Diane , Craig Ch. 1

Big Tits

Chapter 1: Discoveries

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“You fucking ass!”

Diane looked again, stunned by the image of her husband with this young blonde. She had come in on them just as they were in doggystyle, panting and moaning. She wasn’t overly shocked that he was cheating on her – Craig had never really been subtle. She wasn’t even shocked at the age of the girl, who was a good ten years younger than her.

It was the fact that Craig was the one getting fucked.

She actually came home at dinnertime for once, after switching with someone for the dreaded nightshift. Diane knew something was wrong as soon as she entered the door. She had only called his name once or twice softly before heading directly to the bedroom. And this was the scene she had opened the door to – a scene she hasn’t ever imagined in dread, one that she could never had comprehended existing.

The blonde doll-like girl, clearly no older than twenty-one, was looking toward the door, her tanned breasts bouncing like no breasts over thirty could. She had straps around the sides of her thighs, and her eyes were shut as she fucked Diane’s husband with a strap-on, muttering phrases about whether he liked being her bitch. Craig was on his knees, eyes closed and face glowing with moisture and exertion, pushing himself onto her dildo with enthusiasm and vigor, and groaning his assent. There was no possible misinterpretation – he was being fucked by this Barbie of a girl and loving every minute of it. The girl had looked up, seen Diane staring in at them, and instead of stopping, had kept fucking him, smiling and watching Diane’s expression. Diane stood there, watching silently as the girl orgasmed wildly and her husband ejaculated all over her brand new designer bedspread. Diane spent a moment wondering how much that would cost to dry-clean, before seeing her husband’s eyes open and register her presence. Here was the so-called “man’s man” who had never done the dishes, who had never looked up from his sports to notice the new nightie she had bought for him and who had told her what to do for the last nine years. He was being fucked in the ass and loving it. He only managed to stammer a few words before she snapped.

“You fucking ass!” She turned abruptly and left them in the room, her husband grabbing something to cover himself. At the front Ümraniye Yabancı Escort door, she turned to look at him awkwardly holding her best blue silk nightgown over his messy deflated cock. She suddenly laughed a little hysterically and shook her head. “If you want me to stay, things are going to change around here, Craig. I’ll let you know how. Right now – I don’t even want to look at you. Clean yourself up.” With that, she walked out. He stood there stunned, watching her leave and calling her name. She had never felt more powerful or more turned on in her life.

At her sister’s house, she stood in front of the mirror. It was three a.m., and she couldn’t sleep. Though she hadn’t slept, she also hadn’t cried, trying to be strong. She examined herself, looking for flaws. She was 31 now, maybe older than many men liked. Her hair was long but somewhat wilted looking and was more than three colours from multiple dyeing. Her body was still pretty good, maybe a little heavier than she would have liked but, Diane realized amusedly, that was probably how almost every woman felt. Her breasts still showed little sign of drooping, but she knew it might not be long with a woman with breasts as large as hers. Her waist was curvy, leading down to her rounded ass and her pussy, which could probably use a wax. Yes, she thought, it’s time for changes, and the first ones need to happen to me. Not for him, but for myself. Men used to look at me, I remember, and I used to feel sexy and good about myself. I want that feeling back.

* * * * * * * *

Craig got the first email three days later. He had figured out she was at her sister’s and had sent flowers, but was trying to give her some time to cool off. He was having troubles thinking of the best way to say sorry – what could he do, send a greeting card? Most of the card companies didn’t really make greetings appropriate for the situation. “Sorry I was being anally probed?”

“My sympathies on your entering on my buggering?” Unlikely. He smiled at the thought and found himself hardening at little at the image of his wife walking in. For the last three days, that was the image he had been masturbating to. And now this email – he shook his head. What did it mean?


I have thought it over and decided what must change if you want to stay in this relationship. Meet me after work at our house. I will inform you then.


He didn’t really recognize Diane at all from this email. It was so cold and impersonal. Now SHE was the Ümraniye Yeni Escort person who would have greeting cards for all occasions, with pictures of children, kittens, or puppies. She even had some stuffed animals in their room from when she was twelve. He made a face in disgust. He just didn’t find her sexy that much anymore. She was always tired, and when she was interested, she was the type who was strictly missionary. Her idea of sexiness was wearing nightgowns that could double for circus tents. Now, Sandi. She was into everything under the sun, and was intent on making him be into it also, if he wanted to stay her lover. This was the third time she had fucked him and he now loved it almost more than anything else. He wondered what Diane’s idea of “change” to their relationship would be – he’d probably have to take out the garbage and promise to never, ever have an affair again. Craig shrugged. He really loved her and would give it up if he had to, but knew that he might stray again. After all Sandi wasn’t the first… or the second… or even the seventh time… He packed up his stuff and got up, ready to face the music at home.

* * * * * * * *

For the second time in a week, Diane’s husband was staring at her with his mouth open, completely dumbfounded. But this time, she liked it. He had opened the door, turned into the living room and looked her confusedly.

“What the hell?? What is going o…Diane? Diane???”

She was now a striking woman with long chestnut curls, wearing a somewhat sheer black teddy complete with garters, stockings, and high heels. Her make-up was impeccable, and she had a slash of red lipstick that emphasized the fullness. She smiled, licking them, and made her first command.

“Sit.” He sat, completely shocked and with a raging erection. He went to talk, but she lingeringly touched a red-tipped finger to his mouth and shook her head. “No. Listen. I’m about to state some facts. Stop me if some of them seem to be untrue.” He nodded, still in a trance. “You’ve been cheating on me for the last eight years of a marriage. The one three days ago was just the latest. Before, you had respect enough for me to go elsewhere. Now, you clearly don’t. You’ve told me what to do, made me keep a job I hate while I put you through law school. I think it’s time for some changes for you, and some fun for me. Anything wrong so far, Craig?” He shook his head and looked down, a little ashamed. She saw with satisfaction that there was a small wet spot forming on the front of his work-approved Ümraniye Masaj Salonu khakis. “Here are the changes. One, I’ve quit my job.” Craig jerked his head up and tried to rise, completely shocked, but she lifted her leg and placed her high heel lightly on his chest, giving him and excellent view of her legs and dampened crotch. He breathed in sharply and nodded. “Secondly, you are not allowed to be with any other women or men without my express permission,” He nodded again, unsurprised, “But I am.”

“But Diane, we’re mar…”

“Have we been married for the last eight years you’ve been cheating? I should be able to cheat on you for eight as well.” She winked at him. “But for you, I’ll cut it down to five. Thirdly, your penis isn’t yours anymore. It’s mine, to do with as I please. I say insert it somewhere, you insert it. I say don’t touch it for a month, you keep your fucking hands off it.” She suddenly smiled. “Don’t pretend you don’t like this Craig, you’re about to cum in your pants.”

He paused, trying to think a little while his mind whirled around what seemed to be the impossible. He needed to know one more thing.

“And if I say no?”

“I used to be mild and sweet, Craig, I think it’s high time I be a real bitch. You’ve earned it. If you say no, not only are we through, I send the security tapes from the bedroom to everyone you and I know.” He stared at her in disbelief. “Oh, you didn’t know my fuzzy bear had a camera in it? One of your sluts was in my drawers and left them a mess; I thought maybe the housekeeper was robbing me. But it does give me a lasting memory of a special moment in our lives. Do we have a deal?” She smiled victoriously, knowing the answer before she even said it. He nodded, shaken and upset, but harder than she had ever seen him before.

“I am awfully tired, but maybe we could have a little fun with that while I’m awake,” Diane said, indicating his hard cock. She leaned down, undoing his fly, and started to suck his cock, swirling her tongue around it expertly. He leaned in with amazement – his sweet little Diane was better at sucking cock than any other woman he had ever been with! He groaned, watching her reddened lips and pink wet tongue slide themselves around and onto his hardened cock, as she occasionally throated it like an expert. He started to thrust a little, knowing he was close to cumming already. That was when she stood up. He looked at her, horrified beyond belief.

“Well, I’m off to bed, Craig. Turn the lights off and lock the door. The spare room is ready for you. Don’t forget to keep your hands off my cock – I know you better than anyone else in the world, and I’ll be able to tell.” She yawned and got up, heading to the bedroom.

Craig sat there alone, exposed and still hard as a rock. “Motherfuck!!!” What had he gotten himself into?

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