The Customer (Dexter’s Saga) Ch. 20


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End of chapter 19

Just like a battering ram. He moved his fingers and grabbed hold of Jessie’s cock and played with his foreskin as the hard shaft beat against his belly. “Oh! Make this last, I love this, lover, Yessss make it last! Make it last, my camel riding Crusader lover,” he hissed.

Chapter 20

And make it last he did. Jessie rode the Judge’s rod for a long time and the Judge reveled in the action. Then he grabbed Jessie and flipped him over and drilled his cock into the younger man’s boi cunt. Pounding away like mad until his body stiffened froze and he came. Then he collapsed on top of Jessie, his chest and Jessie’s cemented together by sweat both hearts pounding so hard that each thought the others heart had exploded.

“Masha’Allah,” moaned Yethro, “Oh that was great. Let’s forget about politics about religion – about everything and just run off some where and make love all day, everyday and shut out the world. Just you and me alone on a deserted Island.”

“Anything you want, but first I think I need some sleep.”

“We will have enough sleep when we are dead and buried in the ground,” the Judge laughed. “You accused me of getting old before, well this old man could go for another spin.”

“Knowing you, when I die I am going to see that I’m buried in another grave yard far from you!”

“But why my love?”

“If we were buried next to each other – the place would be having earthquakes all the time!” Jessie quipped. “Now damn it, go to sleep,” he ordered and eased Yethro off his body and then kissed him. “Good night Judge.”

The next morning as they sat having breakfast Jessie asked Yethro what plans he had for him in the coming campaign.

“I think it would be best if you did as little as possible. We are going to have to go very slowly as you yourself have pointed out many times how most of the people in our party feel about our type of relationship. There is no sense in bringing this before the public before it is necessary. For all anyone knows you, as my adopted son, are also my secretary and confidant. It is your duty to help me with my speeches and English. That’s all they need to know for now. There will be time to answer questions after I become Governor and by then it will be too late.”

“What I meant was will I be moving to the governor’s mansion with you or will you want me to stay here and manage your affairs here?”

“You and I will go into the mansion together. I need you with me. I need your help and advice just as much as I need them here in town. Nothing will change. In fact, I will need you more, not less. If I thought this job would impair our relationship – I would not have agreed to take it. In fact, I hope that you will someday enter politics yourself and follow in my footsteps, perhaps even go on and become President someday.”

Jessie laughed, “Me, President? You have got to be kidding! If you think that might happen, why are you pushing me to become a Muslim? That would not help in any way.”

“First of all, I am not pushing you. By the time you are ready, perhaps the climate will change and maybe my being Governor will help prepare the ground. Together, you and I can help bring that about and that would be wonderful for America. Besides you are only exploring Islam. You know I have never asked you, nor would I want you, to convert unless you want to do it for yourself. Yes, for sure, it would give me great pleasure to have you as a Muslim on one hand, but I would miss your wonderful foreskin.”

“Ouch! You would bring that up,” Jessie sighed. “Can we forget about that for now?”

“Well I could always bite it off for you……”

“No thanks. Come let us have some breakfast.”

After breakfast, they finished dressing and went into work. Jessie spent the morning typing out a full report to Homeland Security and sealed it in an envelope. He wanted the director to know what was going on and also to ask him if he should continue his undercover activities. He did not know if it was legal, or even right, to spy on a man running for public office. He said that if he were to continue, he would need a new contact. Since both he and Ümraniye Escort the Judge would often be out of town, the Police Chief might be hard to contact in case something came up. Another means of contact had to be found. I will need someone that the Judge would not suspect. Later in the day the Police Chief came by the court on some judicial matters and Jessie met him in the bathroom. After checking the stalls, he slipped him the envelope and told him to deliver it as soon as he could. He told him the gist of what was in the report and told him that he had no idea for a new contact.

“Shit and I was just getting to like seeing you everyday. I will miss you.”

“Don’t worry. I will keep you in the loop since I will need you as a contact when I’m in town. I don’t know if this new contact will be able to operate both here in town and elsewhere in the state. So for now, I will keep you here and look for another agent for other locations.”

“That’s nice because I am still hoping that our working together will somehow lead to my being able to get that ass of yours in bed again. You must admit that it was fun at Sultan’s place that night. You cost me a lot, but you were worth every cent I had to shell out.”

“You were not too bad yourself,” Jess admitted as he remembered that first night at Sultan’s. The evening he had introduced him as his latest male whore by auctioning his nude body off to the highest bidder. Mike had outbid everyone and celebrated by hoisting his nude body over his shoulder and parading him through the jeering and cheering crowd of losing bidders. He carried him off to a private room in the brothel where he spent the night ravaging him. “If I remember right I was hurting for a week. I think you did get your money’s worth that night.”

“Sure did. And to tell the truth I would like a repeat performance.” Mike smiled and said, “I’ll get this to the boss right away.”

Later in the day, at lunchtime in the Judge’s chambers, Yethro and Jess were talking about the coming election fight. Yethro started to say, “Do you think I should vacate the bench after my candidacy is announced or should I keep my seat until I’m elected?”

“It’s hard to say, but I think that you should devote as much time as you can to the campaign. Remember this is a statewide office and you must establish yourself as a statewide personality. That way the public will see that you yourself consider it to be an important office and one that you will devote all your energies to doing. It will also show the public that you are committed to the office and that you want them to get to know you and your record. I think you have to make them feel that you are ready and able to fill the Governor’s shoes if he were to get sick or if he were to go on vacation and leave the state in your care. It will be an excellent way to prepare not only them, but yourself for taking over the Governorship.”

“You know that Dan told me he thought you had a lot of political savvy and I would do well to listen to you. We do make a good team and I’m going to need you right beside me. So I’m going to ask you if you will leave this job and come to work for me as my assistant?”

“As long as the pay is right. I don’t think there would be a problem.”

“I’m sure we can work something out. After all I’m not a slave driver,” Yethro laughed. “But don’t expect a big raise, at lease not right away. We do have to get elected first and then I will see what the office budget will support. However, I do think a short vacation at the lake would be in order as soon as we can arrange it. We will need all the rest and relaxation we can get before the wars begin.”

The Judge started clearing his court calendar and reassigning all of his cases. He told everyone that he was going on a vacation and wanted to get the cabin ready for summer. It was not really unusual, as he had already started to power-down the courthouse. The town was used to this procedure, as it was one that he engaged in every spring. After the convention and his nomination, he would arrange for a replacement judge to take over. Of course it should be one that he could count on to keep things as unchanged as possible. After all, it was still his town and his base of support and no one was going to be able to forget that. He would have loved to place Jess on the bench but that, at least for now, was not an option. Now that his old law clerk had passed his state bar exam, he might be able to get him a temporary appointment, but that was a long shot. For now he would just have to hope that whoever was appointed would be controllable. After he became Governor he could remove him and appoint someone else if he needed to do that.

It took about a week to arrange everything and the two of them left for the cabin. There was a lot to do, but the Judge and Jess really enjoyed getting the cabin Anadolu yakası Escort in shape. They cleaned out the cabin and did a little fishing and spent time talking about what they were going to do during the campaign. Sitting in the motorboat drifting on the calm lake with the late spring sun beating down on them, the Judge suddenly said, “Jess, I think it is time for you to get a girlfriend.”

Jess was shocked and he said so in a very indignant tone, “What! You are tired of me so soon? You don’t think I would give you up after all we have been through. Something has happened. What’s going on in that brain of yours?”

“Well, I was thinking the other day about how we could work out some sort of arrangement that would make it look like you and I were only father and son to the public.”

“Since when did you ever give a damn what the public thought?”

“Don’t get so angry, Jess. You know that I don’t really care what they think, but Dan called me yesterday while you were out on the lake, during our conversation he again said that it would look better if you were engaged or going with a woman. He said too many people were beginning to look too deeply at our relationship. We talked for a long time and I finally told him I would see what your thoughts were. If you decide to do this it would mean that you would only have to go out with her once in a while just to give the impression that….”

“That I’m normal,” Jess interrupted him in an angry tone. “Are you and Dan going to pick this female for me or will I be given a list to choose from. Will I have any say at all in whom it might be? After all I would not want some ‘dog’ hanging on my arm when I have to escort her around.”

“Well Dan did have a few girls in mind, but I told him you and I would discuss it first and I would get back to him,” Yethro said rather meekly. “Please, Jess, at least consider it. If you don’t do this, I’ll call Dan and tell him the whole deal is off and you and I will just continue our lives as before.”

“You know you would never forgive me if I was responsible for your not having this opportunity. I could not live with the thought that I robbed you of the chance. Maybe I should just disappear until this is over?”

“That wouldn’t work. Besides, I need you. Take some time to think it over and let me know what I should tell Dan and the committee. If you decide to do this – you will have the final say in who the girl is. It will have to be someone that I can trust not to become too attached to you, although I can not think of any woman who would not want that cock in her pussy,” he said leaning over and kissing him and groping his crotch.

“Unhand me, you beast,” Jess said. “OK. I’ll do what you ask, but I won’t like it. You can tell Dan that he can send us the photos of some women and you and I will pick one. We will set up some dates and take it from there.”

“I’m glad you are not going to give me a hard time on this. I’ll call Dan and we will work something out.”

A few days later after Yethro had gone into town he returned to the cabin and laid 4 pictures on the kitchen table and spread them out. All four were pictures of nice looking women. “I told Dan I wanted only the best he could find. After all I would not like you to be seen with an ugly woman on your arm in public. I told Dan that since I would have to be present most of the time in public with the two of you, it would be better if it were a mature girl and not some common young slut that might embarrass us. Look these over and see if there is anyone you think you would like to meet.”

“They all look rather nice and anyone of them would do, except this one,” Jess said as he pointed to a picture of Phyllis Goodwin. “Isn’t she that committeeman’s daughter? The one that he was trying to pass off on me that night at the pool.”

“Yes, as a matter of fact it is. I asked Dan to include her because she is older and you would not be tempted to form a lasting attachment. Besides her father, Hal Goodwin, is an important member of the party with lots of money and connections that we would like to keep happy. It would be like killing two birds with one stone, as you Americans say.”

“Well, if you think it is a good match, why not make the old guy happy then? Do you think I should date the other girls first or her?”

“I’ll leave that up to you, but you do not have much time as we will be on the campaign trail soon and it would be better if it looked like you had been ‘going together’ for a while. Her name and number are on the back of the photo. Give her a call and see if you can make a date. Tell her some story about her father having shown you her picture and — well you know the routine.”

“Well it has been a long time since I did this, but I’ll try. Just remember all this was your idea, not mine,” Jess said. “Against my better İstanbul Escort judgment, I’ll think about what to say and then give her a call this evening.”

“Why not now? Are you getting shy on me?” the Judge laughed.

“Has nothing to do with being shy. I think I remember her father saying that she worked in some office and… yes damn it, I am a bit rusty and I need time and privacy to think about how to go about this. Should I call her father first and ask him for permission?”

“Her father has already given you permission. All you need to do is call her and arrange to meet her. I’ll even let you use my car or you can rent one.”

“Use your Jeep? I think I would like to rent a car. Something wild like a convertible,” he said. “After all I do have to make an good impression on her. I’ll also need a driver’s license in my new name.”

“Mike can arrange all that without any trouble. As far as the car rental, just put it on my credit card for now. I’ll also arrange a credit card for you. After all, if you are going to date women, you are going to need money. I’ll go into town and arrange everything. You can stay here and think about what you are going to say to her,” Yethro said smiling as he opened the door and started to leave. “I’m going back into town to arrange everything. It may take a while. I will be back by nightfall – I hope you will have called this Phyllis Goodwin and arranged a date. If by some chance she’s not interested, then try one of the others. We have to get moving on this.”

A few hours later the cabin phone rang and Jess answered it. “Have you called that girl yet?” Yethro asked.

“For God’s sake Yethro, It is only 6 P.M. Give the girl a chance to get home and eat.”

“You’re chicken! Do I have to call her for you?” the Judge taunted him. ” I just arranged for a credit card and Mike is getting you a driver’s license. Everything should be ready in about two hours and I will come home at that time. You had better have made that call by then or I will take you over my knee and spank your ass.”

“O.K. I’ll try to give her a call as soon as we hang up… I’m really nervous about this. Are you sure this is the right thing to do?”

“You are chicken! I wouldn’t have believed it! A grown man afraid to call a girl….”

“Go to hell!” Jess shouted and then said, “I’ll call her as soon as you hang up. Good bye.”

Jessie took his cell phone out on to the dock and dialed the number on the back of the photograph and waited while the phone rang about three times. He was about to hang up when he heard her familiar voice.

“Hello, is this Miss Phyllis Goodwin?”

“Yes it is. Who is this?”

“Phil, just listen, this is Jessie, and I have to see you sometime this weekend. Can you make it? It is important. I will tell you everything then.”

“If my boss will let me off early on Friday, you could meet me at the apartment say at six.”

“You can say it’s to meet me and I’m sure he will understand. Call me back at this number if you can make it,” Jess said and gave her his cell phone number. “I may not be alone so play along with me – like I said I will clear-up everything when I see you.” He then hung up and walked up to the house just as the Judge was pulling up to the gate.

“Well, my shy lover, did you call the woman?” he asked as he got out of the jeep.

“Yes, I did and she is going to see if her boss will let her off early on Friday so that we can meet and get acquainted.”

“See I told you it would not be too difficult. Now that that’s settled, I can tell you that I have taken care of all the paperwork and you can rent any car you want. In fact, I’ve been thinking that it might be a good idea if you gave some thought to perhaps buying a car for your own use. Somehow I don’t think Ms. Goodwin, or any woman, will like having her ‘boyfriend’ picking her up in a Jeep.”

“You might be right about that. And it would also support the impression that I’m independent. Were you able to get me a driver’s license?”

“Yes, everything is made out in your new name Jessie Ibn Yethro-Allwadii, all legal like. How come you decided to make a date on Friday night?”

“You said to get started as soon as possible, besides, I thought it would be nice if you and I went to Mosque Friday morning. After that, I could go rent a car, stop at the house, dress and then take off for the date. If we find that we like each other, I may stay over at her place for the rest of the weekend,” he said, teasing Yethro. “If we don’t hit it off – then I’ll call the number two on the list. After all why waste time and effort?”

“On the first date!” Yethro screamed. “My, it looks like I have created a monster. What makes you think that Ms. Goodwin or any woman for that matter will jump into bed with you so soon?”

“Ohhhh! Just from the tone of her voice and my sexual abilities. She is going to be putty in my hands….”

“Remember that she is the daughter of an important man, one we need. Just be careful or I just might decide to perform that circumcision on you before you decide to convert… Understand!”


To be continued…

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