Stella Steps Out


Friday had finally arrived and Stan experienced every minute that ticked off the clock on his desk as he waited impatiently for the workday to come to an end. Getting any actual work done had been impossible as he anticipated the final step in his long road toward liberation. His thoughts about the coming evening were intermingled with recollections about how he had arrived at this point in his life. It had been a year since his wife had come home early one Saturday and caught him playing dress up with her clothes. He had wanted to tell her about his secret life every since they had gotten married several years earlier but had sensed that she would not find having a female friend residing within her husband an inviting prospect. Her reaction on that fateful Saturday had confirmed what he had suspected. Her attitudes toward gender identity proved to be as rigid as most people’s and she became downright insulting toward Stan. To his credit Stan knew what he had to do and did it. He told her that he understood that his split gender identity was a disappointment for her but that this was who he was and always had been. He suggested that if she was uncomfortable with whom he was that she should take this opportunity to make her exit, which she did.

Once his wife was gone, Stan seized his opportunity and embraced his alternate identity that he came to think of as Stella. During the past year constructing Stella had been his sole personal project. He had developed her feminine skills by studying various programs on make-up, hair/wig care, selecting clothing, movement, mannerisms and voice. Stella found a program called “Color Me Beautiful” that resolved a lot of her quandaries about choice of cosmetics and clothing and avoided a lot of wasteful trial and error, which pleased Stan since he was a frugal sort of person. Stella had spent almost all of Stan’s free time studying and practicing how to look and act feminine. Stella also loved to shop online for clothing and accessories and Stan often took her to near by stores to get a first hand look at items before Stella purchased them.

Stan slimmed down his five foot six inch frame to 130 pounds, which made Stella a bit above average in height and weight but not excessively so. Stella engaged in a regular workout program to tighten up her body without adding much in the way of additional muscle. Once she had the basic frame she wanted, she undertook to sculpt it into something more feminine with the addition of various prosthetics that included a stretch brief padded with memory foam to give her fuller hips. She also acquired a nice set of B cup silicon breast forms that were modest in size but filled out her clothing. She especially liked the pert little nipples that proudly pushed forward against the pocket bra cups that held the breasts in place. The extra weight of the breasts had caused a bit of back strain between her shoulders until she built up the muscles that had to bear the extra weight. To build up the muscles to support her lovely tits, Stella wore them every evening and all weekend except for occasional public outings. She just loved the feel of them gently jiggling as she moved around her condo practicing her walk and posture along with household chores.

After nearly a year the transformation was about as complete as was possible under the limitations imposed by privacy. As the project had progressed, Stella’s thoughts began to turn more and more toward the complimentary side of her transformation – men. She came to believe that her transformation could only be completed when she had passed muster and been accepted as Stella by a male counterpart. The more she dwelled on this thought the more she felt the need to rehearse for this final step in the project. Stan and Stella began to engage in virtual male/female conversations, which sometimes became erotic in nature. The verbal exploration of eroticism led Stan to obtain a dildo for Stella so that she could simulate sexual interaction with a man. Stella soon became quiet adept at orally ministering to the dildo and loved the feel of its soft head pushing into her throat as she vigorously bobbed her head up and down on the shaft. Stan was a great help in developing her technique and soon she was certain that she could give head as well as any woman around and was anxious to experience giving pleasure to a real man.

The second part of this erotic simulation was more difficult. Stella longed to know the feel of penetration and the fullness that would come when her body had totally engulfed an erect cock. She only had one body cavity to serve as her vagina and it had not been designed to accept a man’s cock. This meant that some effort and discomfort, even pain, had to be endured while this cavity was turned to a new and unintended purpose. Stella began to work on training the muscles of her rectal tunnel to accept penetration. She began with small cylindrical objects such as the plastic cases that expensive cigars often come in. She soon learned that the Ümraniye Olgun Escort secret to easy penetration was actually to push out as if trying to expel the object. This pushing effort actually caused the muscles to expand and open up, which in turn meant that she had to become very fastidious about hygiene. Thus, she became a regular user of a douche to maintain a clean tunnel and kept this tunnel well lubricated with vaginal lubricant. She would sometimes leave objects embedded in her tunnel for extended periods to allow the muscles to adapt to their presence. She progressed upward through a series of different sized objects until she was finally working with the dildo that Stan had gotten for her.

Now that all the work had been completed, Stella longed to find a man suitable to complete her transformation. She wanted a man who looked masculine, treated her with respect and found her sexually attractive. She longed to feel the embrace of such a man and the touch of his hungry lips on hers. She became very aroused thinking about this man’s lips caressing her face and neck. She imagined his hands sliding over her body pressing her against him and the erection that her presence would elicit. She wanted to create and feel the urgency of a man sexually aroused. Stella was now ready to take the final step. All the preparation possible had been completed. Tonight was the big night. Tonight Stella would step out into the world and solo as a woman.

The clock finally counted down to 5 pm and Stan was free to leave. He rushed out of the building and got into his 370Z and roared out of the parking lot. He was soon bogged down in traffic and impatiently endured it as he slowly crept toward home while Stella urged him to hurry. She had much to do to prepare for tonight and could hardly wait to begin. Stan counseled her to be patient and let him deal with the traffic or they would be further delayed by an accident or a traffic citation. Soon the Z whipped into the parking garage and a reserved parking slot. Stan exited and locked the car and then took the elevator up to his and Stella’s condo.

Stella immediately headed for a nice hot shower. During the shower she checked over and removed any body hair that had stuck its ugly head out since her last inspection. Thankfully, she had found a product, Decelerine, that reduced hair growth and she now had less hair to deal with and less frequently. Stella completed her shower, dried off and gave her body a rub down with Decelerine. She loved the feel of the slick lotion against her bare skin and caressed herself until it was fully absorbed by her pores. Next, she pushed Stan’s equipment up into the body cavity from which it had descended and strapped on a gaff to hold everything in place. Stella then slipped into a pair of her padded briefs. She actually preferred the softer and silky panties that she usually wore around the house but she wanted to exhibit her most fertile look when she went trolling for a man tonight.

Stella got out her make-up kit and set it up on the dressing table. She turned on her cosmetic mirror and went to work. First, Stella worked on shaping up her eyebrows a bit. This was one area that caused her the most difficulty. She could not go for fully feminine looking eyebrows because Stan had to use them also. Thus, the trick was to create androgynous eyebrows that they could both use. Stella found that it also helped to wear wigs that had ample bangs that came down to just below the line of the eyebrow. This helped keep unwanted attention away from the eyebrows. The next step was to apply some ColorTration to mask a couple of skin blemishes. When the ColorTration was dry she skillfully applied a foundation to her face that matched her autumn skin tone. She used a sponge and worked carefully from the center of her face outward in light smooth strokes that left no streaks. With the foundation applied, she now turned to applying eye shadow. Tonight she used a champagne shadow that highlighted her hazel eyes very nicely. Following the eye shadow came coffee brown eyeliner, which required a steady hand to apply properly. She then got out her curler and squeezed her eyelashes in preparation for an application of mascara. Stella had found that rotating the brush as she drew it out the length of the lashes gave the best result. This was tricky because it was easy to get too much mascara on the lashes and then to make a real mess trying to correct the over application. Fortunately, tonight she experienced no problems.

Having completed her eye work Stella now opened her compact and got a small quantity of mocha blush on her soft long haired brush by lightly spinning it while just touching the cake of blush. Next, she gently tapped the brush’s handle to shake off any excess blush. Stella applied the brush to her face lightly flicking it across the skin beginning at the peak of her cheekbone and back toward her ear. After a couple of strokes on each side of her face, Stella inspected Ümraniye Sarışın Escort her cheeks in the cosmetic mirror and could see just a bare trace of the blush, which was exactly the look she wanted. The ideal application in her view would leave an observer uncertain as to whether she was wearing blush or not. Last but not least, Stella carefully applied a mocha lipstick. She had tried using a lining pencil but hadn’t particularly liked the effect it produced and preferred to simply use a lipstick she applied free hand. She blotted her lipstick and then rubbed her lips gently together to distribute the lipstick evenly. She sat an admired her very attractive face in the cosmetic mirror and was pleased with her cosmetic applications. Stella now took out a small bottle of pheromone perfume and dabbed just the slightest amount behind each ear lobe to give herself the biological scent of a genetic woman.

Stella went into her closet and looked at her wigs. She decided on a shoulder length golden brown wig with full bangs. She removed the wig from its stand and went back to the dressing table. She carefully prepared her head for the wig and then worked it into place beginning at the front and moving to the rear. When the wig was in position, she got a brush and smoothed it out and made sure it was properly seated. She was now ready to put on her bra and breast forms. Stella removed a warm beige bra that matched her brief and laid it out on the bed. She took out a box that contained the breast forms and carefully inserted them into the cup pockets on the bra. Once the bra cups were loaded she lifted the bra from the bed and put it around her waist. She put the three hooks on one end through the eyes on the other end of the bra. She slipped the bra around so that the breasts were on the front and then inserted her arms through the straps. Stella now was able to bring the bra up around her chest and make the final adjustments needed for a comfortable fit. She went back into the dressing room and for a moment admired the profile that her prosthetic tits created. She had gone through a number of breast forms until she had found the right look for herself. While they were moderately expensive Stan didn’t feel like the money spent on the experiments had been wasted because she had donated the failures to an organization that helped the poorer victims of breast cancer acquire prosthetics.

Stella was happy as a young girl about to go out on her first date as she glided across the bedroom, into the dressing room and into her large walk-in closet. Poor Stan had to make do with a smaller closet across from hers. Stella went into a drawer and selected a beautiful coffee brown satin chemise with sexy lace and ribbon trim. She moved down to the next drawer and took out a brown garter belt and then selected a pair of sheer light beige stockings. She strapped on the garter belt and then sat on the stool in the dressing room and carefully pulled the hose over the painted nails on each foot and then over the rest of each foot. Stella now began working the hose up her legs. She almost purred with pleasure as the cool, smooth hose material caressed each leg as she pulled the hose up to thigh height. When both hose were in place she stood and attached the garter straps hanging down from the belt to the tops of the hose. The snap on the back was always a bit of a challenge but Stella had become fairly skillful in getting it snapped in place. She then slipped the chemise over her head and let the slinky material slide down over her body. When the chemise was in place she pulled it down snug over her tits and smoothed the material over her mid drift and buttocks. Foundations in place, she sauntered back toward the closet. As she approached the closet she appraised herself in the full-length mirror attached to the closet door. The look and caress of the lingerie made her feel pretty, sexy and fully into her feminine character. She could hardly imagine that a little over an hour ago she had been Stan.

Stella selected an oyster white, silk sheath dress from a hanger in the closet. The dress had a V-neckline and long sleeves. The dress came down to just above the knee and had an off-center slit that exposed some thigh on one leg. She stepped into the dress, inserted her arms in the sleeves and pulled the dress up and onto her shoulders. The tricky part was getting the zipper up the back closed. It was too bad that Stan couldn’t be here to help with this but Stella had learned to manage the feat without dislocating her shoulders. Once the dress was on, she smoothed it out and admired her appearance in the mirror on her closet door. She was very pleased with the alluring reflection in the mirror and smiled at the thought of the visual impact she knew she would have on the men she encountered tonight.

Stella sat down at the dressing table and opened her jewelry box. She took out some small silver earrings with pearl white teardrops and inserted them through her Ümraniye Şişman Escort pierced ears. Fortunately, pierced ears were common enough these days in men that Stan’s pierced ears and occasional wearing of earrings to justify them drew little attention. Stella next added a complimentary necklace with a pearl pendant and silver bracelets on her right wrist. She then selected a small tasteful ring for her left hand. Stella returned to the closet and picked out a pair of camel colored pumps with four-inch heels and went back to the stool to put them on. After putting the pumps on Stella walked around a bit to get used to the change in posture the heels produced. She loved to walk in heels and the way they enhanced her feminine walk and movement. Stella was feeling sexier by the minute. She was confident that she would have a successful trolling experience. Her last job was to apply mocha colored false fingernails that matched the color of her toenail polish. Everything was now complete except for selecting a purse to go with the outfit. After picking out a modest sized purse with a shoulder strap that matched her shoes, she got together a number of makeup essentials and a few additional items to put into the purse.

Stella walked into her living room carrying herself with confidence. She held her head high, stood straight with her breasts pushed forward. She moved smoothly as if gently pulled along by a wisp of silk thread attached to her navel. She initiated each step from the knee to ensure a constrained and graceful stride. The heels of her pumps clicked on the hardwood floor and were like music to her ears. She picked up her cell phone and called a cab to pick her up in front of the condo. She waited briefly to give the cab time to get to her location and then exited the condo and took the elevator to the lobby of the building. As she crossed the lobby she was pleased by the attention that she drew from a couple of men coming into the building. She was mildly amused thinking about how the men were probably wondering who she was and in which condo she lived.

Stella stepped out into a pleasant, early fall evening and in a few moments the cab pulled up. She got into the cab and told the driver to take her to the Ritz Carlton hotel. Shortly, the cab pulled into the drive for the hotel and stopped. Stella paid the driver as the hotel doorman opened her door and waited for her to exit. She thanked the doorman with a smile and a small tip and walked into the lobby of the hotel. She located the bar by the pleasant sounding music drifting out and into the lobby. As she walked toward the bar she notice a clock in the lobby that indicated that it was nearing 8 pm. Three hours ago she had been Stan sitting in his office at a desk. Now she was Stella walking with feline grace into a bar in an upscale hotel looking for prey – lonely businessmen whiling away the evening with only music and alcohol for companionship.

Stella walked up to the bar conscious of several pairs of male eyes that followed her progress into the bar. She slid onto a bar stool and crossed her legs, which caused her dress to ride up and expose more of her stocking clad thighs. Stella rotated the stool toward the bar as the bartender arrived in front of her. He smiled and asked what she would like to drink. She smiled at the bartender and asked for a glass of chardonnay. When the wine arrived Stella took a sip and used it as an opportunity to cast a quick look down the bar and observed several men strung out along the bar. She quickly brought her gaze back to her glass and savored the smooth, cool taste of the wine as she slowly moved it back across her palate and down her throat. It wasn’t long before she got her first nibble.

A fiftyish looking man came over to the bar and sat down on the stool to the right of her. He casually turned in her direction and momentarily did a visual inspection that Stella could sense almost as if his gaze projected beams of warm energy. The man’s attention turned away when the bartender arrived and asked what he’d like to drink. The man said, “I’ll have a glass of whatever this beautiful young thing next to me is having.”

“One chardonnay coming up,” replied the bartender as he turned and walked off to get the wine.

The man turned back toward Stella who had continued throughout to look down at her glass or off to the left. “Hi, my name is Billy,” said the man.

Stella looked his way for a moment and said, “Hello,” then redirected her attention to her glass. She was not looking for someone this old though age was not a major issue. However, she couldn’t help concluding than anyone fifty or more years old who still referred to himself as Billy was probably stuck in his adolescence. Billy made several more attempts to start up a conversation with Stella but they were not particularly engaging.

While Stella was wondering how to get rid of Billy’s unwanted attention, the bartender brought over a fresh glass of wine and said, “Compliments of a patron,” as he sat it down and walked away. Stella took a sip of the new glass of wine and was pleasantly pleased by the sweet taste with a hint of ripe apricot. She took another sip and savored the flavor before swallowing and thought that this was one of the best tasting wines she’d had drunk.

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