Deprive Me of My Senses


I sit alone, nervous in the hotel room, mentally preparing for a night I’ve been craving for years. Dressed in a thin blue chemise, clinging tightly to my skin, I pull a silk robe over me, covering myself for your arrival. My hair is curled around my face. My makeup is heavy, dark around my eyes. I have already prepped the room for the evening – champagne on ice, snacks and water in the fridge. The playlist of songs that make me think of you, songs I have accumulated over the course of years, is playing in the room. But most importantly, the rope, body tape, a ball gag, dildos, and my inflatable plug sit on the night stand. I’m not entirely sure what you have planned for the evening, but I am both excited and slightly apprehensive to find out.

I hear a heavy knock on the door. Anxiously, I move across the room to reach the door. Opening it, I am instantly calmed by your presence in front of me. I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever and simply having you close to me brings me peace. As soon as the door shuts, there is no space between our bodies. Your hands find their way to the back of my head, as I run mine up the side of your face. Our lips touch, dance, slowly. I soak in the gentleness of your kiss, how delicately your tongue brushes against mine. I pull back slightly and just look at you, feeling your breath against my lips.

You wrap an arm around me and start moving me backwards. Excited to feel your weight on top of me, I easily step back with you, until I crash into a wall. I look up at you, expecting an apology for pushing me into the wall. But as I do, I find your hand tightly against my throat, right underneath my chin. I realize pushing me against the wall was intentional. Your grip tightens, and I find it increasingly difficult to take a deep breath. I focus on short, shallow breaths as my eyes stare up at you, helplessly. Your hand grips my ass and pulls me closer, letting me feel your hardened length against my hip. You plant a hungry, deep kiss on my lips as I struggle to breathe. I can barely open my mouth wide enough to receive yours. I let your power, your dominance begin to take over, begin to guide my every movement.

You take your hands off of me and use them to remove your pants. Before letting them fall to the floor, your pull your belt from your pants. You look at me and then guide your belt around my neck, tightening it like a noose. I smile, though I’m not entirely sure why. You pull on the long end of the belt, leading me to the bed with the collar and leash you have created.

“On the bed, pet,” you command. I comply, climbing onto the bed on all fours. To my surprise, you flip me over, climbing on top of me, letting me feel your weight pressed against my body, giving into one of my greatest desires. You look down at me, sheer determination written on your face, I can’t help but to smile. I feel you nudge my legs apart as you dip down, guiding your cock into my body. You ease in slow, gently, letting my body adjust to your size. That first thrust in, I always forget how delicious it feels. I let out a primal moan. You bring your body down, flush with mine, your mouth inches from mine, in one of the most tender moments we have ever shared. I look at you, into the depth of the dark eyes that own every ounce of my being, as you slide your cock deep inside of me. You hit that spot, the spot that only you have claimed, and I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. A look of both pain and pleasure shoots across my face as my eyes fall closed. Turning my head to the side, I grab onto your arms on either side of me, digging my fingertips into you skin. You are only a few thrusts into what I know will be a long night, but already I feel my body ascending. Each time you withdraw from my body, I feel empty, craving you to push back in, deeper than before. As if reading my mind, you comply, every thrust deeper than the last. Suddenly I find my body tightening. You feel it too.

“Oh, you’re almost there baby girl,” you say. I confirm with merely a nod. Your pace quickens, and rapidly I find my entire core clenching as my grip around your arms becomes impossibly tight. I feel myself contracting around your cock, holding my breath as I let the orgasm rip through my body. As the pulsating starts to slow, I try to catch my breath, my mouth against your arm. I lay few kisses against your arm as you Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort withdraw your cum soaked cock from me.

You pull up to kneeling above me. I admire you, all of your manliness, the power you have over me as you are above me. An ever so slight grin crosses your face. I assume you are pleased with how quickly you were able to make me cum. You look down at me, run your hands up my side. Then you take my chemise in either hand and tear it down my middle, exposing my skin, my body to you. In that moment, you are so primal, destroying what you know is yours. You lean down and take my nipple into your mouth. Delivering a deliciously painful bite, I can tell you are still hungry, not ready for a break yet. You spent a minute working my nipple in and out of your mouth. As you do, I lace my fingers in your hair, smiling to myself at how easily my fingers flow through it, as if they belong there.

You collapse down to my side. I turn to face you, kissing you gently, letting my lips rest against yours for a second more than they should, elated in this moment. But then quickly, I push you to you back and flip my myself downward, so my face is inches from your crotch. I grasp your cock in my hand. Merely touching you causes me to let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding, taken back by how substantial you feel in my hand. I slowly lower my mouth to the tip of your dick. I open my mouth and let the spit fall out, running slowly down your length. I lower my jaw and take you in as deep as I can, gagging when I can go no farther. You let out a little moan as I gag on your dick, it warming me. I work my mouth back, dragging my tongue against you. And back down. I start slow, but soon quicken the speed. As my mouth is moving up and down every inch of your dick, I follow it with my hand, squeezing gently as I pull up on your cock. You grow in my mouth with each motion, pleasing me.

Once you are sloppy wet, soaked in my spit, I flip back around and straddle you. Lining your cock up with my opening, I slowly let myself down onto you, savoring in the feeling of you re-entering me. I wrap my fingers in your hair and plant a quick kiss against your lips before placing my hands on either side of your head for stability. I lower my hips, pushing you deep inside of me. I go slow, focusing on you sliding into me inch by inch.

You look at me and say, “You’re gonna need a safe word tonight.” Confusion passes over my face. I’ve never needed a safe word before, you’ve always just known when it was going a little too far. I am too caught up in your cock inside of me to think about a safe word, so I continue to focus on letting my body move against yours. As I lower myself, I feel you hit that spot that I know will sent me over the edge. I chase it. I want my body clenching around your dick as I collapse on top of you. I speed up, slamming down on you as quickly as I can without losing rhythm. It amazes me how deep inside of me your dick reaches, how quickly my body responds to you, how near orgasm I am again. I close my eyes, bracing myself. I feel my finger tips curl against the wall. One final thrust down, deep, hard, and I am falling again. My body collapses onto yours. I curl against you as my core clenches. Whiteness takes over my vision. My breaths are shallow, staggered, as I try to come back down from the intensity. I feel your hand against my back, comforting, loving.

“Turpentine,” I say, giving you my safe word.

We lay like that for a few moments, you appeasing my need to have you close. But you haven’t cum yet, and I want that for you. You hop up and start to survey the toys and various items I had left out for us. I can see you formulating a plan in your head and quickly you go to work. You grab the rope and begin tying it to something under the bed. Watching you, I can’t help but to grin to myself. Knowing you are setting up one of my ultimate fantasies is both heart warming and insanely erotic. I could watch you bent down tying knots all day long. But soon you are done, me still in my hazy, lust driven fog.

“Up on the bed,” you command. Once again, I comply. I lay on the bed horizontally. You come around to the side of the bed where my hands are. You bind them with the rope, carefully tying them together tightly. Each time your finger tips touch my skin, my breath Ümraniye Çıtır Escort hitches slightly. The growing anticipation is an intensity I’ve never experienced before. You put the ball gag in my mouth and fasten it behind my head. You place your phone on the bed next to me, push ear buds into my ears. Then you grab the bondage tape, ripping off a piece, and ask me to lift my head. You wrap the tape around my head, covering my eyes. And as you turn music on from your phone, suddenly I am left without my senses. I can’t hear you. I can’t see you. I can’t touch you. Your every move is a surprise, one I can’t even begin to anticipate. I feel you suddenly at my foot. You handle it vigorously, making quick work of tying it down with another rope. You pause for moment and then I feel your hand against my other foot and a cool piece of leather tightening against my ankle, I assume your belt. With that, I am now incapable of moving. I am yours to do with as you please.

I inhale a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. A few second pass, and then a few more. It feels like an eternity and I wonder what you are doing. And then I feel something cold against the warmth of my slit, it startles me. It must be my glass dildo. You slide it inside of me with ease, as I am already dripping in anticipation of the moments to come. You pull it out and I imagine how wet it sounds, though I can’t hear. I wonder what you are looking at. I wonder if you are watching my pussy grow wetter and wetter with each motion. Or are you watching my facial expressions, judging how you are making me feel. You move the dildo faster and faster. I can feel my entire body tighten. The glass is hard, unforgiving, inside of me. You move it in so rapidly, so deeply, I wonder if you are going to lose it inside of me. Just as I am relaxing, growing comfortable with the ravaging you are controlling, you smack the inside of my thigh. I jump. And then you smack the other. Your hand on my skin feels forceful, erotic. I crave more of it. Smack me again, please. I wish I could tell you, but I can’t get my tongue around the ball gag in my mouth.

You slide the dildo out of me entirely and there is a pause. I wonder what’s next. This anticipation is like nothing I have ever experienced. You replace the cold glass with the warmth of your tongue. You lap up my opening, licking up all of the moisture you have created. I feel your tongue touch my clit and I am instantly teetering on the edge of orgasm. You shake your head back and forth ever so slightly and I start to feel the swirl in my stomach. But then you back off.

I feel a slight sense of disappointment at the absence of your tongue, but you quickly rectify that by guiding my anal plug into me. I relax to let you push it in as deeply as possible. Again I wonder what you are looking at. I wonder if you are watching the plug as you push it into me. I wonder if my pussy looks swollen from the ravaging that has already happened. My thoughts quickly disappear as I feel you line your cock up with my opening. Oh. You enter me, filling me as you always do. The full feeling is amplified by the plug deep in my ass. As you hit the deepest part of me, you pause. I feel the plug start to inflate. Oh fuck. As the plug inflates, I feel like I am filling up from the inside. It’s unusual, and yet pleasurable. I soak in this full feeling. The pressure is intense and yet intensely satisfying. You start to move in and out of my body, your movements are easy as I am soaked with arousal. I find myself holding my breath, the sensations almost more than I can handle. It is as if I can’t think to breathe.

Your pace quickens. You begin slamming into me, rough, almost primal in nature. With every thrust I feel you pushing me deeper into the bed. I want to reach my hands up, grab onto your arms, move with you more, but I can’t. I can only lay here, accepting your primal ravaging. My body starts to climb. Again. Quickly. My breath grows shallow and short. My legs clench together, against your body, as much as the restraints will allow. My whole body wants to coil as the orgasm rips through me, but I can barely move. I feel my pussy tighten around your cock, gripping it, willing it, willing you to stay still while I ride the waves of orgasm. You slow, letting me return from the bliss that coursed through my body.

As Ümraniye Elit Escort my breath starts to even out, my body starts to relax, I feel you at my feet again. You release the restraints. In one quick motion, you flip me over so I am on my knees and elbows on the bed. Your dominating strength over my body never ceases to amaze me, never ceases to arouse me. I stay still for a moment, once again wondering what your next move is. I feel the warmth of your hand against my ass, gently caressing it. I smile to myself at your gentle nature in this moment, almost sweet. And then I feel the sharp sting of your belt. Holy fuck. I let a deep breath out, absorbing the pain. Your hand runs over the warmth of where your belt was. And then you strike my ass again. Back to your hand. I take a deep breath in, waiting, anticipating the sharp pain of your belt. Almost wanting it in that moment. You strike me again. And again. Each time I think I can’t handle another one, I consider mumbling my safe word through my ball gag. But at the same time, I want you to hit me again. I want you to give me everything you have. I want all of you. On the seventh strike, my body recoils to the side of the bed. In that moment, you know I’ve had enough. My breathing is heavy, labored. I lay there, still unaware of my surroundings, and regain control over my body.

I feel your hand against my hip, pulling me back up to my knees. You push something against my throbbing slit, but it’s not your cock. You push it in and I am still unsure of what it is, until you start to inflate it. Oh fuck. Again. I feel full again, though the plug doesn’t reach as deep inside of me as you do, which is mildly disappointing. Then I feel your cock pushing against my ass. Even though my ass was just stretched with the plug, I cringe slightly, knowing the plug is no comparison for your size. You slide your dick in slowly, pausing once our bodies touch, once your cock is completely surrounded by my body. You quickly pull out and slam right back into me. And again. And again. Your hands are tightly grasping my hips. I feel each of your finger tips digging into my flesh. You are fierce in your movements. I feel like a ragdoll, existing solely for your pleasure.

Your pace is borderline torturous. You don’t give me time to recover between thrusts. I don’t even have time to breathe. I just take it, take you, take what you have to give me. I can sense that you are nearing your own release, the way your grip grows impossibly tight on my hips. Your movements become less rhythmic, slightly spastic. I want you to cum for me, I want it so badly. You thrust into me, I feel our bodies slamming together. I push back as much as my tired body can, hoping it will draw it out of you. And then I feel you still, your warmth filling my ass. You freeze for a minute, collapsing slightly on top of me. Your skin against mine is one of the most comforting and rewarding feelings. You let your cock slide out of my body and I feel my reward dripping out of me, down my leg.

I turn over and fall to the bed in yet another attempt to catch my breath. I feel you at my hands, untying me. Then I feel your hand caress the side of my face, such love conveyed through your touch. You unwrap the tape from my head, letting my eyes finally focus on you. I can’t help but smile as I see you. You’ve just fulfill one of my ultimate fantasies. Both of us covered in the proof of the evening, you motion me to the shower. I get up, still very weak in my legs, and follow you to the bathroom.

I don’t want to rinse you off of my body. I’m not ready to rid myself of you yet. In a rare moment of aggression, I push you against the wall and fall to my knees. I take you in my mouth. I watch you relax, resting your body against the wall. You put a hand on top of my head, but you still let me control the movements. Right now your hand is a comfort, not a control. I go slow, taking you in and out of my mouth with grace. I look up at you and my heart swells to see you admiring me sucking your cock. I continue my slow tease for a few moments, but I am exhausted. I let you slide out of my mouth and I rest my head against your leg. You cup your hand against my cheek. I snuggle into, almost as if I am a kitten accepting its owner’s affection. I am accepting my owner’s affection. In this moment, your fingers against my skin mean everything to me. I look up at you, tears filling my eyes. You look down at me, a content grin present on your lips.

“You’re a good girl,” you say. Four words. Just four words.

I could kneel before you like this for an eternity. I feel safe here. I feel desired here. I feel loved here.

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