed. All I could see was the lumps of ‘my tits’.

Then the familiar voice said “you remember when you left the pub?” I nodded. “Well” she said. “I had you kidnapped. You have been here for 5 months. Everything about your past life is gone. You are now a woman. Your tits are real tits. They are not implants. A new technology has been used that converts male tissue into female. Your tits are as real as any woman’s tits. Your pussy is equally real. It is a fully functional pussy. You have a real clit and real labia. I can tell you that we know for fact that you can take an 8 inch cock.”

I passed out again.

When I woke the voice was there again. “Welcome back” she said. “Now; you have been given Betturkey a sedative. It will hopefully stop you passing out again as you continue to learn about your new body. So that you know I am Carol. You do remember Carol don’t you?”

I nodded. “Good” she continued. “I want you to know why and how this happened.

Do you recall an email you sent that asked what I’d do if were to win £161 million on the Euro lottery?” I nodded “well” she said. “I did and the first thing I did was to have you kidnapped. You were smuggled out of the country and have been here ever since. We are in Brazil. I arranged for your wife and family to receive £30 million so that they can at least rebuild their lives now that Gerry has gone. He will never be able to go back. The technology we used can be reversed but only by one person.

I have paid him enough money to never need to take another bribe. You are now a girl. A woman”.

I lay where I was. I said nothing, but closed my eyes and tried to remember.

Slowly I began to recall and then ‘clarity’.

I’d gone to a pub. It was a Friday night. Sue ‘my wife’ didn’t fancy going out so I went on my own. I didn’t know if anyone would be there that I knew, but I did know a band would be playing. There always was on a Friday.

There was. I don’t recall who they were I only knew I had not seen them before.

I spoke to no-one. I ‘people watched’ as I often did when out on my own and as the evening drew to a close, and after 2 pints of beer I left at about 10.40pm.

I walked up the road to the car park where my car was. As I turned the corner to enter the car park everything went black.

This could not be true. I must be having a dream. Please GOD let this be a dream.

I opened my eyes and looked around. The room was a hospital room. That was for sure. By the looks of it, it was a private hospital. There were wardrobes, mirrors, a chest of drawers and carpet.

I looked to my left and there sat the woman I knew as “Mistress Carol”. She had a big self satisfied smile on her face. “Hello again Lydia” she said. “Welcome back”.

I asked her “Why” and she then went on to explain that “once she had won the £161 million she had nothing to stop her fulfilling her wildest fantasies. I was that fantasy.

She wanted to transform a man who was to all intents and purposes quite ‘macho’.

One that she discovered secretly liked to dress up in women’s clothes, and then turn that man into a woman even if that was not what he wanted. If he genuinely did not want to be a woman then it was all the better. It would make it all the more satisfying

to give him the full working body of a sexy woman”.

“I’m glad to say that although you liked dressing up you never wanted to be female. You made that obvious more than once. But now? Now you Betturkey Giriş ARE female. A girl. You have a pussy and tits. Your Adam’s apple has been removed. Your eyebrows will never need to be plucked. Your legs will never need to be waxed. Your lips and eyes have been tattooed. Your eyes with permanent eye shadow, and eye liner. Your lips with deep red lipstick. All you’ll ever need to do is put lip gloss on your lips.

Your nipples have been ‘sensitised’ so that the slightest touch will drive you wild with pleasure. Your pussy? Well let’s just say that I can’t wait to see you fucking a man”.

At that she began to undo my ‘shackles’. Once they were all undone I slowly sat up.

My tits pulled on my chest. This was so strange. ‘MY TITS’.

I swung my legs out of bed and stood. I said “I need to use the bathroom. Then I want to shower or take a bath”.

I gingerly walked to the bathroom and ‘Mistress Carol’ followed me without saying a word. Once in the bathroom it became obvious that I could no longer stand and take my dick out to pee. I literally had to sit. Like all girls have to. I sat down and peed.

I had to ‘wipe’ myself as I had seen my wife do so many many times. During this time I could see Mistress carol with a wry smile from the knowledge that I was indeed now a girl. She had started the bath water and was adding feminine smelling oil to the running water. Then she left the room without a word. I climbed into the bath and sat down. I lay there for a while luxuriating in the warm water.

Then came the moment that I had to wash myself. I picked up the soap and began to lather. As my hands lathered ‘my tits’ the sensation that swept through me was electric. It gave a deep warm glow in my groin. I groaned without realising, and found myself rubbing my hands gently over my tits to keep the feeling going.

I then pinched my nipples. In Gerry’s mind I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

In Lydia’s I couldn’t stop myself. The ‘glow’ in my groin got hotter and even though I was in the bath I felt wet. I felt wet. Women get wet when they want sex or are sexually aroused. Not me. I’m Gerry. God I was hot and wet. My hand crept down to my pussy and as I tentatively explored my finger tips touched my clit. I shouted out loud at the feeling as I did so. Fuck my pussy was hot and wet. I increased the pressure on my clit without realising what I was doing. I soon found myself at a point where I couldn’t stop. I continued to rub and then found myself pushing 2 fingers ‘inside my pussy’ while I played with my clit. Then I ‘came’. God how I came.

Great waves of pulsating pleasure and warmth swept over me. I thought I’d die with the intensity of the pleasure. I heard a voice screaming out. It was my own. If I’d been standing I would surely have collapsed such was the intensity. It slowly Betturkey Güncel Giriş subsided to a warm ‘afterglow’. I opened my eyes. Mistress Carol was stood beside the bath. She had the biggest smile. “Now do you see how good it is to be a girl?” she said.

I couldn’t answer. I certainly did not want to admit that being a girl felt good. I was a man. Yes I had just experienced a female orgasm, but in my head I was a man.

I sat up and finished washing myself. My thoughts strayed to what had just happened.

I tried to push the thoughts out of my head, but the ‘glow’ I felt continued.

Eventually I clambered out of the bath and began to dry myself. I took the towel dressing gown from the peg on the door and put it on. It was undoubtedly a woman’s dressing gown. I returned to the room and sat on the bed.

I was trying desperately to get things straight in my head. My thoughts turned to getting dressed. I got up and went to the chest of drawers, and opened the top drawer.

I was met with a drawer full of the most feminine lingerie.

There were panties, bra’s suspender belts, corsets. Basque’s, teddy’s and stockings.

All in neat little rows. There was nothing else for me to do. I took out a pair of dark blue satin panties and stepped into them. They slid up my ‘hair free’ legs and were a perfectly snug fit. No bulge, and nothing to push up inside me, let alone anything to tuck back between my legs. I took out the matching bra and put it on. I had no trouble doing so. I’d been pretending with false tits for so long. This time though before putting my arms into the shoulder straps I had to arrange my own tits into my bra so that they were comfortable. Instantly I felt better as it reduced the ‘tugging’ effect on my chest. My tits were pushed in and up to give me a fabulous cleavage. One I would have admired on any woman. I looked into the drawer again. ‘Did I put stockings and a suspender belt on?’ I suppose it was the right thing to do.

I took out the suspender belt and hooked it around my waist and then spun it so the hooks were at the back. I tucked the straps through my panties and then picked out a pair of tan sheer stockings with a lacy top. As I slid each one up my legs I shuddered at the feeling it gave. It was electric. I snapped the suspenders onto each stocking.

I looked for and underarm spray. Of course they were all girly ones. Nearly all announced ‘no white marks’. I sprayed one and put it back on the dresser. I marvelled at the array of make up and perfume and other cosmetics on the dresser.

I sat at the dresser and began to brush my shoulder length hair. It seemed to flick under at the ends. It was then I noticed my pierced ears. I sighed. I opened a small box on the dresser. It contained some 12 pairs of earrings. All of them were the ‘dangly’ type that just hooked through the hole in each ear. I chose a silver pair and put them on. I couldn’t help but notice my long shaped red nails. My hands somehow seemed slimmer. I looked down at my stomach. Even my ‘beer belly’ had gone. It looked strange without hair. Feminine, girly, female.

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