The Business Trip – Part 1


I work for a small web design company in northern Connecticut. We acquired a rather large account with a lawn care company in Virginia, and my boss asked me to go with him to present the design we had created, since I was the only other male at the company. My boss told me he didn’t want any of the women to think he was hitting on them. Never having been asked to go on a business trip for this company before, I jumped at the Escort Beşevler chance to travel a bit even if it was for work! Dan, my boss, told me to be ready to head out the next morning. That night, I went home, opened a small bottle of red table wine, and poured myself a glass and headed up to the bathroom to take a nice warm bath. I took my shirt off and looked at myself in the full length Escort Çankaya mirror. My upper body was cleanly waxed and shaven. I tweaked my nipples with my fingers and took a sip of my wine. Taking off my trousers to reveal my pink lace panties that I loved to wear to work, I felt a twitch in my groin. Just the sight of my shaven body in those pink panties made my cock hard. The tip of Cebeci escort bayan my cock peeked out the top of my panties. I slowly took off my panties and ran my bath. While in the bath, I had finished the rest of the wine in the bottle. Feeling horny, I began to stroke my cock. I put my feet on the edges of the tub to spread my legs wider. I had one hand stoking my now hard fuck tool and I was sucking my fingers on my free hand. I wet the middle finger and slowly placed the tip of the middle finger at the opening of my tiny little butt hole. I slowly made circles around my asshole and began arching my back. I was stroking my cock harder as I wet my finger again this time shoving it up my ass to the second knuckle.

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