Sorority Sisters


Kelly Johnson, a eighteen year old sorority sister in college, walked up the library steps and entered the tall, grey building. She sat down quietly at a table and got some books from her bag and began to read. It was a book on English History. Two of her sorority sisters, Lisa and Jenna, sat beside her and whispered that their sorority sister leader, Megan Adams, wanted to see Kelly urgently. Lisa and Jenna were both blonde and big busted.Kelly sighed with annoyance because she wanted to read but she knew from experience that Megan didn’t like her fellow sisters Kartal Escort to keep her waiting. She flicked a long strand of black hair behind her ear and packed away her books then stood up and followed Lisa and Jenna out of the library to the sorority house.The sorority house was big and white with sparkling marbled floor, shiny spiral staircase, with all new furniture. It had six bedrooms for each sorority sister. When they arrived at the sorority house, Kelly, Lisa and Jenna found their leader, Megan Adams, at the top of the Kartal Escort Bayan staircase looking down wearing nothing but a thin, loose and blue dress on which her nipples were erect and showing through. Her long strawberry blonde hair was plaited on top of her head like a Greek goddess. Megan Adams was evidently a stunning beauty.”Come, Kelly, I need to speak with you alone,” Megan said, firmly. Kelly started walking up the stairs but turned back round when Lisa and Jenna followed close behind. She followed her leader Escort Kartal into a large white room with a large, gold poster bed. She gasped when she saw her sorority leader naked before her.”Lead her to the bed,” Megan ordered Lisa and Jenna.Lisa and Jenna grabbed each of Kelly’s wrists and led her over to the bed and laid her down. They strapped her wrists to the bed posts and then began taking her clothes off which Kelly began to resist.”What’s going on? What are you doing?” Kelly said. She looked at Megan and thought how beautiful she looked then suddenly she felt a weird sensation stirring within her groin.”Shh,” Megan said putting her finger to her lips.Once Lisa and Jenna had taken off all of Kelly’s clothes they strapped her ankles down to the bed as well.”You may leave us,” Megan told Lisa and Jenna and they obeyed leaving the room then locking it.

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