Demi-Monde Barber of Fleet Street


Episode Three: Mrs. Henderson & the Demi-Monde Barber of Fleet Street

The story picks up from the end of “Mrs. Henderson Plays Matchmaker”.

A sissygurl and a tomboy are together on the couch, the sissygurl’s face in the tomboy’s lap. Or maybe it’s the tomboy’s face in the sissygurl’s lap. It works either way. There’s also a third and fourth little pretty; they are alongside snuggling, kissing, caressing and whispering.

An attractive brunet of “une age certaine” crosses one sculpted calf over the other, her gimlet eyes twinkling as she sips champagne.


[Setting: Mrs. Henderson’s parlor, about a half-hour earlier]

After the proverbial decent interval, Mrs. Henderson goes back to the parlor, where she last saw Kimmi and Dana locked in an embrace. Now as she passes through the door, she picks up the nutty scent of semen mingled with the perfumy aroma of Earl Grey tea.

Dana is smoothing out her shorts and adjusting her bow-tie belt. She takes a deep breath and puts her glasses back on, then exhales and blinks. She looks a little bit spent and more than a little bit satisfied.

Kimmi is futzing with her blouse collar and licking one corner of her mouth. She looks a little bit mischievous and more than a little bit aroused.

Mrs. Henderson crosses the room, an ice bucket in one hand and crystal flutes splayed between the fingers of the other.

She goofs around with a lever on the tea caddy – the samovar and tea service drop down, a new top surface hinges up into place and rises to waist-level. Mrs. Henderson arranges her things and says: “Oh girls, I just can’t wait any longer! I have such exciting news!”

Before she can say anything else, the parlor doors burst open and a lanky androgyne (“Please! If you MUST use labels, PLEASE call me an epicene!”) skips in, breathless. You get the impression that this energetic character – barefoot, wearing a mauve boybeater and pistachio pedal-pushers – lives in a perpetual state of breathlessness.

Mrs. Henderson [hand on hip, with mock annoyance] says: “You stepped all over your cue line, dear.”

The newcomer grins and puffs out a “Hello!”, then dashes over to the caddy, takes a bottle from the ice bucket and goes about filling four glasses.

“This is my aesthetician,” Mrs. Henderson says. “Goes by the name of Swooney Tedd. Specializes in consensual feminization.”

Swooney hands round the round, takes a little sip and begins:

“So Mrs. Henderson introduces me to Holly, and I take one look and think: ohmyluv, YOU MUST BE KIDDING! mardin escort [Swooney raises her hands to each side of her own face] Just look at her pretty eyebrows! [uses her middle fingers to smooth out her eyebrows] And her long neck! [runs her hands down her neck] And oh, her tiny, TINY waist! […and down to her own waist]

Swooney takes another sip of champagne, then a bigger sip of oxygen, and goes on:

“Oh, I’m all a-tremble [a wiggle and a hip-shimmy] do you understand? It’s ALL I can do to stop myself from IMMEDIATELY dressing her up and doing the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s right then and there!” Swooney makes like she’s looking into a big plate glass window, with the champagne glass serving as coffee and a croissant.

“The only snag [tucks a loose strand of hair behind an ear] is that OUR Holly just doesn’t have long enough hair right now. So what do I do? Here’s what I do: What I do is I sculpt her a girly boycut. [mimes using a straight razor to shape and form a hairstyle]

Dana sits back. She still settling down, barely catching her breath after that orgasm she just had with Kimmi. And now most of the air in the room’s taken up by this fluorescent dervish. She takes a little taste of the wine.

Swooney: “It really brings out her gamine look… Which is a look you’re going to LOVE by the way, though she’s more like Audrey in ‘Sabrina’ than in ‘B @ T’… Oh! And don’t you think for one little MINUTE that I EVEN forgot about that Givenchy Little [hand on let hip] Black [hand on right hip] Dress.” She somehow managed this without spilling anything from her almost-full glass.

“And the Roger Scemama [traces a line from her adams apple] five-strand pearl [to the back of her neck] necklace? I promise [hand over heart], you’ll see those one day soon!” Swooney takes a quick peek at the parlor door. “But for now…”

[Enter HOLLY, wearing black turtleneck, black slim pants, black espadrilles]

Dana loses what little breath she’d got back. Kimmi gasps.

“Oh girls, I know what you’re about to say,” Swooney whispers. “But really, I have to be modest.” Despite the theatrical pose of a limp hand on the breastbone, the blustery barber does not look modest at all.

“I worked like Michelangelo; start with perfect material and just take away the parts that don’t look like Audrey Hepburn!”

That last crack makes Kimmi think about a big belt of that Maison Veuve Clicquot. But she reminds herself she’s not drinking today and leaves her glass on the table.

When mardin escort bayan she looks up, Swooney’s running a finger over Holly’s chest. “You can be sure that she is perfectly hairless under here [more razor miming], though things got a bit awkward [a finger traces down Holly’s midriff to her crotch] HERE, because of some naughty remarks Mrs. Henderson made about castration…”

Swooney twists round and makes a pouty face at Mrs. Henderson. She does some tsk-ing and finger-wagging, then turns back to Holly.

“So I said to her ‘Oh Holly!’ I said to her. Stop being a silly sissy. [Swooney hops around, making the shaving scene come to life] It’s not as if we’re doing anything DRASTIC. We’re just bringing out your girl! Making obvious what you’ve always been. Well… what you’ve always wanted to be.”

Swooney feathers a hand over the front of Holly’s pants.

“Ooops! You can see this girl hasn’t quite got the hang of tucking yet.” She pecks Holly on the cheek. “But that’s nothing. A bit of time in Mrs. Henderson’s Finishing School and you’ll be sporting a mons!”

Holly blushes a little and bats her eyelashes. Then she blinks again, then winks them one at a time. Until today, she’d never even felt her own eyelashes. It’s one of the pleasant new sensations she’s getting used to.

Swooney takes Holly’s hand and they move a few steps closer to Kimmi and Dana. “Yes, she still walks a bit heavily but soon all will be well.” Swooney pokes Holly’s shoulders and prods her arms into a more feminine posture.

“You’re already quite graceful, Holly.” Swooney presses on a left buttcheek and a right hip, redistributing Holly’s body weight. “O.K., turn this way…” Holly pivots. “And stop… and stand this way.”

This last bit is almost unfortunate. For a fleeting moment it gets Mrs. Henderson thinking about the way her stable grooms work on a filly’s conformation and disposition. But Mrs. Henderson quickly kills that buzz kill. She interrupts: “Hush, Swooney. You’re making Holly nervous.”

Mrs. Henderson stands and shines a smile on Holly, making every other girl in the room is insanely jealous. She covers the few steps between them like Adele Astaire, that liquid way that made her clumsy brother Fred look like a clodhopper.

She’s changed from her black kimono into a smart tweed day suit. Like Mrs. Darling in ‘Peter Pan’, she is ‘the loveliest age for a woman’ and she always seems to be at the perfect angle, and where the light’s just right.

Mrs. escort mardin Henderson wiggles some champagne bubbles out of her nose and says: “Holly may be feeling a little shy right now.”

Holly is feeling a lot of things, she thinks to herself: A little shy? Maybe. A little nervous? Not so much. She feels confident dressed like this, not scared at all, she’s in a safe place where she can have this new experience and feel the way she wants.

But the strongest feeling she has right now is excitement. Holly is definitely turned on being dressed like this. She looks as Dana and Kimmi. They know what she’s feeling, she thinks.

…and so must Mrs. Henderson, because it’s as if she’s looking right through me. And suiting action to those words, Mrs. Henderson leans in and kisses Holly on the mouth.

“I think what might make Holly feel comfortable,” Mrs. Henderson says to the others. “Would be to let her explore herself right now. And if I’m not wrong, Holly might like to…”

“Oh Mrs. Henderson,” Holly says, trying out her new voice for the first time. “What I would like… is to return Kimmi’s favor.”

It goes without saying that everyone thinks that’s a fine idea. But there are manners and politesse and etiquette and social graces about this sort of thing. And doubly so in Mrs. Henderson’s parlor.

Holly turns her attention to Kimmi, asking a question without using words.

Kimmi answers the question without using words. Everyone spots the little wigwam sprouting in the front of Kimmi’s skirt.

One of Kimmi’s favorite benefits of feminization is her short refractory period. Here she is, still feeling warm from that prostate massage orgasm from Mrs. Henderson; still running her tongue around her mouth, tasting Dana’s orgasm; and now back in the mood already. For such a pretty sissy all dressed in black!

Kimmi hikes up her skirt, and Holly kisses her first boi clit. Just a light kiss, though – a sissy like Kimmi is more into licking than being licked. So Holly doesn’t close her mouth around the cute little knob; just licks around the edges.

Holly rubs and kisses the areas close by, but the organ itself is too sensitive for direct stimulation. She licks the pretty line on the bottom of Kimmi’s scrotum and flicks her tongue on Kimmi’s perineum. Kimmi scooches up, and Holly tastes her first boi pussy.


Mrs. Henderson has completely forgot the errand she was supposed to be running. She has a vague memory (intentionally vague, it’s more fun that way) of going back to the parlor to return Sissy Kimmi’s laundered panties. And then one wonderful thing kept happening after another. As if it were a lifetime ago.

And in a sense it was (she thinks). She pauses to feel the pricey French grape juice run down her throat. She watches Holly kiss the inside of Kimmi’s thigh. Back before Holly started on her exciting adventure.

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