Her, Him Me…Part Three


An hour or so passed and Nicki got up to have a shower, leaving a sleeping Jack and myself in her room. I reached across Jack to pick up my cigarettes and a lighter. As I lit up he rolled over and in his deep, husky voice whispered “Morning beautiful”… I think he noticed my face light up as I tried to hide my grin behind the cigarette. He still had a thin sheet draped over his legs held up Ümraniye Escort by his erection. At first I thought he didn’t think I noticed but it soon became apparent that he wanted me to see it. I took one last, long puff on my cigarette and blew it into his face. He wrestled with me in retaliation, our dicks and balls rubbing together “accidentally”. Ümraniye Escort Bayan He held himself over me and furiously delved his wild tongue into my mouth. We kissed violently before his relentless lips travelled down my neck and passed my shoulders, leaving my wet skin tingling as he moved on. Down to my chest where he sucked at my nipples, leaving Escort Ümraniye then had as rocks. He continued down my abs, into my belly button and finally my yearning cock! He licked around my bellend, causing it to spasm, and then slowly fitted the whole 7.5 inches of meat in! He carried on giving me this sloppy blowjob and playing with my balls for a while, swapping sucking dick to licking balls. He raised his head, smirked and said ‘My turn’. Before I could reply I had 8 inches of beautiful had dick touches my tonsils. He face fucked me with his rod as I gripped his arse cheeks for support. He pulled out and told me to eat his arse, so I climbed round as he bend over and started munching.

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