Late Night Visitor


Nine thirty on a Friday night and there was a knock at the door.

She looked over from the top of her book and a smile swept across her face. She put down her book, walked over to the door, and opened it slightly. Of all the people to stop by on a Friday night when she was alone…

“Sorry to disturb you,” he said softly noticing her satiny robe hanging halfway down her thigh. She had obviously just showered because her hair was wet and hanging loosely around her shoulders. If it were any other woman, he would have looked away.

“We found these at work.” He held up a set of keys.

“You know very well that you could have given these to me on Monday,” she said with a sassy smile.

He smiled back at her in that all too familiar flirtatious way. He knew what he was doing when he volunteered to return her lost keys. Although her house was in the opposite direction of his, the desire to see her burned inside him like a wild fire and compelled him to make the journey to her door.

“But then I wouldn’t have been able to see you standing in your doorway with only a bathrobe on,” he replied looking her over hungrily. His glare did not go unnoticed, but he wasn’t ashamed and she wasn’t offended.

She opened the door a little further to reveal her full figure. Moisture from her wet hair seeped underneath her robe that clung to her beautiful sweet smelling flesh. Sexy… provocative. On the rare occasions he was able to cast his eyes upon her body, he reveled in her sensuality.

“Would you like to come in?” she asked opening the door all the way.

“Are you alone for the evening?” he inquired not wanting to enter if her husband was due home.

“Not if you keep me company,” she replied running a finger down his shirt. She envisioned his body underneath his clothes. He was tall and lean, but muscular, and she enjoyed running her hands over his arms and through the hair on his chest. Flesh against flesh.

Her smiled revealed everything. A sexual impulse quickly took over her body. He was exactly what she needed for the evening. A physical interlude where she could escape from the daily life of work Escort Esenyurt and marriage.

He stepped inside and she closed the door. Reaching over to her, he pulled her wet body tightly against his and kissed her greedily on the lips. Their tongues danced across each other’s lips, performing a muscular tango inside their mouths. His kiss was all she needed to forget the day, to forget her life. Whenever he kissed her, she disappeared into another world… a distant place where he was able to keep her by pleasing, teasing, probing, and indulging on her body. Her husband, although he tried hard, had never been able to do that, and his touch could not compare to the arousing ability her lover had to take her body places it had never been before.

While he continued to kiss her, he untied her robe, pushed it off her soft shoulders, letting the satin garment fall onto the floor by her feet. She wrapped her arms around his waist and over his shoulder sealing out all air between them. He put one hand behind her head holding her tightly while they kissed. His other hand caressed her soft ass, slightly penetrating the crease between her checks. His fingers lightly glazed the hair around her pussy and danced around the hole he so desperately wanted to explore.

He gazed into her deep brown eyes. She was already exceptionally aroused.

“You’ve had a rough couple of days, haven’t you?” he asked knowing full well what her week had been like.

“Was it that obvious?” she asked jokingly.

He took her hand, led her over to the couch, and motioned for her to sit down.

“Then let me take you someplace where you can escape.”

He had no reservations in pleasing her for the entire night without receiving anything in return. There were countless days when she got on her knees, sucked his cock, and swallowed his hot cum in her thirsty mouth. As aroused as he would get listening to her moan uncontrollably and from tasting her sweet juice, he would let the ache of his hard cock go untouched until he was alone.

Knowing this night was for her, she instantly gave over control of her body so that he may do Escort Avcılar as he pleased. He knelt before her, spread her legs apart, and arched his head up to kiss her on the lips. As he probed her mouth with his tongue, he gently fondled her breasts… but not for too long. He knew she liked it rough and within moments his gentle pressure turned into a firm grasp. His cock responded as he kneaded her tits and he could feel a dab of precum moisten his pants. He pinched her nipples which she responded to with fierce moaning and squirming.

She broke free from his kiss long enough to beg him suck on her nipples.

“Only if you asked nicely.”

He had every intention of doing what she asked, but he wanted to hear her plead for more.

“Please suck on them,” she begged while moaning. “I want to feel your tongue flicker over my nipples. I want to watch you suck on them… play with them… do what you like to them.”

He ran his tongue over one breast then to the other stopping over each nipple. As requested, he flicked his tongue over her erect nubs. She responded by moaning like a lioness in heat. He sucked on one nipple and played with the other while she watched him feast. He was making her cum just by sucking on her nipples. And he wasn’t going to relent. He’d keep sucking and molesting her nipples until they turned deep red and burned with pleasurable pain.

Wanting to intensify the feeling for her, he moved his hand between her legs, found her pulsating clit, and rubbed furiously. She let out a loud cry and arched her back off of the couch.

“Lick me!” she pleaded. “Stick your tongue inside me! I want you to eat me like I were your last meal.”

He put his head between her legs, spread apart her swollen lips, and licked her clit with the frenzy of a crazed man. He was crazed… hot, horny, and bursting in his jeans. He wanted to unzip his pants, pull out his throbbing phallus, and stroke himself to the sound of her groans. But he didn’t.

Instead, he ravenously licked around her sweet hole penetrating slightly to tease then inserting all the way to please. She loved what he could do with his tongue. The way he lapped her like a dog… it was almost too much for her to handle. She began to whimper.

He took her delirium one step further and inserted a finger into her pussy probing deeply while licking her clit. She gasped for air.

“Give me your juice,” he commanded. “All of it.”

If he wasn’t going to cum in her presence, he at least wanted to savor her nectar… something for him to taste and smell on his lips and fingers for his ride home. After he released his own cum on his hand, he would lick his and her juice off his fingers feasting on their combined delicacy.

As she continued her orgasmic release, there was still one more thing he could do to send her over the edge. He inserted another finger into her pussy. She loved two fingers inside her and the second he penetrated, her whole body convulsed and with animalistic spasms. He probed faster and deeper and licked harder. She squirmed, moaned, gasped, clawed at the couch. She put a hand on the back of his head demanding him to go further, to devour her, to take everything he could.

He drank her up as if he were dehydrated, replenishing his thirst with her cum. Her whole body shook as she released into his mouth and onto his fingers. When she could stand no more, having given him all she had, she fell back onto the couch. He stopped his sumptuous repast and watched her as she breathed heavily, her breasts heaving upward with each inhalation.

“You’re not done yet,” she whispered.

He knew what she wanted. He brought his wet fingers up to her mouth.

“Save some for me,” he begged.

She looked at him as she took one finger in her mouth to lick off her own cum. He imagined her mouth over his dick, sucking on him just as she was sucking on his fingers. He pictured her looking up at him with a greedy stare. God how he wanted to feel her mouth on him and to blow his load all over her silky flesh! But he wouldn’t ask… wouldn’t even hint. This night was for her and her alone.

She finished licking his finger saving the other per his request, and the look in her eyes told him to kiss her hard on the lips. He did as he was told, grasping at whatever remnants of her juice she would allow him to taste. And their tongues once again danced the forbidden tango of lust reserved for the lonely and the late night visitors.

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