The Doctor and the Girl


I am a young doctor, new in town.

She, Veronica Travis, aged 18, came to me because she had twisted her ankle and it hurt “really bad”.

I asked her to get up on the exam table. She stumbled on her way up, not able to put any weight on her bad ankle, and I caught her as she fell. When I caught her, her breasts rubbed all over my arms and chest, our faces bumping together slightly.

I helped her up on the table and she stated, “It hurts up onto my leg, too.”

“Well with tight jeans on, I cannot see your calf, so I need you to remove your jeans so I can examine your whole leg” I replied and I offered to leave the room.

But she asked me to “help me pull them off”, as she lay back and unbuttoned and unzipped them.

I tugged at the two legs of her jeans and her panties came into view. They were sheer and light yellow. I could see the lips of her pudenda, but she moaned that her “ankle really hurts, and it hurts up my calf 2/3 of the way to my knee.”

I gently touch around her ankle and shin bones examining her injuries. She was very sensitive, though, I could feel no broken bones, so I ordered x-rays. I also ordered some pain meds so she would not be in such discomfort.

“The x-rays just show a sprain, kozyatağı escort nothing broken. But, I know sprains can hurt like a broken bone sometimes. You just need to ice the area, stay off your foot for a few days, elevate it and rest. I’ll write your prescription for 5 days of pain meds and you need come see me in 5 days.” I advised her 30 minutes later, after she was back in the exam room.

I then spent a little time looking her over and could see that she is quite lovely. At 18 years old I was sure she had guys drooling at her every turn.

After she left, I went into my office and masturbated, thinking of that ample chest, flat, toned stomach and muscular legs, “oh, and that trimmed and beautiful pussy”. But, I am busy, so I need to get back into the queue and see my patients.

In 5 days, there she was, ankle wrapped and much cheerier, and in a lot less pain, though it was still tender. I asked her to remove her jeans so I could examine her. She asked me to “tug them off”, again, as she leaned back and unbuttoned and unzipped.

This time, when I tug them off, she was wearing no panties. She was extremely moist and I could smell her arousal. küçükyalı escort I was instantly hard whick she noticed. I examined her ankle and calf. Her ankle was not nearly as sensitive as 5 days earlier and seemed to be healing nicely.

I advised her, “just a little more time is needed for you to get back to normal.”

She looked at me, straight in the eye and licked her lips, widening the area between her knees. I looked between her legs and saw a drop of moisture as it left her vagina, snaking downward, between the cheeks of her rear end and onto my exam table.

I asked her if she was ok, and she said, “You are a very good doctor, and you are extremely good looking. If you want to, you can touch my pussy.” She asked if she could touch my penis, which was obviously on hi alert.

I told her, “I am a doctor and it isn’t permitted for doctors to sexually interact with their patients.”

She said that she “thinks treatment for injuries should include the total welfare of the patient and that I have a terrible itch between my legs and would you attend to it, please?” Her eyes pleaded with me.

My cock was so hard I could cut glass with it. I was mutlukent escort sweating and she was very aroused, I could smell it and see it on her face and in her eyes. She smiled at me, knowing she had won the battle.

I pushed the intercom and told my assistants that “I am going to do some private counseling and do not want to be disturbed for the next 1/2 hour.”

She was lying on my exam table, her juices oozing out of her swollen pussy. I bent over and with my mouth, licked and kissed and sucked the juices out of her as I rubbed her belly and pushed my hands underneath her top up to her breasts. Her 18 year old nipples were like rocks, hard as steel. She pushed her pussy into my mouth, the heels of her feet on my back, and I inserted a finger inside her while I licked and sucked on her clit. She began to orgasm and I unbuckled my pants and put my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed. Her orgasm became more intense and I asked her to ‘stifle her screams and moans’. She whimpered at me.

I pushed and thrust into her and soon I ejaculated into her as she continued to ride the waves of orgasm after orgasm.

Whew! My half hour was up and I needed to get back to other patients. I filled out her “charge” sheet and told her to “come back and see me if she had any other issues she needed me to address”

She said she would and I left the room.

claimer: This may not be realistic, so what? It is a product of my imagination, not an accurate depiction of what a real doctor would do or how it would go in an office. Just relax and enjoy. Thank you.


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