Sissy Chantel, New Reality Ch. 08


Chapter Eight: Moving on to my life at ‘The Agency’ Some Interesting New Things.

It’s 5:00pm sharp, we all must be present and ready to enter the eating area. As we all enter a small but purposeful eating area for us sissy girls, we first get a tray and a plate and mug or glass. The sissy maids who prepared our basic dinner have the food out for us. Today it’s a simple pasta casserole with mostly pasta and cheap cheese sauce with a few shavings of chicken. We are carefully watched to not over fill our plates. From there we can either have a glass of cheap fruit punch or a mug of coffee. I go with coffee.

Moving to be seated at table with Traci, Trish and Camille, I’m told we have until 5:20pm to eat our meal. Before any of us can be seated at our tables though we all must stand side by side and give thanks to our Masters with a joint curtsey by all of us sissy maids. Once done we can be seated. As we efficiently eat our meals we can small talk and chit chat. Soon though we must finish as it’s 5:20pm. Each of us maids must wash up our plates, mugs or glasses and cutlery.

We must be back at our dorm rooms by 5:30pm so that we can change out from our maids outfits and get into slutty outfits. By slutty we will wear either mini-dresses or mini skirts and blouses/tops. Traci tells me that the best thing to wear on our legs is stockings and garter belts as that keeps our bottom only covered by our panty. It makes being fucked up each of our bottoms easier and quicker to get into.

While in my bra, breast forms, and panty I was told by Traci that we each pre-lube our butt hole. So as we each take a dollop of KY Jelly and finger our butt holes I know I will be fucked up my sissy ass tonight. Soon I’m in a black lacy garter belt a pair of sheer black stockings with lace tops, a black faux leather mini skirt and a white satin long sleeve blouse. I put on a pair of red suede platform pumps with 6.5 inch spike heels on 1.5 inch platforms. Spritz on some perfume, fix my wig and makeup and soon me along with my sissy girl dorm mates are ready to go. They are all dressed just as slutty as I am.

We walk to the comfort room the four of us are assigned to and we each get in the room by 5:50pm. At 6:00pm sharp the doors will be open for men to come in and use us. I’m so nervous as I scan this room. It’s softly lit but not too bright, soft music plays and I see four simple mattresses with sheets in the middle area of the room. Two mattresses aside in a square of four mattresses as that way we can watch each other more easily as we have sex with our male clients.

“That mattresses over there Chantel will be yours tonight.” Traci says as she points to one mattress.

I walk over to it as the other sissy girls walk to each of the other mattresses. I then kneel on top of it. To my left is Traci on her mattress. In front of me and facing me is Camille on her mattress and to my left but in front of Traci is Trish siting on her mattress facing Traci.

Traci says, “Just relax hun, it’s going to be ok, that is your mattress and we must stay on ours all night unless we need to use bathroom facilities. Notice the numerous video cameras too Chantel. We are under full observation and we must always appear enthusiastic and happy here. It will be score carded and used for our Sunday afternoon reward or punishment session.”

I reply, “God I’m nervous how long again will we be here tonight?”

Trish answers, “From 6:00pm to 11:30pm, dear.”

I ask, “About how many men will use us over this time period?”

Traci answers, “The management expects each of us to service at minimum 15 men and try to get to 20 or more men per night.”

My jaw drops as I reply, “Wow I’m going to either suck off or be fucked by 15 or more men tonight?”

Camille giggles as she says, “Chantel, it sounds like a lot but you will get use to it quickly, just relax and enjoy all the cock that you are about to service. Lots of yummy cum to swallow or to have shot up your butt hole.”

I ask, “What are the men like?”

Traci says, “Horny and some are gentle but others very aggressive. They, like all horny men want to get off, either shooting hot cum in our mouths or up our butt holes. It is pretty straight forward. If you can deep throat at times will be seen as a positive by our Masters.”

I smile and say, “Oh ok, yeah I can deep throat a little bit too.”

As the clock on the wall ticks over to 6:00pm Ümraniye Fetiş Escort we are ready, on our knees an wait for the door to open and the first four men to enter.

The music plays softly, the lighting is dim but not dark and the four of us all on our knees on top of our mattresses wait to see the door open. Four horny men walk in and make a bee line to each of us. Moments later a tall, fit oh 30 something white man stands before me and says, “Hi sissy girl, what’s your name?”

I reply, “Chantel sir, how may I serve you?”

He replies, “Chantel, my name is Jack, you can start by undoing my pants and then pull them down along with my briefs.”

I look up at him and say, “Yes, sir Jack.”

I am shaking as I pull his pants and briefs down, out flops mere inches from my face is a nice thick oh 6 odd inch cut cock, it’s getting nice and hard. Jack has me cup his balls with my hands and play with them and take a hand to begin stroking his cock. He moans as he pets my head then a hand of his grasps my chin, tilts my head back so that we both make eye contact. His eyes pierce mine as he looks determined to have his cock fill my sissy mouth, “Ok Chantel, ask, ask me for permission?”

I look at his eyes and ask, “Oh Sir Jack may I please have the privilege to suck your beautiful cock?”

Jack answers, “Go ahead you slut, suck my cock you bitch.”

I then open my mouth and slip his cock into it. I work up saliva and begin the process of bobbing my head and sucking his glorious man cock. I moan as he groans. As I submissively suck on Sir Jack’s cock out of the corner of my eyes I see Traci sucking her man’s cock and I can also see Trish bobbing away on her man’s cock. I can’t see Camille as Jack is between my eyes and her, but I sense she too is doing the cock suck.

I work away on Sir Jack’s cock and my mind thinks, ‘What a sight it must be to see four slutty dressed sissies on our knees on simple mattresses and with four real men feeding each of us cock. The video cameras must be recording quite a sight.’

I keep bobbing on Jack’s cock and try a bit of deep throating. He gets very excited as he senses I slip his shaft as deep as I can get it in my throat. I fight to gag and am able to do a momentary deep throat before I have to pull back a bit and continue on sucking.

“Oh, that felt good Chantel, do it again.” Sir Jack says.

I bob and bob then slip his cock deep into my throat and hold it for a second or two before I pull back off it and slurp more saliva as I suck and bob away. The moaning and panting Sir Jack does is so thrilling for me to hear. His moans mix with the moans of the three other men happily being sucked off by my sissy slut sisters. I feel a unique sense of pride as I do what a sissy slut like me is required to do, but dammit loves to do. The music only ties all this moaning and groaning together.

As Sir Jack works up to his eventual goal and desire to cum in my mouth and down my throat I hear one of the other men about to reach his orgasm. Between my moans and Jack’s groans the first of the other men grunts and groans loudly as I see he spills his load down Trish’s throat. This only makes me want to suck Jack off even more as I work with a level of determination to have him cum in my mouth. It’s also weird as if the four of us are in competition to bring our men to cum first.

Well as such Trish wins round one, but I’m working hard to be next and I can feel Jack is close. He is really groaning and grunting as I head bob away on his wonderful cock. I feel his hands grasp the back of my head and begin to force it tight on his cock, Oh my God he is close and soon, oh so soon I hear a grunt! and his cock shoots out a thick, gooey wad of hot and creamy cum. It fills my mouth as I swallow it all. He then pulls his cock from my mouth as I finish swallowing the last drops of his lovely cum. Once done I smile as I look up at him and open my mouth to show him I swallowed. The beaming smile that comes to his face makes me feel so proud. I pull up his briefs and pants as he pets me. I hear almost in unison the men cum in Traci’s and Camille’s mouths now too.

Wow four faggot sissy sluts all got four men to jack off in our sissy mouths. The men all begin to walk out as I look at Traci and she smiles at me as I smile at her. None of us had much of a chance to rest as the next four men enter the room. I see the guy coming to me, Ümraniye Gecelik Escort he is maybe a 20 something average height and weight Asian male. I’m thinking ‘My God he has his cock out of his briefs and pants and is already stroking it in his hand as he walks towards me.’

He is before me and presses the head of his also 6 odd inch, cut cock on my lips and says, “Fucking open up bitch.”

I open up and before I can get a breath he shoves his cock in my mouth. I hold onto his hips as his pants and briefs fall to the floor and he begins thrusting. I am almost gagging as I use my hands on his hips to slow him down. Soon I work a rhythm and he takes it easy as he enjoys my sucking of his pleasurable Asian cock. I suck away and slurp saliva all around his cock. The other girls again also are sucking their men off too. It’s another round of four sissy sluts work on four hard cocks to bring the men to orgasm.

My man remains nameless as he only wants to fuck my mouth and I facilitate his desires. We work well together and we both moan and groan together as we enjoy the pleasure of sissy slut me sucking real hot and horny man’s cock. I can sense his joy as he moves closer and closer to cumming. I hear my sissy sisters doing much the same with their men.

I really want to finish first this time and I try so hard to get my Asian man to blow his wad. I suck and suck, do a few deep throats and suck more and more. He groans and grunts and Oh my God he lets go and my sissy mouth fills with his warm, creamy, joyful sperm filled cum. I swallow his cum as I want to and he pulls out. I think, ‘yippie I got my man to cum first.’ I do up his briefs and pants and then one by one each of my other sissy sisters bring their men to orgasm.

A room full of sissy pride.

As these four men walk out we all look at each other and Traci asks me, “How are you doing Chantel?”

I smile and reply, “Great Traci, this is quite a night for me.”

Camille adds, “Well we have a bit more than five hours to go yet, so get ready for many more horny men to use you girl.”

I smile at Camille and say, “Oh yes, I better get ready for much much more sex. I wonder when a man will want to fuck my ass?”

Well I did not have to wait much longer, my third man of the night comes to me and orders me to get on my hands and knees, throw my sissy ass up in the air and pull my skirt up and panty down. Of course I do as I’m told and as I lean on my for arms and on my knees my ass bare and thrust up in the air in a position to receive a hard cock. My man drops his pants and briefs, shows me his oh near 7 inches and quite thick uncut white cock. He smiles at me and I smile at him. Soon he is behind me and I feel him kneel down and his hands grasp my butt cheeks. I feel him knead them and then pull them open to show him my wanting butt hole. It did not take him long to get his 7 inches inside me as my pre lubed butt hole was all ready for some good hard butt fucking. I moan as I take it up inside me. He groans as he works his cock inside me.

With me on my forearms and knees my man begins to pound my butt hole I see Camille about 2 feet in front of me on her forearms and knees as she too has her tall hunky white dude begin to fuck her ass. The two of us a couple of feet apart look at each other, smile as we grunt and groan with our men fucking our butt holes. If we were not in chaste our sissy dicks would be hard too. But we just enjoy our mutual ass pounding.

Soon though it’s even better as all four of us are being ass fucked. Our horny dudes are getting on with the job and their joy of fucking sissy slut ass. All one hears are four faggot sissy girls groan and moan as these men fuck us hard. Again during my fucking I momentarily think, ‘Wow again what a sight it must be to see four sissy sluts on our hands and knees being joyfully fucked by four horny men?’

The feeling of my man working my butt hole with his cock is intoxicating. I want to have him cum so bad but want him not to so quick as I enjoy the feeling of his stiff cock up inside me. He grunts, pants and groans as he thrusts his cock up my sissy ass and I can sense he is getting close. As I wait I see Trish’s guy grunts out loud as he shoots his wad up her sissy ass, they both smile.

I look at Camille in front of me, we both move our hands together as we smile at each other, look at each other’s man fucking us and soon her Ümraniye Genç Escort man lets go and fills her rectum with his hot jizz. But for me it’s only moments later as my guy groans out loud as his cock shoots a thick wad of his hot jizz up my sissy ass. What a feeling.

As our men pull out from our butt holes, finally Traci’s man lets go with a wild groan and she to gets her prize of a butt full of cum. The men all do up their briefs and pants and all smile at us, thank us for being such good sissy sluts as we thank them for fucking us. They walk out and the four of us are alone on our knees on our mattresses.

I sit back with my skirt still flipped up and my panty down as I may as well just leave it that way and the other girls do the same. In doing so a splurt of cum spills from my ass on the sheet making a wet spot, “Oh my God, I just spilled cum on my sheet.”

Traci looks at me and smiles as she says, “Hun, don’t worry, you will not get in trouble for spilling cum on your sheet. Masters know we will leak out jizz from all the sex we get. In fact girl if you were to pull back the sheet, your mattress will be soiled all over with dried cum stains from years of use.”

It’s really kind of gross to know I’m on a filthy, cum stained mattress, but alas such is a sissy slut’s life. We get a few minutes of time to chit chat before another four men come in and use us.

This goes on for the rest of the night. At 5.5 hours set aside I’m told Masters like for each of us to have serviced either orally or anally 15 men, but hopefully even more, closer to 20 men. The men who are members pay $30.00 for time with us. Men who stop by as clients each pay $40.00 for using us. So we each shall earn a minimum of $450.00 to a hopeful maximum of $800.00 each per night we are in the comfort room. So for just our room with us four sissy girls we can expect to make $1,800.00 to $3,200.00 per night. Add the other girls in the other rooms and any girls rented for outside the building service, typically at male group functions and such, well we all bring in good money each night for our Masters.

Well soon it’s 11:30pm. The shift ends and we are all well used. I made it through my first night as a comfort girl. I sucked eight men off and had ten men fuck me tonight. Not bad for my first night. I have sore knees even though we use a mattress but my butt hole is sore my mouth and neck are sore and I still taste cum.

We all walk back to our dorm room and strip down to our bra, panty and stockings. We get our toiletry stuff together and all twelve of us girls soon make our way to our communal bathroom to wash our make up off, brush our teeth, use the toilets and get ready for lights out and bed.

As I am in the bathroom standing before a sink and mirror I wash my makeup off and then feel a kneed to use a toilet. It is still so weird to have to use a toilet as again there are no stalls, just 5 open to all toilets. I see a couple of sissy girls sitting doing their business and I pick one of the three remaining toilets, pull my panty down an sit to pee. Oddly I am blushing which is weird as I just spent 5.5 hours on a mattress in a room with my three other sissy sisters having sex with men. But here on a toilet in open I blush.

One of the other girls finishes her business, pulls up her panty and walks back to a free sink. Traci now pulls her panty down and sits on the toilet to my right. We look at each other as she asks, “How are you doing Hun? I know it’s your first day and night so I want to be here for you.”

I look at her and reply, “I’m good Traci, a lot for me to soak in and this open toilet thing is weird and again why do they not give us stalls?”

She replies, “One to save money and two why bother? We are to them just sissy slaves and we deserve no privacy, remember video cameras are on us right now as well.”

I then look up at one and blush more but I understand the point. The two of us finish our business and wash up, brush our teeth and soon all twelve of us sissy girls walk back to our dorm rooms. It’s almost midnight and at midnight it’s lights out.

As we get into our beds the P.A. announces to the head maids to turn out the lights, Traci has a remote control on a table by her bed and uses it to turnout our room’s lights. We all say good night to each other and in the darkness of our room I lay in my new sissy bed and my mind still races. I am amazed at what has happened to me. I think about my life as a sissy maid and slut. I think a moment about Traci doing this now for six years. It takes me a while to finally drift to sleep. Tomorrow will be many more new things for sissy girl me.


Chapter Nine to follow shortly.

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