Jason’s Secrets Exposed Ch. 08


The following week, Marilyn and I decided that we would go out for dinner on Saturday night at Samuel’s Steak House, the fanciest restaurant in town. We invited Lillie and Anne to join us and Jeff, and they accepted. On Saturday morning, I told Jason to draw my bath and then to pick up my dress at the cleaners while I bathed. I had developed a new habit of smoking my cigars in the tub. Very relaxing, I must tell you.

Closing my eyes I thought back on our recent life changes. The parade of hot, sexy days and nights paraded through my brain and brought a smile to my cigar-clenching lips. Life is good.

While later toweling off, I heard Jason enter the front door. As I went into the Mistress bedroom, Jason came upstairs with my dress, laid it on the bed, and knelt at my feet.

“May I get dressed for dinner yet Mistress?”

“You may get undressed. Now.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jason complied and returned nacked to kneel again at my feet.

“Get up slave. You are about to be chastised.”

“For what?” he replied.

“Now, because of that response your chastisement will be more severe. The reason I am going to punish you is because you just took my dress and flopped it on the bed as if it were a rag. And now, for neglecting to call me ‘Mistress’ you will pay an additional price. Hang up my dress properly and lay on the bed.”

“Yes, Mistress, but please don’t hurt me.”

“I never cause more pain than tou can take, slave boy.”

I decided to use a belt this time. Jason obediently laid face-down on the bed. I secured him to all four bedposts and inserted a ball gag into his mouth.

Having become pretty adept at using a belt, I now commenced. I administered forty whacks, and Jason’s butt showed the results. I wanted pain but no blood. By the end, Jason would have been screaming but for the gag. I then released him and he again knelt, waiting for instructions.

“You are to wear your black pinstriped suit with a light blue shirt. I will pick out your tie. Your black dress shoes will be polished, and they better look great or you will be punished again. Now get your shower.”

* * *

Finally it was time to go to the restaurant. I brought my purse and travel humidor and we left. To anyone who might xslot have been watching us, we would appear to be just an average, well-dressed couple headed out for a night on the town. As we arrived at Samuel’s, we saw that Anne, Marilyn, Lillie, and Jeff had gotten there before us, all three ladies looking gorgeous. A member of the staff took our reservation and escorted us to the outside dining area.

“Why did you reserve for the outside Alexis,” asked Anne.

“Be cause it’s beautiful weather, Anne. And so we can smoke after our dinner.”

Anne rolled her eyes and laughed, “You’re really into this cigar thing Alexis. I hope you brought one for me!”

“Of course,” I replied.

I must say that the surf and turf dinner that I had was one of the best meals I ever ate. Everyone else had the same except for Marilyn, who was worried about her cholesterol. She had grilled salmon, which she proclaimed “out of this world.” We ate, we drank Bordeaux, and had a grand time. After we made our selections from the dessert tray, the waitress asked if we wanted coffee.

“Why don’t we all have some cappucino,” I asked. Everyone agreed and we had our desserts with the cappucino. At this point, I took out the travel humidor, and we prepared our cigars.

“Jason and Jeff, you’re welcome to join us.”

This was the first time I had allowed Jason to smoke in several weeks. He would have said “thank you Mistress,” but I had dispensed with this reqirement because his mother was with us.

“Anne, I didn’t bring a thin cigar for you. I thought that you might want to expand your horizons, as they say.”

“OK dear, if you say so.”

The cigars I had brought were all nice-sized Padron maduros. None of the ladies had tried a maduro before. We got them going and they were delicious. Anne remarked that this cigar was “way better” than the Macanudo that she had previously smoked.

“These are full-bodied, Anne. And maduro cigars are sweeter than others. I thought you would like it.”

We laughed, talked, reminisced and smoked for the next hour. Out of the corners of my eyes, I noticed a lot of heads turning, and even some men pointing at us. Lillie obviously picked up on this as she seductively dangled her cigar, even going xslot Giriş so far as to blink at any man she caught staring. I would have loved to have been able to check out the crotches of our male admirers. Some of the women gave us dirty looks, but a few of them sent smiles in our direction.

Finally, the meal came to a close and the bill was presented.

“It’s on me,” I said. This night has been special. The others protested, but I was adamant. I paid the bill, with a generous tip, and we got up to leave. Our waitress told us that we were definitely the most glamourous table at the restaurant. I added to her tip by handing her a cigar, for which she thanked me profusely, saying, “I always wanted to try one, but until I saw you folks all enjoying your cigars, now I can’t wait.”

“Another potential convert,” I thought.

We went to our cars and bade each other good night, but not before Lillie asked me if she could sleep over at our house for the night.

“My parents are turning into sex maniacs, Aunt Alexis. I’ll give them some breathing room tonight, if it’s OK with you.”

“Sure honey, you’re always welcome at our place.”

The three of us arrived home an hour later. I told Jason to prepare the guest room for Lillie and the two of us went to the parlor, where we lit up more cigars. I poured both of us some cognac, and we talked away. Jason eventually returned and kneeled at my feet. Lillie laughed, still not having gotten used to my ownership of Jason.

Ignoring my kneeling slave, Lillie started asking all kinds of questions about how I (and more recently her mother) had managed to get to this point. As the alcohol lowered my already diminished inhibitions, I decided to go one step further. I put my cigar between my teeth and ordered Jason to strip. He was, I could tell, frightened out of his wits and severely embarrassed. But he complied, knowing the consequences of disobedience.

Lillie almost passed out when she saw Jason’s encaged cock.

“Aunt Alexis, I can’t believe that this is happening. What the hell is that … thing?”

“That is Jason’s cock cage, Lilly. It keeps him in a state of chastity, until I decide he’s earned the privilege to come. Your stepfather has one too.”

“Holy xslot Güncel Giriş fucking shit, Aunt Alexis. You guys are real perverts. I never …”

“You like it though, don’t you Lillie?”

“I have to admit it’s making me wet, Aunt Alexis. I can’t believe we’re even talking about this. Uncle Jason, what does she have on you that makes you take this?”

“I am willing to do anything to please my lady, Mistress Lillie.”

The words had an electrifying effect on the now half-inebriated girl. Lillie,as I had expected, shed her last dash of modesty as she dangled her cigar seductively and began to take off her clothes. I just watched, proud, in a perverted way, of my mentorship.”

“Lick my pussy,” she commanded Jason.

He looked terrified, but obeyed her. Lillie blew clouds of cigar smoke as Jason performed his artwork on her cunt. She came over and over and didn’t want to stop. At this point, I intervened and unlocked Jason’s cage. His prick immediately blossomed.

“Show Lilly what a good slave does next, pussy boy. Jerk off for her.

Jason’s orgasm was not long in coming, if you will pardon the pun. It spewed all over Lillie’s stomach. She had a look of disgust in her eyes, but I ensured her that Jason would clean up the mess. Which he did.

“Swallow every drop, slut,” I commanded.

“Every single drop,” said Lilly.

She then finished her cigar and gave me a big hug.

“Aunt Alexis, I’m going to use alcohol as an excuse, but this has been the kinkiest fun I ever had. It’s really perverted what we just did, but I don’t feel guilty because we’re adults who are making our own choices.”

“Indeed Lillie.”

I took one last puff and blew the smoke into Jason’s mouth.

“Submit your ass to us for inspection, I told him.

When Jason assumed the position, Lillie’s eyes bugged out.

“What is that in his ass?”

“That, Lillie, is Jason’s butt plug. It keeps him ready for when I want to fuck him.”

Lillies eyes widened.

“You fuck him?”

“Yes dear, it’s called pegging, and it’s so much fun.” I’ll show you tomorrow how it’s done, and, if it strikes your fancy, you can do it too. Jason won’t mind. In fact it would drive him crazy. And, by the way, you don’t have to call me ‘Aunt Alexis’ anymore.”

With that, I returned Jason’s cage to its home and the key to my necklace.

“You’ll have breakfast in bed in the morning, Lillie, served by my slave. We’re going to have even more fun. I love you.”

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