The Decisions We Make

Double Penetration


Mark DeMeo walked with his son Mike up the brick stairs to the split-level house. He rang the doorbell and a woman opened it.

“Hi.” She said smiling.

“Hi, I’m Mark DeMeo, this is my son Mike, he was invited to Scott’s birthday party.”

“Ah Mike, yeah come in, come in.” She replied, stepping aside to let them enter. Mark and his son walked into the home’s living room. A group of similar-aged boys were playing Super Nintendo in the next room and Mike ran over to join them.

“Nice to finally meet you guys.” The woman said. “I’m Jenn Collins.”

“Nice to meet ya Jenn.”

She ain’t bad. Mark thought to himself. Jenn was around his age and about an inch or so shorter than him, she had shoulder length reddish-blonde hair and light skin. A few faint freckles were noticeable on her neck.

“We have two more boys on their way for the party, its going to be crazy with all these little guys running around.” She said, smiling.

“Yeah, good luck with them!” He replied, they both laughed.

Nice body. Jenn’s breasts were nicely sized and while her loose fitting khaki slacks didn’t show much, he could make out the rough outlines of a curvy figure.

“You guys from town?”
“Yeah we live right over in Morris Plains.”

“Oh alright, nice.” She relied.

“So what time should I come back to pick him up?”

“Hmm… around eight… probably…”

“Alright, well I gotta go pickup my wife from work now. Nice to meet ya, take care now.”

“Yeah, great to meet you Mark, cya later!” She replied as they walked out towards the front door.

As Mark drove to pick his wife Karen up his mind was fixated on Jenn.

She is pretty good looking. I’d love to fuck her.


Mark sat in the beach chair on the hot summer day. Mark, his wife and their three kids were vacationing with Jenn and her two children. Jenn’s husband Tom had been unable to take off from work and thus couldn’t come. Mark’s sister-in-law and her family had also joined them.

Altogether there were six children under the age of 15 on the trip, so it was hectic for everyone. Mark was hoping to get a nice tan while still being able to watch the kids playing in the water, so he leaned back in his chair but kept his gaze towards the water. His wife and sister-in-law were wading in a foot or so of water, talking and keeping an eye on the kids. Mark’s wife Karen was a tall (actually around his height) brunette with small breasts, green eyes and a slender body that was beginning to show signs of cellulite and fat accumulating around her butt and thighs. Regardless of this Karen was still a good looking woman; she was by no means fat and she still had her pretty face. Karen’s sister was a few years younger but had a similar figure. So far on the trip, Mark’s attention had been grabbed the most by Jenn. Her tankini covered up much but they showed off her nice body wonderfully. Her breasts were not huge but were a wonderful shape and her hips and thighs had some faint age lines but they still were curvy and enticing. Mark watched as Jenn got up from her chair and walked into the water, joining the other two women in conversation. After a few minutes she walked back to her chair, picked up her small beach bag and headed up the beach towards the beach condo they had rented.

Mark relaxed for another five or so minutes until he saw Karen walking up the beach towards him.

“Honey, can you go back and get Jessica and Paul’s sandals, they forgot them back at the house.”

“Ah really?” He replied, groaning.

“Yeah really, please go get em’ for me honey.” Karen replied, smiling and nodding her head.


Mark got up, slipped on his flip-flops and began the walk up the hot beach towards their beach house.

He came to the house’s side door and slipped off his flip-flops, he stopped for a moment to brush the sand off his feet and then entered the house. The house was empty and quiet; he walked through the large living room area into the hallway that led towards the bedrooms. Mark was only wearing his blue swimming shorts so the air-conditioned air felt cold against his bare chest. As he entered the room his kids were sharing he heard a door in another room close.

Who is here? He wondered if it was his brother-in-law. He turned back towards the hallway to find out who was there. Jenn turned the corner and walked briskly forward, her head facing the ground.

“Hey.” Mark called out. Jenn stopped and looked up, clearly surprised.

“Oh! Hey. You scared me!” She said, laughing.

“Sorry! Didn’t know who was here.” Mark replied, also laughing for a second.

Jenn’s tankini looked magnificent to Mark’s eyes. The top didn’t reveal too much skin but the blue and white stripped nylon clearly showed off her bust. The brown bottoms were full-coverage bikini bottoms but her legs and thighs were shown in their full glory. Her legs weren’t long and slender but short and luscious.

“Yeah I just came back for a second to use the bathroom Maltepe Escort and get some sun lotion.” She added.

“Ah. I came back to grab Jess and Paul’s sandals. Karen was too lazy to leave the beach.”

They both laughed. They were standing only about two feet from each other and Mark noticed the smell of suntan lotion.

“Mark… I feel weird asking this… but can you help me for a second.”

“Uh, sure, what’ya need.”

“I just need someone to get some lotion on my back, I can’t reach.”


“Alright.” He replied. She smiled and turned around, walking into her room. Mark followed, keeping a respectable distance behind her. His eyes were drawn to her shapely butt, tightly wrapped in the brown nylon bikini bottoms.

They walked into her room and she took out the lotion. She handed him the bottle and turned, lifting her hair up around and revealing her back.

“I didn’t get any above the suit.”


I’ve always wanted this, she is very good looking.

Mark’s hands were shaking slightly as he rubbed the lotion onto her moist body. He felt her slightly shiver as he touched her. He gently applied the lotion to her upper back, making sure not to get too “touchy.” Her back was only lightly tanned, a few freckles dotted the area around her shoulders.

She suddenly turned to face him; their faces only about a foot apart.

Woah. Mark was startled for a second but regained his senses.

“All good?” He asked awkwardly, smiling.

“You tell me.” She replied, smiling and laughing for a moment.

She drew closer to him.

What is going on. Mark thought to himself, his stomach felt uneasy and he had to control himself from shaking too much.

She moved slightly closer, she let her hair fall and dropped her hands to her side.

“Tell me if you want me to stop…” She whispered as she leaned in to kiss him.

Fuck. Fuck. What the fuck. Mark thought, but he didn’t pull away. They kissed for a moment. She smelt strongly of suntan lotion but he didn’t care.

After the kiss was over they looked each other in the eyes.

“I’m sorry if…” She whispered but he leaned in and kissed her again.

I can’t control myself. I’ve got to enjoy this. Jenn! His mind was flooded with thoughts of lust and they drowned out his normal marital decency.

She lifted her hands to his shoulder and she began to gently rub. They felt warm and slick from the lotion. He brought his to her waist; he felt the damp fabric of her tankini top.

Their bodies moved closer and the kissing became more passionate, she maneuvered his body towards the edge of the bed.

“Sit. Sit.” She whispered quickly.

Is she gonna blow me?! Fuck.

Mark didn’t fight her; he sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back on his elbows.

Jenn fell to her knees in front of him.

She is gonna blow me. Mark felt his penis, shriveled from the cold water and air-conditioned air, beginning to get erect.

Jenn’s hands moved from his shoulders to his chest, running through the dark hairs. Mark was an avid runner and while he didn’t have six-pack abs, he did have a flat stomach. No easy accomplishment for a forty-one year old man. Her hands reached his stomach and brushed against the top of his suit. He felt his penis get a surge of energy.

“I’ve wanted this for a while…” She said, looking him in the eyes with a devilish look.

“Me too.” Mark replied.


“Oh really.” She added, moving her eyebrows in a manner that said “You better want this!”

She pulled his shorts down, revealing his semi-flaccid penis and a mess of black pubic hairs. Her hands, slick from the lotion, rubbed and played with his member. Mark felt a shock of pleasure and terror the moment she touched him, the suntan lotion gave her hands an amazing lubricated feeling that instantly made him erect.

It wasn’t long before she began to use her lips and tongue to begin pleasuring him.

He leaned his head back and looked up at the white textured ceiling.

Jesus fucking Christ what am I doing? He thought to himself. She sucked him as her slick hands rhythmically.

Mark inhaled deeply as he felt the first pleasurable waves of an orgasm coming. She sensed his building tension and worked faster to bring him to the end.

Fuck. Fucking shit. Oh fuck. Yeah. Yes.

“Ahh.” He called out. He had an orgasm and Jenn didn’t pull her mouth away. She swallowed all of his ejaculation. Energy shot through his body like electricity.

God that was amazing. Fucking incredible.

Several months later

Mark and Karen walked up the stairs of Jenn and Tom’s house. They were there to have dinner with them, a dinner free of kids.

“Hey guys, come on in.” Jenn said, answering the door. Mark and his wife walked in, smiling and putting away their jackets.

The dinner went well and the two couples were as sociable as ever. Mark and Jenn had some moments of eye contact during Kurtköy Escort the dinner that set Mark on edge.

Hmm. What does she want? Was that a one-time thing at the beach house?

As the dinner drew to a close the couples moved to the living room, where they sat, talking and sipping on some wine. Mark’s eyes centered on Jenn’s body as much as they could without raising suspicion, he couldn’t stop thinking about the five minutes of raw pleasure he had experienced with her that summer day. His marriage to Karen was going fine (they fought about money and the children but all couples did that) and he loved her. He sometimes felt intense and depressing guilt and self-hate over the adulterous indiscretion he had engaged in with Jenn. Other times the thoughts made him feel vigorous and excited. He wanted to get that “young” energy once more, the feeling of butterflies in the stomach that reinvigorated him.

Later that night

Mark was ready for bed but he decided to check his email first. He sat alone in the darkened room and logged onto the internet. Once online he checked his Yahoo account. Most of the messages were spam and a few were work-related but one of them caught his attention. It was from an email address he didn’t recognize and was titled “Hi Mark.” He opened it.

“Hey mark its me Jenn. If you want to get together sometime just reply. If you want to end this before it begins, just delete this and we can pretend that day never happened.”

Fuck. Mark thought to himself. It was Jenn and she wanted to “get together”.

She wants sex. Mark sat quietly for a few minutes, contemplating what to do. His hormones got the best of him as he clicked the “Reply” button.

“Hey Jenn, I’d really like to see you again.”

He checked the email again at work the next day and found her reply.

“I only have a half-day of work Thursday but I can tell Tom I had to work a full day… that leaves me about four hours. Can you meet me somewhere Thurs?”

Mark felt uneasy but horny and thought about how he was going to get off work Thursday. Mark was a part-owner (with a friend of his named Mike Harris) in a small computer sales business. He technically could take off whenever he wanted but the company had been struggling in recent months and he really needed to work as many hours as he could.

Fuck it. I’ll tell Mike that I need to go run some errands for the family.

He typed out his reply.

“I can take off after 2PM, where do you want to meet.”

The reply came later that night when Mark was back home.

“Fairfield Inn, Parsippany? 75 bucks for one day, we can split it and it will be real cheap.”

“Sounds wonderful. Email me when you have the room number. I’ll be checking at work every hour or so.” He replied.

Mark sat back in his computer chair and stared at the brightly lit screen.

So this is it. This is where I betray my marriage. The feelings of guilt evaporated as he tried to imagine what was going to happen in that motel room.


The week had gone by blistering fast to Mark. He thought about Jenn and the coming encounter constantly. He eagerly checked his email almost three times an hour that day. Finally at 2:09PM there was a new email.

“Fairfield Inn Parsippany, Room 221, cant wait to see you!!!”

“Alright, Lets do this.” He said to himself quietly. He picked up his things, closed his office door and walked towards Mike’s office.

“Hey I’m gonna head out early to go do that stuff I said I had to do. Just gotta pick up some stuff for the kids, some birthday presents Karen didn’t want them to see her buying yet.”

“Alright, take care now.” Mike replied, typing away at his computer.

Mark held his breath as he knocked on the door. It took a few moments for her to open it.

“Hey.” She said in a low voice.

“Hi.” He replied as they both awkwardly smiled.

He walked in; the room was small, with a single King-sized bed, a bathroom, TV stand and two chairs in the corner. The door closed behind them and they were soon standing face to face at the foot of the bed. The lights were off but the window allowed in enough light.

Jenn was wearing a white buttoned blouse with the top two buttons undone and a pair of khaki “safari” style pants.

The face-to-face “stand off” ended as they both moved closer to kiss each other. Her hands rubbed his shoulders and chest as his gently caressed her lower back and waist.

The kissing quickly became very passionate and they both kneeled onto the bed, still locked in their embrace.

Her hands began to unbutton his light blue dress shirt; his fingers met hers to help her speed up the process. The shirt came off and he let it drop to the floor. Her hands rubbed his flat stomach and pulled off his white undershirt. Now their hands turned their attention to her blouse. It came off quickly and dropped away.

I’m gonna enjoy every fucking second of this. Mark thought as he gazed at her B-cup breasts Kartal Escort in the white bra. Her skin was fair, with freckles dotting her chest and shoulders. He leaned in and kissed the tops of her breasts, inhaling the odor of her light perfume and sweat. She rubbed his neck and moaned quietly as he kissed her breasts. Soon her bra was off and he looked upon her breasts. They sagging slightly but their shape was still firm. They were soft and milky white. He kissed the nipples and ran his tongue across them. He felt her body tensing. They both began to take off their pants. He slid his dark brown slacks down his legs, leaving him dressed in his boxers and black dress socks. He looked at her, eagerly awaiting the sight of her panties.

Mark had a panty fetish and was crazy with excitement and lust as he watched Jenn pull down her pants, revealing her underwear.

He startled her as he leaned in to her crotch, kissing her stomach and thighs, finally settling on her underwear. She lay back on the bed and laughed.

“God Mark!” She called out.

Her panties were high-cut white briefs, with white lace and a “french cut” style that showed much of her thighs. He pressed his face to the fabric, inhaling the odors and kissing.

Heaven. This is fucking heaven. His erection was raging now, barely contained by his boxers.

He kissed and tugged at the fabric covering her crotch.

“God pull them down!” She exclaimed.

He obeyed and tugged them down her legs and off. Before throwing them to the floor he held them up in his hands and pressed them to his face.

“Ah Mark, so you like panties!” She said, leaning her head up to watch him. She smiled and laughed before laying her head back down onto the bed.

She had a small bush of reddish-blonde pubic hair. He kissed and nibbled between her legs, her hands occasionally rubbing his dark head of hair. After a few minutes he suddenly got up and walked over to his work bag. She leaned up on her elbows and watched him.

“Is everything OK?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He said, taking out the box of condoms and putting one on.

She laughed wildly and positioned herself on the bed.

He was now on top of her, their lips met and they kissed, her hands rubbed his back, her nails sometimes digging into his flesh. He entered her slowly and raised himself up on his knees.

“God Mark.” She said in a whisper, looking up at him with lust-filled eyes. Her lightly colored cheeks were already beginning to glow flushed red.

He began.

As he worked faster and faster, his mind was only focused on Jenn and the moment. The fact that he was a married man with three children was nowhere on his mind. He was cheating on his wife in this moment. He was in a motel room fucking another woman who wasn’t his wife. But he didn’t think of any of that.

He looked down into her dull blue eyes; he was going faster and harder now. She looked up at him, beads of sweat beginning to form on her forehead. Her pale cheeks were bright red. He pushed his lips down onto hers, they kissed and her face felt warm and damp. He fucked her at a quickening pace.

Yes. Yes. Fucking yes. Mark felt his orgasm building now. It built more and more as he fucked her. He looked down at Jenn; she looked like a wild animal beneath him.

I’m gonna come. Mark thought to himself.

“Ah. Fucking yes. Fuck!” Mark called out as he had his orgasm.

“Mark! Mark! Yes Mark!” Jenn called out, her hands tightly clenching his shoulders.

And so it began.

One month later

Mark and Jenn lay in the motel room bed, sweaty and exhausted after the intense sex they had just had. His head rested on a pillow as Jenn rested her head on the bed, pressed against his shoulder. They held hands underneath the sheets.

“You love panties.” She said.

Mark laughed. “I think you have a panty fetish Mark!” Jenn added, laughing with him.

“A beautiful woman in her underwear, that just turns me on so fucking much.”

“Lets play dress up next time.”

“Whattya mean.” He replied.

“What do you want me to wear for you.” Her hand untangled from his and moved to his stomach, rubbing his body hair gently, only inches from his still recovering flaccid member. “What should I wear.” She whispered.

“A skirt… one of those skirts that really puffs out ya know.”

“Should I wear nothing underneath?” She added.

“Nah, wear a thong, a classy one.”

“I’ll wear that but I want you to bend me over one of the chairs.” She added.

Fucking shit! She is a horny fucking nut! Mark thought.


For the past eight years the affair went on. They met secretly about once every two or three months. Suspicion never arose from their spouses and they both felt confident they were getting away with everything. The two married couples still did many things together and Jenn even found ways to play with Mark’s mind during get-togethers, dinners and parties. Sometimes if she caught him alone for a second she might whisper to him about the panties she was wearing or what she wanted them to do in bed. Sometimes Mark even got away with pinching her butt when nobody was looking. If he knew they were going to meet for sex in the next few days he would pinch her especially hard.

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