Dinner Out


When we both left that morning for work, we didn’t actually know how it would end up, we just made plans for dinner in the West End. What an evening it turned out to be. He showed up in a suit, different than what he wore to work, dark, cut sharp, a crisp white button down shirt. I’m wearing a skirt and top, hose, nice heels, I usually dress differently but this is a special night. I have a secret.

He takes me to a quiet restaurant, not too fancy, I’m a regular person, but I like quiet and cozy areas where conversations can be held. We sit next to each other, each ordering a glass of wine; a bottle would be too much for what we are to do. I like Italian, I’m glad he picked this place.

We sit and talk, my hand on his thigh, lightly rubbing, I like touching at all times, and a suit thrills me. His left hand is on my thigh, his right is playing with the hairs on the back of my neck, and I can’t concentrate. Just the gentle touching and soft talking turns me on. Knowing that the man in the suit and tie, very upstanding looking wants me, god what more can you ask for. Thinking about what’s under that shirt, and that I might get to touch it, I wait.

We finally make it through dinner, I don’t remember çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle eating, I laugh, he’s taken all of my attention. We decide to go for a walk, people watching in the West End. I enjoy strolling, holding hands, thinking about what the next step in this night will be. I am filled with anticipation.

We stop to listen to the music being played on the street. He whispers into my ear, sending shivers up my spine. He wonders if I would like to go back with him to his room and relax. My heart is pounding; I’ve waited forever for this. I say yes.

We walk slowly, enjoying the companionship. We get to the room; he unlocks the door and turns to me taking me into his arms. He reaches to feel me, gliding his hands over and under my skirt. His eyes go wide when he realizes what has been under my outfit all night. I laugh at his expression. My eyebrows rise up as if to say, you like? I take him by the hand and lead him to the bed.

I help him to undress, the tie first, my hands slowly undoing the buttons one by one on his white shirt. I undo the belt, and start to slide off his slacks; he has kicked chasing waves izle off his shoes for me. I bend, slowly sliding his boxers and slacks down his body, I get to his feet, he lifts one, I remove his sock, he lifts the other, I do the same, all the while his cock is steadily getting harder and pressing into my cheek.

I ask him to lie on the bed, stretch out. I put pillows behind his head. My lips can’t stay away; I’m ready to taste him. I run my tongue up and over his nipples, going back down to put my mouth over his cock, licking and teasing. Taking one ball in my mouth, my hands continuing over his body to his nipples where I tweak them gently.

All the while I am fully clothed, he knows nothing of how my hot wet body feels, but is dying to. His hands reach for my hair, and I gently take his cock into my hand, touching the tip, running my hands over it, licking, and stroking the shaft, wanting it fully in my mouth. I finally take it fully with my lips leading the way. My hands are running up the length of his body, I let his cock slide down my throat.

I put my hands on the bed, rising myself off of him, letting only my mouth touch his body. My mouth on christina in the country izle his cock, I now lick it, suck it, taking it deeper into my mouth. Only my mouth is feasting on his cock, licking and sucking, his hands are grasping my hair, he moans my name “Jackie, please…..oh god.” He rises off the bed; I suck faster loving the feel of him in my mouth. I make my mouth move up and down on him, faster and faster I move over his hard throbbing cock. It is moving with my movements, throbbing to my heartbeat, licking it I go from the base to the tip, sucking on the end, sliding it back where I want it, deep…deep inside.

I get on my knees, raising his ass higher in the air, still sucking and licking, my hands on his ass. I lick-suck-lick-suck. I can’t get enough of him. He rams my head into his cock saying, “suck me baby, oh please god suck me.” I do as I’m told. Deeper into my mouth I take him, he’s pumping and breathing hard, pumping deeper. I struggle to breathe, but I know I want his cum in my mouth.

“Suck it, suck it,” he screams with need. I suck and suck, his throbbing cock gets harder, I stroke it at the base with my hand while the other holds up his ass. He pumps once…twice…three times, his release is explosive. I suck it down, over and over he pumps his juices into me, I greedily accept it. His body relaxes, and eases back onto the bed, panting and gasping, he is still holding my head in his hands.

I look up at him, smile and say “It’s nice to finally get the chance to work with you in person boss.”

“Are you ready for your surprise now?”

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