One Hell of a Ride


One Hell of a Ride I love my boss. I lovemy boss. I love my boss. That was the mantra that Luke Roberts had repeated for the past hour. Really, the lengths he would go to for his boss. Missy Pike was his best friend first, before she became his boss. They went through a lot together: her divorce, her kids leaving for college, his coming out, his first break up, and now her upcoming retirement. They were with each other through thick and thin. And it just so happened that Missy has an extra ticket for a charity event and wanted, no, demanded him to go. Luke has thought about feigning illness, or a debilitating disease, but Missy knew better. Luke sighed for the umpteenth time as he surveyed his outfit for the night: sharp, black suit that was specially tailored for him so that it would fit him to a tee. He then sighed again as he glanced at the ticket on his table. Well, Luke sighed again. As if there’s anything he could do about it. With a last glance at the clock, he then grabbed his ticket, his wallet and his phone and locked the door to his apartment. With luck, he might be able to meet a nice guy. The cab stopped in front of the hotel and Luke got out, smoothing some non-existent wrinkles on his suit. He then patted his short, black hair as he noticed some people were watching him, either with envy or with ill-concealed lust. He then proceeded up the steps of the hotel, giving the maitre’d his ticket and proceeded to the ballroom. His jaw dropped as he surveyed the scene. His boss and the company really went all out this time: there were couches on the far side of the walls with billowy, sheer curtains that ensured privacy, there were other couches on the floor, for those who want to socialize, lots of tables scattered, tables of sumptuous food on display, overflowing fountains of Cristal, and a dance floor wide enough to accommodate 500 people. The lights were dimmed to a soft, shimmering light. It could easily be a scene for seduction. He then glanced to the right when he felt eyes on him. He then noticed a tall man at the side, drinking champagne and staring hotly at him, and he looked vaguely familiar. Where have I seen him before? He was tall, slim, but Luke could see how broad his shoulders were. His other hand was inside his pocket as he surveyed Luke with his dark eyes. He sipped his champagne and Luke swallowed as he saw the man’s Adam’s apple bobbed. Luke could feel his pants tighten with that look. God, that man reeked of sex appeal and he was making Luke hard without even touching him. Shit, he’s not even like a meter away. Luke gulped as he saw the man smirked slightly, then proceeded to walk towards him, panther-like. “Oh my God, Luke! You finally made it!” Exclaimed a blond bombshell encased in a super tight red gown, you’ll be wondering if she can even breathe in it. Luke was startled, as he broke eye contact with the handsome man. “Missy, hi.” Missy narrowed her eyes at Luke. “What’s the matter?” Luke blinked, then glanced at the spot again where the man was before, but he was gone. He sighed. “Nothing. I just saw a very hot guy but now he’s gone.” “Aww, that’s okay. You have the whole night, maybe you’ll find him then. If not, there are a lot of other guys here.” She then beamed. “Have you tasted the deserts yet? It was made by that famous chef and it is to die for.” Luke allowed Missy to pull him to the desert table where his widened at the selection. They really do look delicious. And for the next hour, Luke mingled with his colleagues, drank champagne, laugh and basically had a good time. He then excused himself Pendik Escort to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was empty, and the lighting was brighter here than in the ballroom. He glanced at his reflection, and noted that his hair was now getting limp. Then he heard the door to the bathroom opened and was startled when he saw the man’s reflection in the mirror. “Hi.” Luke stuttered as he straightened up. “Hey.” The man replied, with that smirk still in place. God, he’s so hot. Luke could feel his pants tighten again and he knew that the man noticed. “I saw you looking at me.” Luke said, surprised by his own strong voice. “Did you?” The man walked towards him, backing him up against the sink. “Yes. D-Did you like what you see?” Luke felt his knees going weak as the man stroked his sides. “Yes. I do” The man then tilted his head, ghosting his lips along Luke’s ears, jaw and neck. Luke whimpered, hands going to the man’s broad shoulders and hanging on for dear life. “God, I want to bend you over that sink and just take you.” The man whispered against Luke’s ear as his thigh went between his own. Luke whimpered again, as that strong thigh wedged between his own, slowly moving against his now very hard cock. “I want to take you home, suck you, fuck you, then do it all over again until you can barely think straight.” “Oh fuck.” Luke moaned as that sinful mouth nibbled his ear while that thigh continued to stroke him. “You mesmerized me the moment you walk in that ballroom.” He then moved his hands and cupped Luke’s ass, molding him against his body and Luke could feel his hard-on as well. “With your tight suit, your hair, those lips that begged to be kissed and nibbled.” The man then proceeded to nibble Luke’s lower lip, but not really kissing him. “Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. I’m going to…” Luke whispered as his hands found purchase on the guy’s hair. “Are you gonna come? You gonna come for me? Come for me now. Later, I will fuck your ass so hard. I’m going to come inside you until you feel overflowing and oh-so-full.” The man then whispered seductively in Luke’s ear. Luke is now thrusting himself against that thigh that was wreaking havoc on his senses. Those wicked lips that barely touched him yet he could feel them. He was so close, just a little more… Then the guy bit his neck, hard enough to leave a bruise. And that was the final straw. He then buried his mouth against the man’s shoulder to muffle his moans as he erupted. He could feel ropes and ropes of his cum were wetting his underwear. His legs felt boneless as he hangs on for dear life. The man then let out a chuckle against Luke’s ear. “That was fast.” Luke pouted as he struggled to get his breathing back to normal. “Shut up. It’s been awhile.” The man moaned as he placed kisses on Luke’s neck. “You look amazing when you come. I bet that you would look better as you come with my cock buried in your ass.” Luke placed kisses on the man’s strong neck, inhaling deeply the smell of his aftershave. He smells so good. “You can do that tonight. Make me come again. I’ll make you come so hard, too.” The man then looked at him seriously, with hunger and lust still in his eyes. “Are you sure?” No, he’s not. But this might be the only chance he’ll get. “Yes. I am.” The man sighed, and then reluctantly disentangled his arms from Luke. “Okay. This is how we’ll do it. I’m going to say good bye to some of my colleagues, you do the same. We’ll meet outside after 10 minutes. My limo will be waiting by then.” Luke’s legs still felt boneless as he stood against Pendik Escort Bayan the sink. “Can you make it 5 minutes?” The man’s eyes widened, and then the smirk was back. “Five minutes it is.” Then the man stroked Luke’s cheek with unbelievable tenderness, then turned to go. “Wait!” Luke exclaimed. The guy turned around with his brows raised. “Can I at least know your name?” The man hesitated, then smiled. “It’s Caleb.” ——————————————————————————————– “Missy! Missy!” Luke run up to her, breaking her conversation with another man. “What? What’s wrong? Why are you…panting?” Missy narrowed her eyes at him, taking in his flushed skin and his dilated eyes. “I –“ He then broke off, bending a little so that he could breath. “I need to go.” “What? Why?” She almost whined. “I-“ He hesitated then he grinned. “I met someone.” Missy then squealed. “Oh God! Really? Oh, where is he? I must meet him!” She then proceeded to look around. “He was the guy who was looking at me earlier, remember?” She then turned serious. “Really? Are you sure about this? What if he’s a creep? I’m gonna introduce someone to you, too.” “No time. I need to go.” He then grinned and pecked Missy’s cheek. “See you. I’ll call you when I get home.” “Wait – Luke!” She called out but she was too late. He already left. —————————————————————————————- Stephen Caleb paced in front of his limo, waiting for the guy that got his attention. He knew that his name was Luke Roberts and he was one of the best assistant editors in the company. He was mesmerized by him even before this party. He always saw him in the building and before he knew it, his attraction grew and when he saw Luke earlier, he knew that this was his chance. His attention was snagged when he saw him at the top of the steps. He saw him hesitantly went down, then more confidently before he stood in front of Caleb. “Second thoughts?” Luke asked hesitantly. Caleb smiled. “No. How about you?” Luke breathed deeply then looked into his eyes. “I might have some, but something feels right. “ Caleb grinned in victory inside. He’ll now be his. Finally. He then opened the door to the limo then gestured inside. “Come on in, then.” Luke gulped, then slowly went inside the limo. Caleb groaned silently as he saw Luke’s pants hugged his ass delectably. Man, this night is going to test his iron-clad control. Just one kiss from those dangerous lips, and he knows he’s a goner. Luke fidgeted on his seat as Caleb slid in beside him, the man’s heat and his smell was making him dizzy. He’s more intoxicating than the champagne I drunk earlier. And we haven’t even done anything yet. “You okay?” Caleb asked softly, draping his arm behind the seat by Luke’s head. “Uh, yeah. So far, so good.” Luke laughed nervously. “Where are we going?” “My house.” “And where is your house?” “Valley Grove.” Caleb smirked when Luke’s eyes widen. That is one of the most exclusive villages in the city, and he knew how far it is. “That’s like two hours away!” Caleb laughed, making Luke’s heart stutter. “So? We’re not in a hurry.” Luke swallowed nervously. Is he really going to do this? “Why are you so nervous?” Caleb moved closer to Luke until their thighs are now touching. “No, I’m not.” Luke denied hurriedly. Caleb laughed softly, his thumb gently touching Luke’s bottom lip. “You bite your lip whenever you’re nervous.” Luke was hooked by those warm fingers and that intense gaze, and Escort Pendik for the life of him, he cannot look away. “H-How did you know that?” Caleb just shrugged and leaned closer as he placed little kisses on Luke’s face: his nose, his eyelids, his forehead, his cheeks. Luke closed his eyes with a sigh at those tender touches. Weren’t this supposed to be a one night stand? At the pace Caleb is going, Luke might have some trouble forgetting him once the night is over. “Caleb.” Luke whispered as those warm, moist lips placed kisses on the side of his mouth. Caleb groaned as his hand went to Luke’s nape. His touch was not brutal, just rough enough for Luke to know that the man was as affected as him. “Say that again.” “Say what?” Luke whispered. “My name. Say it again.” Caleb growled roughly as he placed his forehead against Luke’s. “Caleb.” He then tunneled his fingers through Caleb’s surprisingly soft hair. “Caleb.” Caleb moaned and captured those tempting lips with his own. The younger man moaned as he finally felt those lips, those tempting, sinful lips against his own. His lips were so soft, so gentle, yet firm. And his taste, oh god, his taste. His taste was so amazing, that Luke was convinced that Caleb can make him come by just a kiss. But, of course he preferred another way. Caleb wrapped his arms around Luke’s slim frame, urging him to straddle his strong thighs. Luke obliged, not breaking their lip-on-lip contact. The younger man settled himself on Caleb’s lap, and groaned softly as he felt Caleb’s erection poking him. Caleb broke the kiss as he placed kisses on Luke’s neck as he slowly took off the younger man’s jacket. Renewed with the intake of air, he captured Luke’s mouth again, almost knocking the younger man over by the force of it. But he didn’t mind, instead he reveled in it. This was a man who was making him feel like he never felt before. He’s willing to do anything. Luke moaned and he opened his mouth wider as he felt Caleb’s tongue enter his mouth. He felt that wicked, wicked tongue tasted him and he felt light headed, out of breath, dizzy and oh so fucking hard. Their breath quickened as their kiss became deeper, more heated and messier. Their tongues battled for dominance, though Luke was more than willing to submit without question. Caleb’s mouth was eating him like he was a delectable feast, and he loved it. It was messy and dirty; he could feel their mixed saliva dripping down his chin, and he felt so dirty and so naughty. He then felt Caleb’s fingers drifting down his waist and slowly undoing his belt. He moaned against the mouth eating him as those deft fingers opened the clasp of his trousers, slowly, agonizingly pulling down the zipper. He then wrenched his mouth from Caleb with a loud cry as those fingers finally, finally took hold of his hard cock. Caleb moaned as he grasps Luke’s hard cock. “You’re already so wet.” He rasped, his breath fanning Luke’s face. Luke panted as he braced his hands on Caleb’s shoulders as he rocked against that hand. “Earlier…bathroom.” Caleb licked a trail from Luke’s wet and swollen mouth to his ear. “Oh yes. In the bathroom earlier. When you came for me. You looked so beautiful when you come, you know that?” Luke panted, becoming impossibly harder at those words. “Caleb, please.” Caleb then abruptly moved, and in no time at all, Luke found himself seated at the plush leather seat with the older man between his legs. “Caleb?” Luke whispered with wide eyes at their new position. This is not good, he felt vulnerable, exposed. Caleb leaned forward and placed a kiss on Luke’s lips as he slowly untied Luke’s shoes, then removed his pants, leaving him with his boxers which was already stained and damp at the front. Caleb inhaled deeply, enjoying Luke’s aroused smell. He then mouthed the bulge there, feeling the boxers get damper with each passing second.

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