Summer Train Ride


Just completing your first semester in college and getting ready to go home for the summer probably isn’t the best time to learn about your naughty side.This is a story of a time when I was at a tender nineteen years old and shy, but somehow seemed mysteriously bold and unapproachable to the young, handsome guys at school and ended up being the constant target of their lusty leers. My tiny, twenty-eight-inch waist, coupled with round, full, 34C breasts and constantly hard nipples, gave me all the attention I wanted and more, as I habitually wore tight, low-cut, tops.Being looked at like a piece of fuck-toy all day and with my active wild imagination, I was horny beyond control at the end of every class.Finding privacy was not the easiest while having two wonderful but nerdy roommates. With them in the room, slumbering in their mandatory Ankara bayan escort afternoon nap, I’d feel so dirty, so nasty, as I’d jam my fingers into my pussy and get myself off, right as I heard their soft snores. This eventually became a daily ritual and I became an expert at silent orgasms, biting my lips, twisting, and turning at the corner of my bed every afternoon.Dating was out of the question in the first semester, and so was sex as I was still in a loving relationship with my high-school sweetheart and my first-ever serious boyfriend.While the summer was particularly hot, it was no match for my constantly burning pussy as I replayed the boys’ reactions to my body again and again and again in my dirty mind!It was finally the week when everyone was getting ready to head home for the summer Escort bayan Ankara break and I often found myself getting excited, imagining all the dirty things my boyfriend and I would do to each other when we’d meet after a six-month break.Still lost in my wild imagination, I picked up a simple but almost see-through white V-neck tee to go over my sexy lace bra, recently added to my collection to surprise my boyfriend. The simple but sexy look was completed by matching panties and tight blue-washed jeans.Being a planner, my ticket was booked a day before the usual summer crowd and rush. It was my first train ride home all by myself. My outfit and everything else about the hot summer day were making me impatient to board the train and possibly play with myself a little if I found the solitude.As Bayan escort Ankara I waited in the summer heat, lines of sweat dripped from the top of my neck, tracing around the full curves of my boobs, piling and making my underboob wet and dirty. It would usually have been a messy picture but my white t-shirt was almost transparent, making it irresistible for the men on the platform to pass by with a naughty look.After waiting for more than fifteen minutes in the heat, the train arrived at the platform and was deserted as predicted. My seat was also flawlessly in the center of the two doors, keeping the distractions of people coming in and out of the train as far away as possible. All the seats around mine were empty and which made it an excellent setting for a quick and much-needed release. Just as I was about to let my dirty mind run wild with lusty imaginations, I saw a middle-aged man in his early thirties take the seat right in front of me.He was dressed in business casuals with a striped blue and white fitted shirt and plain khaki trousers. The folds in the shirt displayed his fit but not overly muscular body with broad wide shoulders.

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