Pleasure in Control Ch. 14


This is part of a much longer story and to get the most enjoyment from this chapter you should really read the previous 13 chapters first. You might also like to read my short story “The Chair of Four Pleasures” to better understand what happens to Stevie.

I hope you like reading about my most exciting and fulfilling evening since I joined Passionella. It’s 4 pages long, so lie back and enjoy the party.

There are only three more chapters still to come but lots more sexy action that will take your breath away.

* * * * *

I was pleased to find that, far from being a seedy back-street tattoo parlour, the body-piercing clinic was a bright and clean establishment that would put many doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries to shame. The proprietor was pretty and polite, dressed in a tight white uniform with the top three buttons undone. She had a small intriguing tattoo on the top of her left breast and she smiled when she saw me looking at it, commenting: “that’s nothing, I have many more. Secrets. In places you’d never imagine.” She leaned forward on her desk with her chin cupped in her hands, and looked up at me with her large brown eyes.

I was ushered me into a side room where she explained the procedure in detail, including the minor risks of complications and the lengths to which she goes to minimise them. Then she showed me numerous trays of jewellery from which I chose my ‘starters’. I selected sterling silver bars with rounded ball ends. Ms White Uniform suggested I also buy a pair of small rings that I could fit later, and to which, she explained, I could attach all kinds of other adornments. That sounded fun.

I decided to go ahead right there and then and signed the consent forms. The process was quick and almost painless and she made the whole experience quite enjoyable.

Standing up carefully, I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. The jewellery attracted attention to my nipples, which were pink and slightly swollen. I carefully eased my boobs back into my bra and dressed. Then I had an idea.

“Do you ever work in people’s own premises, such as a place of work?” I enquired.

She said she had on occasions, and asked what I had in mind. I told her that I was planning an intimate party for some friends and colleagues and would she be interested in coming along with her equipment to provide ‘additional services’. She jumped at the chance, but I explained I would have to run the idea past my employer, who would discuss a commission deal. I was delighted with my new accessories, and my special service to be made available in the Black Room.

My nipples were sore for a few days, and in any case I’d fucked my way through most of the week and needed a break so I avoided all situations that might cause me to become aroused for fear that my nipples would stiffen. Terri my maid and ‘close friend’ commented that I was acting very strangely, quite stand-offish and avoiding her. I promised her there was a reason, which I would reveal to her soon. I also had to explain why I had been out the previous Saturday when she came to clean. She made me promise that I’d be more attentive when she called the following week and she promised to bring ‘something for me to try’. I tried to guess what that might mean, and my tender nipples protested at my erotic imaginings.

I planned to stay in London the whole of the following week, mostly supervising the finishing stages of Black Private Room. On the Monday evening (sent to my personal not my company e-mail address) I received an invitation from Vikki to a ‘Private Showing’ at PROM. From the wording, I realised this was to be the first of the private parties organised by Rachel, to be held in the Private Rooms at Passionella HQ. Dress code was described as White Cocktail so I decided I’d put Stevie’s suggestion to the test.

Alone in my apartment I tried on a skimpy white waspie under a short, clingy strapless cocktail dress. I thought I’d wear it without tights or stockings so I just put on some strappy high heels. The dress was made from a continuous tight spiral of crushed white fabric over a sheer body-hugging stretch liner and only attached at the side seams, allowing tantalising glimpses of the semi-transparent sheath as I moved. My breasts, lifted and supported by the half-cups of the waspie, rose proudly above the top edge of the dress. My nipples were no longer sore and the material pressed against their adornments, communicating pleasurable feelings deep into me. The tops of my thighs were pinched by the tight hem, which rode up when I walked forcing me to totter if I wanted to maintain any sort of decency.

‘Sexy enough to kill at 20 paces’, I thought to myself as I admired my reflection in the mirror. Sensual rather than tarty, sophisticated yet overtly seductive. Passionella’s highest-spending client by far, regularly seen in all the retail outlets as she travels around the country for her recruitment company. Intimate acquaintance of many of the Dems altyazılı porno and willing to try just about anything in the changing rooms. Expensive car, nice city-centre apartment, seemingly unlimited budget. Almost too good to be true.

I wondered who else would be at the party whom I already knew, or might like to meet. Of one thing I could be sure, there would be no men.

The rest of the week dragged by, seemingly full of reports and paperwork and administration connected with finalising my project and I found difficulty keeping my mind on the job. Admin is not my favourite activity. But on Friday morning I inspected the nearly-finished room, which looked like it was going to be completed on time. Almost everything was in place and the room need little more than a thorough clean, ready for Linda’s final approval. The seductive atmosphere of the dark interior was punched by high-intensity lighting and the air was filled with a mixture of sensual aromas and the unmistakable smell of quality leather.

I’d chosen two narrow, padded benches, just the right height to lie back on whilst your partner stands astride your face or kneels at one end to give you pleasure.

On one wall was a padded X-shape, roughly the size and shape of a human standing in the spread-eagle position, but certainly androgynous. It had handholds and footrests, anchor points for belts and straps and a large dildo, adjustable for height and angle depending on whether the captive user might be secured front or back to the wall and which orifice it was intended to penetrate.

Suspended from the ceiling by several chains was a multi-purpose sling. The manufacturer had delighted in explaining how her product was specially designed to support the user face up or face down, making it ‘ideal for extended periods of licking’, she told me. The ceiling, walls and floor were provided with numerous additional anchor points so as not to limit the resourcefulness and imagination of the clients.

Like the other Private Rooms, Black had an en-suite bathroom, and also a dressing room that would soon be stocked with the latest designs from the Pleasure In Control range, including latex rubber dresses, catsuits, corsets etc, that could be worn in public at the right occasion, and several leather suits and outfits. I rummaged through the bags and boxes on the floor, admiring the new products made to Linda’s exacting specifications. I held up some of the costumes (this seemed to be a much more suitable description than ‘clothes’), stood in front of a large mirror and imagined how I would look in them.

I couldn’t wait for Vikki’s private party later that evening but I still found time to drop into a new erotic shop that had recently opened just off Oxford Street, strictly for professional reasons, to compare their offerings with my employer’s lines. I was intrigued by their accessories and bought a set of beautifully crafted Pleasure-Jewellery which included some weights to hang from my nipple rings, and a couple of girl-on-girl DVDs which promised ‘explicit scenes of mutual pleasure-giving’. Sounded like my sort of thing.

But my mind was on a much more enjoyable activity. The rest of Friday was scheduled in my planner:

16:30Manicure and Pedicure



21:00Vikki’s Private Party

In between times I’d just about have time to shower, shave and dress. I was very excited about the party. I found Vikki very attractive and I also wondered who else would be there. Maybe some other Dems, maybe Rachel, or Charlotte. Maybe I’d meet some other clients with whom I could strike up a friendship.

By the time I left my hairdresser I was feeling fantastic. I’d been cooed over, attended to and generally made to feel special. Personal care should make a girl feel good about herself on the inside as well as making her look good on the outside and all the fuss and attention is all part of the service.

The day had been hot so the evening the air was still warm. I stepped confidently out into the street in my short white sleeveless dress, my pampered body squeezed into my lovely waspie. I did not expect to eat much at the party, and probably couldn’t with my waist pinched tight. My matching white stilettos made it hard for me to walk so I hailed a cab. The cabbie was surprised when I gave him the address as he assumed I was going to a club or a restaurant rather than an office building, dressed as I was. It didn’t stop him from adjusting his rear-view mirror so he could eye me up as he drove, whilst simultaneously solving the entire world’s socio-economic and political problems in less than 10 minutes.

Vikki met me at the front door, kissed me warmly on both cheeks, ushered me through into White Private Room and closed the door behind us. “Hi Julia!” chorused a small group of young women, all dressed in white. One by one I air-kissed Abigail, Stevie, Fiona and Rachel and made small talk.

Stevie handed me a glass türkçe altyazılı porno of champagne and gestured to some canapés on a side table and we stood around talking awkwardly.

Something didn’t feel right. I was the only client there, yet Vikki had locked the door indicating that she was not expecting anyone else. Rachel looked edgy and was not talking to anyone. I caught her eye and frowned; she shrugged her shoulders suggesting she was as mystified as I was.

The mood relaxed when Abigail put on some music and the girls started to dance. Vikki motioned for Rachel and I to sit down and we enjoyed the show.

They were all very accomplished and provocative dancers. Abigail constantly drew attention to her very large breasts, caressing them and cupping them, thrusting them forward towards me but never close enough for me to touch. Steve made the most of her height, using her imposing stature to accentuate her brimming self-confidence. Vikki was as sensual as ever, very assertive and holding eye contact with me almost all of the time, which I found captivating, and Fiona surprised me with her uncharacteristic agility and exuberance.

Then they began to dance in pairs. Stevie and Vikki pressed their bodies together in a tight embrace, grinding their pussies and squeezing each other. Vikki’s bum cheeks were so tight and her white cat-suit fitted perfectly, surrounding two beautifully rounded, high and firm cheeks. I tried to imagine what she might be wearing underneath; whatever it was it did not interrupt the smooth curves of her ass.

Meanwhile, Abigail and Fiona ran their hands all over each other’s bodies, thighs, boobs and faces, staring deep into each other’s eyes.

I looked across at Rachel and she was engrossed in the spectacle and obviously enjoying it too. We were both wondering whether we were expected to dance together too when Stevie and Vikki turned up the heat and began to undress each other. Firstly Vikki unbuttoned Stevie’s dress all the way down the back so she could step out of it and show off her long, toned body. She was wearing a white see-through bra that covered her breasts and yet allowed me to see the dark shapes of her exceptionally large areolae through the shear fabric. It was immediately obvious that she was already aroused as her nipples poked at the thin material that moulded itself around their enlarged shape. Her pussy was likewise covered by the same delicate material and yet I could clearly see the shape of her mound, unadorned by any pubic hair. From my seated position I could even make out the start of her slit, which made me smile. Stevie turned her back to me, her large but shapely cheeks naked but for a narrow strip of white fabric that had forced its way into her bum crack, so she could unclothe Vikki.

Vikki was wearing a white sleeveless glossy cat-suit with a long zipper right down the front. Stevie grasped the tab and unzipped her in one long, smooth movement and Vikki quickly pulled apart the lapels to expose the top half of her body. I gasped to see her naked breasts, outlined by the straps of a white leather fetish suit from the new Pleasure In Control range. It consisted of nothing but wide strips of supple leather stitched to chrome rings at each intersection and which criss-crossed her torso starting from a wide choker around her neck. As Vikki peeled off her cat-suit I held my breath. The leather bands continued their web-like pattern all the way down to a pair of narrow leather strips that disappeared between her slim legs and emerged at the back as a single thong deep between her cheeks. Stevie adjusted Vikki’s outfit as she posed and admired herself in a long mirror.

Meanwhile, Abigail had been busy unbuttoning Fiona’s fitted white shirt, which now lay on the floor, and was soon on her knees undoing more buttons down the fly of her partner’s loose-fitting trousers. Underneath her sensible, demure day clothes, Fiona was wearing one of my favourite Passionella products; a white silk camisole top that was really only a front, the back consisting of several narrow straps terminating at a large Passionella emblem between her shoulder blades. The matching silky panties similarly consisted of just a small piece of fabric at the front and several narrow straps around her waist and hips and between her cheeks, again all secured to a Passionella emblem that sat just below her coccyx. Despite Fiona’s superior age, I thought that she carried off her glamorous lingerie extremely well.

Abigail stood up and immediately Fiona grabbed the hem of her stretch top and pulled it over her head in one seemingly well-practiced fluid movement. Abigail’s 38D breasts spilled out of the top of a white half-cup corset, swelling into two rounded mounds of mobile flesh. Abi bent forward as she pulled down her own skirt, treating me to a close-up view of her beautiful boobs. When she stood up I smiled broadly at the sight of her legs sheathed in white lace-top stockings supported by long hd altyazılı porno suspenders that were attached to the bottom edge of her corset. To my delight, she wasn’t wearing any panties and her corset stopped well above her blonde pubic hair.

I was convinced that it was no coincidence that all the girls were dressed completely in white. This was a very well orchestrated evening and I was fascinated to see it unfold

Stevie turned up the volume on the sound system and she slinked across to where I was sitting. She began to dance provocatively in front of me to the slow, sensual music whilst the other three girls danced together, touching each other and themselves repeatedly. Stevie moved closer and, basically, lap-danced for me. She almost sat on my knees and she leant over me so her thinly-covered boobs invited me to kiss and hold them. I struggled to resist the temptation and enjoyed the show immensely. The other girls fed me, Rachel and each other sensually from trays of small savoury and sweet delicacies, licking their lips and their fingers constantly.

Stevie and her colleagues were turning me on and I wondered when I might be invited, or better still helped, to undress. Rachel had not waited to be asked and was already undressing on the far side of the room, taking off her burgundy jacket to display her trade-mark satin uplift bra and nothing else except matching satin briefs under her skirt.

Fiona brought around a tray of glasses of Champagne and we all took one. Stevie stood up straight and the others gathered around me. In her distinctive American accent, she proposed: “Here’s a toast to you, Julia, our best customer!” Her colleagues applauded politely.

“Regularly seen in all our stores,” she continued, “Spending thousands of Euros on all the latest products as soon as they hit the floor and always to be found at the Passionella launch parties.”

The girls all raised their glasses and we sipped Champagne.

“In fact, Julia,” continued Fiona, picking up the theme, “We all wonder how you ever have time to run your recruitment business. You spend hours at the hairdressers when you aren’t shopping for lingerie, day and evening clothes or browsing in our competitors’ stores.”

I tried to think quickly as the atmosphere became more tense. “Have you been following me around, Fiona?” I asked, “I’m flattered.”

Abigail chipped in: “No, she hasn’t, but we all talk about you when we meet. We compared notes and we started to build up a picture.”

Before I could counter their remarks, Vikki added: “… and where does all the money come from, Julia?”

Vikki paused as if expecting a reply, but I took that to be a rhetorical question. I suspected I’d been rumbled and searched for a plausible explanation, but before I could speak Stevie threw her glass of Champagne down the front of my dress.

Rachel jumped to her feet to defend me, shouting: “Stop! Julia’s one of our best clients, you can’t treat her that way!” but Abigail and Vikki grabbed her arms and held them behind her back.

“A client?” mocked Stevie, “provoking us to put on ever more daring and erotic performances for our high-rolling, impossibly gorgeous and seemingly insatiable customer? No she isn’t, I’ll tell you what she is. She’s a cheating, lying bitch!” she yelled at me as I brushed the champagne from my dress and stared at her, fearing the worst.

“Fraud!” she shouted, “Fucking spy!”

Yes, I’d been found out.

I tried to justify myself but Stevie interrupted, turning to Rachel who was struggling to release herself from her colleagues’ firm grip.

“And you’re in on this, aren’t you!” Stevie asserted. “You’ve known all along that she works for Passionella, that she’s Linda’s spy, constantly checking up on us. And you never let on, not even a hint. You just went along with the whole deceptive charade.”

Rachel stopped struggling and sprang to my defence. “Yes, you’re right. Julia works for Passionella UK. But she’s doing a valuable and important job. Many leading companies employ mystery shoppers to help to improve the service to their customers.”

“Yeah,” sneered Fiona, “but they don’t get paid to fuck their colleagues! You’re no better than a whore, a slut, a corporate fuck-tart!”

The rest of the Dems looked unconvinced too, but Rachel continued.

“Listen, I get to see Julia’s reports when they come into the office, and almost without exception they are positive and complimentary. And when they aren’t, I know that Linda, Emma and Charlotte work out training programmes, incentives and rewards to help you guys to improve your technique.”

The little group of Dems muttered to each other and I took up the thread.

“Hey, has anyone ever been fired, or reprimanded, or lost out on a raise or promotion because of me?”

No-one spoke.

“And more importantly, haven’t any of you actually enjoyed having me in your stores? I certainly have had some great times with you guys. We’ve had a lot of fun, great sex and some really rewarding orgasms, haven’t we?”

The atmosphere became slightly less menacing. Abigail and Vikki loosed their grip on Rachel and the girls formed a small huddle, murmuring so I could not hear.

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