The Dream That Was Real… Ch. 02


The Dream that was real and The nightmare to follow part 2.

As Sarah raised her legs higher into the air Donny removed his tongue and lightly licked up her soft pink lips. He licked so lightly Sarah thought she would cum from the sheer anticipation of what was to come next. Before she could catch her breath Donny once again drove his tongue deep into her quivering pussy. Sarah began to rock as the first of her orgasms flowed through out her body. “MMMMM that was nice “She said as she lye there on her back, her legs still spread wide in front of him. Although Sarah had came Donny was not quite satisfied. He began to lick Sarah’s cunt once again. He began to lick her faster as she ground her pussy onto his face. He could tell by her movements and the flow of her nectar that she was going to cum once again and she was going to cum hard. Sarah shook violently as she came for the second time into Donny’s waiting mouth. She came so much Donny thought he was going üsküdar escort to drown as she grabbed a hold of his head forcing him to lick faster and swallow her juice. This caused her to cum a few more times.

Donny could stand it no longer he had to put his throbbing member into her moist cunt. His member hurt with the anticipation of his own release. He sat up and grabbed his cock to place it at the entrance of her fuck hole, when he had done this Sarah turned over onto her stomach.

This was something new for him in their relationship but he thought nothing of it. Raising her hips and parting her legs wider he pushed his member into her waiting twat. “ Mmmmm” he groaned. With one thrust of his hips he was up to his balls in her cunt. He began to move his hips slowly as he got into a steady rhythm. Pushing in and out each time getting deeper and deeper into her pussy. She began to moan louder şerfali escort and louder with each thrust of his hips. “ Oh, mmmm, Donny fuck me in the ass, please Donny fuck me hard and deep.”

Donny did as she said he could feel himself getting closer and knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load deep into her pussy. His pace quickened as he fucked her pussy faster and faster. He could not hold back any longer and let himself go. Spurt after spurt of hot jiz entered her cunt and filled her to over flowing. He removed himself from her and she quickly cleaned the remainder of their love juice off of his still very hard shaft. Sarah rolled over onto her stomach once again. “ Now I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

This was another first for Donny because she had always told him that anal sex was disgusting and that she would never do it. He wondered what had come over her but decided not to think to much on it. He placed his cock at her entrance and began to slide it in slowly not to tare her virgin hole. Little did he know she had already lost that virginity a long time ago. He pushed a little more and it slide in more. He couldn’t believe how tight she was and almost came on the spot but stopped himself before he did. He wanted to enjoy this and he was going to. Inch by inch he watched as his cock disappeared into her ass. When it was all the way in he began to move his hips. He couldn’t help himself he needed to be fulfilled. He began ramming his dick into her faster and harder each time getting deeper into her rectum. He couldn’t believe when he heard her moaning this just turned him on more. He found himself pounding away at her ass. When he finally felt the familiar tingle in his balls he knew he would not be able to hold himself back from cumming in her sweet ass. He tried to pull out but it was to late. With one last thrust he filled her ass with his hot lava it was so much that it started coming out of her ass and running down her legs. He didn’t know it would be that good and he was glad she let him cum in her ass. He rolled off of her and lye on his back spent from his fuck fest.

to be continued…….

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