The First Time Again Ch. 02

Big Dick

I was sitting in Stumpy’s place, sipping on my lite beer at the bar when I felt a body press against my back and a hand on my right shoulder. The other hand slipped up under my shirttail (I always wear a square tail sport shirt with the tails hanging out.) and found my left nipple.

I almost jumped out of my skin, but of course I didn’t want to miss a chance at what could be a sexual opportunity, any kind of chance.

When you’re in your eighties and have a dick that absolutely refuses to get hard any more, sex is pretty scarce. My wife had passed away a year before, after 60 wonderful years together, and the nibbling and sucking we had still enjoyed was only a memory. You can’t just walk up to a strange woman and say, “Hi, I can’t get hard anymore, would you mind giving me a blowjob?”

So, there I sat, with what definitely had to be a sexual advance presenting itself. “Friend or foe? I ask.

“Hello Jon, were you waiting for me?” A man’s voice asks back.

“Danny, is that you?” I ask.

I had met Danny right here at ‘Stumpy’s Place’ a few months earlier. Well actually that was the second time I met him. The first time was over sixty years earlier in the summer of 1947, when as a guy named Paul he sucked my cherry out the end of my dick. But that’s another story.

When I met him again in Stumpy’s a few months ago he introduced himself as Danny. After introducing himself he looked around and said it didn’t look like there was any chance of finding a sweet young thing in Stumpy’s tonight. I said it didn’t much matter much to me because I couldn’t get it hard anymore anyway.” That isn’t a big problem, if a man is willing to try something different once in a while. Sex can still be as good now as it was when you were twenty one, he said.

“You know,” I said, “I just might try something different if it would feel like it did when I was twenty one. I can tell you for sure that when you get my age using a helping hand isn’t much more pleasurable then taking your first pee every morning.”

“Jon, if you really feel that way, why don’t you follow me over to my place? We can have a beer and maybe figure out a way to solve your problem.” He said.

I did and I remember the evening I followed Danny home from Stumpy’s like it was yesterday.

– – – – – – – – – – – gungoren escort – – –

Danny was in the kitchen getting us a couple of cold beers and I was sitting in an arm chair with those same weird thoughts running around in my head, just like they did in the summer of 1947. Once again, I am sitting in a strange man’s apartment wondering what’s going to happen next. After we drink our beer, will he turn the lamp off, call me over in front of him, open my zipper and take my dick and play with it for a few minutes, until it gets firm and them take it in his mouth like Paul did back then. If it happens, he’ll be the first man to touch it since Paul sucked my cherry out the end of my dick.

“Hey Jon, here’s your beer.” Danny said. “Man you look like you were many miles away from here.”

After a couple of sips Danny got right to the point. “Jon, I’m a little confused about you. Let’s start off by being straight with each other. Are you gay?”

“No,” I burst out immediately

“OK, have you ever had any kind of sexual experience with a man?”

“Yeah… I did, one time. You know, you’re the first person I’ve ever admitted it to. Many years ago my buddy took me with him, to visit this guy named Paul who lived in an apartment above the old Cozy Cabins motel. That was the night I lost my cherry. Paul’s hot wet mouth and tongue tormented my dick relentlessly till it exploded with wave after wave of pure pleasure.”

“Was that the old Cozy Cabins on Jensen Drive in Houston?”

“Yeah, that’s the one. I’m surprised you knew about that place?”

“Yeah, I remember where that old place was. I guess the main question now, is did you enjoy what he did to you?”

“Well, as I said, it was the first time my dick had ever even been touched by anyone, so when he finally got me off in that hot wet mouth it was the most pleasurable thing I had ever felt. But, except for those few minutes while he was getting me off the rest of that night was mostly traumatic.

Just think about it, I was standing in front of a stranger that I couldn’t even see in a pitch dark room. He was sitting on something, holding me by my belt so I couldn’t back away and I had no idea of what was going to happen. Then my pants were open and my dick was pulled out and he was fondling it.

I almost istanbul escorts panicked when he started jacking me off and after a few minutes I was getting humiliated because it didn’t get hard at first. Then, when he let it go, I thought I had failed and that made it even worse. But he was just grabbing the crotch of my pants so he could pull me closer. Then it was in his mouth and I couldn’t back away. But, after a few minutes I didn’t want to back away. I guess, in a way, you could have called it a voluntary rape.”

“Did you ever do go back to see Paul again?”

“No, I didn’t have a car and I lived on the other side of town. And, I met my future wife not long after that night and I never had reason to look for a man again.”

“Would you still have those fears if you could visit Paul again after all these years?” Danny ask.

“No… I know what it’s all about now. If I was in the same situation today it would definitely be voluntary and not a rape.”

“Excuse me a minute,” Danny said, “I think I heard something outside.” He said as he went into the other room.

“Hey Jon, would you come in here a minute.” Danny called a few minutes later from the other room.

The other room was black inside and I paused in the doorway trying to see into the dark room.

“I’m over here beside the window.” Danny’s soft voice came reassuringly out of the darkness in front of me. “There isn’t anything in between us, come over here and see.”

I shuffled through the darkness toward the voice, remembering another night so long ago. I stopped and froze when a hand caught my belt and pulled me a step closer.

“Your dick doesn’t have anything to be scared of this time does it?” Danny ask softly, as almost like magic, my pants were open, my old dick was out and growing a little firmer as educated fingers begin working it over.

Suddenly, old memories from 1947 came flooding back “Wait a minute; you did say your name is Danny, didn’t you?” I ask.

“Yes. it is,” He answered with a little laugh, “but I was called Paul, back in the old days when I lived in the Cozy Cabins. Paul is my middle name.

I couldn’t believe I had come full circle after more than sixty years and was standing in front of Danny Paul again. But this time I moved up closer as bayrampasa escort soon as my dick was sucked into that hot, wet magical place that created long forgotten pleasures.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Yes, it’s me.” Danny said as he removed his hand from my nipple and slid onto the stool beside me.

“What happened to you Danny, you haven’t been around since we… got acquainted again? Did I do or say something?”

“Naw man, a couple of days after our reunion, I had a little heart attack. Then when I got out of the hospital my sister insisted I stay with her for a little while to recuperate. Now I am feeling fine, back home and wanted to see old friends again. Now, how about having a beer at my place again?”

“I have an idea, how about if we go in the bedroom and take our clothes off and you can lay back on the bed and really enjoy it like y’all did it after your problem started?” Danny said after he drank the last of his beer.

“O… K, but like I told you, I’m not gay. We can go in there if you want to and you can do your thing if that’s all you expect to happen.”

“Hey, I would never ask you to do anything that you don’t let me know it’s OK with you. That’s a promise.” Danny answered as he got up out of the chair and started walking down the hall, “Come on.” He added.

“I’ll be there in a minute; I got to take a leak.” I said and turned into the bathroom.

The bedroom was very dark and I stopped at the door, “Walk over this way.” Danny said from inside the room.

I slowly walked toward his voice until I felt his hand catch my belt. He pulled me closer and unbuttoned my shirt. His mouth found my nipple and he sucked and nibbled one and then the other while his hands were pulling my shirt off and undoing my pants. The pants slipped to the floor and he pulled my boxers down and begins jacking my old soft dick which quickly begins firming up.

It was harder than it had been in years when he quit and told me to sit on the side of the bed. I did and he pushed me back on the bed and knelt on the floor between my legs and sucked my firm six inches deep into his mouth. After a few minutes I heard what sounded like a jar opening. A few moments later I felt a cold slippery finger tickling my ass and slowly begin pushing its way inside. My dick was almost instantly hard as the finger slid in and out in time with the tongue flicking across the lower ridge of my dick head. It felt so good my hips pumped upward on their own and I had the most intense orgasm I’d felt in many years. Shit, maybe even the best one ever.

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