Damn, Why Didn’t I Get Her Number?


I lean back in the chair, listening to one of my friends tell the same damn story he tells every time we hit the bar. All of us could recite the story word for word by now and it was getting old. Not that I paid much attention anyway. I shift my eyes and stop for a moment seeing a head of bright pink hair walk into the bar. My eyes slowly wander down and I smile slightly, checking her out. Damn I thought to myself, she was wearing a black and bright pink mini dress, with pink high heels. She was smiling and laughing with the group of girls that came into the bar with her. Her mini dress clung tightly to her incredible body, showing every curve of her body, along with her small but incredibly perky breasts.

As soon as her and her friends were sitting at a table I walk up to a bar and buy her a drink and send it over. I sit back down and watch as the bartender takes the drink over to her and tells her who it’s from. She looks over at me and smiles. I smile back and raise my glass. She raises hers and we both down our drinks. Minutes passed, maybe hours at this point in time I couldn’t tell. My eyes were fixed on this pink haired beauty, I wanted her. I wanted her badly.

After a while I see her get up and head to the dance floor, she was obviously a little tipsy, as was I. She begins to dance, by herself to some upbeat song from the 90’s. I couldn’t take it; I get up and walk over to the dance floor, seeing me walking towards her she smiles, biting her lip slightly as she grabs hold of my shirt, pulling me closer to her.

Without saying a word we yenibosna escort begin to dance, the dance quickly getting dirty as she spins around and presses her ass against my crotch, slowly grinding against it. My cock instantly begins to harden, which only made her desire to grind against it greater. My hands on her hips as they swayed back and forth, she slowly brings her arm up and places it around my neck as she turns her head to look up at me.

I let my hands move away from her hips and up her stomach, before slowly moving them over her perky breasts, feeling her nipples already hard and poking against the thin material. She gasps softly and stares into my eyes as I give her breasts a gentle squeeze. Biting her lip she pulls away from me and moves her hand down brushing it against the crotch of my pants and my incredibly hard cock.

My cock jumps and she looks towards the bathroom and then at me. I nod and follow her as she makes her way through the crowd. We get to the bathroom door and she opens it and steps inside. I didn’t know if it was the men’s room or the women’s room and didn’t care. I follow her inside and close the door behind me, locking it. I turn to face her and notice that she already had her hand under her dress and was pulling down on her panties. I reach down and quickly begin to undo my belt as I move towards her.

She backs up until she was against the wall and I was right in front of her, I lean down and kiss her forcefully, she quickly returns the kiss and gets her panties zeytinburnu escort off. She reaches down and quickly helps me with my pants, within seconds my cock was exposed. Hard and desperate to be inside her, she slowly runs her fingers up the length of my dick, feeling how hard it was.

I move my hands down to her legs and then up her thighs, pushing her dress up around her slim waist. I catch her as she jumps up and wraps her legs around me, my hands sliding to her ass, gripping it slightly as I held her up. She reaches down between us and grabs my hard cock, aiming it towards her pussy.

The head of my cock slowly parting her pussy lips, she moans softly as I slowly let her slide down onto my aching cock. Grabbing my shoulders, she gasps as my cock pushes deep inside her. I look into her eyes slightly and begin to slowly thrust; she grips my shoulders and stares into my eyes. I keep my eyes on hers and grip her ass a little tighter as I begin to thrust a little faster. She bites her lip and tightens her legs around my waist. I could hear the music playing from outside the bathroom; I knew no one could hear us.

“Oh shit.” She moans softly, closing her eyes slightly.

I could feel her juices running down over my cock, drenching it. Her pussy was so tight around me, I lean in and begin to kiss and nibble on her neck. She places her hand onto the back of my head.

“Harder.” She says into my ear.

Hearing her I begin to thrust harder, driving my cock in and out of her mecidiyeköy escort tight pussy at a faster pace. She screams slightly, her body tensing up and shaking slightly. I could feel her pussy tighten as her orgasm hit. I keep thrusting, feeling her body writhe against mine, the straps of her dress sliding down off of her shoulders, causing her dress to fall down, uncovering her perky breasts.

As soon as her nipple was in my sight I lean down and quickly take it into my mouth, sucking on it. She moans out loudly, shaking more as she grabs the back of my head, her fingers gripping my hair. I keep thrusting, the music from outside drowning out the sounds on the outside but inside I could clearly hear the sound of our bodies slapping together.

Both of us were groaning and grunting, as we fucked like animals. My cock was throbbing, wanting release. She quickly brings her hand up and licks her fingertips before sliding them down between us, quickly rubbing her already swollen clit. She moans again, shaking as she was about to orgasm once again. I couldn’t take anymore; I slam my cock deep inside her and grunt loudly as I begin to cum. She screams out loudly and stiffens as she begins to orgasm as well.

Both of us weak at the knees, I move over and manage to sit down on the toilet, with her still on top of me. I look at her and she leans in and softly kisses me. We sit there for a few minutes, making out as we try to regain our senses before getting cleaned up and going our separate ways. I watch her as she leaves the bar with her friends. I smile slightly remembering what had just happened. I reach into my pocket to grab my cell phone but stop feeling something. I pull it out and smile to myself seeing her panties; she must have slipped them into my pocket when I wasn’t looking. I put them back into my pocket and lean back in the chair, thinking to myself. Damn why didn’t I get her number?

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