Hurting You is Fun


Hanging by the wrists, the metal cuffs cutting into her skin, she is awakened by the cold. She stirs. The chains rattle as she unknowingly pulls against them, beginning to realise that she is restrained. Head dropped, hair falling over her face, she gathers her strength. As she lifts her head, the dark dreadlocks shift slightly and her eyes open and begin to try to adjust to the light. Around her, she notices there are spotlights in several places, so bright that everything beyond them remains unseen.

A drug-induced blur of black moves. It resembles a person. Her eyes struggle to stay in focus. The blinking doesn’t work. Trying to tune into the sound of speech around her, she comes to recognise it as being feminine. The blur moves closer. She’s a brunette, but it’s hard to tell because nothing remains still. The captive allows her head to fall once more as she tries, without success, to regain some clarity and strength.


The brunette pulls at the captives dreadlocks until Amber comes to and raises her head for herself.

“He’s watching, you know. He wants me to hurt you.”

Through her drugged haze, Amber moans a protest.

The brunette replies with “Now, now. Don’t be like that. You know it won’t help anyway. I sort of asked for the job. I want to hurt you for Him. I want to hurt you for me too.”

The brunette pulls out a knife and begins to cut Amber’s clothes off her body, tearing the pieces with her hands where she can. She gets to Amber’s underpants. Her fondness for humiliation is obvious when she pulls Amber’s underpants to her knees and leaves them there. The humiliation had only just begun though.

The brunette gags Amber. There is really no point in struggling. The lights are blinding and disorienting. Slight blurred shadows are visible to Amber. To the back of her, she hears movement. It’s brief because the first blow strikes. Barely able to gasp for breath, the second blow comes, and then the others, too many to count now. Pushing through the pain becomes too hard and Amber’s tear-stained face lies low. She stares at a place on the floor, her gaze bebek escort unmoving. The brunette continues. Knowing that He is watching only makes Amber determined not to break. She sees a shadow on the floor, and then the tips of the black boots she recognises.

“Look at me”, He says to her firmly.

She tries to lift her head. He helps her by taking hold of her hair in his hand and pulling back hard until her eyes meet His. The brunette keeps whipping but Amber maintains her lock on His eyes.

“I want you to know how much I love hurting you. I want to watch her hurt you, just for me. You hurt because I want it to be so.”

Amber tries to move past the pain because she knows He can see it in her eyes. The hate in the pit of her stomach threatens to rise. As He walks away, the sounds around her seem to echo- His footsteps fading, the whip striking her body. She floats between numbness and the intense and unbearable stinging and cutting on her back. It’s a life time later, but the brunette stops. Amber loses consciousness, dreadlocks falling back in front of her face as her head drops.

When she wakes, Amber sees a little more clearly. She sees Him sitting comfortably in an arm chair, smoking a cigarette. He blows the smoke into the lights surrounding Him.

He watched her like this for some time. His blue eyes never shifted their gaze. Amber couldn’t have known, but the cuts and bruises on her body created an intricate and textured design which seemed to glow in the radiance of the lights surrounding her.

He ran his fingers through His short blonde hair, briefly scratching the back of His head. He disappeared into the luminescence and from Amber’s view, returning with His camera in His hands.

“Definitely a sight to capture forever.” He seemed to breathe more heavily while He gazed through his camera taking shots of Amber’s broken flesh, as though the mere thought of the captive’s cuts was arousing Him. Amber knew this did not bode well for her. She knew how His mind worked. He had been her Master for some time. Time had not tempered His mecidiyeköy escort desires, nor His creativity.

“Mistress?” He called out to the brunette. “I’d like you to clean up my slut before we continue.”

“Sure”, she smiled.

The brunette walked over to Amber and began to gently wipe her clean with a damp cloth. Master watched for a little while, ensuring that Mistress was taking great care with His slut, before walking away. It was when her Master left that Amber began to hurt. The brunette began to wipe with greater force, dragging the damp towel more harshly over Amber’s cuts. Through her gag, Amber groaned from the pain.

“Shut the fuck up, slut. He’s gone. You’re clean. You have nothing to complain about. Besides, it’s only fair that I get to play with you before He comes back.” The brunette smiled at Amber. “Are you thirsty?” She asked showing Amber a bottle of water and opening it up. Amber nodded, watching Mistress carefully. The brunette took a drink herself and contemplated her next move. She shifted Amber’s gag slightly, filled her mouth with water and brought her mouth over to Amber’s, spitting in the water.

“What do you say?” Said Mistress with an eyebrow raised.

“Thank you.” Replied Amber, realising that her voice was barely audible.

The brunette looked around for any sign of Him. Walking a short distance, she picked up something and brought it over towards the captive. The brunette was ready when she replaced Amber’s gag. Dragging a long piece of dark fabric behind her, Mistress walked around Amber in circles. Eventually she stopped behind her and stood motionless. This became disturbing for Amber. She didn’t know what to expect from the brunette. She obviously had something in mind for her.

The brunette embarked on her task, wrapping the fabric around the captives head. She began with her eyes, fastening it behind Amber’s head with a knot before continuing. The wrapping went on, occasionally being secured with a knot, until Amber’s face had disappeared, leaving her only a small breathing space at her nose.

The brunette began florya escort to speak. “I want you to be my slut. The way you are for Him. I know the things you do together. I want you like that, whether you want to or not. Don’t make a fucking sound or I swear to God, I will go over there, get my knife and cut you.”

Hanging there helpless and in the dark, Amber tried to control her breathing. Where was her Master? Was He aware of what the brunette was up to? It didn’t matter really. She had no choice or control in the matter. Amber sunk her teeth into her gag as the brunette violently forced her fingers between her legs. In her silence, she could hear the gentle pleasure of the brunette as her fingers felt the damp warmth inside her. “Mmmmm, He was right about you. You are always wet.”

Listening to Mistress moving, Amber waited in silence and resentful anticipation. Two hands lifted her legs at the knees, leaving her hanging in pain by the wrists. In a breathless panic, Amber clenched her teeth together, begging herself not to make a sound. Mistress spread her legs open and held onto her tightly as she began to push into her. She slammed into Amber’s helpless body over and over again, pushing her strapped on toy further and further into the captive.

“I want you to come for me before He gets back. Do you hear me slut? I’m going to make you come. He told me the word He uses…”

Amber nearly cried out in despair then. If she knew her trigger word, there was no hope. She wouldn’t be able to stop herself from coming. Her Master had not given her permission to come. The brunette was keeping a steady rhythm, pounding into Amber’s body when she said the word the first time quietly into Amber’s ear. Amber moaned in protest.

Mistress continued the rhythmic thrusting and said the word a second time a little louder into Amber’s face. Amber moaned louder.

They both knew the third time was the charm.

The word came again, sending Amber’s unwilling body into convulsions of pleasure. The pain was forgotten and Amber’s moans could be heard quite loudly despite the brunette’s attempts to keep her silent.

The brunette was pulling out when Amber heard His voice.

“What the fuck? Horny bitch! You couldn’t wait until I got back? I wanted to watch.”

Amber was left hanging there, blind, and listening helplessly to her captors concoct new plans for her.

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