Finding Comfort


Alisa seemed to change for the worse in a short space of time. I guessed being eighteen it had something to do with her hormones. She would arrive home from school and hibernate in her bedroom with her computer and the internet.

One morning after she had gone to school I was cleaning her room which was not out the norm for me. At the pc desk I knocked the mouse by accident which caused the screen to light up on the last page she was on. I never did pry into my girls’ privacy but the unmistakable porn chat page she was on got my attention.

I found myself clicking onto an email link which opened her email file. What I found was mail from both sexes but all had one thing in common. After reading several of them I soon found out my daughter was suicidal and a very lonely eighteen year old.

From what info I gathered from the email she was sexually frustrated and in one email she even described some of her secret fantasies. One in particular included me, her own mom!

I felt so sorry for my daughter. I never realized just the depth of depression she was in and to the extent she had gone to via total strangers to try and satisfy her feelings.

I turned off the pc, not wanting Alisa to know I had invaded her privacy and space but at the same time intending to help her to get over her sexual desires. I realized this could well lead to incest but did not deter me but in fact felt my pussy tingle with the challenge ahead.

That afternoon prior to Alisa arriving home I showered and changed into a short skirt and a semi see thru blouse. I left off my bra to which I knew Alisa did not like them and always loved going bra less. The first thing she would do on getting home bağdatcaddesi escort was to remove it.

At eighteen Alisa was well developed and very attractive. She loved wearing as little as possible and I am sure flaunted her trim body.

Anyway back to the story. Alisa arrived home in her normal depressed state. I was thinking hard which way was the best to approach this delicate matter. Alisa had gone to her room to change. I decided to follow and talk to her there.

I entered through the open door to catch Alisa naked except for her partly buttoned up white blouse. My vagina tingled as I saw her masturbating her young virginal entrance covered only by a few sparse pubic hairs as blond as her head. Alisa had not seen me and I was about to turn and leave her in private. I knew then that doing that would not do a thing to help solve her problems.

Feeling confident I approached her bed and sat down alongside her near naked form. Alisa opened her eyes as she felt me sit down.

Panicking, Alisa went red and began apologizing for touching her private part. Tears ran down her cheeks.

I put my hand to hers and told her there was not need for apologies as what she was doing was normal for her age. The tears began to ease as Alisa realized I was not about to blast her for touching herself. I felt my own guilt for entering when I could have turned away and also for Alisa to think masturbation was wrong. I know we were relatively close but apparently not close enough for her to share these personal feelings. I knew right there and then I had to assure my teen daughter it was a natural thing.

I got up of the bed and slipped out of my blouse beykoz escort then my skirt and panties leaving me totally naked before her. This in itself was nothing Alisa had never seen as we showered as a family and nudity was never an issue.

Alisa’s eyes were fixed on me as she wondered what I was up to.

“I want to show you just how natural masturbating or touching your body should be Alisa. See it nothing at all degrading to play with your body parts.” I said as Alisa took interest in what I was doing.

Confiding in me; Alisa told me she enjoyed the sensations she got from climaxing. Her hands had now away from hiding her vagina. I could clearly see she was as wet as I was. Remembering one of her fantasies I got game and placed a hand at her vaginal entrance and slid a finger gently over the wet clit lips. I expected to be pushed away but instead Alisa moaned softly. I continued what I was doing and got bolder as my finger went deeper into her virgin entrance.

My own crotch was burning and I felt like frigging my own clit there and then but restrained myself as I concentrated on my daughters’ needs. She was not objecting to my invading finger as she began to moan. Alias slipped her hand to my neatly trimmed snatch and proceeded to finger me. Before long I was on the verge of a climax and I felt the need to lick out her pussy. I knew just how pleasant this was as I loved my pussy being tongued.

My approach to Alisa had gone far easier than I anticipated and I knew I would be able to go further. I pulled away from Alisa leaving a disappointed look on her angelic face.

“I want to share something else with you Alisa, I am certain you will approve.”

Kneeling caddebostan escort on the bed I lowered my head to the partly opened blouse front and after removing it and baring her young firm breasts I kissed each one and nipped their nipples as I did so. Alisa certainly moaned in delight and as I went lower to her heated pussy she gasped as my tongue found her leaking passage. Her juices were sweet to my taste. I bought my daughter to a mind blowing orgasm that she conceded later she would never forget.

After that we showered together talking about the act of sex and love making.

“Mom I wish Daddy was as forward as you; if he was I would let him go all the way with me. That is if you did not mind him teaching me.”

“Your father is very open toward sex my Dear and if you are sure that is what you would like then I can always talk to him.”

“Mom I yearn to feel a cock inside me it’s just that I cannot bring myself to let a boy do it as I have heard from so many girls how selfish they are.”

Assuring Alisa I would talk that evening to Bill we ended our conversation there as it was close to supper time and Bill would be home shortly.

Alisa’s depression went that afternoon and just to see her smile again made the gamble well worth the effort. That evening after Alisa retired I sat down with Bill and explained everything in detail as to what took place that afternoon. He agreed she needed help but hesitated at the point of fucking his own daughter.

At that moment Alisa entered the room dressed in a short white lace nightie. Bill looked at his daughter with a different interest. She did look very sexy and for some unknown reason to himself he found he was aroused at the new sight of his girl.

“I see Alisa does interest you.” I said as I rubbed my hand over his.”

End Chapter One

This is my first attempt in submitting a story. Your comments would help me decide whether it is good enough to continue.

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