Hotel Room


I drive into the hotel parking lot, send a text that I’m here. I get out of my car to go to his and on the driver’s side is the hotel key he put aside for me. Once I get to the room, I unlock the door and walk in. The room is dark with candles lit, him sitting at the far end of the room on a chair. I can’t see his face, outlined by the candlelight. Per his earlier instructions, I remove my jacket and place that, along with purse, into the closet. Standing 10 feet in front of him, I slowly remove my shoes, socks, jeans, and then stand up taking off my shirt, then bra. Clad in only my black thongs, I walk slowly to him. I stop a foot in front of him, turn around, and wait.

He comes up from behind, brings his arms/hands around, cupping my breasts, bringing his right hand down to my crotch, roughly rubbing my slit over the material, then moving his other hand up to move my long hair aside. He breathes in my neck, smelling the perfume I put on for him. He licks and kisses the nape of my neck. In my ear he growls, “You were 3 minutes late.” I don’t say anything. “You were 3 minutes late, right?” I say yes. I know my place, I can only answer yes or no, unless I am talking dirty. He says to bend over and hold ankles. He spanks me hard, first the right side of my ass, then the left. He repeats this. He pulls my thongs down just to mid thigh. Probing, feeling my wetness. Pushing one finger, two fingers in. He can feel I’m ready. He pulls back, I hear the buckle of his belt as he removes it, then the zipper of his pants.

Still bent over, I grip my ankles. I feel the head of his cock line up with my hole and he pushes it in roughly, gripping my hips to hold me up as he thrusts in and out. I am gasping and moaning, not expecting the rough beginning. He pulls out as quick as he started, then sits back down on the chair. He tells me to face him, and then motions for me to kneel, to suck his cock. I know from when he was in me seconds ago that he is bigger than I’ve ever had, and I am eager to have it in my mouth, seeing how much of it I can take in. I slide my hand from the head to the base, holding it straight as I bring my lips to the tip, sticking my tongue out to taste him, taste me. I slowly push my mouth Escort bayan down on him, tightly, deeper and deeper until I start to gag. I don’t stop, I keep pushing until my nose is against his stomach, my chin against his balls. He moans, “Oh baby, yes. Suck that cock”. I eagerly do so, bobbing my head up and down, using my tongue to swirl around his shaft, making sucking sounds as my saliva drips around my lips, covering my hand. I feel his cock pulse in my mouth as his breathing quickens. He grabs my hair and stops me, tells me to go to the bed and lay on my back. I am quick to do so, eager. My panties are still halfway down my thighs. He stands there, staring at me, his eyes lingering on my body. I can see the lust in his eyes. I can see how bad he wants to fuck me, from his face and from his erection. He pulls his pants off now, his shirt.

He comes onto the bed, lays down next to me, his hand moving appreciatively up and down my smooth leg. I have shaved everything for him, again per his instructions. His mouth claims mine, his tongue gliding in and out, me sucking his bottom lip in between. I grab the back of his head and pull him close to me, wanting his touch, craving it. He grabs my thong and pulls it down, me pulling my legs up to accommodate him. After throwing it aside, he brings his hand back to spread my legs apart, to slide his fingers back to my wet cunt. I can feel how he loves to push his fingers into me, feeling how tight I am, me squeezing them. Wanting him inside of me.

Please. Please fuck me. I whisper these words to him. Please.

He moves up and brings my legs around him. He moves the head of his cock up and down my wetness again, covering it with my juices, then leans forward, claiming me, claiming my cunt with his cock. I whimper…Yes! God yes. Fuck me. I wrap my legs around him tight and stare up at him. He pounds into me. He’s so fucking big. I wasn’t expecting his size, GOD it feels good. So hard.

He stops again, pulls out. “Baby, I want to taste you.” He moves down, his mouth trailing down my body, licking, tasting my skin. His lips stop when they find my clit, he licks softly at first, laying his tongue flat against it, bathing my clit with his Bayan Escort spit, then closes his mouth over it and starts sucking. I cry out, I’m so sensitive. My body starts moving against his mouth, the harder he sucks and licks, the harder I want it. I grab his head and pull head mouth even harder onto me. I am building up quick, so turned on, and I peak, FUCK!! He keeps suckling after I come down, shaking, my ass being squeezed by his big hands. I feel my cum dripping, and he is lapping it up. Moving back up, he brings my legs up in the air, over his shoulders, pushing them down against me to crush his mouth onto mine at the same time he slams into me again. I moan against his mouth, my hands reaching behind and grabbing his ass, pulling him tight against me. He picks up the pace and pushes harder and faster against me, unrelenting. My pussy is quivering around his shaft, squeezing. He is getting too excited, throttles back.

“I want you to sit on my face, babe.” He lays down, I’m not sure which way he wants me to face, but I err on the side of what men usually want, and move into the classic 69 position. I position my pussy over his mouth, then lean down over his torso, taking a moment to look at his beautiful cock. Licking my lips, I take him in my mouth and start working him. Do I try to make him cum in my mouth with my talented tongue, lips, teeth? Or do I just want to torture…

I run my tongue up and down each side of his shaft, my hand massaging his balls. I savor his taste, I can taste myself on him and that turns me on even more. His breath on my pussy as he sucks on me hungrily. He is gripping and squeezing my ass hard, spreading my cheeks as he buries his face into me. The closer he gets me to orgasm, the more intense I suck his cock…oh, my favorite, deep throating. So much more fun in this position. I wonder how long he can last, I’m thinking not long as he is starting to swell and throb. I smile to myself as I lightly run my teeth when I pull up, but then gasp as another orgasm rips through me. GODDAMNIT.

“Get up, stand up…face the bed.”

Oh!! Finally, my favorite. He gets behind me and roughly shoves me forward, my arms over my head, face down. I spread Escort my legs wide. Grabbing my hair, he finds my hole again and glides right in. I’m so hot now, I feel my wetness moving down my inner thighs. I moan as he starts pistoning in and out of me. Then, when I thought he’d taken me hard before, he shows me what rough is. He pounds me mercilessly while I cry out, his grunts accompanying me. It feels like he is spearing me so deep, deeper than I have ever had before. Sweat and my cum mix together and create a sticking sensation as we come together and move apart. One hand pulls my hair tighter, harder, while the other hand reaches around to my stomach and brings me back to his hips, harder and harder. My legs get weaker and weaker as he continues to drive himself into me….

He grabs my waist, pulls out, picks me up and throws me onto the bed, still face down. He uses his knee to spread my legs out again, grabs my hips and slides back into my swollen pussy. More and more, I can only lay there and moan, whimper, gasp. I don’t know how much more I can take, I feel so used up. He stops to flip me around and starts up again. But, he has reached his limit and fills my cunt with his cum, I can fill him pulse as he shoots his load into me. Warm sticky cum, I try to hold it in, I want to hold it in…but I can’t hold it all and I feel it pooling out of me and onto the covers. After collapsing onto me for a few minutes, he moves down and suckles my breasts, biting my nipples, squeezing with those big hands. He then grabs my legs and shoves them above my head, and fits his face again between them. Voracious is the best word I can come up with as he attacks my clit and pussy again. After the beating my pussy has taken, and the 3 orgasms I have already had, I feel as though I’ve reached my limit. But, his skilled mouth finds my sweet spot again, and he slips 3 fingers again into as he moves his mouth side to side against my engorged clit. My hands are pulling my legs farther back over my head when I yell at him to keep going, don’t stop, don’t FUCKING stop, and I hit my climax. I cum so hard that I start laughing with the sensations rocking through my body. I collapse after crying out “Uncle, I call UNCLE!!!”

He gets up and goes to the bathroom. That’s my signal to write down on the notepad a bit of a going away endearment before getting dressed and leaving. I have one hell of a smile on my face as I walk out.

I didn’t even know his name.

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