Jacinta’s Story Ch. 02


Answering calls, changing allocations, keeping notes in her computer client contact system, the day drones on for Vickie.

After eating a bowl of soup at her desk…she realizes she only has some paperwork and a few calls for the rest of the afternoon. She slips from behind her desk…closes her door most of the way… and clicks into alt.

Checks her messages…seeing nothing of interest… slips into the rooms…scanning…seeing who is in…slips into the Piss Party…..daringly tries to go into the back stall without anyone catching her. Bites her lip feeling the little rush of embarrassment as someone enters.

She actually feels like she has been caught in the men’s room, but most of the guys in here seem gay. None is interested in pinning her… in the room… maybe handcuffing her to a urinal to humiliate and torment her.

Slides from that room to … tries the White Slaves room. Seems like no black men ever come in, except for the few regulars… that goof Roggie who her master gave her to… who couldn’t stay in the room, kept dragging her from room to room… then thanked her for…for nothing really.

Then there is the crazy King II.

He marches in from time to time, announcing “Ladies…ladies you know xslot you are white trash and as women are inferior to men in every way. Is that not true?”

Usually he just aggravates everyone….even white women who might want to serve Him.

He says, “After I beat her up and fuck her, I take her shopping… because I love doing nice things for my bitch!”

Glances into the White Slaves room…feels her interest heighten… feels the little tingle… wonders if she will be enslaved. She has realized it is best to kneel and be very submissive in here…the black men she noticed, like that.

Sure enough, a black man in the room accosts her, takes her to another room where he makes her service him…orally. Black men seem to love a blond head in their crotch…on their cock. He uses her for a long time… wearing her out… her hand beneath her skirt…a nother pinching her nipple softly.

Feeling the soft warm feeling surging thru her…Without cumming, he takes her up the ass. She pictures the painful feeling of an erection in her anus. She remembers trying to work the dildos up her tight little anus, how painful it was, having to go get a smaller one to wiggle inside her. The Master’s mocking of her about her being a tight xslot Giriş ass.

Thinks how painful a huge black cock would truly be. Thinks about the cleaning afterward, recalling how she had cleaned the foul dildo real time in the ladies room of the office, her mouth cleaning the fecal smear. She shivers.

Vicki answers emails, while the cyber rape continues. She groans when the man passes her to another black man who has followed them, groaning at the torment… now having to serve another sexually aroused black man… probably in the same way.

Her nipples ache from pinching, her hole dripping and tired from the constant typing…worried about someone entering, from the torment of having to concentrate on work while being so exhaustively used, from her shoulders ache from typing, from having to keep up. Black men get angry if you are not attentive. She thinks how she hates cyber beatings. They seem so real.

Men don’t realize how stressful a cyber blow job really is. Having to keep typing… come up with creative ways to suck them, to keep them pleased and aroused… with various images… how her lips suckle… her tongue bathes, the cock sliding thru her lips… her blond hair in their hands or flopping on their xslot Güncel Giriş thighs or against their bellies.

The site of a blond whore between their thighs, kneeling submissive…enslaved… trying to describe the humiliation but also comfort of having a man’s cock in your mouth. How you control him, please him, submit to him… make him feel strong… pleased. The fact that while you have the man’s cock in your mouth… he actually wants you…desires you… yes… loves you. Even in cyber land.

The second man is wearing her out…he finally cums on her face… laughs at her. Exhausted in her office, she actually feels the humiliation of feeling cum dripping down her face. The humiliation of someone spraying you with something from their bodies, how degrading and humiliating.

The two black men in the room laugh at her and sharing their derisive view of her, a worthless white whore to them. She feels the shame of their derision and superiority.

Her face flushes in her office.

To her, this is the most real cyber… with two or three people in the room…. It seems so real. They toss barbs back and forth, discuss her as if she isn’t human, as if she isn’t there… discuss her traits, her performance, using her later.

One talks to her and says he wants to collar her. She types back that she has been collared before and is not looking to be enslaved by one master.

“Ooh, that is too bad…you are a pretty good whore.”

“I know,” she types back.

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