Fantasy Comes Alive

Big Tits

Mark is a nice guy I met as a teenage girl. He used to be shy but outgoing enough to let me know he wanted to date me. It is not that I was not interested but I did not, I guess I was shy also. He was five or so years older, but we enjoyed each other’s company. I was finishing up in school and he was working. He worked on a shift basis as an ambulance attendant and I would see him often on his way to work. He would stop by my apartment and make idle talks then he would go to work.

For many years this was so. We lost contact with each other and was reunited about five years now, thanks to social media. He is now married and I am now married. We keep in touch with text messages and occasional calls, just to say hello.

Mark is average looking he is about 5″9 chocolate skinned guy. He has no six packs but takes care of his body and enjoys his life. Due to technology I am now aware that he has a lovely circumcised cock. He would often send me pictures of his cock. Our conversations used to be light and polite, but recently he would tell me he has never lost interest and would still like to screw me.

I am 5″8 not petite per say but slim built, small tits just about a mouth full or handful, I have long black hair, and a little ass that fits well in an average guy’s hand.

It has been months and Mark continues to promise me a good time if I just give in to his request. We talk about our fantasies and things we have actually done and what we would like to do. I think sometimes he is frustrated and stays away for some time then he comes back and continue like we just paused for a moment. I really do not mind his breaks because I have never actually thought about cheating but I must admit I love our steamy conversations and his cock been sent to me.

Now there is Jack. I met him years ago at a country club. The membership was free and open. We would say hello to each other and engage in general conversations in groups but we have never exchanged names or number, not until recently I learnt his name, recently being about a month ago. As with Mark I enjoy steamy conversations with Jack and he also send me pictures of his cock. He has a huge fleshy cock, Jack is not circumcised like Mark but his cock is just as lovely.

During our conversations I realize that Jack would be interested in having a threesome. Mark said that he likes the idea but it would have to be two girls with him. Jack was fine whichever way. I too have had the fantasy of a threesome and did not prefer the genders involved.

I would tell Jack about Mark and Mark about Jack, we joked about the things they each said to me without a thought of actually getting together. I finally accepted Marks invitation for lunch at his apartment. My car was in the garage and I asked Jack if he could take me. Initially I decided to grab a cab but I was at the country club when Mark called and so was Jack.

When I got to Mark’s apartment he seemed disappointed to see Jack but he was polite. I introduced them to each other and Jack bid us good-bye and was about to leave. There was a missing tile by the steps to the door leading outside the apartment and Jack lost his balance and fell. He did not hurt himself but Mark invited mardin escort him in just to make sure he was ok.

We eventually got to talking and laughing and shared some couple glasses of wine and we had lunch there all three of us. Mark sat very close to me the entire time. I am not sure if it was a sublime message so that Jack would leave or he just wanted to be really close. I was not uncomfortable maybe it was the wine, but I was fine with his closeness. Occasionally his hand would brush against my leg or my breast, but this was still ok with me. I was distracted and did not notice that Jack was much closer to me than when we just sat down. He was rubbing his foot against mine and he was not sublime about it. I was not so comfortable with him doing that only because I was in Mark’s apart, I guess if we were alone I would not mind Jack’s foot.

I excused myself to the bathroom, Mark followed behind me, Jack remained in the coach we were on. By the time I got to the bathroom Mark was all over me he held my breast and squeezed them hard and kissed me with so much aggression I could hardly breath. I gained composure quickly and returned the kiss as I wrapped my hands around his neck. We went inside the bathroom but we did not close the door. I completely forgot about Jack. We kissed and fondled each other, Mark’s hands were now in my shorts rubbing up and down my pussy. I wanted more but I was not sure I wanted to fuck him. I opened my legs and indicated that I wanted his fingers, he gave me two and I leaned way back spread my legs and welcomed those two fingers.

He moved them quickly in and out and a moaned, as I moaned he went further in and moved his fingers faster. He used his thumb to touch my clit and I shivered in ecstasy. He did this a couple of times faster each time and I soon had an amazing orgasm. He pulled his fingers out and licked them dry of my juices. We did not notice in all our lust that Jack stood and watched us the entire time while stroking his cock. He did not cum but there was pre cum at the tip of his fleshy cock. I smiled with embarrassment but Mark seemed upset. Jack entered the small bathroom space and said he enjoyed the show and would like to join us. Mark was annoyed and obviously now upset. Jack told him that they both knew I would not mind and that it was just about me nothing more.

Jack got between my legs and started licking my pussy with his big tongue. His tongue was really big and covered my pussy, lips, clit and all in one lick. He was amazing with his tongue, I soon enough shivered and again and came all over his face and he loved it. Mark stood there and watched but he was not amused. We left the bathroom and went back to the coach. I was not sure what I was feeling at that time but I know I wanted these two guys to fuck me. It seemed like pleasure I would not forget anytime soon, but I wasn’t sure Mark would be up to doing that. Jack spoke to Mark privately and when they returned Mark didn’t seem that upset. He removed his shirt and changed out of his Jeans into comfortable shorts. Jack wore knee length shorts with a v neck t shirt.

We had more wine and Mark made the first move he motioned van escort me to the bathroom, this time it was to take a shower, I welcomed it. In the shower he soaped my pussy and breast and washed them. He got the wash cloth between my legs and pulled it making my clit squeeze in pleasure. Jack came in the bathroom but he did not come inside the shower. He was fully naked. I stepped out of the shower and Mark followed. I got on my knees and massaged both cocks then I took them alternatively in my mouth. Mark fucked my mouth hard and I gagged, then jack did the same. I did not want them to come just yet and they seemed to be ok with that. I wondered how they were gonna fuck me would they take turns or would they double penetrate me, whichever way the reality of one of my fantasies was about to come through.

As I stood up I kissed them alternatively long and sloppy. They fondled my breast and pussy, Mark seemed to be competing with Jack, Jack was being very casual. I found it a bit strange how cool and calm he was. I however noticed that he stroked his cock and glanced on Mark longer than you would actually call a glance. Mark did not notice he was busy making sure he was touching all of me. The three of us went to his bedroom but Jack did not come unto the bed. Mark wasted no time and did not seem to care what Jack did or not, he wanted to fuck me and that is just what he was going to do. I got on all fours and Mark slid his cock in easily because I was dripping wet. I was hoping for gentle at first but he started rough and fast, but it was good he fucked me deep with his balls hitting against me, my pussy stretched from his cock, it was amazing.

I heard movements and realized Jack moved from the door where he was, I know he came to the bed but not sure what he did, I however noticed that Mark stopped pounding me. Just briefly, Jack moved away and he continued, I knew I would come soon, I felt my pussy contract I guess Mark felt it on his cock because he told me that we should come together, no sooner did he say that I felt his cock pulsing in my pussy, he shouted curse words and slapped my ass. We came so hard I just fell on my stomach and laid there for a while with Mark on my back. He eventually got off my back and rested to the side of me. Jack came over to the bed spread my legs wider licked my ass and my pussy. I thought it was weird that he would suck my pussy so soon after Mark had obviously shot loads of cum in me, but it were erotic. I came once again for the afternoon. I was beat and soon dozed off into a little sleep.

I do not know how long I was sleeping for, but when I got up neither Mark nor Jack was in the room. I was about to go to the adjoining bathroom when I heard movements I tiptoed to the bathroom, the door was ajar I could see in but I guess they could not see me. Jack was forcing himself unto Mark. Mark was upset and appeared as if he would make a scene. Jack somehow got his hands over Mark’s mouth indicating to him to keep quiet and not to wake me. I could hear Mark telling him he is not gay and refuses to do anything with another man. Jack told him he was not gay either but just thought they could do a little experimenting. ankara escort Mark still refused. I could hear Jack telling him it would remain between them both and if they kept quite they would be finished before I got up. Mark tried leaving the room but Jack held him in place against the wall. Mark started to struggle but Jack held his cock and caresses it. I was shocked to say the least that Mark was quickly calmed from Jack’s stroking. Mark titled his head and Jack stroked him. Jack then used Mark hands to hold him. Mark refused at first but then he continued to stroke Jack. He suddenly stopped and I thought they saw me but they didn’t. Jack went down on Mark, that Jack sucked a cock like any bitch could. I am sure this was not his first cock sucking.

I liked what I saw and I stroked my pussy I was so turned on by the two men. I think I enjoyed Mark’s resistance and then his giving in. I pushed my fingers in my pussy and I watch Jack sucking Mark’s cock and bringing him to a climax. Mark trembled, closed his eyes titled his head and mouthed the words oh fuck, oh fuck. I did not get a chance to cum because as soon as Mark came he ran out of the bathroom, he was moving so fast he ran right into me. The look on his face was one of embarrassment he even looked a bit scared. He grabbed my arms roughly back into the room he cursed me for bringing Jack to his apartment and said I made him gay. Things were happening so fast I did not know what to say or do. Jack came in the room, with a stupid grin on his face I could just slap the bastard. The three of us were naked Mark was shouting, I held his cock I stroked it and kissed him on the lips, he resisted and pushed me away, so hard I almost fell, he then suddenly grabbed my hands and shoved me against the wall. I could feel his erection on my ass. He was being very rough he spread my legs and fucked me from behind. In quick time he was fucking my ass the pain was horrible there was no warning no lube. He was rough, he moved his hand in front and grabbed my clit he pulled at it I thought it would fall off. My ass felt like it was going to split open.

Jack got under us and licked my pussy and my ass, I knew he was also licking Marks balls and cock. I realized that all afternoon Jack did not enter my pussy with that fleshy cock, It was as if Mark read my mind, pulled out from my ass and pushed me on the bed, positioned me in all four again and back in my ass, I was sore but it wasn’t so bad at that point. Jack got under me and entered my pussy. His fleshy cock filled me up. It took a while for the three of us to move in sync but we soon got the hang of it. Both men fucked me at the same time, my fantasy came through. Mark wasn’t so rough anymore but he pounded hard. I came over and over again. The men took forever to come and at this point I didn’t think I could survive much longer. I was so drained but it was a pleasure I am sure I will not forget anytime soon. I kissed Jack long and hard, Mark reached forward for my breast, I reached under for his balls squeezed them and instantly his cock pulsated, Jack was also near, they both shot loads of cum in my ass and my pussy.

We showered together and promised not to tell anyone of what happened, but we also promised that we would hook up again. Jack went back to Mark’s house without me sometime after, he fucked Mark, Mark fucked him. They both say they are not gay and that they have only fucked each other, no other man. Whichever way is fine with me. I have fucked them separately and together several times after.

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