I Have Some Instructions for You


*** This text is part story and part instruction for you to follow, my pet. Before you start, you will need a warm, damp facecloth, a hand/small mirror, and perhaps another towel to lie on; and of course, some privacy. ***

First, you are to strip yourself down to only your underwear, even removing your bra, and recline on your bed. This is to prove to me, your master that you will not hide any of your sexuality from me. Look down over your body, and imagine I can see everything you do. Shift your gaze down from your breasts, across your stomach, past your panties and down your thighs. The sight of your nakedness pleases me, so I shall continue.

Take the warm, wet facecloth in one hand and dangle it above your body. Gently drag the end across the skin of your neck and across your collarbone. Does that feel relaxing, my pet? I’m sure it does. I want you to feel good, although you must do EXACTLY as I say. Now pull it further across your skin, concentrating on how it feels against you. As the warm water evaporates and leaves your body, it will leave a cool sensation. Take levent escort the cloth even lower, and rub your pretty breasts for me. Allow the warmth to relax you, helping you to submit to my gaze. I am watching through your eyes, so make sure to pay attention to the sensation the cloth brings. Keep massaging your breasts for me, alternating between them. Blow gently on your nipples as the cloth leaves them, so the coolness will leave them excited and upright. This is how I want them to be whenever you think of submitting to your master, as a centre to give you pleasure or pain.

As the water on the cloth begins to cool, you must wipe it down your belly to your panties, linking your now sensitised chest to your groin. Imagine the trail of the cloth is a conductor, for any sensation to be shared along. Touches to your nipples will be felt in your clit now as well. Press the cloth into your panties with one hand, against your gorgeous mound. Feel the weight of my guiding hand above yours, pressing your hand into the cloth, the cloth against your mecidiyeköy escort outer lips. Now fondle your breasts as you wish, and grind your hips into the face towel until its cool wetness can mingle with your own, warmer juices. Put on a show for your master, grinding and moaning and rubbing until your underwear is soaked and you can hardly control your thoughts. Let them come under the control of my instructions instead. You may not stop until your panties are drenched and you are sure your scented juice is on them.

Is following my instruction turning you on? I’m sure it is. Look at you, glistening with water and sweat. This sight makes me happy my pet, and when I am happy you shall be rewarded. Now slide off your remaining sopping garment, and smell your arousal upon it. Do not even think of skipping an instruction; don’t let that thought cross your mind. The proof of your horniness belongs to me, and you are to mentally offer this feeling to my control. I will let you orgasm soon, but you have more tasks to follow.

Now my pet, take the mirror and kağıthane escort place it below your moistened cunt lips so you can clearly see yourself. Display yourself to this mirror, as your master is watching you from it. See your hands, now guided by my thoughts, as they caress and explore your pretty folds. You must complete the following orders before you may orgasm:

Everything must be done in display to your master. Your pleasure is at my mercy and must be broadcast to any who may be watching.

You must play with your pussy for at least 3 minutes without penetration or touching your clit. This will teach you that your body is now my property and you may do nothing with it until I allow it.

Now you may touch the delicate bud of your clitoris. You must think of it from now on as my switch for your body. Use the mirror to watch yourself playing with it. When you are about to orgasm, you must ask permission aloud. The answer is NO, so you must immediately take your hands away.

Breathe deeply for 10 seconds, and then you may watch yourself sliding as many fingers as you wish into that beautiful slit I now own. Ask again for release, as this time the answer is “Yes my pet, you may now cum for me”. Enjoy your ecstasy my pet, and ride it out to the fullest. And with that, I kiss you on your cheek and am gone from your mind, at least for now.

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