Ischade Returns


The three parts of this story have been written for (and at the request of!) a great friend and confidant, who can challenge and surprise me like no-one else I know. The scene they describe follows on from a conversation that we weren’t able to complete a few weeks ago. At the time She asked me to write something for Her and suggested that I post it here for everyone’s enjoyment. So here you go…I hope it brings you at least a little of the pleasure I had writing it, and that I think She’s had reading it installment by installment!

Please drop me an email with any comments or reactions. I’ll reply…promise!

Ischade returns: Part 1

I can hear her returning – Her footsteps coming ever closer, quiet yet assured behind me. I can’t and don’t try to look back knowing the shackles still hold me fast by wrist, thigh and collar to the low bench. I sense Her draw beside me and rest my head to one side. It’s only been a few minutes but the sight of Her again brings a gentle smile to my mouth, still sore from where She took Her pleasure. Her long hair falls as beautifully as it always does about Her face and down Her back. She crouches beside me and runs Her fingers run through my hair. Leaning over me so close that Her lips touch my ear, She whispers my name. Surely She can smell Her scent still on my breath as I whisper Hers back in contented reply.

She straddles me and sits in the small of my back, massaging my shoulders and neck to ease the stiffness from them. Her cheeks press against mine as her hands work away the strains in my body.

“My sweet boy…” She whispers and then rhetorically asks, “Is your little tongue tired, slave?”

Her movements become stronger, as if now seeking and drawing an answer from me. “Is this body mine?”

“Yes, my Lover,” I hear myself murmur.

“My sweet toy…” Her hands are kneading through me, Her increasing strength making me shiver and reawakening my desire for Her.

“You like it when I rake my nails across your skin, don’t you?” Her voice is louder again. Each rolled ‘R’ leaving red trails across my back and making me arch against my bonds, head craning up. She draws each response expertly and meets them together with the words, “You slut!”

I wince with the sudden sting as she brings Her hand down sharply on my ass. I whimper as her nails dig into and grip my flesh. “Oh I love that sound, don’t you?” I wonder which She means as Her hand comes down again, burning my ass. “Hmmm…?” And then a quick succession of blows, each one harder than the last and punctuated by a question “Yes? Slut? Tell me…?”

I yelp and cry out, “Yes my Lover, You adore it…please…” I’m surprised by the sudden loudness and certainty in my voice in the quiet room.

“There…you are such a whore for me…” She knows me too well. Where my body leapt to Her touch, my cock now jumps at that word. She knows it, She can feel it even through my back. “Are you squirming for me?” She’s giggling now and feigning surprise, “Are you hard because I hit you!?” She shifts Her weight, rubbing Her crotch against me. She leans back and grabs my cock from between my legs. “Oh, you little shit, you are too!”

“Tell me whose this is huh?” She’s suddenly serious, gripping it hard, pulling it backwards between my legs, Her fingers wrapped round tight almost as if to choke it. “Tell me,” She commands.

“You know it’s Yours, my Angel.”

“Then it may fuck My hand…” I rock my hips beneath Her, my cock starting to drool as it pistons slowly and awkwardly in Her grip. She rides me, Her crotch pressed as firmly onto my back as it was to my face.

“Stop!” And then seductively, “Remind me, whore…what do I love?”

“You love hearing my pain.”

As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I find myself crying out again. She’s digging Her nails into my cock. “Tell me again, you fucking whore!”

Her grip tightens and the words catch in my throat with the pain She’s gifting me. “You want me to scream for You.”

“You want me to hurt you more my little fuck toy?” She laughs.

“Yessssss, anything my Lover.”

“What do I want?” Her grip tightens again. And I yelp, “You want to me to cry.”

“What do you want?”

“Hurt me please…make me scream pleeeeasseee!” She suddenly lets go of my cock. Swinging Herself off me and moving quickly, She picks up Her favourite gag.


I obediently do as She says, too in awe and desirous to think of not following Her instruction. She places the bit between my teeth and straps it tight around my head. Decisively, She kneels infront of me, holding my chin in one hand, pulling my head upwards to meet Her gaze. She shows me the paddle.

“Is this what I want?” She asks. I can only nod my submission. Holding my gaze, “Scream for me all you want, slut.” She spits in my face but I can’t stop smiling at Her. My head drops back to the bench as She stands and moves behind me. She deftly winds and fastens a leather strap around the xslot empty skin of my scrotum, pulling it tight and drawing my balls away from my body.

I hear the first strike of the paddle on my ass before I feel it. The sharp slap of the wood against my skin pre-empting the burn and sting. Tears fill my eyes as Her blows rain down. Sucking in air between strikes, my whole body jumping in rhythm at each contact. I imagine Her face concentrated and smiling, and the flex of Her arm as She brings down the paddle. I’m imagining Her growing delight as She hears me cry out. My body jolts with fire and I’m screaming out Her name in love from behind the gag into the room for Her.

I’m alive…

The blows cease as suddenly as they began and She moves back in front of me again. I can hear myself gasping in great lungfuls of air around the gag. My body is shuddering, but the tears of pain turn into joy as She cradles my head in Her arms, planting soft kisses on my forehead, kissing away the tears.

Ischade returns: Part 2

Leaning across my body, She gently unties each cuff that holds me face down to the bench. “Roll over darling and bring your thighs to your chest.” She takes my wrists as I follow Her instruction, and shackles them together behind my knees so that I cannot lower my legs. I know She has framed my cock between my thighs, I can feel it laying still hard against my stomach. There’s a dull ache in my body but my ass squirms in the air for attention, shining as red from the paddle as my balls do in their bondage. I love Her to exhibit me like this, held immobile as the slut I am for Her – cheeks pulled apart and every inch of my crotch and ass exposed.

She sits straddling the bench, Her fingernails raking desirously up and down the backs of my thighs. God, how I need Her. I’m willing Her to know it, staring up at Her wide-eyed as Her gaze follows Her hands on me. One settles flat against my ass, pulling my cheeks tight apart. My whole attention jumps between Her face and the almost imperceptible caress of a single finger as it traces the crack between them. Back and forward across the hole in my body that She loves, teasing and greasing it, the lube She’s using, slick between our skins.

Satisfied perhaps, She raises Her right hand suddenly as if to hit me again. My body tenses, cringing, my whole experience lived through the intensity on Her face. Purposefully, She stands up off the bench to lean over me, Her eyes unblinking and on fire. She slowly brings Her hand in front of Her face, little finger and ring finger bending to Her palm, thumb outstretched like the hammer of a pistol, two fingers pointing at me. A laviscious smile creeps into the corners of Her mouth, our eyes and desire for each other locked together. My heart racing in my chest, She makes as if to shoot me…I shudder, my eyes closing.

“Whores are so predictable…”

My body jolts as I feel Her two fingers suddenly press against my asshole. Her eyebrows raise but before I can understand what reassurance She wants, She pushes them into me. One long unrelenting movement until Her knuckles rest against my crack, the effort showing in Her face as She stretches my fuckhole open. One long moan as my teeth clench around the bit in my mouth, eyes as wide again as my cunt is filled full. She starts to fuck me with Her hand, my body crying out for it as Her fingers enter me again and again in a solemn rhythm.

“What a hot little bitch you are, huh?”

My body moves and dances with Her, my cock drooling pre-cum across my stomach. My fuckhole loosening to Her so She can rotate Her wrist and therefore Her fingers as she pushes into me.

“My whore…”

Her speed changes, She’s fucking me faster and faster. Too fast and rough for me to grind back onto Her hand, my groans and Her cries of delight fill the air, My body held taut against Her ravaging fingers. Her hair falls about Her face with the effort…that delicious smile of Hers. Can She hear my scream from beneath the gag? ‘Fuck me pleeeassee! Don’t stopppp!’

But She’s slowing, beads of perspiration on Her forehead, sweat on mine. Her fingers splitting my ass slow enough now for my body again to push back involuntarily but greedily onto Her hand.

“Stay still,” She rebukes me while removing Her fingers. She picks up Her long butt-plug, holding it by its neck, just below its widest point. She places its tip against my well-greased and empty hole.

“Hold your breath fucktoy.”

I gasp a breath and do as She asks, my eyes never leaving Hers. With a strength greater than that with which She jammed Her fingers into me, now in one concentrated movement, She slides the plug deep into my bowels. Her eyes never leave mine as She stretches my fuckhole wide. I find my throat locked shut, my eyes and mouth gaping as openly as my hole is being made to. I yield to Her.

The plug is all the way inside now, I can feel Her fist resting against my crack, Her grip on the plug preventing xslot Giriş it from entering me fully. It’s as rigid and unyielding inside of me as Her will.

She’s imperious, the overhead light only serves to accentuate Her poise as it silhouettes Her darkened face, Her eyes shine in delight and my heart melts with love for my beautiful Angel. But my lungs burn without air, I can feel my face as flush with blood as my dick, I can hear my ears ringing and straining for Her words. She takes my cock in Her other hand, lazily stroking it up and down…once, twice…its engorged weight heavy against Her palm. She smooths my pre-cum across its head with a delicate finger…once, twice…and then She slowly wanks me again….once, twice…pulling my foreskin hard back each time…

“You may breathe,” and I exhale.

The sound of my every emotion is suddenly echoing around the room in my desperate out-breaths and gasps for air. She’s watching me intently and using the rhythm of my breath to fuck me with the plug. She’s fucking my ass and I’m crying for Her in pleasure and as the whore that She’s made me, the whore that I’ve willingly become. Is She making me breathe or, to breathe, do I need to be fucked? The question is written across Her face as She smiles lasciviously down on me.

Her hand leaves my cock and her fingers and thumb circle round the strap that ties off my balls. She laughs at the sudden desperation on my face and increases the speed at which She’s jamming the plug into me, my breathing and groans echoing and matching Her every movement.

“You greedy bitch! You like it hard huh?”

She’s holding tight around my balls as leverage to slam into my wet cunt, Her fist punching me with each stroke.

“How hard do you want it slut?”

She’s moving now like an Angel possessed, splitting my ass, my body leaping with Hers as She rapes me.

“This hard?”

Her movements are as vicious as mine are desperate beneath Her, She’s screaming out in effort, Her words whistling between Her clenched teeth. I can only scream back my ‘yes’, balls aching as they are pulled from my body.

I’m alive…

“Be still!” She says suddenly stopping her movement, burying and holding the plug still and deep inside me. Her breathing is ragged too from the effort. But I can’t be still, I need Her possession so much, I am nothing without Her touch on and inside of me. My body’s shuddering for it. She removes Her hand from my balls and with the flat of Her palm swats them so that they bounce in their leash.

“What did I say?”

Her sternness does make me freeze, but, as She starts drawing the plug out, I can’t help it, She has my body completely and as it opens to Her, it moves with Her. She holds the tip just inside my cunt but I can’t stop myself reaching for it.

“Okay slut…!”

My soul sinks as I hear the disappointment in Her voice. My apologies and pleas are muffled to incomprehensibility by the gag that still fills my mouth. She roughly jams the plug all the way into my cunt, past it’s widest point now so that my ass can’t expel it. She lets go and sits back, flicking Her hair behind Her ears as She regains Her breath. I crane my head upwards, wanting to show Her how much I am Hers. She leans back decadently on Her outstretched arms, Her soft breasts falling either side of Her slowly heaving chest. She raises a shapely leg, Her foot hovering above my balls.

“Do I need to remind you whore?”

If she was wearing glasses, She’d be talking over the top of them to me now. I shake my head ‘no’ but moving Her knee, She severs my line of sight to Her.

“I can’t hear you…you think it’s that easy?”

I shout out my muffled ‘please…’ again as loudly and clearly as I can, willing Her to know She can do anything to me to, to make up for my body’s greediness. But for what my efforts are worth, I know She cannot discern my words. All I can do is watch Her heel slowly lower and press onto my balls. My pleading turns into groans of discomfort as She increases the pressure.

She’s laughing and asking again, “I don’t really need to remind you, do I?” She flexes Her leg sharply sending an incapacitating wave of pain tearing through my body. In reflex, my legs jam shut. My back arches so that my forehead meets my knees, arms holding tight to the backs of my thighs, eyes screwed closed. My body locks rigid to the pain that She’s inflicted and gifted me. My whole body clenches around the plug buried in my wet cunt. Time stands still to the flow of sensation. Several minutes must pass before both our breathings start to return to normal…and I can move again.

Ischade returns: Part 3

Tenderly now, She removes the plug and unties my wrists. She motions for me to remain lying and to place my feet flat on the floor either side of the bench. As I move obediently, She catches and quickly refastens my wrists together infront of me, carefully judging the slack between them. She towers xslot Güncel Giriş over me, Her breasts swinging seductively as She moves, occasionally flicking Her hair back behind Her ears as it falls infront of Her face. Her arms raise together each time, Her femininity dwarfing and humbling me in my contentment and unquestioning compliance.

Crouching beside me, She runs Her hand lovingly around my collar, across my chest and down across my stomach. I watch Her watching Her hand caress me. She smiles and places soft, lingering kisses on my forehead and across my cheeks. She looks back, reaching for the plug once more and picking it up, holding it firmly by its neck as if it were a knife She was going to stab me with. She holds it narrow-end down towards my face, it glistens with lube and the juices from my own wet cunt. With studied attention, She re-draws my face’s features with its tip…eyes, nose, eyebrows, leaving wet snail tracks on my skin. She’s marking me with the exciting and repulsively whorish smell of my own desire.

As She finishes and as though thinking aloud, almost absently, She asks, “My fucktoy won’t close his mouth if I take off the gag, will he?” Her quiet words bring me from my reverie.

She turns Her head addressing me directly, “Will you?” She looks deep into my eyes that She knows have never left Her. I shake my head ‘no’. Cradling the back of my neck in Her hand, She unbuckles the straps and removes the bit from my mouth. She lets it drop to the floor beside us, before lowering my head back to rest on the soft covering of the bench.

She stoops to kiss my lips, Her tongue darting across my lips and into my mouth. Her hair falls about us, our faces so close that our breaths mingle once more. I’m floating beneath Her gentle kisses, my body feels as though it’s dissolving and flowing off the bench. As much as I want to kiss Her back, to hold Her, for Her to feel the soft submissive yield of my lips and to give in to my own desire, I hold my mouth passively and obediently wide. Her eyes challenge me to dare to disobey Her instruction.

“See, you can help yourself when you know the consequences,” She wryly tells me. “And now, a treat for my own special fucktoy…”

With one hand on either of side of my face, She pulls my open mouth to Hers roughly, kissing me passionately, biting my lips as though eating from a soft fruit. Crying out languidly and crouching back beside me, She places the still slightly slippery plug to my lips. After bathing in Her warmth, I’m suddenly aware of how cool and inanimate the toy is. She slowly traces it around the outline of my mouth, teasing me with the remainders of my own taste.

“Now you may suck it clean, slut,” She instructs.

I have to raise my head from the bench to reach, to take it into my mouth fully, to cleanse it and as She knows, re-intoxicate myself with my own desire. I crane my neck up and forward, feeling my face reddening with the effort or with the shame, I don’t know, of sucking the juices from my own ass. She’s looking down, smiling wickedly at my exertion to obey Her.

“Come on whore, blow it…”

I start to slide my mouth as fast as I can on and off the plug, my slut mouth overflowing with my own stinking smell, the width of the plug and the angle of my neck making it difficult to breathe properly.

“Use your tongue…!” She cries at me. I’m trying as best I can, but She can feel me tiring almost before I do. Quickly She moves, placing a hand on my forehead to hold my head still to the bench. Leaning Her weight on me with one hand, the other grasping tight around the plug, She face fucks me with the plug. Sliding it in and out of my mouth, stretching my jaw as open as She did my ass. My mouth drools around it as eagerly as my cunt did.

“You sweet cocksucker!” She hisses at me. She’s laughing so freely that my heart melts for Her.

Holding the plug still in my mouth, She spits shotgun-style across my face as the cheekiest grin I’ve ever seen Her wear crosses Hers.

“Don’t drop my precious toy now!” She lets go of it and stands. “Kneel on the floor bitch and face Me.”

Slipping quickly from the bench, I sit back on my haunches, knees apart. My body, my cock points to Her, to my Lover, to my Angel. My balls ache for release, still hanging tight in their bondage. My ass is raw, my mouth still full of the toy She raped both holes with. As She moves to sit leisurely on the bench, my body turns almost magnetically to follow.

“Come closer,” She says, raising a beckoning arm.

I shuffle forward until I am kneeling between Her legs, the smell of Her arousal alluring and intoxicating me. I nuzzle my face to Her hand as Her fingers run back through my hair. She cups my cheek and removes the plug from my mouth. She smiles down, a long happy smile that I must reflect back because Her expression deepens, eyes quizically sparkling.

“Did you know your mouth is still open, slut?” I blush and shake my head ‘no’. “You may close it now,” She laughs. Holding out the plug like a torch, She hands me a condom.

“Put this on for me, will you?” I quickly tear open the foil and slide it over the toy, finger and thumb unravelling it down its length.

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