Demetri and Jenna: Day 01

Big Dick

Demetri and Jenna were lounging around his town house. It was a lazy day with not much to do. The sun had begun to set, but being the summer, there were still a few hours of day light out. Demetri looks over at Jenna. She’s still wearing the pajamas he lent her: some boxers and a t-shirt. They’re in bed and watching a movie. Demetri moves towards Jenna and rubs her stomach lightly before his hand slides up her shirt. Her nipples harden immediately as his hand slides across her skin.

Demetri cups one of her breasts in his hand and begins it massage it lightly. He can hear Jenna’s breaths starting to become heavier as he leans in and starts to kiss her neck. His fingers begin to play with her nipples. He pinches one, and then gives it a little twist until Jenna cries out in pain. Demetri snickers. He kisses Jenna’s neck, and starts to lift her shirt. She knows where things are going, and she happily helps him pull it off. With both breasts exposed, Demetri takes one in each hand, and kneads their supple flesh between his fingers and knuckles as he starts to lightly bite Jenna’s neck. She gasps as the slight sensation of pain.

Demetri begins to kiss Jenna lower. His lips travel down to her waist, and then he goes back up. He reaches for Jenna’s left breast and sucks her nipple into his mouth. He licks it, sucks it, and playfully nibbles on it. Jenna begins to moan lightly. She grabs Demetri by the back of the head, and starts to kiss his crown. Demetri’s hand travels to her waist and then slides over her soft, shaven mound. Gently, he encircles her clit with his finger, getting Jenna ready and wet. His mouth travels to her other breast, and as he licks it, his hand starts to grind into her pussy, getting her lips and vulva soaked in her juices. With a single finger, he slides it into the boxers, and slowly rubs in between Jenna’s vulva lips, from the bottom to the top of her slit.

Jenna moans a little more, and then Demetri slaps her pussy. She momentarily cries out, and he spanks it again. He can tell her pussy is starting to get sensitive, but he smacks it again as Jenna starts to recoil. Before she can speak, Demetri furiously rubs her pussy beneath the boxers. Jenna’s breath is caught in her throat, and she begins to writhe under Demetri’s hand. He sticks his fingers in her mouth, and she reflexively starts to suck on them. She wants his dick, she’s hungry for it, and so she sucks on Demetri’s fingers hoping he’ll undress as well. Her hands travel to the waist of his shorts, and she tugs on them. Demetri simply begins to rub Jenna faster, and her legs twitch. She moans and recoils, feeling the pleasure build up inside her.

Demetri takes off his shirt, shorts, boxers, and then stands up in front of Jenna. His dick is already getting hard; he grabs it by the head, pulls it back, and then lets go. The full shaft of his dick slaps Jenna in the face. He instantly grabs her by the hair and pulls her closer. She doesn’t need any further instruction; she grabs his dick with her lips and starts to slide it into her mouth. Jenna licks it with her wet tongue and sucks on it, bringing it deeper into her moist mouth. Demetri leans back as he can feel her tongue sliding around the rim while she sucks on the head. Demetri grabs her by the head and starts to push more of his dick into your mouth. It taps the back of her throat, and Jenna Kurtköy Yabancı Escort gags, but she can’t fight it. Demetri continues to hold her head and forces her to swallow his dick. Her eyes water as she can feel his balls resting upon her chin.

Demetri pulls his dick out, and Jenna gasps for air. As she tries to catch her breath, Demetri pulls the boxers off of Jenna. He kneels down, spreads her legs, and starts to lap at the opening of her pussy. Jenna moans and squirms, as Demetri licks her vulva lips up and down, lightly sucking each one of them. He lifts his tongue to her clit and swirls around it, slowly, before sucking it into his mouth and closing his lips as tightly as he can around her clit. He then releases her swollen clit and begins to lap at it like a dog. Jenna’s body starts to shake, she can feel her pussy tingling. She moans the words, “I’m gonna…I’m gonna-” And Demetri stops licking her.

Without a word, Demetri pulls Jenna to her feet and then grabs her by the hair again. He forces her down onto the bed, and then walks over to his dresser. Before Jenna can see what he retrieves, he grabs her hair again and walks her out to his back patio. He has such a tight grip on her hair, she can’t even turn her head. Demetri bends Jenna over table as soon as they get out onto the patio. He orders, “Give me your hands.” Every time Demetri grabs Jenna’s hair, she can feel something inside of her snap. She feels completely submissive, willing to do anything Demetri says. She loves how he’s taking control of her and brought her out here. She can feel the moisture building inside her pussy, and dripping down her thighs. That’s when she realizes Demetri is tying her hands together. She panics. “You’re mine now, and you’re not coming back inside unless I let you.” Demetri spanks Jenna as hard as he can on her ass, and then closes the door behind him.

Jenna’s head turns to the side, and she watches Demetri walk back to his room. She nervously awaits his return. She gets up and huddles under the table, hoping no one comes outside and sees her in this exposing position. Demetri returns with some pillows and a couple of towels. He sets the pillows down on a towel, and then puts another towel over those. He grabs Jenna from under the table by the arms and pulls her out. He brings her over to the pillows and sets her down in a kneeling position. Once set, he slaps her again with his dick. As he grabs her by the hair once more, and pulls her closer, Jenna gladly opens wide and receives his dick. Her lips purse around the head, and she sucks on it hard while licking it.

She begins to bob her head, bringing Demetri’s dick in and out, covering it in her saliva, and getting as sloppy and slick as possible. Demetri moans and begins to rock his hips back and forth, putting more of his dick in her mouth as she continues to bob her head. Jenna gasps for air in between thrusts. She can feel a burning desire to get Demetri off as soon as possible. She’s still afraid someone might come out and see her being used like this. She hungrily sucks and licks his dick, letting her drool cover it, and the warmth of her mouth completely envelope it. Demetri moans more, and she speeds up, knowing he’s about to blow. Demetri pulls her head away by her hair and instantly busts onto her face. A big glob hits her on the cheek, Kurtköy Yeni Escort her forehead, and then her nose and lips.

Demetri leaves Jenna there on her knees and goes inside. When he comes back, she’s still kneeling, in a daze at what just happened. “Get up.” Jenna struggles to stand with her hands behind her back, but does so. Demetri grabs one of the towels and then walks outside with it. He then grabs Jenna by the wrists and forces her to come outside as well. She nervously walks out with Demetri, and begins to panic again at the thought of being caught. Demetri lays her down onto the towel. “You can’t cum inside until you cum three times,” he says. Before she can begin to protest his orders, he places a few fingers between her thighs. A vibration goes off against her clit, and she reflexively squirms and moans. Still soaking wet from earlier, the first orgasm doesn’t take too long. Jenna tries to fight back her moans as her body shakes and she cums. The vibrations continue, and she closes her legs, trying to escape the vibrations, but Demetri isn’t going to let her finish that easily.

Demetri grabs one of her legs, and wraps it under his own. He forces her legs open, takes a couple of fingers, and still with the vibrator, slips them between her outer vulva lips. He rubs her pussy up and down with the vibrator, teasing her with it, teasing her opening, before slipping it inside. Demetri uses two fingers and digitally penetrates Jenna with the vibrator. He massages each of her vaginal walls, massaging her pussy from the inside, and stimulates her g-spot with the vibrator. Slowly, he starts to bring his fingers out, and then pushes them back in. He repeats this motion, first slowly, but steadily gaining speed, and slides his fingers in deeper. Jenna moans loudly, catching herself off guard. Her pussy starts to drool all over Demetri’s fingers, and he can feel her second orgasm building.

Jenna’s pussy begins to tighten around Demetri’s fingers. Every movement sends shivers through her legs. She can feel him teasing her g-spot with the vibrator, and her hips buckle against him. Her body is begging for another orgasm now. She grinds her hips into Demtri’s hand, wanting his fingers deeper inside her. He begins to swirl his fingers inside her, pulling them in and out, rubbing the vibrator on her inner lips, and then back inside her. Jenna fights to keep herself under control, but a few moans slip out as her body shakes, and your hips quiver once more. Her pussy is now dripping all over the towel. She can feel herself slip into a submissive daze, not sure how much longer she can last like this. The ecstasy washes over her, and she can’t do anything but comply to get up as Demetri pulls her to her feet.

Jenna breathes a sigh of relief, thinking that he’s had enough fun with her. They begin walking, and she gladly follows, but when she realizes where she is, it’s too late. Demetri pushes her against his backyard gate, and spreads Jenna’s legs a part. He unties her hands, but holds her against the gate so she can’t escape. He ties each of her hands to the gate, and then comes back up behind her. He begins to smack her ass several times, and she cries out, unprepared for the pleasurable pain she receives. Demetri then pulls her hips back, and she hangs her head low, unable to move away from the gate. Kurtköy Masaj Salonu Jenna can feel her cheeks burning, both from the spanks and the embarrassment. She wonders if anyone could hear her cries, when Demetri takes his half-hard dick, and slides it up and down her pussy lips. Her legs quiver; her pussy is incredibly sensitive after cumming twice in quick succession.

Demetri continues to rub his dick up and down Jenna’s slit, waiting to get harder. He playfully slides it all the way up to her ass, and Jenna whimpers. She’s never done anal before, and she would beg for Demetri not to take her ass out in the open. He rubs his dick around her ass some more, and then gets hard. Demetri slides his dick back down and presses it against Jenna’s wet vulva lips. She knows what’s going to happen, but it still catches her off guard as his dick penetrates her pussy. He slowly slides in as much of it as he can inside her, and then pulls back out. Demetri begins to find a rhythm with his hips, pumping in and out of Jenna gently.

Jenna has trouble keeping focused. Every sound sends her into a frenzy, and all she can do is stay bent over as Demetri works his dick inside her. Moans start to escape her lips, and she gives up on fighting it. Jenna starts to completely gives in. “If you don’t cum again, I won’t untie you. And if I don’t get pleasure out of it, then you’ll stay here longer.” Jenna pushes her hips into Demetri’s pelvis on his next thrust, and she moans loudly as the base of his dick presses against her ass. She can feel the whole length of his dick filling up her pussy, and she chokes on her moans. They come out in little bursts, and her hips twitch as her legs buckle a little with each movement. Demetri pushes all of himself into Jenna again, and then holds her there for a few moments. Rock hard inside her, with her abused pussy sore from containing it for so long, Jenna begins to whimper for mercy as she can feel the pulsations of blood flowing through both of them.

Then, all at once, Demetri begins to pound his dick into Jenna, going harder, faster, and deeper. She’s become his plaything. All she can do is enjoy the feeling of her pussy starting to spasm as her vaginal walls tighten around his dick once more. He grabs onto her hips and bounces them on his dick, hitting her from different angles with every thrust. Jenna can feel Demetri getting close, when suddenly, he unties her hands from the gate. She thinks she’s free. She thinks in her submissive daze, Demetri came, and her pussy is too beat up to feel it. But that thought vanishes when Demetri pushes her all the way over, placing her ass in the air, and shoving all of his dick inside her pussy. As she bends over, he can fit the rest of his dick in, and go as deep as he can possibly go. Jenna grabs her ankles as she tries to keep herself up with every thrust. Demetri pounds her harder in quick succession, and then slides every inch he can into Jenna. He groans as hit hot, sticky cum starts shooting into her pussy. As Jenna feels her pussy fill up with cum, she cries out in pleasure, and her entire body shakes. The only thing holding her up now is Demetri’s dick and his hands around her hips.

After her body stops shaking, Jenna hangs there limp from Demetri’s waist. He pulls her to her feet, with his dick still inside her, and then pulls out. Demetri walks Jenna to the door and inside the house. In a submissive cum drunk daze, she finds herself having trouble walking. Demetri guides her back to his room, and then into the shower. Jenna sits down as he turns on the water, letting the warm water pour over her as she recover from the humiliating ecstasy.

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