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Balls Caress

She had passed this place on several occasions. The thought of it normally disgusted her—the tinted-black windows and the neon signs of a woman’s figure. Right in the middle of a busy, industrial-looking part of town, yet people ignored it like it was not there. Surely, people had to go in often enough to support a business. Her curiosity built everytime she passed by it.

One day, weeks ago, the curiosity overcame the disgust long enough for her to make the detour on her drive. She only planned to stop by to check it out, and that is exactly what she did. She had made no plan of coming here, so she worried her work clothes would not fit in, but how was she supposed to know what would fit in anyway?

Stepping through the heavy doors, she immediately noticed that the place was more busy than she expected. Rows upon rows of white racks with colorful labels. It almost looked like a supermarket, except the racks held uniformly-laid DVD’s and instead of aisle numbers, the signs said “Asian,” or “Lesbian,” or “BDSM.” Between about every other rack stood someone, usually a man, probably older than 30, though she guessed women came here too, especially because one section was labeled “For Women.”

Her eyes began to take in the collections of colorful dildos, vibrators, and fleshlights in glass cases lining the walls when the clerk disrupted her thoughts. “M’am,” he interrupted, “Can I see some I.D.?”

“Oh, of course,” she stammered. She had been distracted so much by her own curiosity that she did not think about getting carded in a sex shop. She fumbled through her purse to find her wallet. Her hands shook a little as she nervously struggled to pull the card out. While he checked it over, she glanced at the glowing “Arcade” sign at the back of the shop.

“Arcade?” she mumbled to herself. “What kind of games would someone play here?”

The clerk chuckled, “Well it’s not really ‘games’ per se, but you can rent any of these DVD’s and a room to enjoy yourself in. For a fee, of course.”

“But that’s so public,” she protested, looking down at her feet, trying to think of why anyone would come here to do that. When she imagined herself in that room, rubbing her clit to a DVD in a room used by other people, where the other customers could hear her moans, she unintentionally made a face of disgust.

“If you think that’s public, try the glory holes. All kinds of people and you don’t even know who they are or what they look like, except their genitals. Here you can have your I.D. back” he interrupted, “I guess in a way, it’s kind of private.”

She muttered out a thanks. She took one look around, puzzled and transfixed, and realized this was only a stop on the way to work, so she headed back to her car.

After weeks of thinking about the shop, how weird it was, how public it is, how awkward it is to look a stranger in the eye, she realized she could not stop thinking about it. She originally abhorred the place, but she started to think about what she saw, even in her horniest moments. Something about the publicity of it all, and the way she was disgusted by it, kind of intrigued her.

One night, in bed, she started to feel the warmth creep into her pants, a subtle, pulsing warmth that only grew the more she thought about it. Her face flushed a little when she thought about touching the soft lips inside her panties. She did not feed into her desires just yet because it seemed boring. She had done it just yesterday and she was tired of having to please herself. But she could feel her pussy so intensely, calling to her. She needed something new, something different. The thought of someone watching her was intriguing, so she decided to go back to the shop. She was still too scared to do anything too public, but she rationed that she could masturbate in one of the arcade rooms and the thought of someone hearing her would turn her on enough.

The drive there was agonizingly long. The subtle bumps and rumbles the car made underneath her teased her in a way that was maddening. She was getting so wet by now that she could feel the liquid slowly trickle out of her vagina, soaking her panties. She could faintly smell it. The pounding of her heart added to her already throbbing pussy. She could not believe she was doing this. She second guessed herself at every turn. When she finally pulled into the parking lot, she paused, deciding if she should go through with it. She looked down to see her soaked panties poking out of her shorts and realized that her options were either to masturbate in the car or go inside. She determined that having at least a private room would be better.

She went inside, and the exchange went more or less the same, except now she was on a mission. After another exchange with the clerk over her driver’s license, she began browsing. She glided through aisles of DVD covers, each more intense and appalling than the last. She could not decide which Ümraniye Escort to choose from. There were so many options. Eventually, all the covers blurred together in her mind as one vaguely skin-colored, human-shaped blob, so she decided to settle on the tamest one she could find. It featured a man holding his large penis, standing over a large-breasted woman with white cum all over her stomach.

She tried to overcome her embarrassment as she handed the DVD to the clerk. “I’d like to rent a room for… 30 minutes please,” she stammered. Though her heart pounded and she shook visibly, something about that clerk knowing what she would be doing excited her.

“Sorry, but we rent by the hour. You can pay the full hour and leave whenever you like,” he suggested. “Too many people underestimate their time.”

She paid and went over to one of the rooms. Beside each door was a light. Surprisingly, two out of the four had red lights instead of green. She had no choice but to be next to someone else.

Instructions in big font tell her just to put the DVD in and press play. It also warned not to do a list of things, including using the remote for any sexual activity. It seemed odd that they needed to specify that, but in her horny state, suddenly the idea of rubbing the buttons against her clit seemed more appealing than before.

She sat on the plain, white bench and played the video. She hoped the bench was clean, because she pulled down her shorts to get to her soaked pussy. She lightly touched the wetness when she realized there was a hole in the wall beside her. It was large enough to see a good portion of the other room through and so perfectly round that it was obviously intentional. She wondered why there would be a hole in private rooms, but then she remembered what the clerk said weeks ago. She wondered if the glory hole rooms were unmarked or if she completely missed the marking. Or maybe they were all glory hole rooms. She peeked through it just long enough to see a man’s figure on the other side. She jumped back, feeling like she invaded his privacy.

Though this scared her a little, she remembered that she had come all the way there and paid for it, so she determined to take advantage of the space. She turned her attention to the video right as the man lifted up the short skirt the woman was wearing and ripped a hole in the tights underneath. He moved her lacy underwear impatiently to one side so that he could fuck her as quickly as possible. Thinking about a cock slipping into her pussy distracted her from the glory hole. The man on the other side could easily see what she was watching but would have a hard time seeing her anyway.

A few minutes had passed and she was getting into it. She was only lightly rubbing her clit, just enough to stimulate it, but she was fully engrossed in the video. At this point, the man violently flipped the woman onto her stomach so that he could fuck her from behind. She loved watching the woman’s ass jiggle with each thrust, but really, she wished she could be dominated by a man like that. She wanted nothing more than to have something, anything, inside her pussy.

At that moment, she heard a noise beside her. It startled her, so she looked over, feebly attempting to cover her pussy with her hands. She realized it was the man on the other side, peeking through the hole. She supposed he could not see her, but they both knew they were there, doing the same thing. She quietly begins rubbing her clit again, watching flashes of skin and clothing pass by the hole. She assumed he would sit back down, but then the tip of a penis shows, quickly followed by the shaft. It was veiny and throbbing. He clearly had been jacking it off. It looked like it was ready to explode with cum.

She stared at it for a bit, aroused by its presence. She continued to rub her clit, thinking about the penis. Each one was so different, that it took some looking at to get used to. She had no person to associate with this cock, so she gazed objectively. She could not explain specifically how each one is different, just that they are and they all have a sort of character or personality.

She saw the penis recede from the hole and she thought she heard a mumbled apology before she shouted “Wait.” There was a pause, then the penis returned. She hesitated again, then got up to kneel underneath it. She slipped the head between her lips and felt the dry skin moisten as she pushed her mouth further onto it. It was just big enough to fit most of it if she tried hard enough. But she realized the man on the other side had no clue how far into her mouth it went or about the struggling faces she made when she tried to push it further into her throat. She felt the head push hard against the back of her throat and knew it would not go any deeper. She made a guttural gagging sound that was muffled by the cock inside her mouth, which she supposed he Anadolu Yakası Escort could hear. The walls were thinner than any she had ever seen. She assumed it was so that there would be less distance between the participants.

She continued like this for some time, with her bare knees on the cold floor, pussy still wet and uncovered, slobbering on a body-less cock. She focused too much on pleasing this unknown man to even touch herself. She was surprised by the utility of it; no foreplay, no playful kisses or groping, just a woman working her wet mouth and slippery tongue up and down a man’s cock. She enjoyed giving head as much as the next girl, but she loved the anonymity of it. She could be as much of a slut as she wanted to and no one would know. It was a dirty secret that she would tell no one. And it was so simple. All she had to do was get this man to cum. There was no emotion behind it, no worrying about how sexy you looked, just pleasing a stranger’s cock.

Eventually he took control, thrusting his cock in and out of the hole, bobbing in and out of her mouth, so she pressed her head as far she could comfortably go, inching closer to the wall. She felt the hard cock repeatedly push against the back of her throat, at the same spot every time. She had to learn to breathe only when he pulled out, gasping for air. The thrusts grew faster, more forceful. She realized her mouth was only a hole for him to please himself with, thrusting at any pace that felt better and she loved that. She was a dirty little thing for him to use so he could cum. Her role was so simple and so rewarding.

She began to hear deep, breathy grunts, muffled through the walls. These mixed with the sound of his cock sloshing in her wet mouth. The moans quickly grew louder and more intense, mirroring the motion of his cock. Suddenly it stopped, fully in her mouth, throbbing with huge pulses. She tried so hard not to gag with the pressure of his cock in the back of her throat mixed with the cum shooting in waves down her throat. She could not even swallow it with the huge cock taking up space in her mouth. He slowly pulled it out and she made sure to suck so that the pressure would not let his cum spill out of her mouth.

She was finally able to swallow it, but she was left alone. She hears some shuffling on the other side and eventually the door closing. Disappointed yet exhilarated, she turned to resume her spot on the bench. Her pussy was less wet than before, but still enough to get the job done. She just reaches her bench when she hears the door again. Curious, she peeks in. Another man walks in. She assumes it is a different man, but she could not tell. She saw so little of the man before. Either it was a busy night or the man decided he wanted more.

Either way, she was desperate and she was not going to let this opportunity pass. Daringly, she decides to press her ass against the wall, squishing it upwards to make room for her pussy. She pressed hard enough that she could feel the edges of the hole pressing against her. It was wide enough that she felt it on the inside of her thighs. This way, her whole pussy was available and waiting for the man on the other side.

The TV audibly clicks on and the faint sound of moans come through. Her pussy was just waiting idly at the hole. She gave up and looked through to see if he did not notice her. She could not see him, so she figured he was on his bench, beginning to jack off. She tried to get his attention, so she cleared her throat with her mouth pressed against the hole. Nothing changed, so she tried again, this time louder. It felt good to clear away the sticky remains of cum from her throat. At this, she heard shuffling. She quickly turned back around and pressed her ass against the wall, the same way she had before. The hole was a little high, probably to accommodate the men, so she had to stand on her tippy toes. She waited, hoping he would notice.

Finally, she felt the thin touch of fingertips gently glide across her lips, curiously exploring. It felt so good to have someone else touch them. They moved in ways that she could not predict and could not see, which excited her even more. They cautiously move over her clit a few times. It was so light and stimulating but in a way that only made her want more. She felt the fingertips glide toward her vagina and she felt the force of them opening up the walls of her pussy. She was so incredibly wet by this point, the finger moved in and out with ease. Then, she felt herself expand a little more and she realized he put another finger in. It felt so good, she just wanted more. Almost as a response, he took his other hand and rubbed her clit. There was so much sensation happening at once, she could not help but to let out a moan.

Taking this as a cue, he unexpectedly removes the hand from her clit so that he can thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy with as İstanbul Escort much speed and force as he can. Her moan turns into almost a yelp of surprise and pleasure. The wet sloshing of the juices inside her pussy being slammed by his two fingers is almost deafening. Her legs were shaking from the strain of standing on her tippy toes and from the overwhelming pleasure.

He did not please her long, though. He took his fingers out abruptly, only leaving her wanting more. She hoped the sight and smell of her pussy would drive him mad enough to not be able to leave without pleasing himself with her body. And she was right. She soon feels the head of another cock push the lips of her pussy and force its way into her. It felt so good, just letting someone have their way with her. She did not even care if he came in her, she just wanted it to never end. She loved being used by a stranger. She knew her purpose was to wrap around this cock, just like the last, but this time, it felt as good as she had hoped.

Her legs struggled to keep up with the force of the thrusts. Her knees were beginning to buckle, but all she could think about were the penetrating thrusts and how badly she wanted to cum. She started to rub her own clit while he penetrated her. She could feel the warmth of pleasure spread through her body, starting in her belly and spreading to her fingertips and to her pussy. She could feel the climax growing. She rubbed her clit as hard and fast as she could between her legs.

Along with a loud moan, she yells, “I”m cumming,” to which he responds with harder thrusts.

Even though she just came, he had not, so the pounding continued, unrelenting. She was so wet from her orgasm, that she could feel some of it being pushed out by the cock, down her legs. He thrusts harder, and she can almost feel the force of his hips on the thin wall. She hoped it would not break, but she almost wished it would so she could fuck the stranger better. The thrusts slow, but remain forceful, and then pause, deep inside her. She swears she feels a slight pulse from inside her pussy. The cock slips out and she feels the cum ooze onto the wall and down her legs. He came inside her, but she did not even care. She loved being some stranger’s slut to put his babies in. She loved being filled up with cock and cum and not even being able to feel it.

She stayed leaning against the wall for a bit, remembering the feeling of what just happened. Apparently she stayed there a little longer than she thought, because she heard the door open again. Her legs were so tired, she could barely stand, so she decided to pull the bench underneath the hole. She laid with her back on the bench, pussy pressed against the hole, and her arms supported her on the floor behind it.

She did not have to wait long this time for the man to notice. Seconds after she aligned herself with the hole, she felt the head of another cock. She was still dripping cum from the last cock. She loved the idea that someone else’s cum was lubing another man’s cock. She could not tell if he noticed or knew, but she wanted so badly for his cum to mix with the last man’s.

Immediately after he shoved the whole thing into her, she knew he was much bigger. She could not tell how big either of them were, but this cock stretched her further than the last, in a way that stimulated more parts of her pussy. She could feel so much more of this cock. In fact, almost too much. At times, especially when he thrust deep and hard, it was almost painful. She could not tell what he stretched or where he pushed on with his dick, but it pressed on every bit of her. Even the pain was somehow stimulating. It was almost like it felt so good that it hurt her body or that her nerves could not comprehend this level of pleasure.

She could not decide if it was good or bad that he seemed to last forever. On the one hand, she was in ecstasy from his huge cock, but on the other hand, her pussy had taken such a pounding in such a short amount of time. Her arms were getting tired from holding herself up and the bench made a loud screeching sound with every thrust. She wanted him to cum in her so badly, knowing that she had the pleasure of pleasing such a huge cock. She also wished he would cum so that she could finally have a break, despite how good it feels.

Surprisingly, she felt the curve of the head rubbing against a part of her pussy that felt so much better than before. She did not know what he was doin, but she loved it. His thrusts quickened and suddenly she could not contain it. Her toes curled in the air along the wall and all her muscles flexed. She orgasmed with such intensity, that her moans bordered screams as her chest tightened from the orgasm. To her surprise, he came right as she began to come down from the climax. Through her lasting orgasm, she forgot to even pay attention to what he was doing. Before she knew it, his cock was pulling out of her and she felt her pussy release from the pressure, almost shrinking, and the cum spilled out of her yet again. She felt bad for the poor workers, because when she got up, she realized the wall around the hole was covered in the mixture of her wetness and the two doses of cum she received.

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