Empty Collars Ch. 03


“Monsieur I am ever so sorry for dropping your saucer how can I make it up to you?” I looked over Maddy’s ass as she was bent over in front of me. She wiggled it in front of me as she stood there with a small sliver of a smile across her face. Was this all our relationship was? This would have been the perfect relationship if I was 15 or 16 ,but now it just seemed hollow. Over the past five months she would go to work either from my condo or her house. I would watch her leave. The first few months of our relationship had been filled with such happiness. What did I feel now? Is the same kind of love I felt for Mary or Denise? Or was it just me being grateful for not having to be alone? More questions than answers. Always there are more questions than answers. I took off my glasses and set them on the table beside me.

“Cheryl we need to talk.” I looked at her smile turn into a frown as she plopped down on my couch. I rubbed her back and gave her a hug. Her mouth opened as she looked at me. I reached out for her hands.

I let out a large sigh as I walked in the door to my condo. I palmed my key ring in one hand. I knew it had to be lighter ,but one key didn’t weigh all that much. I had met Tony her new boyfriend. Cheryl had managed to shift from girlfiriend to lover and finally to friend. We had been too different to be anything more than that. We hadn’t even been close friends the last few months.

But what about now? I felt more empty now that she was gone and I knew she wasn’t coming back. I had nowhere to run. There was no girl I could hide behind and pretend I wasn’t alone. Me and Mary had never managed to have kids. There was nothing I could lean on… all I could do was try not to think about it. I kept ducking anything long term after I was divorced.

Maybe that is why Cheryl got a boyfriend finally. She wanted someone who was forever and what was I? She didn’t want someone who would pretend like they had a girlfriend when it had suited them. She wanted more.

She had told me once and that she wasn’t going to play that game anymore. I had ran away from her then and came back promising the world. She took me back and I ran again. The cycle would repeat over and over. I would leave and come back. Leave and come back. Now there was no more Cheryl. Just me… I sighed and looked out the window. Don’t think..

I did pick up one thing from her as I reached for my golf bag. I grabbed my sport bag and walked back outside. The club was not all that full today. It was a Thursday afternoon and that did make it easier. I walked out and tossed my bag over my shoulder as I started to the first hole. My game was horrid that day. It got a little better as I was teeing off on the seventh hole.

“Hey do you want anything to drink handsome?” The girl with the beer cart had rolled up behind me. I was about to tell her to leave me alone then I eyed her from head to toe. I felt a pang of lust towards her. She was a petite little elfin girl.

The uniform she was wearing was obviously personally tailored. A few buttons on the white polo shirt were unbuttoned. The shirt was maybe a full two sizes too small. The skirt was a inch too high and I could see a belly ring on her exposed mid drift. With that uniform and with the horny old goats in the clubhouse she probally made more than my neurologist. I was still a little too pissed at meeting Tony to even care though.

“Handsome? Didn’t they tell you to call your elders something a bit more professional like say Sir, Mister, or even buddy?” I stood there and pulled out a twenty. As soon as I pulled out my wallet I felt my keys jingle out and slap onto the ground. I hesitated a bit and watched her pick them up. She looked at my key chain and fingered it possessively before handing it back to me. I handed her a twenty and told her to give me a Dr. Pepper. Her hands trembled a bit as she handed it to me.

“Sir who gave you that key chain?” I palmed the key chain and then looked at her. Cheryl had given it to me after we had been dating for a few months. She had told me the meaning of it and I had forgot it. She seemed to let her hands linger too long on it.

“Why do you like it? My ex-girlfriend gave it to me.” I watched her breath in and out a little bit. Damn you Maddy. What in the hell? I watched her smooth out the skirt she was wearing. … damn I didn’t think I was that attractive. Maybe spending a few hours on the golf course and in the gym was finally paying off. I eyed her hungrily. The pink sneakers and tassles on each lace and the pink socks.

“Yeah its pretty. Where did she get it at?” She was playing with her hair and was leaning closer to me. Where do these women come from and why do they pick the worst times? I felt that lump in my stomach that had been there since puberty growl at me.

“Listen I was only going to do nine holes today do you want to go get something to eat?” She twirled her hair again as she smiled at me. I continued to drink the Dr. Pepper as we made arrangements to meet up. She told me her name was mobil porno Lisa and she was working on her MBA. I thought maybe for once I could get a decent date out of someone.

She was only going to work til five that day. I looked at my watch it was already a quarter til. I would have enough time to shower and shave in the clubhouse and pick her back up at the gate. I rushed around the clubhouse frantic as I grabbed my stuff from a locker and managed to get back to the parking lot.

She looked cute as I ushered her into the car. She smiled as we drove to the restaurant. Something was funny in the way she acted and the way she carried herself. When we arrived at the resturaunt she waited for me to open her door for her and ordered around the valet. This was looking to be a very long night.

I was confirmed in my suspicions as I watched her take pleasure in ordering the most expensive thing from the menu and generally pissing off the staff at the resturaunt. I looked at my watch. Come already let this night be over. Sometimes the nicely wrapped packages just have crap inside that no one wants.

I was waiting for the bill to arrive when she pushed her fork off the table and onto the floor. She quickly ducked under the table. I shook my head as her hands roamed up the inside of my thigh.

“Get out from under there now.” I was geniunely pissed because she was obviously trying to piss me off the entire time. I watched her sit down with a smug smirk on her face.

“About fucking time.” I was surprise by her outburst. What could I do though? I watched as she eyed the waitress and pushed the bill towards me. The waitress looked at me with a gleam of sympathy in her eyes. I just shook my head and slipped a fifty into the credit card holder and pushed it back to the edge of the table. I got up to go to the bathroom and came back to the table. She looked suspicious but I couldn’t pin it down. I just wanted to go back home and forget that this freaking date ever happened. She was just using me for a free dinner.. and here I am Mr. Tool. I was starting to get more and more angry as I palmed my keys and began to walk to the car.

“Hey turn down here we can go there its something you would like.” We came to a small hole in the wall bar.

“Look I would like to go in ,but I don’t have any cash and my ATM card is back at my apartment. So do you mind if I just drop you off and we can maybe do something another time?” I watched a smile drift across her face.

“No we can go in and have a few drinks.. my treat.” She waved a fifty dollar bill in front of me. It instantly crystallized in my mind. She took that waitress’ tip I had left. Damn it .. now I would have to go back to the restaurant too after I dropped this lunatic off. Before I could say anything she bolted from the car and walked to the door of the bar. I made up my mind as soon as she went to the bathroom.. I was gonna leave her there. Screw it … it would be worth it to know one of the tools she was using finally got her back. I managed to put a somewhat subdued face on as I approached the door. She was still waiting. I’m surprised she didn’t go ahead and walk in without me and order a drink. I walked over to her as she flashed the fifty at a large brick wall of a man near the entrance.

“We have to pay cover? What do they have a band or something?” The bouncer handed me back a roll of ones after I handed him the fifty. Perfect. I could hear really bad music as I walked in. This was god’s way of getting back at me for dating a girl who could be my daughter. As I walked in all I saw was mostly guys and then as I pivoted my head I saw her.

“What the hell?” A girl in a candy stripper outfit was yanking off her top on a stage.

“I thought all guys liked strip clubs.” She chuckled a bit and made her way into the club. Well at least it could be worse. There could have been guys up on stage. I shook my head as she walked up to the first row and sat down. I watched as she yelled along with all the guys in the crowd. She asked for a few ones as she slid the dollars into the girl’s G-strings. She even handed me a few dollars when a girl dressed like Catwoman gyrated her ass in front of me. After about twenty minutes of nursing a vodka martini she excused herself suddenly. I couldn’t catch where she ended up going. I smiled as I finally saw my out and was getting up as the lights dimmed. Great they were changing performers. I could get out and no one would be the wiser. I looked back over my shoulder and saw two girls come out on ….

“What?” The guy standing next to me told me to shut up and sit back down. I watched a girl being lead out on a leash with another girl dressed in a business suit. A song by one of those teenage pop singers came on. I fell back down into a chair as I realized that my date was up on stage being lead around on a leash. The girl in the business suit had drug out a chair with her. I watched as my date began to run her body along her business suit clad accomplice’s legs. Her hands ran up inside the alman porno girl’s pants and it was obvious that her hand was near the other girl’s crotch. I watched Lisa turn her head and get a puzzled look as she looked to where I was sitting and then scanned the audience quickly. She found my eyes and smiled. I felt my jaw as I sat there. Yes my mouth was hanging open.

I watched Lisa get forced over the larger girl’s lap. Lisa licked her lips as she felt the hem of her dress get pulled up. She was wearing a tiny pink thong under her dress. I watched the larger girl begin to deliver a spanking to Lisa. The slaps seemed to echo throughout the small bar. I could hear the audience begin to count. What the hell did I get myself into? Lisa’s dress was soon being forced over her head. The larger girl pushed Lisa back to her knees. The duo pantomimed Lisa giving a blowjob to the other girl. Lisa then stood up and began to undress the other girl. Her hands fondled the other girl’s breasts. Lisa swung around and dipped over the girl’s lap face up as she tore her bra off. Her nipples were pierced. I swallowed hard. That was the one thing … yeah that was nice. Lisa ripped off the larger girl s shirt off. Lisa’s hands slid over the other girl’s breasts. Lisa began to lick the other girl’s body with small tenative strokes. Her hands wandered along the other girl’s waist.

She looked back to the audience and pointed to the other girl’s waist and unbelted the other girl’s pants as she stood up. Lisa yanked the other girl’s pants down and slapped her ass. The music instantly changed to a fast beat as both girls stood up and began to rub against each other. I watched the rest of the scene and sat there. It felt like a eternity but eventually Lisa came out and sat back down at the table.

“Well did you like the ..” I grabbed her arm and pulled her out the door. I don’t even remember how fast I drove on the way home. I just remeber pushing her in the door and watching her toss her bag into a corner.

“Lose the clothes now.” I reached for the hem of her dress and rubbed her ass. I began to pull the dress over her head. She gyrated her hips as I walked over to the couch. She continued to strip off her clothes. I let out a small breath as I watched her come closer. She rubbed her crotch as she walked over to me. I wondered.

“Stop … knees now.” She instantly dropped to her knees as I walked towards her. I felt every inch of her body from the base of her spine to her neck. I slipped a finger around her neck and then smiled as I let a hand slide down to the front of her body and felt her nipple rings.

“When did you get these little girl.” I flicked the rings again as I heard a light moan.

“When I was 17 my boyfriend wanted them and umm … can you call me slave?.” Damn she must have been waiting for this for a long time. I reached down and rubbed between her legs. Her legs instantly parted to let my hand in. I felt her crotch grind into my hand.

“Ah ah not quite yet.. you are gonna have to convince me. Now give me a show. I want to see what you would have done if I had just dropped you off at your apartment when you were pissing me off tonight. Show me now slave girl.” She smiled as she began to stroke her nipples. She pinched each one until they were hard and then moved on to her stomach. I watched her slide back down onto her back. She caressed her hips and rubbed the insides of her thighs

“Little faster slave girl.” She then inched her hand down the small strip of hair between her legs and began to moan.

“God I want you Master… I want you so bad. I want you inside me.” Damn I love when a girl talks dirty. Its completely against what I grew up expecting from a girl.

“Please let me have your cock. I need it. ” She was moving her hand quickly against her crotch. Her hips were sliding gyrating more and more with each second. I watched her nipples harden as she began to rock. The small silver rings on each nipple glinted in the light. Her hand reached up and then roughly pinched her left one as she bit down on her lip. Her pink tongue snaked out as she closed her eyes.

“What are you thinking about right now slave girl. Are you wondering if I am going to let you cum?” Her hand frantically rubbed a finger across her crotch as her thumb tickled her clit lightly. Her breathing was incredibly rapid as she bounced up and down. I could tell she was getting closer to what she needed.

“Stop it now slave girl and come sit on the couch with me. ” Her eyes were slightly glazed as she looked at me. She looked confused and then managed to get to her feet. Her stance was wobbily for a few seconds as she slipped in beside me. I could hear her breathing rapidlly. She sounded like she had been running for a few hours. I caressed her ass as she rolled over and sat on my lap. I grabbed her and began to bite along the nape of her neck. I let my tongue dance across her throat. I blew over the wet surface area and heard her giggle slightly. I rubbed my hand up her alexis texas porno bare back and locked my hands around her waist as I kissed her earlobe. I could feel my cock harden under her ass. She felt it too as she closed her eyes to savor the sensation.

“That was wrong what you did at the resturaunt.You were very mean to that girl.” She smiled and then quickly crawled into my lap with her ass pointing up at me. I grabbed her ass as she looked back at me with her feet kicking back and forth.

“You like to be bad huh?” She smiled at me and nodded vigorously. I patted her ass and felt her breathing increase. My hand drifted across her ass and then went up slightly and slammed down. The slap reviberated through the air. I felt her body tremble slightly and then relax. She continued to kick her feet as I slapped her ass again.

“Damn it …. ahh yes Sir .. two.” She bit her lip after saying it and closed her eyes. She slid up and down against my left leg. I slapped her ass again. I heard her count off again as I stopped and rubbed her ass for a bit.

“I think we need to increase the pain a bit.” I reached over and grabbed a small book off her coffee table and slapped her ass hard. I heard her scream and then rock back and forth on my lap vigorously. I could feel a damp spot on her inner thigh as it grabbed my leg. It took her a few seconds but she finally managed to count off. By the seventh slap her ass was turning slightly red. Her legs trembled slightly as they were lying over my lap. I let the final slap ring out and felt her move closer to me. I felt the growl in the bottom of my stomach and grabbed her. I pulled her off my lap and let her sit up. I kissed and licked her neck.

“I want to make you feel good Sir.” I felt her grind against my crotch as she sat there beside me. I just nodded and then felt her kiss my neck as she began to undo my pants. A small breath tickled the bare skin under my waist as her head leaned over. The next sensation that entered my mind was how warm her lips were. She began to kiss along the sides of my cock. Her tongue licked along the sides of my cock. I let a couple of breaths as I enjoyed the sensation of her wet mouth along my skin. I felt her tongue and lips slip around the head of my cock. I could only stroke her hair as I sat there. I reached down and touched her left nipple lightly. She looked up at me as I caressed the space between her breasts. I massaged her shoulders up and down slowly. She pulled her mouth off my cock and licked around the head. Then she began to kiss up my stomach. She smiled as she straddled my crotch.

“Easy girl just move down onto my cock lightly.” She eased herself down slowly and with ease slipped me inside of her. I rested my hand on her ass as she began to bounce slowly. I felt down along her torso and then along each rib. I grabbed her by the shoulders and smiled. She seemed confused for a bit as I pinned her to the couch. I pulled the buttons apart on my shirt and kissed her neck. I bit hard enough to ellicit a small cry of pain from her. I held her arms firmly above her shoulders.

“Ahhh not so hard please Sir.” I got on top of her with my knees straddling her thighs. I felt her arms try to pull up as I entered her. Only a small wisp of air shot into my chest as I did. I moved my hips slowly. I rubbed my fingernails down her body. Little beads of sweat had formed all the way down her body. My hips moved back and forth quickly as I ended each thrust with a slight upward jerk in my hips. She continued to try and pull up. I smiled as she struggled underneath me.

“Just fuck me Sir… please.” I pulled my cock out and tickled it against her crotch. I felt her shiver. I stroked her body lightly. I delivered a slight pinch to each side of her hips as she tried to lift them off the couch. I licked her neck and moved my hips a bit quicker. As I pushed down on her chest it would force me up a bit as it rose and fell slowly. I looked into her eyes and stared at her. She tried to turn her head. I just put my hand on her cheek and pushed her head back into the same position. I pinched each of her nipples and felt the small ring between my finger. I slipped my cock back into her.

“Oh yesss… Sir.” The last word came out as a squeak as I moved my hips side to side. I started moving my hips in small circles as her fingers crumpled into her palms. Her body was twisting underneath me. I could hear a gentle increase in her breathing as her arms finally managed to get free. Her hands reached around me and pulled me down. I smiled as she buried her head into my chest. She began to rock her hips underneath me. She tried to push up with her hips as I slammed them back down. After a few thrusts she finally laid still.

“That’s my good girl.” I let my hands roam down her body as I grabbed her ass. I began to move my hips a bit faster as she went rigid under my hands. I watched her eyes start to roll back into her head as I increased the speed of my thrusts. I felt a few gentle of waves of pleasure slip over before a wave slammed into me. I sat back down on the couch and tried to catch my breath as she eased closer to me. I wrapped my arm around her and she leaned in closer to me. I felt her lips touch mine. I opened my eyes as Denise’s smiling face came into my head at that instant.

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