The Surprise Call


“Thanks for the wonder full time we had together last night Army Bear, it was awesome! I hope, we keep in touch as we both agreed,” I sent my toy boy an email the day after our Valentines date. I was still thinking about of our hot night/morning together, I couldn’t keep him out of my mind during that week. Saturday afternoon my cell phone rang, I looked to my cell phone screen and I was shocked to see “Army Bear” calling me one week after our first encounter.

“Hey, Hi Mistress D ‘Von”, he said.

“Hi Chad Lee toy boy, how are you honey?” I replied.

“I was wondering if you have any plans for tonight?” I am free today and was wondering if you are available? Do want to get together again tonight?”

“I don’t have any plans baby,” I lied. “…and yes I would love to get together again,” I answered him all excited.

We planned our date time and I thought “O M G! I wasn’t expecting him to call so quickly, what I am going to wear now, what I am going to do? I planned already to go out with the girls. I have to call my friend and let her know the plans changed but I was still going to meet with them, but with my date,” I thought to myself while calling my t-girl friend to let her know.

I matched my outfit, “today he’s going to go nuts when he see me,” I thought to myself. “I’m gonna surprise him!”

I was all smooth and looking great minutes before he arrived. I looked like a Dominatrix; I wore a black & silver bra with pins and a matching thong, a sexy black shirt showing my bra and cleavage, tight pants with pins, knee high dome boots, neck & hands leather bracelets with locks. “As soon he calls and gets here I am gonna cover my self with my jacket to go out and meet him”, I thought, while I was doing my hair. Greco (my dog) barked.

“Oh shit! Who’s knocking at the door when I am running late, he will be here soon,” I thought. I opened my basement apartment door and was surprised. There he was standing and smiling at me while I hid behind the door. “O M G, It’s you! You’re early. Come on in, Chad Lee, I am doing my hair right now but I am almost done,” I said while he grabbed me by my waist and kissed me. He followed me thru the semi dark hallway to my room. He didn’t see my outfit till we got to the light. I turned around to look at him while he was taking his jacket off and he was in shock. His mouth dropped open and he said, “Oh shit! You look amazing, babe!”

I asked him, “Do you like it baby? I put all this together just for you. I knew you would love it! Let me finish getting my hair fixed. Get comfortable baby.”

I kept doing my hair while I noticed he had a school bag. “What did you bring there?”

“I brought some stuff I had at home to play with if you don’t mind,” he answered while opening the bag and smiling at me.

“Sure baby,” I answered him while finishing my hair. I felt his eyes staring at me. I looked at him; he was smiling, eating me alive with his eyes and I loved it. I loved how this young guy came back for more. I knew I did a good job. I knew he desired me as much I desired him. We were in lust.

“Show me what you brought home slut,” I said

“Hum”…. What’s inside here?” I asked, while I peeked inside the open bag. I took out 2 toys (a small butt plug and a medium vibrator), panties, stockings, garter belt, lube, girly pajama pants, anal ease, two movies and something I couldn’t make out at first.

“Oh shit,” I thought to my self. “Is that a raccoon? No! It was a wig!!!!!!”

“You brought a few cool things to play with. I have more stuff to play with,” I told him

“Get naked slut!” I ordered him. He started undressing really fast. As soon he dropped his pants, his cock was staring at me again.

“Oh gosh baby your fucking hard,” I told him while I caressed his hard cock.

“You get me really hot! I love how you have dressed.”

“Well baby, you’re gonna wear this for me,” I said as I took out a black bra, thong, and thigh high black stockings putting them all on him and adding his own garter belt.

I got up from the bed and stood in front of him and kissed him holding his head and his crotch.

“Get your clothes back on slut,” I ordered him. “We are going out to the bar again.”

He kind of panicked. “I can’t go out with all this under my regular clothes,” he whispered with a submissive voice.

I commanded him to do what I told him to. “Put it on and let’s go out NOW,” I ordered while I looked at him with a straight face.

He just smiled at me while getting dressed. He melted my domme side when he smiled at me. I couldn’t resist my toy boy Army Bear’s smile. I licked his ear and told him, “Good boy. Now let’s go baby.”

On our way to the bar, he grabbed my hand and played with it, caressing my fingers, looking straight to the road and looking at me sometimes just smiling. I teased him by playing with his neck and his ear with my fingers. He loved it!

We got to the bar and I did the same as before when we met. It was a slow night but I had other plans on my mind. We chatted, drank, watched tv, and listened to music while I teased him till he was aroused.

I grabbed his tits and crotch and asked him, “How Betturkey do you feel wearing woman lingerie under your man clothes?”

“Weird. I am kind of nervous but hot and excited at the same time.”

We went for a smoke outside. It was cold, so while smoking I put my free hand under the back of his shirt, caressing his back up and down. Pushing my hand inside his pants and grabbing his butt, I whispered seductively in his ear, “I love your smooth butt baby, it’s so warm. I can’t wait to we get home and play again. This time is gonna be hotter! Let’s go inside. It’s too cold out here.”

We got back in and I played some music for a while. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He was watching me from a lil bit away. I was wondering what was going thru his mind. I started dancing seductively over to him. I rubbed my body against him; licking behind his neck, slowly biting the sides of it, licking his ear. He couldn’t take it and he got up. We started making out, kissing each other while dancing in slow motion, touching our bodies all over. The music changed and there was Rihanna’s song “Please don’t stop the music”. We danced slowly looking in each other’s eyes, smiling at each other like two teenagers flirting for the first time, rubbing our bodies while we caressed each other.

Time was flying by and we had 3 drinks already. His maximum because he is a responsible driver. “Let’s go hun. This bar is dead, it’s boring.”

We left the bar holding hands and got in the car to leave. At the light near the bar he asked me, “Which way?” I told him left and he drove the way I said.

Suddenly he asked me, “are you sure this is the way back to your place?”

I looked at him with a grin on my face. “Nope, who said we going home? We are going somewhere else. I got a surprise for you!” He stopped where I told him to, got out of the car and lit a cigarette while standing next to his car.

“Smoke a cigarette baby, join me, we are early,” I told him as I laid against his car. He was standing so I pulled him between my legs to be closer while we both smoked, to stay warm.

He kept asking me, “What we where doing here? Are we expecting to meet someone? Are we going to one of these buildings behind us?”

He asked over and over and I just laughed! “Come on baby follow me,” I said while grabbing his hand and pulling him behind me. He got close to me and we both stopped and I gave him a reassuring kiss while we kept walking across the street.

We went to a Brazilian bar that I had never been to before. The bar was dead too, but I didn’t care. It was almost 10:30 pm and he ordered a drink for me. I convinced him to have another as we sat on really tall stools. I pulled his stool in front of mine and I laid my boots over his legs. I kept teasing him; playing with his chest, pulling my hands under his shirt and caressing him. We started making out there while I was thinking, “where the fuck are these bitches.” I kept kissing and licking him as he responded to every movement I made.

The bar started getting crowded and I began slowing down, since the people I was expecting hadn’t shown up. I told him that we should leave. Holding hands we left the bar and when I turned back I saw my two t-girls friends coming towards the bar. One of them was surprised when she saw me dressed the way I was. We said hello and kissed on the cheek and I introduced my toy boy to them.

“These are my friends, Nina and Francis. They are the ones I was waiting for.”

We all went back in the bar and I asked him if we can get another drink but he didn’t want another one but he ordered one for me. We sat and started chatting. My friend Nina took over the conversation while we where listening and playing with each other’s hands, while she was talking about how good and gorgeous she was. I felt like she was trying to get his attention but I didn’t care. She tried to embarrass me in front of him saying people in Ct knew I was a top t-girl.

I told her in Spanish, “Are you trying to embarrass me? I don’t think you will bitch because he knows already, or you don’t think he is gonna be my bitch tonight?” I grabbed his shirt and pulled it up. He stopped me because he was embarrassed but I told him to trust me.

“Show her what you wearing for me baby,” I said while pulling it up showing his bra in front of everyone there. His face turned red and I winked at him. They were shocked, but we all laughed about it. We always joked around but her behavior was kinda weird. She took us a pic with me laying between his legs and him grabbing me around my waist and putting his head between my head and shoulder.

After the photo shoot I took a break to go to the ladies room. I took my time while thinking, “I wonder what’s going on inside his head. I bet he must be fantasying.” I came back out of the bathroom and told him and my friends, we were leaving. We said goodbye to my friends and left.

While walking to the car across the street I asked him, “What do you think about my friends?”

“They are cool, but I think one of them was jealous of you because we are together.”

I was kinda surprised but I though he Betturkey Giriş was right. “I did notice, but they are funny, don’t you agree?” He nodded his head approving my answer.

Before getting into the car I lit a cigarette and he followed me lighting one for him self. I grabbed him from behind and pulled him against me on the side walk. I held him tight and kissed him. He responded back and we kissed for few minutes. We started walking and stood next to a street light pole. I pushed him against the pole and grabbed his butt hard. “Are you ready for fun baby? Are you ready to get fucked real good tonight again?” I asked him while I looked at his eyes. His eyes shinned as always.

Smiling with a horny grin in his face, “Yes, yes, I am. I’ve been waiting for it,” he answered.

“Ok, let’s go,” I ordered him.

On our way back home I asked him, “Did my friends turn you on? Did you fantasize about having a foursome?”

He answered quickly, “NO!”

“Liar”, I replied. “I know you did!”

He laughed shyly. “Why you think that?”

“Well cause I know you did. I can see it in your eyes.”

“I am not gonna lie. No offense, but I did.

“I knew it. That’s why I wanted you to meet them, just to make you just fantasize cause that’s not gonna happen with me. I am not into it.” I answered him laughing.

I ordered him to go another way. “Is not that the high way exit to your place?” he asked.

“Yes, but we have another stop to do,” I said while pointing him where to go.

“That’s it. We’re going to that sex store right there in your left side,” I told him with a grin on my face.

He looked at me and asked me, “What are we gonna do here?”

“Come on and let’s go in. Follow me slut,” I ordered him.

We went in the sex store and I said, “Hello.”

The gay clerk said …. “OMG, you look fabulous girl”! How can we help you?”

“Well I am looking for an edible, warm, massage oil.”

He pointed to me where all the stuff was, showing me, few different samples. One in particular got my attention. I grabbed it and read instructions. “Mmmmm this one looks perfect,” I whispered to my toy boy slut in front of the clerk.

“Well, I guess we need to find out if it works. Come here, slut,” I ordered him while I grabbed his neck. I poured a few drops of “Liquid love” watermelon flavored warming massage lotion onto his neck and rubbed it in. I blew on and licked his neck in front of the clerk. “Mmmmmmmmmm., tastes good. This is perfect. We’ll take it!” I told the clerk.

We rushed to my place and he served us a drink while I went into my “Pandora’s box.”

“Look what I got here Chad Lee,” I said taking a 9 inch dildo, cock rings, handcuffs, blindfold, feather stick, ties and lots more out of the box. I ordered him to take his manly clothes off, while I got comfortable with a sexy outfit. I then lit some candles and incense and tuned the stereo with my favorite singer’s (Jessica Simpson) cd. I uncovered my bed to reveal a red vinyl sheet .I ordered him to sit and relax while I looked thru my high heels shoes to get a pair for him to wear.

I got on my knees and helped him put them on while he stared and smiled at me saying, “Those shoes are so hot.”

I started teasing his rock hard cock thru the panties, pulling him against me while I was still on my knees, kissing him deeply, caressing his head and his ear. I got up and ordered him to lay on his back on the vinyl sheet. I blindfolded him and tied him to bed in an X position. I poured some massage oil over his entire body and slowly started massaging his arms, chest, torso, inner thighs, and eventually down his legs and feet. I started pouring more oil from his feet, massaging again but this time, I used my mouth and tongue; blowing and licking his legs, up and down, getting between his legs and pouring some more oil, massaging, blowing, licking, slowly biting.

His cock was fucking hard and begging to get out of the thong. My hot mouth played around his balls; pulling a lil bit of them out, licking them, while I grabbed his hard-on and teased him for a while. I climbed over his crotch sitting on it while I slowly played with his lips with my oily, watermelon-flavored finger. His tongue reached to lick it and I stuck my finger inside his mouth and he licked it and sucked on it.

I knew he wanted my hard cock in his mouth instead of my finger, but I just wanted to drive him crazy. He was in ecstasy, moaning like the whore he is. I put some oil on my lips with my finger, then my watery mouth reached his lips and he started licking them. We kissed and licked our lips for a while.

Meanwhile, I was thrusting my ass all over his cock. I teased his crotch with my hot ass while we kissed passionately. Then I licked his face, moving towards his ear. That drove him NUTS!

He moaned and moaned like the horny bitch he is. I stuck my tongue deep into his ear, moving it in circles while my oily hands were massaging his arms and my body rubbed his.

I whispered in his ear, “Are you hot baby? Do you like this? Are you fucking horny slut?”

He moaned, “Oh yes! You drive me Betturkey Güncel Giriş nuts! I am so freaking horny! I loved how you tongue my ear!”

My hot mouth went this time to his neck, licking it and slowly biting it. My favorite song played while I sang whispering in to his ear:

“Watching’ every motion
In this foolish lovers game
On this endless ocean
Finally lovers know no shame
Turning’ and returning’
To some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion
As you turn around and say
My love
Take my breath away “

All the while I was taking his breath away, licking his ear and kissing him again and again. Caressing his cheeks and holding his face with my oily hands.

I turned around in the 69 position, continuing to massage his legs and inner tights. I moved his thong to the side raising his legs in the air and started massaging his butt cheeks and tongue-fucking his tight ass; burying my face in his smooth tender ass, sticking my tongue deep inside, in and out, while I sat on his face spreading my ass for his tongue. He stuck his hot tongue deep inside my ass, spreading my ass cheeks. I started slipping and sliding back and forth across his face with my ass, while I squirmed and moaned. I moved down putting my crotch in his face. He opened his mouth eagerly. He pulled back and whipped my cock out of my thong with his teeth and slide it into his mouth, sucking on my limp cock and feeling it grow, worshipping my cock. He just wanted to taste my growing semi- hard cock sliding down his throat. He started going further down on me. I got hard instantly as he slid his self up and down the shaft; running his tongue around the head, and gently wanking me with his hand at the same time.

“Oh fuck, yeah!!!!! That fucking tongue feels so good inside me, eat my fucking ass!” I ordered him.

I kept massaging his crotch and biting it softly over his panties while he ate my ass furiously. I pulled out his hard cock and started stroking it. I wanted to suck his hard cock so bad, so I wrapped my lips around his swollen head, swirling my tongue around the head of his throbbing hard cock. I grabbed his head and fucked my mouth until his balls were hitting my nose as I stroked it and sucked it. We both were fucking each other mouths with every thrust, in and out, deep throating, licking our balls and swirling our tongues all around our assholes for a few long minutes.

I switched positions getting on top of him, holding his hands tightly while he tried to free himself. He stopped as soon as I got my lips against his, kissing him wildly. Then I put my hard swollen cock on his face. Holding his hands with one of mine, I slapped his face side to side with my hard cock and told him to open his mouth wide. I was face fucking him, I stuck my hard clit inside his mouth while I sat on his chest moving back and forward forcing his head to suck me deeper.

“Oh yes, oh yes, suck my swollen cock slut! Take it all, deep down your throat, you cum slut!” I whispered, while I kept fucking his mouth.

I un-tied him ordering to laid on his stomach with his legs wide open. I got on top of him and poured more oil on his back, massaging him while I whispered in his ear, “you having fun baby? You like it? Are you really horny my slippery slutty boy?

He moaned “Oh fuck yeah, I love it!”

I kept massaging his back, going down his butt cheeks and his inner thighs while I rubbed my legs behind his back, fucking his ass crack back and forward and massaging the back of his legs. I kept rubbing and fucking for a few minutes then I got between his legs pulling back his hard cock and pouring oil on his cock and ass, massaging his ass and cock to get it all flavored. My hot mouth reached for his full sack to lick it and I bathed his balls with my wet mouth while I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and began to stroke him gently. He raised his ass up for me so I could play with his cock more comfortably. I tongue-fucked his ass with pleasure while my scum, little whore was moaning and getting his ass tighter than it had been. I spread his butt cheeks wider and kept fucking his ass with my tongue, deeper and deeper licking him all around his butt hole. My mouth went to his hard cock, holding it close enough to his ass, running my tongue back and forward on his rock hard cock, sucking his head while I stroked him, running my tongue back to his ass ,then back to his cock, back and forth to each one for a few long minutes.

Then I decided,it was my turn. I told him to get up and I laid down on my stomach. “Massage me baby,” I ordered him pulling my baby doll up. He started pouring oil in my back. “Oh yes, it feels good papi,” I moaned. He massaged me for a while rubbing himself against my back licking my ear and neck, teasing my ass with his crotch. OMG I was so fucking horny but something was bothering me and I couldn’t it that long. I turned around grabbed a smoke and laid on my pillow, sitting with my legs wide open, he knew what I wanted. “Suck me slut,” I whispered, while blowing smoke out of my tempting lips. He got between my legs and started sucking me, up and down, slurping on my hard clit, playing with my balls while I smoked. He raised my ass and started licking my butt-hole real good looking at me and I smiled back at him, moving my head up and down as a sign, “YES”. He ate my ass the same way I ate his, furiously and wild, up and down and all around that, tongue fucking my ass hole. That drove me nuts!!!

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