The Co-Worker Ch. 02


I’m at another business seminar with Lisa.

To recap, Lisa is a co-worker. She’s married with two boys, about 5’4″, blond hair, green eyes. Lisa has a fantastic body, 34 bust, 26 waist and 36 hips, although she is somewhat modest. We’ve flirted with each other previously and have met for lunches where we’ve discussed our lives and have done a little flirting.

Nothing much happened between us until our last business meeting! We ended up in bed! Lisa confessed that sexual relations between her she really had a nice body. Too bad it’s hidden. I brought two cold drinks out and we chatted for a few. I told her that she had a sexy body. Great looking legs! A toned ass! We slept together the previous night, so I saw her!

I convinced her to go back to the gift shop and purchase a bikini. I said I would even buy it so her husband would not know. She came back in a two-piece suit, on the conservative side but it still showed

her curves.

I went swimming and Lisa grabbed a float. She seemed to doze off, chest down. Looking around to see if there was anyone else around. I quietly came up beside her and undid her top. Then I tipped the float!

When she surfaced, her top was floating away. “What was that for?” she demanded. Her arms crossed against her chest barely hiding her breasts.

I grabbed her hand and guided her to the steps of the pool. I took her face in my hands and kissed her.

I told her ” I loved her! That I wanted her!”

She didn’t protest as our tongues met. I reached out with both arms around her. She uncrossed her arms and we got closer. I then reached up and gently cupped both breasts. “We can’t do this here,” she said.

“Why not? We fucked last night and you didn’t complain!” I said. Keeping both hands on her breasts.

Were they more buoyant in water? I know she didn’t need much support. They felt so good n my hands.

“NO!” She yenibosna escort said, but didn’t pull away. Her nipples were hardening. She was getting turned on and so was I.

I kissed her lips, then her face, down her neck. Running my hands down her body, I found the snaps to the bottom of her suit. I stopped for a second, watching her eyes. Lisa leaned forward and I unsnapped and pulled her suit off.

“NO!” She said again and we kissed. After that she said “no” again. Her hands found the front of my suit. My cock jumped and her hands stayed on my erection. I asked her if that turned her on?

“Yes! It does turn me on but it’s still wrong!” Her hands untied my suit, reached with both hands and pulled it down. Wow! Was I hard! Lisa was panting and her color was a deep red. Our eyes locked!

Lisa leaned her hips forward and we were touching. Still stroking me, Lisa said “NO! Not here. People might see us!”

Backing away to a deeper area of the pool where was a ladder, I guided her hands to the rungs. I kissed her deeply! Cupping and kissing her breasts, Lisa spread her legs. I guided a finger first to tease her! I then spread her outer lips and explored some more. She started to tremble. Her legs spread more!

Was she wetter?

I reached down and started to stroke myself. I was erect! I then guided the tip of my cock into her inviting pussy. Just an inch or two, then out again, I tip fucked her maybe 5 times! Lisa shivered! Shook! Moaned! ” Look! We must stop this! Right now!”

I countered with “yes I know.” I kissed her breasts and gently bit a nipple. I knew I had to be gentle.

Her breasts bruised easily and I couldn’t leave any marks that her husband would see.

Lisa moaned “ohhh my god!” and grabbed my erection. It was as hard as a rock and the head of my penis was purplish. Her breathing zeytinburnu escort was shallow as she then looked at me and bit her lower lip. I then gently spread her legs again. We switched positions my hands and fingers softly pass over her breasts. I unclasp the front close bra and her breasts fall into my hands. I feel the sudden breath as I

touch her nipples, rolling each between my forefingers and thumbs.

We kiss again. As I continue to tease her nipples, Lisa raises a hand and places it against me, to feel the beat of my heart. I lower my hands to finish undressing her. Her skirt falls to the ground. I unbuckle my pants while Lisa is removing my shirt. All that was left was my boxers and her panties. My cock had never been that hard as Lisa took it in her hands “Oh god!” touching the tip, then stroking me.

I knelt down to probe! Kiss and tease her thru her panties. There was already a dark, wet spot as I slipped them off. I spread her legs “fuck! Fuck! ” She gasped as I continued. I took her pussy lips, licking watching it opening like a new bud. Finding her clit! Touching, swirling my tongue and sucking it again, Lisa gasped, ” I want to feel you ” unnngggh “inside of me!” Lisa falling back on the edge of the bed, she took both hands and pulled my boxers off! She held my cock! Squeezed it a little as she lowered her other hand to her pussy. She rubbed slowly, and then lifted her fingers to her mouth to taste.

We lay down, next to each other. Lisa stroking me slowly “I love your hard cock!”

My fingers teasing her breasts. Watching her nipples get hard! Erect! Thinking about why her husband can’t make her cum without the aid of a sex toy. This woman is sexually deprived.

Looking down, some of her juices are already flowing down a toned thigh, in anticipation.

Lisa barely whispers acıbadem escort that she feels my erection throbbing in her hand. “I want you! I want you to fuck me hard! I want to feel your hot cum inside me! “

Lisa was on her back, her legs spread and knees up in the air. I got between her legs, kissing her chest.

I then went to her breasts. Licking them like one would lick a lollipop and sucking her nipples.

Then licking up her neck to kiss.

Sitting up, she then started to run her hands over my chest and to bite and tease me.

I ran a finger to her pussy, first to tease, then to finger fuck her.

Lisa’s head dropped to stroke me. There’s some cum on my helmet. She starts to lick and perform oral! All the time, my mind is racing and thinking why doesn’t her husband like this?

I fall back on the bed and Lisa places a hand on my chest to keep me down and she proceeds to spread her legs and mount me in the Cowgirl position. She takes my erection in her hand, and slowly lowers

her wet pussy. This isn’t lovemaking! This is craving and lust for each other.

I then lift my hips, and she exhales sharply. My knees are up behind her and she leaned forward as

we fuck. My hands go from her thighs up to her breasts. Rocking, I feel my cock deep in her.

I’ve never felt this before! I can’t describe it! Normally I wouldn’t cum so fast but in this position, watching her breasts bounce, and taking one in my mouth as she leaned forward, I shout, “Babe, I’m going to cum!”

Lisa comes down one more time, then up, withdrawing my cock and holds it as I spray cum on her chest.

A little disappointed that she didn’t cum, we both collapse and fall asleep side-by-side.

Later that night, I hear the shower running. Lisa is in there. ” Hi Babe. Care to join me?”

How could I refuse? I join her. At first we just kiss. Lisa tells me that she wants me to wash her hair.

Standing under the spray, running her fingers thru her hair, her breasts pushing out.

I ask her to turn around. My limp cock touching her ass is now getting hard. I move closer as I start washing her hair, my cock resting in between her cheeks bobbing up then she does the same. Pulling the sheets back, I invite her to join me.

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