High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 11

Big Dick

I woke up with Kay’s warm naked body pressed against mine her head resting on my shoulder one arm draped across my chest a sexy leg curled over top of mine and a rock hard piss hard on. I knew any movement on my part would bring her out of the dream state she was in so I just hugged her closer and waited for her to respond.

She stirred slightly and slowly drew her nails across my chest. It was still dark outside but I couldn’t see the alarm clock on the night stand.

Kay’s soft hand moved steadily down and eventually found my rock hard cock.

“Hmmmmmmm. What have we here?” Kay whispered as her delicate fingers circled the shaft and began stroking its quivering length.

I thought about asking her if I could get up and use the bath room but I knew that I’d return with a limp dick so I decided to hold my bladder and let her have some early morning fun.

“I was dreaming about you baby.” I said.

“I like that.” Kay replied as her hand slipped up over and cupped the head of her wake up play toy.

“Were you dreaming about fucking me?” Kay asked.

I giggled slightly then replied. “Actually you were sucking me off.”

“Ooooooohhhh.” Kay moaned.

Her hand squeezed a little tighter and moved up and down a little faster.

“It must have been a pretty hot dream.” Kay said.

“We were just getting into the really hot stuff.” I remarked.

Kay began slithering down my body her soft fingers continuing to pump my piss hard cock. “Let’s see if dreams can come true.” Kay whispered as her mouth approached my raging cock.

I folded my arms back up under my head and just watched as she stopped her hand at the base of my throbbing cock shaft and drew the tip toward her moist shimmering lips.

“Oh yeah!” I exclaimed as those wonderful lips parted and my cock head slipped between their moist warmth.

“Hmmmmmmmmm.” Kay moaned as the left over taste of our combined juices mingled with the warm saliva on her tongue.

I watched intently while Kay slowly stroked the length of my cock shaft as she licked and sucked on the bulging head using her soft wet tongue to circle the sensitive flesh of my corona.

“God you give such great head.” I whispered.

Kay let my cock slip from her lips smiled and replied. “I love sucking cock.”

“And yours tastes so good this morning.” She added between sensual licks at the bulging head.

Kay’s awesome oral technique is enhanced by the fact that her salivary glands produce an incredible amount of saliva when she’s giving head. When she’s sucking my cock it’s bathed in warm fluid much like it feels when I’m driving my cock deep inside her pussy. That alone would be enough to make me crave her mouth but the fact that she knows how to use her lips tongue and even the soft flesh inside her cheeks just about drives me insane every time Kay gives me a blow job.

And this time was no different. My soulful moans and groans acknowledging that Kay was bringing me closer and closer to climax with her incredible mouth.

“You gonna give me some cream for breakfast today baby?” Kay asked while taking a very short break.

“I got lots of hot cream for you.” I replied knowing she loves having me shoot my load inside her hot mouth.

Her delicate hands continued stroking my rock hard shaft while her sweet lips and hot tongue teased the head.

“I want no I need your hot cream.” Kay said pleadingly.

I could begin to feel that incredible numbness building in my loins and my cock swelled as I approached orgasm.

“Give it to me.” Kay begged then quickly added. “Gimme that hot cream!”

The numbness spread and my balls tightened in their sack as the cream Kay craved began boiling along my cock shaft.

“ARRRGGGHHHH!” I groaned as my cock exploded into her waiting mouth.

Kay squeezed hard on my cock shaft and sucked even harder on the head pulling her soft flesh tight around my cock as I shot streams of boiling cum in her mouth.

Kay kept her lips tightly closed around my cock accepting every drop my balls could pump into her.

Tiny droplets oozed from the corners of her mouth and dribbled down my quivering shaft as my cock filled her completely.

Kay moaned softly as my orgasm subsided and instead of streams of hot cum my cock just oozed the rest of my cum load for her.

She slowly lifted her mouth off my cock keeping her lips tightly closed. She looked at me and grinned with clenched lips. Her eyes sparkled in the dim light of her bed room.

She squeezed my softening cock shaft to grab my attention as if she needed to do anything to keep me staring at her lovely face.

Her lips opened revealing my entire cum load still held in her wet mouth. She rolled it around with her tongue capturing the few drops that dribbled over her lips proud that she could handle every drop of sweet cum my balls produced.

With her mouth open so I could watch she tilted her head back slightly and let the sticky load slip down her throat.

“Hmmmmmmmmm… I love your cum for wednesday izle breakfast.” Kay finally said once the wad of sticky cum slipped down her throat.

She pulled my cock toward her open mouth and licked at it almost as if it were a breakfast creamsicle lapping every drop from my shaft and the flaring head.

“Wow baby that was incredible.” I said.

“I aim to please.” Kay replied.

My bladder was about to burst so I excused myself and headed to the bath room.

Kay meanwhile slipped into her fluffy white robe and headed to the kitchen. By the time I finished the smell of fresh brewed coffee was wafting through the apartment.

“Would you like some coffee?” Kay asked as I entered the kitchen.

“That sounds great Kay.” I replied.

She turned and giggled before saying. “I should have saved some cream for coffee.”

“I’ll take mine black thanks.” I replied.

Kay and I sat and enjoyed coffee and conversation for the next forty five minutes. I was amazed just how sexy she is even in a relaxed non-sexual setting like the breakfast table.

Kay’s mannerisms her tone of voice and body language all confirm just how confident she is in herself. She’s definitely a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

“Well Kay I should get going traffic is always horrible in the morning and I have a regional sales report to review before I meet with my salesmen at nine.” I said.

“Yes and I have a busy day today too. I want to change the stock I have displayed in my shop window.” Kay mentioned.

“Do you wanna shower before you go?” Kay asked.

I figured that if I got in her shower Kay wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to join me guaranteeing I’d be late for work so I said. “Naw I’ll grab a quick shower when I get home.

I slipped on my suit coat and as I approached the door to leave I wrapped my arms around Kay and pulled her luscious body against mine. She pressed her soft tits into my chest and stared into my eyes.

“Thank you for an incredible night Kay.” I said.

Kay smiled and whispered. “We’ll have lots more incredible nights baby.”

I leaned toward her my hands resting on her back just above that sweet ass. Our lips touched lightly then with more pressure and passion. Kay slipped her tongue between my lips and I gladly accepted her offering. I let my hands drop and pulled her loins against mine as our kiss intensified.

Finally breaking our kiss Kay said. “You better go or I’ll drag you back to my bedroom and rape you.”

I squeezed her ass cheeks and said. “Save that idea Kay.”

An hour later I was pulling into the lot outside my office. Traffic had moved along better than I expected and I’d have time to not only review that regional sales report but perhaps go over the details with its author.

As I finished a cigarette Francine Phillips pulled into the lot. She parked where I would be able to watch as she got out of the drivers seat. I wondered if she had any exhibitionist tendencies. Her car door opened and she turned. The navy stove pipe skirt she was wearing slid up her thighs revealing creamy white flesh above thigh high stockings. As she stood up Francine smoothed the fabric down over her shapely thighs then she turned and leaned back into the car to grab her purse. Francine has as nice an ass as I’ve ever stolen a look at.

She turned and walked directly toward me. As she approached I pressed the window button and said. “Morning sexy.”

She smiled widely hearing me call her sexy. “Allen were you watching me?”

I felt a blush come over my face having been caught watching her slip out of her car.

“I was just finishing a smoke.” I replied trying to come up with an excuse for sitting in my car.

“You didn’t answer my question Allen. You were watching me weren’t you?” Francine said.

“I did see you pull into the lot yes.” I replied.

Francine smiled and said. “Did you get a good look at my legs as I got out of my car?”

I figured there was no sense hiding the fact that I was gawking at her. “I did Francine.” I admitted.

She smiled again before asking. “Did you like what you saw?”

I returned the smile and replied. “Dumb question babe.” Letting her know I not only liked what I saw but would like to see some more.

“I wore thigh highs today just for you but I didn’t think you’d get a chance to notice this early in the day.” Francine said.

She leaned down resting her hands on my car and said. “I’m not wearing any bra or panties either.”

As I looked at the opening of her blouse I could see down her entire cleavage. A rather inviting view of soft creamy flesh.

“I like that Francine. Did you skip the lingerie for me too?” I asked.

She grinned and just shook her head.

“Stop by my cubicle later. I’ll have the regional sales report ready for you and you can get a better look down my blouse.” Francine suggested.

“I’ll be sure to do that.” I replied as she straightened up and turned weekend family izle to walk very seductively toward the employee entrance.

I took the final drag of my smoke and watched her ass and legs intently. She moved like a woman who wanted to be fucked and I couldn’t wait to accommodate her.

Once I finished reading my email I dialed Francine’s extension.

“Morning Francine speaking can I help you?” She said answering my call.

“It’s Allen is that sales report finished?” I asked.

“It’s printing as we speak.” Francine replied.

“Great.” I said then asked. “Could you bring it up here when it’s done?”

“I’d be happy to.” Francine said.

“Okay see ya in a few.” I said.

“Watch for me okay.” She said just before hanging up.

Just after I hung up with Francine my phone rang. I picked it up and said. “Allen speaking can I help you?”

It was Bill Peterson my northeast rep. He had a few questions about the meeting we had scheduled for later that morning.

While I was talking with Bill I rolled my chair back so I could watch for Francine as she approached my cubicle.

I looked away for only a second and when I glanced toward her work station she was already half way to my cubicle.

She walked with a seductive step her suit coat unbuttoned as well as the top three buttons of her sheer white silk blouse. Her erect nipples pressing against the nearly see through fabric. Her full breasts bouncing in time with her seductive stroll.

“Hi Allen.” Francine said with a cute grin on her lips.

“That was some show.” I replied letting her know I enjoyed watching her walk.

“Thanks baby but that was just a preview.” Francine remarked.

I laughed before replying. “Previews are always the best parts of a movie. I hope you have more than a good preview planned.”

Francine smiled and moved around my chair to lean against my desk. “Count on it.” She replied.

I could see she was looking over the top of my cubicle as she spoke. Apparently the coast was clear because Francine placed on sexy foot between my legs and pushed my chair back.

“Wanna see the best part baby?” She asked in a hushed tone as her other shoe came to rest on the arm of my chair.

I leaned back just a little and watched as she moved her first foot out to the other chair arm and slowly spread her legs at the knee.

“Francine.” I whispered as my eyes dropped to enjoy her naked shaven pussy.

“I love having my pussy licked.” Francine whispered so only I could hear her.

“Do you now?” I answered.

She smiled and said. “Yes baby and tongue fucked too.”

The creamy white of her thighs above her stockings and the tiny pink slit at the opening of her pussy had the desired effect and I could feel my cock surge in my pants.

I leaned forward to get a closer look and said. “I love having a hot little pussy lowered to my face sixty nine.”

“Oh god Allen I want so much to suck your hard cock while you tongue fuck my pussy.” She almost blurted out.

“I’ll tongue both your pussy and tight ass babe.” I said

Francine shuddered a little before she replied. “You’re making me so fucking horny.”

“Good.” I answered then added. “You’ll be really horny by the time the picnic comes around then.”

Francine quickly stood up and straightened her skirt just as Bill Peterson stepped into my cubicle.

“When’s that meeting Allen?” He asked.

I looked at my watch and said. “Ten minutes Bill.” Knowing he had to know something was going on.

Francine picked up the print of the sales report and handed it to me. “I put copies of this in the conference room Mr. Goodman.” She said.

With that said she slid past Bill and started walking back to her desk. Peterson watched as she walked away.

Without taking his lusty eyes off her he said. “I’d fuck that sweet piece of ass silly.”

“Peterson!” I said sternly. “Be careful what you said some people might construe a comment like that as sexual harassment.”

“Sorry Allen.” Bill replied.

“Just keep your comments to your self.” I said.

Bill nodded then said. “I don’t know where that came from?”

“Well just be careful in the future.” I said.

As he turned and walked away I wondered if he had heard any of my conversation with Francine. That certainly would explain his sexist remark about fucking her sweet ass. Bill normally was a quiet shy kind of guy and I was some what surprised by his remark.

Half my team was assembled in the conference room when I arrived. A spattering of “Morning Allen.”‘s greeted my entrance. I took a seat at the end of the long table and spread my notes in front of me.

“Hand these out guys.” I said sliding a stack of Francine’s sales reports toward Jerry Francona who was seated to my right.

Jerry took a copy and slid the stack to his right. By the time the reports were passed out the rest of my team had joined us. Bill Peterson was the last to arrive. welcome to chippendales izle

“Looks like we’re one copy short Allen.” Bill said as he sat in the last seat to the left.

“I’ll give Francine a call and ask her to run off one more copy.” I said sliding my chair back and turning toward the phone on the small table behind me.

I dialed Francine’s extension and she immediately pick up.

“Francine here can I help you?” She said.

“Hi Francine it’s Allen. Can you run off one more copy of the sales report and bring it over to the conference room?” I asked.

“Sure Allen anything for you.” She answered in a very sexy tone of voice.

“Thanks Francine.” I replied before hanging up the phone.

Turning back to my gathered team I said. “Let’s get started guys.”

I try to keep the format of my regional sales meetings the same every quarter and always went over the totals for our team first.

As I finished with the team totals there was a soft knock on the door. Francine stepped through the door holding the extra copy of our report. She had buttoned two of the three buttons that she had left open earlier on her shear silk blouse and had her blazer buttoned also. She looked the part of a professional office staff member as she slowly walked along the backs of the men seated to my left. All eyes to my right followed her sexy stroll toward me.

Peterson turned and watched her from behind as she approached my end of the long table. I was certain he was again thinking of ass fucking her and I was just as certain he’d keep his thoughts to himself.

“Here you are Mr Goodman.” Francine said as she handed me the copy of our report.

“Thank you Francine.” I replied.

She smiled widely at me and replied. “Can I do anything else for you now?”

As she spoke she kind of cocked her hips to one side and continued smiling.

“We’re good thanks.” I answered then added. “But could you give this copy to Bill please?”

Francine smiled again and took the report from me. All eyes again followed her as she walked back toward the door pausing briefly to hand the extra copy to Peterson.

“Okay guys let’s get back to the numbers.” I said as Francine slipped through the door and closed it behind her.

Our sales had been strong the previous quarter but still not tops in the whole country. I’m not one for pep talks but I did express my desire to see our numbers climb toward the top sales team.

I gave recognition to our top sales producer Hank Stetson and suggested that he might share some of his secrets on closing a sale with the team at our next meeting.

Hank agreed and I made a note to leave some time for his presentation at our next meeting.

“That’s all I’ve got today guys.” I said adding. “Any questions?”

None were asked so I ended the meeting with my usual phrase. “Let’s get out there and sell something.”

Outside salesmen hate being in the office and I was sure my whole team would be outta here with-in a half hour. I’d have the rest of the morning to go over some paperwork and perhaps I’d bug out early this afternoon also.

I arrived back at my desk at about ten forty five. There were a couple phone messages on my desk and at the bottom of the stack was a post it note that read. “Call me… F.”

I recognized the hand writing as Francine’s. Taking care of business first I returned the two calls from customers. Then dialed Francine’s extension.

“Francine here can I help you?” She said as she always does.

“It’s Allen I got your message.” I replied.

Her tone of voice changed instantly from the business like manner in which she answered the phone to that of a seductress as she whispered. “Buy me lunch?”

I thought for a second knowing that if anyone else in the office saw Francine and I at lunch the gossip would fly for months. And the last thing I needed was becoming the topic of conversation around the water cooler.

“I was gonna bug outta here this afternoon Francine.” I replied hoping she would take the hint.

But Francine was a woman on a mission and apparently I was the object of that mission. “I’ll take a half day of sick leave then we can take a long leisurely lunch and maybe even have a few drinks.” Francine suggested.

Not being one to pass up the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with such a sexy woman I said. “We’ll have to drive separately.”

“Yes of course.” Francine quickly replied.

“Okay give me half an hour.” I asked.

“I’ll go tell Marge I’m not feeling well and that I’m taking the rest of the day off.” Francine said.

She then suggested. “I’ll drive over to the mall and park outside the west entrance. You can pick me up there.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I replied.

She whispered. “See you there baby.”

“Bye hun.” I answered before hanging up the phone.

I leaned back in my chair wondering if this lunch would lead to an afternoon of delight. Judging from Francine’s actions that morning I suspected it would wind up being quite delightful. I had fully expected that when we attended the company picnic in three days that she and I would flirt but that nothing would come of it in at a company function.

But now we were stealing away for a luncheon rendezvous in a private setting with little or no chance of anyone who works with us ever knowing.

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