Stolen Goods Ch. 01


This is the first story I’ve written in quite a while. It’s the first erotic story I’ve written in much much longer. Comments are welcome. There is no futanari in this one as it sets the scene, but it’s coming in the next chapter. Hope everyone enjoys it. This scene has been etched in my mind for a few years.


The sun was just beginning to set, painting the clouds beautiful shades of reds, pinks, and oranges. The sky looked as if it was littered with little florets, matching the tropical flowers that surrounded the beach resort.

Should I get another drink? Max thought as he finished off the last of his Black Russian. He had only had two, so the alcohol hadn’t really hit him yet. He hadn’t stood up in a while though, so how could he know? He’d been too absorbed in his book to do much drinking or thinking. He was reaching the hour of decision though. If I get another one, I’ll probably keep drinking and this turns into a party night. No early morning tourist traps for me, and I was looking forward to the jet skis.

Max had been staying at the beach resort for four days already and knew that if he stayed at the beach side bar out here much longer, the sunbathing couples and frolicking families would be replaced by college students and horny adults looking to pair up for the night – something that was already beginning to happen with the older lush tourists. Max hadn’t seen what the night life had been like yet since he wasn’t really interested in pairing up.

“That bitch…” he muttered to himself as an image of Sooyoung swam into his mind yet again. The book had kept his mind far in the land of gunslingers, but the ice hitting his teeth had snapped to reality of his empty drink. He swirled the ice a few times in his cup as if conjuring up a spell to make him forget about her. They had only been dating a few months, but he was just starting to really like her. That made her cheating on him all the worse.

“You’re just not assertive enough,” she had told him. He was surprised she even known the word “assertive.” Maybe she had looked it up in the dictionary just to text it to him.

He looked back up at the flowering sunset which was starting to darken into purples and crimsons. Oh well. That’s why you are here, buddy. He couldn’t cancel the plane tickets and hotel reservations without a hefty fine and couldn’t find anyone to come with him, but he had needed this vacation from teaching all those little Korean children. They were a handful, and he imagined the beaches of the Philippines would wash away some of his stress. Now it had to wash away the images his mind kept replaying of whoever-that-was ramming his girlfriend from behind.The ice swirl pulled Max into his own thoughts, exactly the opposite of what he had wanted.


They hadn’t even heard him come in. Her one-room apartment had a key instead of a keypad since it was an older building, so he made little sound as he came in. He was carrying flowers to surprise her, having been given the night off from teaching due to a cancelled class. It happened sometimes during exam season and was a blessing each time since he could spend more time cuddled up next to his crush, sharing some classic movie that she hadn’t experienced.

This time was different. The primal grunting noises that greeted him right as he opened the door dropped his jaw, and the flowers rebounded off the floor, the plastic wrapper crackling as it hit. Through the frosted glass that separated the entrance room from the living room/bedroom/kitchen, the two were just shapeforms through the glass, but his mind’s eye filled in all the details.

Max could see Sooyoung braced against the kitchen counter with her leg propped up on a stool. The man was ramming her full speed from behind, having his way with the cunt that Max had just barely been able to touch. She had tried to push him further into her, but Max had wanted to “stay respectful.” A few stray fingers were as far as he had gotten, but this man was balls deep in this girl. Her tits were quite small, but they were bouncing forwards and backwards vigorously. He slapped her ass with a loud crack and yelled something at her in Korean, though Max wasn’t sure if he actually was Korean from the pronunciation. She moaned so loudly that it echoed out into the halls through the door that was still held open by Max’s left arm.

Max was frozen, standing, propped against the door with his mouth agape as the couple got closer and closer to climax. He didn’t want to open the dividing entryway door and have to see this man. That would make it too real, and this was already too much for him. Leaving was out of the question. He was mesmerized by the rhythmic back and forth their silhouettes carved into the door. As the man grunted out with his final slam into this bitch in heat, he collapsed on top of her, and Max could see Sooyoung reach around to grab his ass and hold him deep inside.

Max had seen enough. He had seen complete and total domination. Ümraniye Esmer Escort He turned to leave. He couldn’t even work up the courage to slam the door. He just closed it quietly and left as tears began to stream down his cheeks. How could she? he thought. Oh no. I forgot the flowers. There was no way he could go back in there again. He looked down and could see his own poking at his shorts. They had surely heard the door close, even through their panting.

He took the stairs down quickly to avoid the awkward encounter and paced home, crying and pitying himself. I should gone in there. I should have… done something. Fuck you. Fuck you, Sooyoung! his voice screamed inside of his head.

But was it really her fault? Isn’t this how it always ended? He had come to Korea in the first place because his college sweetheart, Stacy, had broken his heart by doing the same thing. She had at least had sex with him once, but neither of them finished. She was so angry that he had just laid there, naked as a baby, staring like a child as her nude body bounced on top of him. After trying in vain to get herself off, she climbed off of him in the middle and asked if even knew how to use his penis. She told the story of his ineptitude to all of his friends. Thank god it was right before graduation. He got his job and moved soon after.

“Fuck me,” he yelled into the street. He didn’t even know who he was angry at anymore, and there was no one around to even care.


As the scene finished ripping its way through his mind again, he tried to hold back the tears. He had been staring down at his drink for so long that a small, caramel puddle had formed in the bottom, and mood lighting had replaced the gentle colors of the sunset.

“You okay there, hun?” A voice came softly from the left. Good thing it was soft. Anything else would have ended the poor man’s heart in a second. He turned his head to see who had snuck up on him. Who he found there took his breath away. She would take many things from him that day.

A Filipino girl was sitting on the beach chair next to where he was lying down. Girl doesn’t do her justice. She was a tan, dark-haired angel. Her braided hair hung down to the top of her bikini on each side, but she also had a little bun done up in a spiral on top of her head. Everything from her dark eyes and dark red lips – not fuck me red, but elegant, sophisticated red – captivated him.

“Are you alive?” she said, raising a long, dark eyebrow and smiling with the same side of her mouth.

“Oh sorry. Was I staring? I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as beautiful as you in my whole life.” He clapped a hand to his mouth. Had he really just said that? What a fucking retard, dude.

The smile that was only in a corner spread throughout her whole face, making her all the more beautiful. She touched her cheek, feigning embarrassment, but it was truly just a feign. Anyone could tell she had heard the same comment many times before. Max didn’t care. It merely pulled him farther in. “You’re so sweet,” she said. “Thank you. I’m Chada. My parents named me that cause it means beauty. I guess they picked right from what you say.” She extended her hand.

Her words made him feel at ease enough to at least drop the hand that had covered his mouth. At least she hadn’t run away. I guess I did something right, huh? He gingerly took her hand. “I’m Max. Max Droper. It’s so nice to meet you.”

She nodded and grabbed his empty glass from his other hand that had been frozen to his side. “Looks like you need another of these, huh?” She smelled it. “Cocktail? Little girly, no? Most people around here just drink San Miguel.”

Heat flooded to his cheeks. “Yeah. I don’t really like beer too much. My friends always made fun of me for that.” Here I go again. Self-pity.

“I think it’s kinda cute. I’ll go get you another one. I’m gonna ask why you looked so sad again when I get back. You better have an answer for me this time.” Her smile melted the negativity that had settled into his stomach.

She stood and walked back to the bar without looking back. Her hips swayed as she walked. She probably knew Max was going to look, and he did. He got his fill, but he felt a bit dirty. She had curves that would make an actress envious, all wrapped up in a tiny bikini striped in green and white. Her curves fit well with her height, giving her a slender and healthy look. At the bar, she leaned over the table to speak to the bartender, giving Max a side glance at her beautiful chest which filled out her bikini quite nicely. Chada seemed to be twisting her body a bit unnaturally to give Max the playboy special She had much bigger tits than Sooyoung, that’s for sure. Max imagined that those tits didn’t need a bikini top for them to hold that perfect shape.

As she grabbed the drinks and began her trek back, he tore his gaze away from her body and looked her in the eyes with a smile. “So?” she said with that half smile Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort and eyebrow raise that made her look quite playful. “Why were you sitting here, staring at ice?”

He took his drink, closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath. When his eyes opened, they met Chada’s deep brown – or were they black – eyes. He sunk deep into them and felt like he could see his own heart beating deep inside his own chest. It was that heart that opened to Chada. Max spilled his soul out onto the sand of the beach. He told her everything in graphic detail, not even sparing the detail about Sooyoung grabbing the man’s ass. There was nothing he didn’t want to tell Chada. It was only when he had finished the whole story that he looked down to see his glass was empty again, the sun had fully set, and the hostesses had even walked by to light candles at each of the tables. He had laid his soul out for her to judge.

To Max, Chada didn’t look the least big angry, upset, or put off at all. If anything, she had a look of concern and understanding. “You poor thing. That must have been horrible,” she said as her hand reached out to caress Max’s.

Max was so thankful he hadn’t gone all the way back to college stories, or he would have truly lost any chance that she would remain with such a loser. “Chada, I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. It’s been a difficult few weeks. I guess it’s because you just seem so goddamn nice. Beautiful too, of course.” Max laughed, but it came out much more nervous than he had wanted it to.

She placed a hand on his leg, and it felt as every atom in his being wanted to come over reciprocate the touch. His blood flowed into his lower torso. “Thank you, Chada.” Her name seemed hard when he said it, but she smiled all the same.

To his surprise, her hand continued up, stroking the fabric of his shorts that had settled a bit above his knee. Max looked down at the hand, making sure he wasn’t in his own mind still. He could only imagine the look on his own face, shock and awe. Wow, she is quite assertive.

As he looked up from her hand, he saw that the look on her face had evolved into something far more than play. She was biting her lip in that way that only truly sexy girls can and smiling in a way that pumped the blood in his torso straight into his groin. “I think I can make you feel better, Max. I can make all the pain go away.”

Just then, a hoot and a few cheers sounded off loudly from near the bar. The party people were all starting to get deeper into the drinking that had surely started at noon or earlier at some beach nearby. Max noticed that the music had been slowly getting faster and more upbeat.

She reached her hand up to rest under his chin, pulling Max’s gaze back into herself. “Let’s go back to my place. It’s right up the beach a ways. I don’t have cocktails, but I have some wine if you’d still like to drink.”

He shook his head. “I don’t think I’ll need anymore to drink.”

She raised her eyebrow again, but the look was filled with lust instead of joking this time. “Good. There are other things I want you to taste.”


He wanted to follow her. She had grabbed his hand and pulled him along path after path. He had no idea where they were going, but when she looked back, he wanted her to take the lead. He wanted to follow her. Why did all his other girlfriends before want him to take the lead? Why did he always have to “Be a man?” What does that even fucking mean?

As walked – was pulled – along, he felt more at peace than he had in a very long time. Despite a bit of alcohol, his head felt clearer than it had for years – at least since the time of Stacy. This was where he should be.

“We are here,” Chada said, placing her hand on the doorknob of a small house.

Max didn’t know where he was. He didn’t know how he had gotten there. Did she unlock her door? He didn’t care. He wanted Chada to lead him in. It was where he should be, no? Stacy, Sooyoung, everything had led him to this…

Whack. Chada smacked him on the cheek. It hadn’t been hard enough to hurt, but it wasn’t playful either. “Hey. Where are you?” She grabbed his ear and pulled him close as her voice dropped to a whisper. “Those other girls aren’t important anymore. I want you now. Okay?”

Max tried to nod without hurting the ear that was locked between a few of Chada’s fingers. “I’m here, Chada.”

She let go of his ear and grinned. “Good. Get used to it. You’ll be here a while.” As she finished, she turned the doorknob and walked straight in without waiting for Max.

He followed gingerly, taking off his shoes at the door as the Asian cultures he had experienced had taught him. He was hit with a plethora of fragrances that wafted throughout the house. He couldn’t name a single one. If he felt like one touched a certain memory inside of him, the scent mixed with another and names escaped his grasp.

Max closed the door and entered her Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort now-empty living room, decorated minimally. The decoration mimicked her style of dress in a way. There were white floors and walls with deeper, forest green furniture strewn about. Furniture made of dark wood and black painted decorations adorned the small living space. Max sat on the couch, unaware of what he should do next. He looked here and there. Something seemed to be missing, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Of course, Chada was gone, but she was probably just changing. Something else did seem a little off though. Max closed his eyes and laid his head back. It was the first time since the breakup when he had been able to close his eyes without being pelted with pictures of Sooyoung and scenes from their short life together. The scents around him filled him up, and his body was tense with anticipation. He wasn’t sure how far he would get with this beauty, but he was hers for the night.

“How do I look?” her voice echoed from behind. He whipped around, and there was nothing to disappoint. She was clad in a Japanese style robe – not quite a Kimono – that was a deep brown and accented with floral patterns with greens and purples. The earthiness theme continued. Her body and dwelling seemed to be grown from the ground itself.

“Absolutely gorgeous, of course,” Max said. He was growing quite comfortable with her and the whole situation, but was beginning to get tense for what was to come. What would happen when he couldn’t perform yet again. I just want to be normal.

“Come to me, Max,” she beckoned, holding her out hand to him, bent at the wrist. Truly inviting.

He took the invitation, stood up, and went towards her. He wasn’t sure what to say. Now that she was here, he only wanted to wait for her to lead him in what to do.

“You know what I invited you here for, right?” she asked and was answered with a nod. “Good. I can feel your energy, Max. I know you’ve had problems, right?” Another nod. “May I fix them? Can I help you?” She pulled him by the hand, bringing his face to hers.

Max could smell her breath even. Her fragrance echoed the earthiness of the house. He wanted her, but how? She was inviting, but there was something behind that invitation. The corner of her mouth… was it bent up in a smile? Fuck. I don’t care. She can have me. She would. “Yes, Chada. I want you to help.”

She took his other hand and pulled him close. Had she gotten taller? No, but she was surely wearing heels of some sort. She was looking down at him as she grabbed his cheeks and pulled his lips into her own.

Max felt her tongue slips between his lips, and he opened his mouth eagerly. Her tongue slipped around his own then retreated. He pushed his own tongue forward, and she clamped down. She sucked as much of his tongue as she could into her own mouth, circling and then biting gently. Max couldn’t help but moan, yet he was still just standing there with his hand at his sides.

Chada released him. As Max opened his eyes, he could see her lips curved into a grin that kind and understanding. Yet, there seemed to be something more behind it. Curiosity? Malevolence? She wanted something from him and she was going to get it. She pulled him into her room.


“It’s time we undress, Max.” Chada smiled and tugged at his shorts.

“Okay… But I..”

“Don’t worry, sweetie. You asked for my help, didn’t you? I know exactly what you need and what you don’t.” With the last word, she looked back down to the knot holding up his shorts.

Max breathed deeply, but he felt like she did know exactly what to do. He had told her everything, had he not? She knew what was up, didn’t she? He undid his shorts, slid them down, and threw off his shirt. He stood there, wearing only his boxers which had tented from where his erection was sticking up. She pushed the underwear down and let it fall to the floor. Her finger went straight to the tip of his penis. At the average 6 or so inches it was nothing special or giant, but it was his. I guess…

Chada looked down at it. “Has anyone sucked it before?” She asked, touching a finger to the tip of the bump of his shorts.

Of course, girls had done it, but he just didn’t feel comfortable when he looked down or sideways at them. He had felt like he was belittling them and always said he was too drunk to climax. He didn’t want others there.

Chada seemed to see the expression as Max looked down to his own penis and her finger touching it. She retreated and grasped at the tie that was holding her robe together. “It’s okay, Max. I know you don’t want that. You’re mine, right?” She opened the tie that held her robe together and let it slide off her shoulders.

He tried to follow the garment as it slid off her shoulder, but her hand came up to hold his chin in place. She was egging him on, locking his eyes to hers as her hand slipped around his shaft.

He didn’t want to look away. Her hand was so soft, not pulling at any parts or tugging too hard. She twisted her hand all the way around him, igniting every nerve in his sensitive shaft, moving to cup his balls gently. Chada smiled devilshy as she gave them a tiny squeeze. “Have you ever emptied these into one of your friends?” she cooed.

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