Inevitable Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Anger Management


She was waiting in the dark, hardly daring to breathe. The fabric of the office chair was scratching against the bare thighs, and cool air from the ceiling fan rotating lazily overhead left her incredibly aware of her own nudity. The heat of her arousal battled the chill of the relatively cool room as she waited for his arrival.

Zoe had been editing a piece for her magazine when she’d gotten a text from The Boyfriend (as her friend Anna referred to him). She knew Chase intimidated her co-workers, and the thought made her smile. He was not a threatening man, and he’d never hurt anyone, she knew. He just had…anger issues. Which they had found their natural way of working through together.

She knew how he worked; he’d been back in her life for over a year now, and they had been as inseparable as they were as kids. They were only 20 minutes apart (thank you, universe), so it took little effort to begin dating formally, which hadn’t come as a surprise to their families. But though she’d gotten a happy phone call from his mother–who admitted that she’d assumed he was gay–and texts from his older siblings–his sister was glad he’d accepted his feelings for her, and his brother wanted to know if Zoe was the one he’d had dirty dreams about as teenager. Charming–Zoe worked hard to keep the details of their love life secret. Because just like in high school, when she’d have rather jumped in front of a bullet than let his family see how violent he could be, she knew how to meet his needs.

Hence her current position. He had been short and to the point in his text: *Shit day. Be waiting for me at 4.* She hadn’t hesitated; she’s excused herself for the day, and driven across the city to his apartment. Dropping the temperature the way he liked it, and dimming the lights. She had stripped and left her clothes in his closet, and had taken a seat in his home office chair. When he entered, he would find her exactly as he liked her. Vulnerable, submissive, and aching for him.


Chase cracked his neck impatiently as he rode the elevator to his top-floor apartment. It had been a long and dull day filled with paperwork that bored him, and he was strained to breaking point. A year ago, he would have had to channel this kind of build-up into a punching bag in the gym down the road. Now, he had something much better. A sinful smile touched his lips.

Entering his home, he locked the door behind him. The AC hummed gently, and the cool hair caressed his skin, as teasing as the woman who’d set the thermostat. Chase inhaled, able to detect her perfume lingering on the air. Excitement slid through him, heating his skin and making the front of his black work slacks markedly tighter.

He strolled leisurely back to the master bedroom, discarding his briefcase, sports coat, shoes, and socks as he went. By the time he reached the bedroom doorway, he was in his slacks and black dress shirt, barefoot, rolling his sleeves casually up to his elbows.

At the door he paused, taking in the sight of the woman who had possessed his heart since childhood…and who had convinced that he even still had one. She was the one person who knew and loved both sides of him–the cool professional who spoke rarely and focused on work…and the Dom who needed to own her mind and body with control that xslot bordered on sadism.

Per his request, Zoe was awaiting his arrival in style. Naked except for the black stilettos he’d bought her, a blindfold, and a pair of diamond earrings. She sat with her legs crossed gracefully, hands resting on the armrests. A coy smile curled her lips. She knew he was there. And she couldn’t wait for him to act.


He leaned on the doorframe and smiled. “Isn’t this a pleasant welcome home.”

At his words, she picked up what was concealed in the gap of her thighs and raised her hand: his cuffs. He chuckled, crossing the room and taking them from her. “We’ll that’s a bit assertive, isn’t it, sweetheart? Telling me what you want?”

She grinned impishly. “I didn’t say anything. I just…implied.”

He snorted. “Well lucky for you, my plan involved these anyway. Otherwise…you’d be in some very big trouble. I don’t take orders. I give them.”

Zoe shivered pleasantly at the aggression in his voice. She knew he’d never really lose his grip when he was with her. So she loved provoking his violent side, and seeing the mask evaporate to expose the carnal man whose only goal was to single-mindedly possess her.

Without another word Chase walked behind the chair, carefully cuffing her wrists. For a moment he stood there, gazing down over her body. His left hand rose, his fingertips coming to rest on her cheek before beginning a careful, delicate descent downward. Down her throat, over her collarbone, around her breast–she shuddered with longing, but he didn’t stop there–down her stomach to her still-crossed legs.

His palm smoothed over her knee, and then he gently shoved against it. “Spread your legs,” he whispered into her ear, and another shudder ran through Zoe. Obediently she uncrossed her legs and let them slide apart, baring her cunt for his view. His fingers skimmed her pubic mound, enjoying the smooth shaved skin, and she whimpered. “Chase, please…”

He let out an amused breath, his lips brushing the soft spot beneath her ear. “Begging already, sweet? That’s unusual. You’re normally so…difficult to break.” He tapped his fingers against her inner thighs, smirking when she squirmed, inhaling the scent of her rising lust. The moisture from her pussy was beginning to coat her thighs. Gathering her juices on his fingers, he reached up abruptly and shoved first one finger, then two, into her mouth, making her gasp. He thrust in and out of her mouth a few times, mimicking the motion of fucking it. Zoe gave a guttural moan, sucking hungrily at her own taste on his skin.

Chase’s right hand snaked up to close around her throat, gently, savoring the feeling of power it gave him to have control over her air intake. Memories of fantasies from before he’d gotten her back drifted through his mind, and he smiled and pressed a kiss to her neck. “When I was in the army, Z, I’d dream of coming home to you bound and blindfolded…waiting for my touch, my voice…mine to own. I dreamed of a thousand ways to claim you.”

Zoe’s head fell back against his shoulder, and she let out a breathless moan. “I am yours, Chase. I always was.”

He reached up and pinched her nipple hard, and she yelped and arched her back needfully. “Chase!” Her gasps became louder and more frenzied as he attached clamps, xslot Giriş tightening them a little above her pain threshold, loving the way she groaned and leaned into his touch, taking the pain he gave with no hesitation. She was a perfect match for his desire to inflict damage.

Reaching behind him, Chase grabbed the vibrator from his desk drawer–her favorite of his toys. He switched it on, watching with immense pleasure as the sound caused her to jerk against her restraints, a needy whimper escaping her. Smiling, he stepped around in front of her and knelt. Leaving the vibrator buzzing between her knees, he yanked a spreader bar from under the bed and set about securing it to her ankles, forcing them as far apart as was comfortable. She was shaking with anticipation as cool air flowed over her dripping slit, and the vibrator continued to roll against her knees.

Crouching up between her spread legs, Chase smiled and kissed her thighs, lapping up the fine sheen of sweat gathering on her pale skin. He licked his lips. “I’m going to taste you, sweetheart.” Her hips jerked in the chair, and he could hear the cuffs rattle roughly as her hands flexed. “But first I want you to be cumming.” He picked up the vibrator, sliding it along her leg until the humming tip was brushing against her swollen clit. Zoe growled and tried to push against it, but he kept it just out of reach, taunting her.

He found the flogger with his other hand, standing up to trail it across her stomach, making her writhe. Her legs spasmed, and the moan that fell from her lips was so raw and primal that he had to kiss her. His tongue scoured her mouth, and she suckled it hungrily. Then she yanked away with a scream of pleasure as he swung the flogger again, striking her open pussy. Another strike, and then another, and Zoe threw her head back, her whole body jerking.

“Chase! Please! I need to cum!”

He laughed, dropping back into a crouch and grasping the vibrator, lifting it and shoving it inside her. Zoe bucked against the invasion, squealing in bliss as the vibrations rippled deep inside her. “Chase, oh my God, yes, please!”

As she shattered around the toy’s ministrations, her cunt flowing with moisture, Chase leaned in and pressed his mouth against her slit. Zoe groaned deeply, her orgasm going on and on as he skillfully suckled and tongue-fucked her soaking pussy.

He withdrew as she came down from the high, licking his lips with a pleased sigh. The sight of his Zoe completely undone, falling apart at his touch, was the greatest catharsis he would ever find.

He reached behind her with one hand to release the clasp of the cuffs, and they fell away. “Look at me,” he whispered, and she obediently reached up to tug off the blindfold, letting it fall as well. Her eyes were bright as she grinned down at him. His hand rose to cup her cheek, and she leaned into it. “How shall I get off?” he asked with a smirk. “Missionary? Doggy? Fucking your gorgeous little mouth?”

Zoe was quivering, not acting on her desire but longing to. She was wired, and he could see it in her eyes. He knew how he wanted her. He grabbed her wrists, jerking her body forward on the chair, loving her gasp as her skin rasped over the chair fabric. Grasping her chin, he forced her to look him in the eyes, knowing his were blazing.

“You’re going xslot Güncel Giriş to ride my cock.” Zoe trembled with need, trying to kiss him, but he held her back. “And I’m going to cum inside that hot, tight little pussy of yours, so you won’t forget who you belong to. Okay?”

Zoe mumbled an incoherent agreement, and Chase gave her clamped tits a sound slap, making her yelp. Her eyes glazed over with submissive longing, her lips parting in small, breathless pants. Chase smiled coldly. “Let’s try that again, baby.” His hand slipped down to cup the mound of her pussy, two fingers thrusting inside. Zoe let out a keening cry, riding his hand roughly. With his other, he loosened the clamps just enough that when he yanked on the chain, they popped off, producing another desperate yelp. Zoe stared at him with wonder in her eyes, waiting.

Chase withdrew his fingers, reaching up and shoving them in her mouth again. When she had sucked them clean, he dropped his hand and gave her cheek a loving pat. “Once again: okay, baby?”

Zoe’s smile was breathless and radiant. “Yes, sir.”

Grabbing her wrists, he fell onto his back on the carpet, yanking her on top of him. Taking that as permission, Zoe straddled him, her fingers fumbling to unclasping the buttons of his shirt. Her lips blazed a trail from his throat to his waistline, his fingers tangling in her russet blonde hair as she moved lower. She made quick work of his belt and pants, groaning in pleasure when she found that he was bare beneath them. Freeing his cock, she gave it a leisurely lick from base to tip, then slid the whole length into her mouth. Chase groaned and arched into her mouth, thrusting a few times before he yanked her up by a fistful of her hair.

Their eyes met, lust surging between them. “Mount me,” he snarled, and she obeyed without a word, crawling forward and sinking easily down onto him. She rose onto her knees, writhing above him with abandon, and Chase lost himself in the sensation of her warm body over his, absorbing her pleasure from him. At last they came together, her orgasm causing her to collapse limply onto his chest, and he wound his arms around her.

After a long while their panting and gasping calmed, and he smiled and kissed her hair. “Well, that was…relaxing. Thank you, sweetheart.”

She grinned against his bare chest, kissing the flesh under which his heart was drumming steadily. “My pleasure. Really.” Beaming down at him, she kissed his lips once, then slowly pried herself off of him. “I’ll make us something to eat, alright? Want some wine?”

He chuckled as he adjusted his clothing, moving to put away the toys. “You are the perfect woman, Z. I’d love some.” He glanced at a photo sitting on the desk, of he and Zoe at a fair several months before. He smiled at how in love they looked. “I love you.”

Zoe laughed in the kitchen, the sound like music to his ears. “I know you do.”

As he picked up his scattered clothes in the hallway, his cell phone rang from his jacket pocket. Zoe fished it out as she handed him his wine, and he frowned as he saw a blocked number on the screen. Shrugging at Zoe’s questioning look, he raised the phone to his ear. “Chase Daniels.”

There was a choked sob, the sound of running footsteps–high heels, it sounded like–and the voice on the other end of the line was panting in what sounded like sheer terror. “Sir….Chase….help me, please…”

Chase’s blood went cold, and he was vaguely aware of Zoe calling his name, taking the glass of wine from his nerveless fingers. When he found his voice, it was strained and alien to his ears.


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