Help Thy Neighbor


I was home catching up on some chores when the phone rang. It was my neighbor Tim, his car had broken down and he needed a ride. I was nude and sweaty from the chores and just put on a t-shirt and shorts and left.I picked Tim up at a mechanic’s shop across town. I saw Tim talking with the owner and just the way he was standing and moving started to give me a boner. Tim finished dealing with otele gelen escort the owner and got in the truck.As I started to drive, Tim mentioned the bulge in my shorts. I told him that he looked hot and I was horny. He leaned over the console and slid his hand into my shorts and fondled my cock getting me nice and hard. I stopped balgat escort at a light and Tim helped me take off my shorts and shirt.I was totally nude as Tim began to suck my cock. Instead of driving straight home, I took a scenic route through the countryside. Tim was working my cock and was stroking his thick meat. My ass started elvankent escort to crave some cock and I found a place to pull off the road.Tim sat up and I started to get in the back seat. Tim stopped me and got out of the truck and told me to follow. Tim was still dressed and just had his cock out. I shyly got out of the truck looking around for people as I walked toward the back of the truck. Tim bent me over the tailgate and licked my ass. I was so horny and scared that we were gonna get caught. He got me nice and wet and slipped his big cock in.I laid my chest on the tailgate and let him make love to my ass. I heard traffic going by which only made me hornier. Tim was edging me and teasing me as he fucked me, enjoying his view.

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